Best Anal Fleshlight You Need To Enjoy Anal Fantasies

Okay, show of hands.

Who else would like to know the best anal fleshlight that will blow of their anal euphoria?

Everybody, right.

Unless you are living in 1800, you are missing a lot if you have never tried using anal fleshlight. They are super tight and provide more grip enough to make you reach climax.

The more your penis press through each ridge, the more you won’t let it go. But there’s only a small catch?

Choosing the best anal fleshlight can be a nightmare for most people. If you are new, beginning is a problem.

The good news is, after you have finished reading this guide, you’ll be in a position to choose the best fleshlight that will excite your anal bliss. Sounds simple. Yes, it is. Continue to read…

Anal Fleshlight Comparison Table

FleshlightDesign/TypeGreat forIntensityPrice
ice butt crystal mastubatorIceAverage dickGood Check price
Girls Lisa Forbidden LifeGirlsBig dickGood Check price
Flight Pilot Translucent SleevePilotSmall and average dickGood Check price
Girls Riley ReidGirlsSmall and average dickGreat Check price
Nikki-Reign Realistic MasturbationGirlsBig dickGreat Check price

Top 5 Anal Fleshlight Reviews

Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal Mastubator

The ice butt crystal masturbator is an excellent solution for a realistic anal fantasy.

Most importantly, it’s crystal textured inner walls provide a firm grip for your “little guy,” getting you to a realistic anal euphoria (only a few people ever imagine).

Fleshlight Ice Butt

But here’s the real kicker, you can twist the cap (left and right) to customize the tightness of the fleshlight, which means, depending on the level you want, you are in a for a great treat.

A more added feature to spoil your anal bliss is the visual appeal (sleeves and the case), where you can see the tight entrance as you thrust harder (and harder) to overpower yourself and get to the climax.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg….

Once inside, I felt the smooth, realistic feel and intense pressure on each side of my penis. The pressure changes on both sides, stimulates my cock leaving me “high” and quenching my thirst for endless fun and pleasure.

Wow!!! Dude, reaching midway, I succumb to orgasm and felt overpowered unable to continue anymore. All that I could remember is that I slept like a baby.

Get  Ice Butt Crystal at Amazon

My Impression 

The ice but crystal mastubator will get you to the climax instantly. Twisting the cap left and right, will give you a tighter feel and sensation you need to enjoy anal sex.

Listen, if you ever felt like you want more pleasure while you are alone. The ice butt masturbator is must-have anal fleshlight in your bedroom.

And if that one won’t seduce you to open your wallet for more fun. Then it’s designed will because it offers an excellent grip on your hands for self-pleasure.

Alternatively, if you are not handy, you can wedge between the pillow and hit hard. Seriously, what more could you ever want in a fleshlight like this? 

What could be better

When you tighten the cap and slide the dick in and out, it produces noise, and I find that to be a bit weird. I wish it could be less noisy and leave me enjoying the fun. Sometimes, when I soak myself in the fun, I get worried that someone could be listening to the noises.  Otherwise, this is a nice fleshlight if you are looking to explore your anal fantasies.

Fleshlight Girls Lisa Forbidden Life

Not a year has ever passed without me tolerating the feeling of fucking my favorite porn star like Lisa Ann.  Her signature anal fleshlight is excellent, it will remind and make you feel like screwing her over and over again.

And the best way to describe the experience you will have with Fleshlight Girls Lisa “unmatched intense pleasure.” Okay, let me give you the low down…

Fleshlight Girls

A quick look on the Fleshlight gives you a flashback memory of Anna getting horny on your little guy. If you have watched Lisa’s adult movies, you’ll notice that the fleshlight has been modeled to resemble her anus. It’s inviting and welcoming, great design to get you horny instantly.

Now to the part, you want more details on….

Sliding my penis inside, it is super tight and ripples to get me excited. The experience was indeed the same as hitting the butt of an actual woman.

As I continue to thrust deep, the second chamber tickles my sensation, and I feel like I need more of her. 10 minutes pass, 15 minutes pass, 20 minutes pass, and bingo!!! This fleshlight took me to the climax, I had been waiting for.

Minutes later, I am powerless just cuddling my pillow for a long sleep at night. If you ever felt like sleeping much, fleshlight girls Lisa is an excellent remedy. You’ll feel powerless and reach maximum orgasm, enough to get you to bed instantly.

Get Fleshlight Girls Lisa at Amazon

My Impression

I am a little bit biased here, but I love watching Lisa Ann adult movies and getting this fleshlight, Ooh…Boyd, it was inevitable. The flashback memories made me feel like am fucking the butt of a real porn star.

The wavy canal and replica of waves bump, speed my time to get an orgasm. Besides that, this Fleshlight comes in different cock sizes to quench anyone’s thirst. If you are a fan of Lisa like me, it’s worth mentioning that unless you try her fleshlight, then you don’t know what it means fucking her ass.

Seriously, Dude…I mean every damn word I said. “You never know what it means to fuck her ass unless you try her fleshlight”.

