Expert’s Guide to the Best Butt Plug for the Ultimate Pleasure

Anal play is incredibly fun because it often feels naughty. Once you get past the taboo nature of anal play, you’re getting into real pleasure. It’s unlike other kinds of pleasure you can have during sex. Many people like to experiment with anal plugs during solo play before having a partner play with their butt.

Other people like to use an anal plug that vibrates for massaging their prostate. It can also be a powerful feeling when it crosses through the walls of the vagina to the g-spot. It’s a whole new bunch of sensations that lovers want to experience to enhance their pleasure during sex.

This is a guide to all the things you should consider when getting into anal play as well as the best butt plugs. These plugs all have very notable features that make them stand out in the crowd.

Best Butt Plug – Comparison Table

ProductsModes Wireless
Paloqueth Prostate Massager10 Yes

Dual motors Check price
LOVENSE Butt PlugVibration patternsApp remoteSpiraled neck Check price
Njoy Pure PlugNoneNoStainless Steel Check price
Tantus Ryder PlugNone

NoBase rests gently Check price
Paloqueth Anal Sex Toy10 YesRotating motion Check price
Hisionlee 4PCS Plug SetNone
NoTraining set
Check price
AKStore 3 PCS Fetish PlugsNone
NoJeweled base
Check price
Paloqueth Silicone Bead PlugsNone
No3 bead plugs
Check price

What is an Anal Plug?

An anal plug is also called a butt plug. It’s a sex toy that is shaped for insertion into the anus. It’s shaped like a bullet or thin dildo with a small head, wide body, and thin end.

There’s usually a flanged end of the plug after the neck. That’s the vital part of any butt plug. It keeps the entire plug from entering the rectum. A disappearing anal plug can be hard to remove without medical intervention.

Anal plugs can be vibrating for added pleasure. The anal plug can be used for a man or woman to elevate the sensations during sex. It can also be used as a training device to widen the anus. It can train the anus to be able to take a penis or large toy eventually.

Top 10 Anal Plug Reviews

PALOQUETH Male Vibrating Prostate Massager

There are 10 vibration patterns in this prostate massager. It’s all controlled with a simple remote. You don’t have to reach down to change the patterns. Instead, you can enjoy the sensations as you ramp up the patterns. There are dual vibrations and motors at both tips. It’ll stimulate the prostate and perineum.

PALOQUETH butt plug

It’s an anal vibrator made from silicone. It’s 100% medical grade silicone, which means it’s incredibly safe for insertion. You’ll need to consider the type of lube you use with this vibrating plug. Silicone lube doesn’t mesh well with silicone toys.

The shape of the massager is perfect for massaging the prostate. It’s curved for insertion. It’ll provide the right amount of pressure and vibration for mind-blowing orgasms. While inside him, the p-spot massager patterns can be changed with the remote. It’s also very quiet. You can enjoy this in your bedroom while those outside can’t hear the massager.

As a massager, it’s fully rechargeable. It doesn’t require batteries. With a USB charger, it comes back to life after two hours. It can be charged through any device that takes USB chargers. You don’t have to worry about global voltage when ordering this massager.

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My impression

As an anal massager for prostate stimulation, this vibrator has the right amount of motors and vibrating patterns. There’s a motor in each end of the L-shape. The inserted end has a curve that will massage directly against the p-spot. There are so many patterns available through the remote on this vibrator, too.

While this is advertised as a male vibrating prostate massager, there’s no reason a woman can’t use it. It would definitely vibrate her clit or g-spot. All she has to do is hold the vibrator in the correct position for stimulation. The remote can be used up to 65 feet from the device, too.

The remote’s button will do all the work of changing vibrations. The shape of the vibrator can actually stimulate the clit and the inside of her vagina at the same time. To keep the toy clean, the couple can use a condom and not worry about sharing.

What could be better?

There are no size variations for this product.

LOVENSE Hush Vibrating Butt Plug

The vibrating butt plug from LOVENSE is said to be one of the strongest on the market. It has unlimited patterns that are controlled by an app. There are vibrations based on music. There are also vibrations that respond to noise. The sound-based vibrations will respond to the noise of a club’s base or a movie theater’s sound track.

LOVENSE Hush Butt Plug

It’s a plug made from materials that are incredibly safe for extended use. It’s 100% silicone without latex or rubber compounds. That makes it waterproof for play anywhere. It can be worn for hours, and the spirals on the neck trap lube. When removing the plug after extended wear, the spirals trap lube for easy removal.

The rechargeable plug can be charged with the included USB charger. The plug has 1 and a half to 2 hours of use. The 5000 patterns can play constantly over that time without a loss of power.

This is a plug that’s made for play in public for those who are very adventurous. There are two sizes available with this plug. The 1.5 inch and 1.75 inch plug both have a rumbly, deep vibration that isn’t loud. You won’t hear it over the sounds of being in public.

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My impression

The remote control on the plug is actually an app that can control the plug from a huge distance. It’s great for solo play as well as foreplay to the main event. In the hands of your lover, the vibrating plug can become a huge tease that is very discreet in public.

It can be used long distance by lovers who want to feel a closeness they wouldn’t have while apart. There’s an extra level of excitement when a lover has control and power over another’s pleasure.

While the vibrations are powerful, they aren’t the high buzzing normally associated with sex toys. That kind of buzzing is usually not very strong. The rumbly vibrations of this anal toy will surpass your expectations.

What could be better?

The Bluetooth connection can be spotty based on phone’s service.

Njoy Pure Medium Anal Plug

This medium anal plug has a round bulb with a bit of a taper at the top for insertion. It’ll widen the anus and give it a good stretch that is the essence of anal stimulation. There are great design details in this anal plug.

