Best Lube for Anal Sex: Our Guide to Backdoor Pleasure

The best lube for anal sex is a hard choice. It will depend on a few factors. That’s why it’s so hard to choose the best on your own. Did you know that some lube degrades sex toys and doesn’t work with condoms very well? Were you aware that the best anal lube might not be numbing at all even if you’ve experienced pain before? There are many questions you’ll need to ask yourself before picking an anal lube.

This guide will help you learn the right questions to ask as well as providing the answers to those questions. We’ve covered the top 10 anal lubes, too. Our recommendations for the best anal lubes are here in this guide, and we believe they’re the best on the market for all kinds of situations.

Best Anal Lube – Comparison Table

Product Name & BrandTypesDurationSizePrice
Pjur Back Door Silicone based20-30 min3.4 ounces Check price
LubeLife Anal LubricantSilicone based20-25 min8 ounces Check price
Lynk PleasureWater based15-20 min8 ounces Check price
Cleanstream Relax DesensitizingWater based15-20 min17 ounces Check price
MD Science Labs Swiss NavySilicone based15 min8 ounces Check price
Wet PlatinumSilicone based15-20 min4.2 ounces Check price
Nasstoys Anal-ESEWater based10-15 min5 ounces Check price
Valm Personal LubricantSilicone based15 min8.5 ounces Check price
JO H2O AnalWater based10-15 min8 ounces Check price
Wet Uranus Water based10-15 min3.6 ounces Check price

What Lube is Better for Anal Sex; Silicone or Water Based?

When it comes to anal sex, the type of lube that you use matters. Silicone-based lubes are thicker and silkier than water-based. The one you use will depend on whether you’re using condoms or going natural. It’ll depend on the toys you introduce in your sexual adventures, too. Silicone toys are not compatible with silicone-based lube, which seems wrong, but it’s true.

Vaginal sex can require lube, but the lube you have in your nightstand might not be right for anal, too. The anus and vagina have different needs entirely. Water-based lube works with the pH levels in the vagina, but it’s not always thick and slippery enough for anal. If at all possible, it’s good to use a lube with a thicker consistency for your backdoor adventures.

Top 10 Anal Lube Reviews

Pjur Back Door Anal Lubricant

The Pjur anal lube is a silicone-based lube with soothing ingredients like jojoba. Jojoba is meant to relax the muscles of your anus without removing any sensation from your backside.

Best lube for anal sex

You’ll want to feel every sensation, but without the pain that can be associated with anal sex. When your muscles are relaxed, you’re more often able to enjoy backdoor pleasure. Even for those who are experiencing anal for the first time will be relaxed enough with this lube.

The silicone-based nature of the lube is what you need for great anal sex without pain. With no natural lubrication in the anal cavity, you need a lube that won’t be absorbed into the skin. Once the lube is absorbed, more will have to be added. It halts the action, and can even get to be painful.

Pjur has been a reliable supplier of anal lube since 1995. They have an entire line of anal lubes, sprays, and numbing gels for backdoor pleasure. While this one doesn’t have any numbing agents, it will make anal intercourse more enjoyable for you and your partner.

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My Impression

This lube was specifically designed for men according to the Pjur company. It’s meant to relax the anus without dampening the sensations of backdoor pleasure. If you want to enjoy aggressive penetration, this is the lube for the job. This is a lube for couples who have experience with anal sex. They want more sensation while keeping her from feeling intense pain.

Pjur isn’t held to the strict standards of the FDA because they’re based in Germany. They still have German criteria that leads to strict dermatological testing. It’s a quality product that does exactly what it advertises. It relaxes the anus for safe pleasure without numbing.

Whether you’re a beginner to anal sex or an advanced backdoor adventurer, this lube is perfect for your relaxation needs. The silicone-based lube is slippery and the natural relaxing agent won’t numb you completely.

What Could be Better?

The lube bottle needs two hands to be used properly. Not convenient if you have to add more during the act.

LubeLife Anal Lubricant

This is a silicone-based lubricant meant for anal sex. It’s also a great lube for all kinds of shower sex. The lube is thick, but never sticky. Since it’s resistant to water, it’s fantastic for sex in the shower as well as in the tub or relaxing in the hot tub. After sex, you can easily wash this from your body with a bit of soap and water.