What could be better

I wish the Lisa fleshlight provided me with much grip to make my penis tight or over-stimulate me. It wasn’t the case because. I prefer a fleshlight that makes feel tighter and shower me with much intensity.

The textured feel wasn’t that great and it should be something that Lisa needs to improve. My thought about Lisa’s fleshlight is perfect for large penile size. If you have it, then I don’t know why you will not enjoy the deep and nimble vibration.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Translucent Sleeve

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Translucent Sleeve

The flight pilot comes with a shape resembling an aircraft turbine. Its canal comes with different stimulating fireworks.

Once inside, I felt soft spiky bumps in the spherical chamber with lots of pointed stimulation in every imaginable direction.

Want to know the best part? The constriction happening on the sides of the chamber contributes to tightness sensation as my penis thrust the “forested bumps.”

Occasionally thrusting makes the bumps slide and swirl, giving me incredible feeling and excellent numbing effect just minutes before killing me with an orgasm. The smooth stimulation alongside the tight sensation is where the fleshlight real earns my approval.

Get Fleshlight Flight Pilot at Amazon

My Impression

Flight pilot is stylish and compact, making it the best traveling companion. So discreet that your neighbor can mistake it for something else until they start reading on the label.

What I love most is its inner lining, it’s so bumpy. Think I am lying? Try inserting your middle finger, rub the bumps gently, it won’t take you long before you insert your dick or full erect to try it.

With that said, you’ll find that the flight pilot is easy to use, quick to clean and perfect anal fleshlight to screw when you are traveling.

What could be better

Although I felt that fleshlight flight pilot to be a real turn on. I didn’t like much because it’s ideal for people having a small dick. If you are 7 inches more, or you want to do deep, it not the perfect fleshlight for you.

That brings me to my next point, most people have an average size, which means, this would be the ideal fleshlight for most people.

Fleshlight  Girls Riley Reid

Great news for you…

Riley Reid just teamed up with Fleshlight to create a signature brand of anal fleshlight, inviting you to experience what it feels to get into her.

Fleshlight  Girls Riley Reid

A quick look at the design and you’ll appreciate that it resembles Reid’s anus. A unique thing or what set’s Reid’s fleshlight apart from others is the series of chambers alongside the great textured walls, you have to fight to experience her.

The entrance is 1cm or 0.4”, so tight to get you excited. The second and third chambers are a bit wider, just what you would experience when you a screwing an actual anus.

The criss-cross ribs separate the chamber and make it possible for you to experience the grip and tightness as you try to break even with each chamber.

Better still, the crisscross rib has a small set of square bumps giving you stimulation taking your masturbation fantasies to the next level.

Mmmmh..nice. But how does it feel thrusting the Ried’s Fleshlight?

As I slide in and out, getting passed the criss-cross ribs, a stimulating sensation runs through my spine like I’ve been hit by lighting on the back.

I reached the second chamber, sliding on the walls, the experience is so sweet that I start feeling like I am riding on an actual lady.

As I use every strength of my bone to get passed the second chamber, it gets so exciting and for the first time in my life, I moaned like a little bitch. Never in my life, have I ever reached such a peak.

The experience was so great that towards the end, I threw the fleshlight away and fell asleep only to order one more from Amazon the next morning.

Get Girls Riley Reid at Amazon

My Impression

It’s worth mentioning that this is my favorite fleshlight. It gave me a great balance between intensity and simple pleasures. Unlike most anal fleshlight, this one provides me the most suction.

Otherwise, I couldn’t be in a position to be so close to heaven and thrusting that much. Describing my experience seem a little bit skeptical, but the real test is when you try it. It’s nothing close to what I have tried before.  Great thanks to Reid.

What could be improved

The inner canal is too fragile and hard to reach. Cleaning may be a little bit difficult if you have never owned fleshlight with varied textures.

Fleshlight Nikki-Reign Realistic Masturbation

Like most signature anal fleshlight, the Nikki Reign model is a replica of Nikki Benz’s butt.

A quick glance inside, I noticed unusual raised ridges cross-hatching in a pattern. Next follows a sizeable rectangular section wrapped in bumps to create broken ribs. Finally, the last chamber has a collection of sharp bumps.

Fleshlight Nikki-Reign

The question you are thinking, does it live up to the hype? Here is my experience getting even with Nikki’s fleshlight.

The opening is super tight and opens up fast allowing me to get inside the first chamber. Wow, I was pleased with the sensational experience I was getting even before I got deep.

Did I forget to mention the cross-hatching pattern?

I felt like rubbing, pushing and pulling a real life anal. And it made me feel like I want more of it. The on and off-resistance in the second chamber even made things a bit sweet and fun for me.

The final chamber was too far for me. I only felt a small pinpoint of pressure before succumbing to orgasm (and started making crazy noise a like a little bitch).

Get Nikki Benz Reign  at Amazon

My Impression

A Pulsing sensation spread across the shaft of my penis as I was getting even. The middle chamber is grippy and provides same experience you will have with an actual woman.

In other words, I felt like I am reaching new heights and breaking every single time, I used the Fleshlight Nikki realistic masturbation toy. And it is the same experience you will have when you give it a try.