Best anal lubricant

During anal, you want a thick silicone lube that will enable the penis to firmly penetrate the anus. At the same time, it should last a while and provide a slick entrance for backdoor pleasure throughout the entire encounter. You don’t want a lube that wears away during sex. It can become painful and the friction can be a problem.

The silicone of this lube doesn’t have harsh ingredients. It’s hypoallergenic and soothing to your skin. It wouldn’t do to have irritation in your anal cavity after sex. It would be extremely uncomfortable. That’s not a concern with this lube. It’s free of parabens, oil, and glycerin. Once you’re finished, it’s easy to clean yourself, too.

Most silicone-based lubes used for anal are not compatible with sex toys or condoms. This lube is compatible with rubber latex as well as polyurethane condoms. That’s a big deal when you’re trying to keep yourself safe and avoid STDs. While it’s good for some condoms, it’s not compatible with silicone sex toys, so keep that in mind.

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My Impression

This silicone-based lube is thick and will provide a slick entrance for a penis to enter your backside without pain. The initial penetration is better with this lube, but it also lasts for a while, so you don’t have to reapply the lube. You won’t end up with friction and pain in the middle of sex.

There are no harsh ingredients in this lube. You won’t find parabens, oils, or glycerin. That’s great for people who are prone to irritation from harsh chemicals and preservatives. The main ingredient in this lube is dimethicone, which is a man-made silicone.

Mention is always made to the type of toys that can’t be used with silicone-based lubes. There are plenty of toys that work great with silicone like glass or stainless steel. It shouldn’t be a problem to use rubber with your silicone-based lube, either. If you have been looking for a lube for anal training, this one will work beautifully.

What Could be Better?

The bottle that holds this lube leaks, so you might have to find another bottle for squeezing.

Lynk Pleasure Products Personal Water-Based Anal Lube

This water-based lube is made with ingredients that won’t cause irritation. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals like parabens or glycerin. It’s fantastic for anal, but it can also be used as an all-around lube for all your sexual encounters. Whether you want to use it for vaginal sex or anal sex, this lube will work beautifully.

FDA approved anal lube

The lube is made in the US and is held to high standards by the FDA. They’ve gained approval from the FDA, which means that there are no chemicals that will cause any problems.

Water-based lubes like this one from Lynk Pleasure Products are compatible with latex condoms. Anal sex doesn’t have to be something that you only participate in with a trusted partner. It can be a fun sexual adventure with casual lovers, too. You’ll want to use condoms for all your encounters unless you’re in a long-term relationship.

The lube is also compatible with all sex toys. You don’t have to research ingredients for your lube or your sex toys before use. If you have a toy that you want to use for anal, you can easily do that with this water-based lube. It won’t degrade the material in any way.

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My Impression

The water-based lube has great ingredients for anyone – whether that person is sensitive to chemicals or not. It doesn’t have a weird taste or smell, either. If you want to experiment with solo sex, you can certainly use this without the scent on your skin lingering outside the bedroom.

The lube is compatible with all sex toys as well as those you might want to create yourself. It’s not a waterproof lube, though. You won’t be able to enjoy this lube in the shower or the bath. That should be kept in mind with all water-based lubes. They do have limitations as do silicone ones.

The FDA has approved the lab that has created this lube as well as the lube itself. It’s safe for condoms as well as the body, too. You’ll be able to use this lube for all kinds of sex – anal or vaginal. It might become dry or be absorbed in the body, but is easily reactivated with a bit of water or saliva.

What Could be Better?

The bottle that holds this lube is pretty basic and can break if you’re not careful.

JO H2O Anal Water-Based Lubricant

The company boasts that they’re the only water-based lube that “feels silky smooth like silicone.” It’s a lube with ingredients like plant-based glycerin, which some people will love. The lube won’t cause irritation or stinging discomfort when used for anal. There’s almost nothing worse than anal irritation.

Water-based anal lube

This lube was made specifically for anal sex, so it has a thick consistency. Along with being thick and slippery for anal, it’s safe to use with condoms. For those who want to practice safe anal with a partner, a condom is a necessity. It’s also great for covering your sex toys when you want to use them for anal now, but vaginal sex later. It makes clean up much easier.

Speaking of cleaning up, the water-based nature of the lube means that you won’t have an oily residue to worry about after sex. You can rinse with warm water to remove all signs of lubricant from your body.

Some lubes for anal will have a numbing agent. This one isn’t for numbing the anus. You’ll be able feel all the great sensations while the slick nature of the lube makes penetration gentle and pain free.

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My Impression

The sensation of a silicone lubricant during sex is why it’s recommended for anal. Friction can be incredibly painful when it comes to backdoor sex. You’ll want a lube that allows for easier penetration without all the pain. That consistency is found in all silicone lubes.

It’s harder to come by with water-based lubes, but this one is meant for anal specifically. It makes initial penetration less painful. Thrusting during sex won’t have the same dragging pain that can happen with some water-based lubes.

If you’re into solo sex or want to experiment with anal before introducing a partner, this lube will work perfectly. It’s compatible with condoms as well as sex toys. Silicone toys can’t be used with silicone lubes, but that’s not a problem for this water-based lube at all.

What Could be Better?

The bottle can ooze even when the cap is on tight. You might have to transfer this to another bottle for use.

Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Lube

This is for those who have had painful anal penetration in the past. The water-based desensitizing lube will numb your anus to get you past the super painful act of penetration. When the wide head of a penis spreads the anus, there can be incredible amounts of pain for some people. A numbing lube will help with the initial widening penetration.

Anal lubricant

Beginners will appreciate the numbing action of the lube. It has 2% lidocaine, which will numb the area for 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll need to give the area a few minutes to number before beginning. It’s time that can be spent on foreplay before the action begins.

The water-based lube is safe to use with toys or condoms. If you want to experiment with anal training, a relaxing and numbing lube will help. When you’re trying anal with a new lover, you want to be safe with the use of condoms. That can be done safely without worrying that the lube will destroy the condom.

Water-based lube is easy to clean from the skin, too. It’s a slick lube that won’t be sticky or tacky while you’re having sex. That’s a terrible sensation that you don’t want to have during backdoor pleasure.

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My Impression

This lube has a light amount of numbing agent. It’s not a great idea to use a lot of numbing lube since you want to feel the sensations. You especially want to feel sensations that are too rough.

After sex, the numbing sensation will go away. If your partner wasn’t careful, you could end up with pain later. Pain is a warning sign of problems, and you don’t want to ignore any warning signs.

The water-based lube allows you to experiment with sex toys and anal training devices. It won’t degrade the materials of the toys or keep you from using condoms. Condoms on your sex toys make cleaning them much easier.

What Could be Better?

The quality of the bottle could be better. It can be transferred to a better bottle with pump action.

MD Science Labs Swiss Navy Silicone Lube

The silicone-based personal lubricant is made almost specifically for anal sex. It will stay slick and wet through the entire act. When it comes to backdoor pleasure, a slick, wet lubricant is essential. Without it, the dragging friction can get painful. In some cases, the receiver of the penetration can be so hurt that they’ll never try anal again.

Silicone-based anal lube

The silicone-based lube called Swiss Navy is a pretty popular name in the world of lube. It’ll stay slick for a very long time. The viscosity of the lube means that it will stay on the skin without wearing away or being absorbed. You don’t need to apply more than a few drops to have wetness for hours. At the same time, you can easily wipe this away with some wet wipes or a wet towel.

Silicone lube doesn’t work well with silicone toys. The chemical makeup of the products will give you a reaction that can break down the toy over time. A pitted toy can’t be cleaned thoroughly. It would be an unsanitary mess in the future. It’s best to avoid silicone toys completely. It shouldn’t be used with latex condoms, either. You’ll need to be in a solid relationship to use silicone lube.

The feel of the silicone lube screams velvety. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means you won’t have a problem with irritation. An irritated anus is an irritation that nobody wants.

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My Impression

A silicone-based lube is one of the best kinds for backdoor penetration. Unfortunately, it has some limitations. You can’t use it with a condom. It can’t be used with a silicone sex toy, either. When you have limitations like that, you have to be super careful. It’s one of the best lubes for beginners who are worried about pain and discomfort.

Pain and discomfort can be fixed with a slick, silicone lube that won’t be absorbed by the body. Most of the time people have pain because they are not using enough lube and taking their slow time to penetrate and stretch the anus.