The stimulating effect of this fleshlight light, leaves you wanting more and crazy enough to reach each milestone. Oh Gosh!!! Masturbation has never been fun without this anal fleshlight. Get one today and see if you don’t look forward each day to break even. Super comfortable and enjoyable.

What could be better

The major downside is cleaning this fleshlight. It has deep ridges and complex textures, which makes cleaning a big challenge if you are used to standard anal fleshlight.

Besides that, it needs several hours for it to be thoroughly dry and ready for the next masturbation bliss. Aside from the cleaning challenge, there’s no reason why you don’t need to give it a try.

Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Anal Fleshlight

Do you ever get this feeling….?

Any time you go to the market to buy something, you are just overwhelmed by the extent you feel like banging your head against the wall.

That brings me to my next point. Choosing anal fleshlight is like that, there are lots of choices until you have criteria for selecting the best one for you.

After using and testing different product, I developed a short checklist into what you need to consider when you are buying your first anal fleshlight. Okay, let’s start with the first point.

#1. Penis size

Believe it or not, your size matters a lot. It is the difference whether you will have a delightful anal experience or discomfort. And you may hate this anal fleshlight because you got the wrong one.

Measure your penis, measure the length and girth when you are fully erect. A standard penis when erect will have a length of 14 to 16 cm and circumference of 4.7 to 5.1 inch.

By choosing the right anal fleshlight, you’ll reach the orgasm quickly. A standard fleshlight on the market has a maximum length of 10 inches together with a 3.7-inch width. Holding it in your hand may look large, but there’s a significant advantage to that size.

Only because, the soft flesh material gives you room to move freely while at the same time flexing to accommodate the size of your penis.

#2. Fleshlight Materials

A fleshlight has to resemble and give you the actual feel of the anus, like what you would experience with a real woman. Most fleshlights are made using a soft material called SuperSkin.

SuperSkin gives you that close feel you want to experience with anal. What I don’t like with fleshlight is that some material can be difficult when cleaning. So, choose the material that makes it easier for you to clean. Otherwise, it will collect dirt and may wear with time.

Most of these materials are either pink, girls, ice designs. The option depends on what you see fit for your little guy.

#3. Anal fleshlight designs and Types

They are different designs and collection in the market.

Fleshlight Girls

If you ever dreamt of screwing the anus of the actual porn star, then you need to try the Girls design. They represent the biggest collection of anal fleshlight. Most porn stars, have their signature design, and they are a replica of their anus. All you need is to find out if your favorite porn star has an anal fleshlight design.


For travel lovers who want total discretion, the anal fleshlight fight is the one for you. Flights are compact and sleek that you can’t even know if it is a moisturizer or anal fleshlight.

Lastly and most importantly, they are suited for people who have a small or average size penis. If you have a big guy, sorry.

The Ice

They have a twist to the regular SuperSkin material and have an enclosed transparent sleeve. The beauty of having a sleeve like this is that you can always see the actual actions taking place.

Sex in A Can

This fleshlight is modeled to resemble a beer can. You can hide easily in plain sight, and they are also difficult for someone to figure whether you are carrying an actual beer or fleshlight.  They are designed to suit average or small penises.

#4: External design

Most fleshlight designs consist of a plastic casing. Because you are going to hold the case in your hand, choose a product that offers an excellent grip.  Excellent grip on the side is essential, the last thing you want is something sliding on your fingers because of poor grip.

The entrance consists of a removable can and the rear end has an adjustable cap, which controls the suction.

#5: Texture and intensity

It refers to how realistic the anal fleshlight makes you feel. They are some which are super intense or sci-fi.

A key thing to remember is a textured fleshlight on the inside, will offer you more sensation and stimulation, which is enough to test your endurance. Lots of sleeves come in different textures, and if this is your first time, it can be difficult to know which texture suits your preference.

The best thing you can do now is to try different anal fleshlight and see the variation of sensation they have. Soon, you will know which texture is ideal for you.

#6. Price

Price is another thing to consider when you are purchasing fleshlight. Here is the thing you need to know, not all highly priced anal fleshlight will give you a return for your dollars. The important thing that you can do is to consider the benefit they offer before you shell your cash. I will pay more for blissful masturbation if the fleshlight can provide that

#7: Ease of Use

An anal fleshlight can turn to be a living hell if you find it hard to use. Some models are easier to clean, all you need is lukewarm water, and you are good to do. Others have a complex texture and structure that you may need to reach the deep end to make it super clean. If you have a problem with cleaning, then you may need to go with anal fleshlight having a simple structure.

Final Verdict

Here’s the good news…. You don’t need to ponder so much about how to choose the best anal fleshlight for you.

I have done my extensive research and spend man-hours experimenting this anal fleshlight for five weeks so that you don’t have a horrible experience.

And you won’t struggle reaching the climax because this fleshlight offer the best sensation you can only dream of when you are screwing a woman.

Want to know the best part? The inner design, texture, and grippiness are the last pieces of the puzzle when you are looking for something that drives you high and leave you wanting more pleasure.

It’s worth giving it a try.

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