This lubricant advertises that it is compatible with latex condoms, but this isn’t advised. Silicone lubes can break latex condoms, so you should be aware of this limitation. Use a different kind of condom with the silicone-based lube. It’s much better than having unsafe sex.

What Could be Better?

The lube can ooze out of the bottle if it’s not stored properly.

Wet Platinum Silicone-Based Lubricant

This silicone-based lubricant will never be sticky. It doesn’t dry up or leave behind a tacky residue. To remove the lube from your body, you’ll have to wash it with warm water and a bit of soap. You could keep wet wipes nearby, too.

Lube for backdoor play

Silicone lubricant works incredibly well when you’re in the water. Anal play in the shower, hot tub, or regular tub is a fun change of pace with a silicone lube like this one. It’s a way to experiment and play without worrying that the bed could get messy. You can immediately wash with warm water before exiting the shower or tub.

This high-grade silicone has been evaluated by the FDA as a medical device. That means it’s gone through vigorous testing, and it’s surprisingly compatible with condoms. That’s the claim of the company, but we always recommend that you use a condom that won’t be degraded by silicone.

There isn’t a weird taste or smell with this lube. It’s not sticky and won’t leave behind a weird residue that’s hard to clean. All of that means that you’re unlikely to have a bad skin reaction to the lube.

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My Impression

This lube can be added to the anus during foreplay to get the both of you heated up and ready for action. You can add a shot of lube inside to ensure that you’ll never run into a dry spot in your backside.

The Wet lubricant can be staining, so you should take precautions to ensure that it won’t ruin your sheets. Instead of sticking to the bedroom for your anal adventures, head into the shower to do something different. It will turn your next shower into playful sexy time.

Aside from the fact that it can stain fabrics, there’s nothing not to love about this lube. It’s slick and won’t be absorbed in the body. It’s a thick lube that feels a bit like massage oil. You’ll feel moisturized for the rest of the day. You could even take the opportunity to give your partner a massage to get her in the mood before anal.

What Could be Better?

Many of these lubes have bottles that can leak if they’re not store properly.

Nasstoys Anal-ESE Desensitizing Anal Gel

This is a bit different than the other anal lubes on this list. It has a flavor, which isn’t a feature of the others so far. It’s a wonderful strawberry that will give you the refreshing taste and scent of fruit.

Desensitizing Anal Gel

The flavored, water-based lube is a gel that will stick exactly where it’s placed. Whether you use it on the penis or a sex toy, it’ll coat the instrument with gel that won’t move. You won’t find it dripping or leaving a mess anywhere it’s not specifically placed.

The gel is also a desensitizing agent that will give you a bit of numbing for penetration. It’ll numb you for some time when you get used to the object in your backside. That’s important for those who have had problems with pain or discomfort before with anal experimentation.

It’ll also numb the penis being inserted into the anus. While it’s not ideal all the time to feel a numbing sensation, it can be a fun new feeling for those who are experimenting.

Get Nasstoys Anal-ESE at Amazon

My Impression

The fact that this is a flavored lube is a bit surprising since it’s also a numbing kind of lube. If you decide to taste this lube, you can also expect that it’ll cause a numbness in your lips and tongue. That might not be entirely unpleasant if you want to participate in oral sex before anal.

The flavor of strawberries also gives you the scent of strawberries, too. That can be a nice, pleasant scent if you’re worried about the scent from an open anus. The body doesn’t always cooperate even when you’ve cleaned yourself in preparation for anal sex.

There isn’t much lube available with this tube, but it’s a gel. There won’t be much gel that’s misplaced. Every drop will end up exactly where it’s placed. It’ll be exactly where you need it. So, you won’t need much numbing lube to be effective. A little goes a long way.

What Could be Better?

The numbing agent doesn’t work for very long. It’s enough for penetration.

Valm Silicone-Based Personal Lube

Valm silicone-based lube is designed to reduce friction. While it is made to reduce friction, it won’t reduce sensation. You’ll want to feel all the good sensations you’ll get from anal sex without any of the bad.

Best lube for backdoor play

Bad sensations are ones that are extremely uncomfortable or painful. There shouldn’t be any pain during anal intercourse – even if the thrusting is a bit aggressive as he approaches orgasm. The silicone-based lube will eliminate any pain that comes from friction.

The silicone lube is created without parabens and is meant for skin that’s particularly sensitive. There are some people who are prone to irritation from lubes. That shouldn’t be a problem with this lube at all. It’s been evaluated by the FDA and registered as a 510(k) medical device.

This lube is safe for use with latex condoms. For those who feel they need condoms for safe sex, it’s important that you’re confident in the condoms ability to work. That’s not always guaranteed with a silicone lube. It makes sense to use another type of condom for anal sex with any silicone lube.

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My Impression

The silicone lube is clear, free of dyes and scents, and free of parabens. All of that means that sensitive skin shouldn’t have a reaction to this silicone lube’s formula. It’s non-irritating as well as being waterproof. You could easily use this lube in the tub for a fun shower time as a change of pace.

The silicone formula is a natural-feeling lube that will reduce friction during anal sex. It won’t be absorbed by the body, and it won’t get dry during thrusting. That can happen with some kinds of lubes, but won’t be a problem with this one.

Many other lubes have a problem with their bottles. The bottles are not lockable. They can’t be tossed on the bed where the lube can dribble out without stopping. This lube comes in a spill-proof bottle with a pump mechanism. That pump top can be locked to ensure that the lube doesn’t end up everywhere.

What Could be Better

The consistency isn’t as thin and watery as might be needed for some people.

Wet Uranus Anal Water-Based Lube

For an anal lube, this has the perfect name. Wet Uranus is a water-based lube that was designed specifically for anal intercourse. While it’s a water-based formula, it’s meant to be thicker than other water-based lubricants. It more closely resembles a silicone lube than it does a water lube.

Wet Uranus Anal Water-Based Lube

The lube is thick, which gives you a bit of cushion between the toy/penis and the lining of your backdoor. Pain and discomfort usually comes from dragging along the inner walls that can be avoided with a generous amount of lube.

This water-based formula was crafted especially for anal sex, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other types of sexual play. It’s pH balanced for use in the vagina, too. If you wanted to move from the vagina to the backdoor during sex, you can easily do that with this lube. Never go in the other direction, though.

Anal lube that is water-based like this one is compatible with latex condoms as well as silicone sex toys. You can easily use any kind of toy that you like with a variety of partners if that’s your desire.

Get Wet Uranus at Amazon

My Impression

This water-based lube is thick enough to use for anal sex. It’s a formula that the company has evaluated and improved upon until it was able to perform almost as well as a silicone lube.

It can be incredibly inconvenient to purchase more than one kind of lube for sex. You want your lube to be perfect for vaginal sex, sex with condoms, anal sex and sex with toys. This water-based lube is perfect for all the sex you want to try. The only time this lube will not work as well is in the shower or bath. The water-based lube isn’t waterproof.

Due to the nature of this lube, it isn’t going to be waterproof, but it’s going to be easy to wash from your body. It’ll also wash easily from your toys, too. You don’t have to spend extra time washing your body, toys, or sheets after using this lube.

What Could be Better?

The bottle of this lube could be easier to use. It can be a problem to open and close the lube one handed.

Considerations When Researching and Choosing Anal Lube

  • Selecting the Right Type

The right type of anal lube will depend on the type of play. If you’re using a silicone dildo, you can’t use a silicone lube. It won’t be compatible with a latex condom, either.

The best kind of lube for all play with a sex toy or condom is water based. Beginners should consider a silicone-based lube because you want to go slow and slippery your first time.

  • Free of Harmful Ingredients

Any lube that you use – whether it’s for anal or vaginal sex – should be free of harmful ingredients. Some ingredients to avoid are parabens and propylene glycol.

These are both ingredients that have been used as preservatives in the past. They’re not toxic in small doses, but over time, they can cause serious health issues. It’s best to avoid them in your lube.

  • Long-Lasting Formula

If you need a water-based lube because you’re using condoms or a sex toy, it should be one that lasts a long time. For anal with a monogamous partner, silicone- or oil-based lubes are a good choice.

Silicone-based lubes won’t be absorbed by the body. The anus doesn’t provide its own moisture or lubrication, so it’s important that the lube lasts a long time. It should be a long-lasting formula that’s a thicker consistency than what is needed for vaginal lubrication.

  • Easy to Remove or Clean

While the lube used for anal sex should be thick, it should also be easy to remove. You’ll want the lube to stay in the anus for as long as you’re involved in sexual play. It should be slick and slippery for all your adventures.

At the end of play time, you’ll want to be able to wipe or wash it easily. It shouldn’t feel as if there’s an oily residue in the anal canal for hours.

  • Thick, Silky Texture

Anal sex can be incredibly painful without the right amount of lubrication. That’s especially the case when a beginner is playing at anal sex. The best lube will be silky and velvety. It’ll coat the walls of the rectum and provide a silky entrance for a penis, finger, or toy.

A thick lube should also allow for feeling to be transferred. You don’t want a thick buffering lube that doesn’t let you or your partner feel the sensation of sex.

  • Safe for Sex Toy Materials

The type of lube that you use has to be safe for sex toys if you plan to use them. Popular sex toys for anal sex might include silicone material. It’s soft and won’t hurt when used in a beginner’s backside.

Unfortunately, silicone sex toys are not to be used with silicone or oil lube. It can degrade the material of the sex toy. The dildo or vibrator’s surface can become pitted and allow bacteria to harbor in the surface. It could lead to infections.

  • Hypoallergenic

The sex lube you use for anal should be hypoallergenic. If you have an allergy, it’s best to stay away from that material. Always read the ingredients on the lube that you use for sex.

Precautions will allow for safe anal sex. You shouldn’t use a lube if you don’t know the ingredients and how they impact the body.

Guide to Anal Sex for Beginners

Before you try anal sex with a partner, you should explore anal sex on your own. Get comfortable with the exploration. Use plenty of lube, so you know how much is enough. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your partner, too.

Once you’ve done your own exploration, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. When your backside is touched intimately for the first time, you’ll want to be prepared for the sensations.


It’s a good idea to use an enema to get clean before sex. It’s not required, though. Keep some wet wipes nearby for accidents. They can happen with or without cleaning beforehand. You’re playing with an area of the body where feces is a real possibility. Be prepared for that.

When you’re the bottom, or receiver, you’ll want to be relaxed. That can be hard to accomplish if you’ve never experienced anal. This is why I suggest experimentation. Anxiety and tension leads to a tightened anus.

The head of the penis is the widest part of the organ. It’s important to ease in or out of the anus slowly. The partner you choose for this exploration should be aware that it’s your first time. He should be willing to take it as slow as needed.

It can make sense to start with a slim dildo or anal plug at first. Whatever you decide to do – make sure that you have an honest conversation with your partner before beginning. Also, use plenty of lube. It can mean the difference between serious pain and erotic pleasure – even for your first time.


As the person receiving anal, you’ll want to be in control of the speed of entry. When you’re in control, you’re less likely to be freaked out, too. That can be done with the receiver on top. All the decisions and work is left in the hands of the person receiving, which can lead to less anxiety and stress.

Many women can be concerned that they’re killing the mood for their partner by wanting to go slow. He’s going to be thrilled that you’re willing to experiment. Don’t feel forced or like you’re disappointing him. Take control by being on top. Once you’re more comfortable, you’ll be able to try other positions with him in control.

Using a Condom

There are two considerations for whether you should use a condom. First, you’ll want to use a condom if you’re concerned about STDs. Always be safe with a partner you’re unsure of in the bedroom. Second, you can use a condom to stay sanitary and clean. Anal can get messy.

If you decide to use a condom, the type of lube will change. Thick, silicone-based lube is always best for anal sex. It’s slippery and stays in place – whether you’re dealing with penis penetration or an anal plug. If you use a condom, silicone-based lube can break the condom. All your safe sex strategies go out the window if the condom breaks.

The Right Lube

As mentioned previously, the lube you choose really matters. It’s one of the biggest considerations for anal sex. Aside from positioning, it can influence the amount of pain or pleasure you experience. As the person receiving, don’t worry that he won’t feel any pleasure if there’s no friction. He’ll be thrilled you’re giving this a try. It’s all about your comfort, and the key to that is lots of lube.

The right lube shouldn’t break the condom or degrade your silicone toys. What if you’re in a relationship where you’re not concerned about condoms? In an ideal world of anal, you’ll be using a silicone-based or oil-based lubricant for anal. It’ll stay in place and provide the glide that you need for comfort. Use lube liberally. Don’t be skimpy with the lube. It can all be washed out later.

Can Anal Sex Go Wrong?

There are a few ways that anal sex can go wrong. Messy anal is always a possibility. You’re playing in an area that isn’t the cleanest part of the body. Be prepared with cleaning wipes, and don’t be embarrassed.

Most inexperienced anal sex virgins are worried about pain. They have heard terrible things about the pain of anal. Usually the pain happens because your partner isn’t being considerate and going slow. There isn’t enough lube being used. The two of you didn’t have a conversation about what to expect. If he plunges his penis quickly into your anus without enough lube, it will hurt. That can be avoided, though.

Once you and your partner have experimented sufficiently, he could get excited and start pounding away during sex. You might be into that kind of rough sex, too. Afterwards, there might be bleeding due to a tear. Mostly that tear will heal in a few days. If it doesn’t, you might have to see a doctor.

If you plan on using toys for anal, make sure they’re the proper kind of toys. You’ll have to consider whether you’re going to be able to use silicone-based lube or water-based. The toy should be made specifically for anal. It’ll have a flange on the end to ensure the toy doesn’t get sucked into your backside. Never use instruments that aren’t meant for your anus, or you could end up in the emergency room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can women have an orgasm from anal sex?
Many women enjoy anal sex so much that they can orgasm from it. It takes time, practice, and arousal but it’s definitely possible. In the doggie position, the penis can be pressed directly against the woman’s g-spot. That makes it more than likely she can orgasm during anal.

It also depends on the level of arousal the woman has about the act itself. The taboo nature of anal sex can be a definite turn on for some.

How much lube should be used for anal?
There’s a saying that “you can never have too much lube” when it comes to anal sex. It should be as slippery and slick as possible. There shouldn’t be any real friction at all. As you get used to anal, you can experiment with the amount of lube you need personally.

It’s always best to use too much lube than to not have enough. It can really hurt if you don’t use enough. There’s no natural lubrication in the anus like there is in the vagina.

Should I use water- or silicone-based lube for anal sex?
The answer to this question will depend on a few factors. For those using a condom for anal, water-based lube will keep the condom from breaking. Couples who are not using a condom can use silicone-based lubricants.

There are many instances where a woman might want to use a sex toy. Anal training plugs need to be inserted with lube. If the plug is made with silicone, a silicone lube will cause serious issues. Rubber or other materials will play nicely with silicone-based lubes just fine, though.

Where does the lube go for anal sex?
You’ll want to apply the lube to the anus, of course. To get more lube inside your anal canal, you could use a lube shooter. It pushes lube up into the anus to ensure that you have used enough.

The lube should be added to the outside of the hole as well as his penis or the sex toy. You’ll almost want to bathe in the lube. It’s vital that there’s enough lubrication to avoid any kind of friction. Friction equals pain in many people trying anal for the first time.

Should homemade lube be used for anal?
Couples find it fun to create their own sex toys at home. When it comes to normal household objects as sex toys and sexual play things, that can be a huge amount of fun. When it comes to anal, though, you have to be very careful. Objects going into your back door can get stuck if they’re not the right shape.

Lube like Vaseline, baby oil, or coconut oil are not great for anal sex. They can break condoms or cause other issues. If you use coconut oil, it could be hard to wash off your body. It’s staining, too. Other types of lubes that you can find in the kitchen cabinet might cause burning or infections. It’s best to use the right kind of lube for the right purpose.

What's the best way to introduce the topic of anal sex?
If you’ve been curious about anal sex, don’t be afraid to bring up the subject with your partner. While anal was once a taboo subject, it’s become more common a practice than most people think.

Sex between you and a partner should be an honest, natural extension of your relationship. You can talk to your partner about your desires. There’s nothing wrong with exploring each other’s bodies – all parts of your bodies.


Those are our top picks for the best anal lube. Some of them are perfect for anal sex with a monogamous partner while others are great for a person who wants to experiment and widen his or her sexual adventures. Whether it’s flavored, numbing, silicone, or water, we’ve broken down the different lubes to give you an idea of the best choice for you. Ultimately, you must choose the one perfect for your individual lifestyle.

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