Njoy Pure Plug

It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s completely sterile. It’s easy to clean once you’re finished using it. The surface is without pores, so it’ll never harbor bacteria from the anus. The weight of the stainless gives it extra sensation during insertion and wear. It’s a plug that people will want to wear for hours at a time.

The shaft of the neck is long and curved. This provides extra stimulation for the prostate or g-spot. The bulb is 1.25 inches while the entire bulb, shaft, and base measures 3.5 inches. The neck of the plug is almost as long as the bulb.

This plug is completely waterproof as well as being a smooth, slick surface when lubricated. Most plugs and toys will slide in with some pressure and lube. They still might have some tug to the skin, though. That won’t happen with this metal, stainless steel plug. It’s completely slick when lubed.

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My impression

There’s something sleek and sexy about this chrome-looking plug. It’s made of a stainless steel that won’t allow for bacteria to build up on the surface. That’s important when you’re using the plug for anal play. It’s easy to sterilize this toy.

The bulb head of this anal plug is round and has some heft to it. You’ll definitely feel this plug weighted in your anal cavity. Not only does it stretch you and make you feel full, it has added sensations.

Between the long neck and round, heavy bulb, the stainless steel plug is full of sensations you won’t get with other types of plugs. Other plugs are made from materials that are lightweight. They will only stretch. If you’re looking for something a bit different for anal play, this is a good choice.

What could be better?

The pull ring doesn’t allow for sitting while wearing the plug. It doesn’t lay comfortably against the skin.

Tantus Ryder Ultra Anal Plug

This is a perfect example of a toy with a flared base that rests between the cheeks. Some bases don’t rest gently, so that the wearer can sit while being stretched. It’s a good toy for training as well as wearing for hours at a time. The bulb measures 1.47 inches at its widest. That’s a firm stretch that is still comfortable.

Tantus Ryder Anal Plug

The base as well as the rest of the toy are made of the softest silicone. This material will stretch but also be slightly squishy for your anal needs. It won’t force your anus wide and painfully. The silicone is made to be safe for your body. It’s hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

Whether it’s going in or coming out, the gradual taper of the toy won’t be a jarring stretch of the sphincter muscles. With the right amount of lube, there should never be any pain with anal plugs.

The toy can be cleaned after use in any way imaginable. It can be boiled or bleached without altering the shape of the toy. You’ll never have to worry about how sanitary your toy is after anal play.

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My impression

This is a toy that can be used to stretch your anus during foreplay. That foreplay can last for a long time, and the plug can be worn during sex, too. It’s a good beginner to intermediate plug for those who have been playing with anal stretching for a bit.

In fact, this toy is made of ultra-premium silicone that can be worn for hours. When you’re training your butt for actual sex, you’ll want a plug that stretches you while not being uncomfortable and painful.

After wearing this for hours, it’s easy to clean the toy. Sanitary anal play is very important. The toy should be pristine after cleaning it. This silicone toy can be washed with toy cleaner, boiled in very hot water, or bleached to remove bacteria.

What could be better?

The bulb is long compared to some other plugs.

PALOQUETH Anal Prostate Play Sex Toy

The p-spot vibrating anal toy is made from the softest materials. The soft, nonporous silicone won’t cause any allergies. It’s designed to be hygienic and can be cleaned to remove any kind of bacteria from this kind of play.


There are plenty of vibration that will stimulate the prostate. It can also stimulate the g-spot when angled correctly. The wall between the anus and the vagina is pretty thin. You can feel it. The bulb moves during most of the vibration modes.

The remote control means that you don’t have to reach behind you to alter the vibrations. You can easily control the modes with the touch of a button. You can even give the remote to your partner. It can be used from 20 feet away.

The spiraled head will keep lubrication trapped in the ridges. This allows you to easily insert then remove the plug. It’s a feature that not many plugs have, but it makes removal so much simpler and less painful. Especially if you are using this for a prolonged period of time.

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My impression

This can be used for a long time to enhance your pleasure through prostate stimulation. It’s so versatile that it can be used for a variety of fun anal games. A woman can use this to stimulate her g-spot and anus at the same time. The man who penetrates her vagina will be surprised by the power of the vibrations.

The battery charge will last for hours, and it’s an easy matter to recharge it. The USB charger is included with this anal vibrating plug. The plug is 100 percent waterproof, so you can play anywhere including the shower.

The widest part of the bulb measures 1.3 inches while the entire toy is 4.9 inches. Around 3 inches of that is insertable. It can be angled to hit special spots, or the vibration can be allowed to do its thing. The sensations are incredible.

What could be better?

The base of this vibrating plug is quite large and hard. There’s no way to sit while wearing this plug.

Hisionlee Sexy Toys 4PCS Anal Plug Set

This is a 4pc set of training anal plugs. They range in sizes to make training easier. The smallest plug measures 4 inches by 1 inch. The medium is 4.5 inches by 1.12 inches. The large is 5.5 inches by 1.25 inches. The extra large is 6 inches by 1.5 inches.

Hisionlee Anal Plug Set

The plugs are all made of 100% medical grade silicone. This silicone is soft, easy to clean, and safe for the body. When using tapered bulbs to stretch the sphincter, you want a little bit of give for the material. These are not hard plastic that will potentially hurt.

Along with the 4 training plugs, there are accessories for beginners who aren’t sure what to purchase. There’s a lubricant that will work perfectly with these plugs. There’s also an enema cleaning bulb for making sure the area is as clean as possible.

The bottom of the plugs have suction cups. This allows for strong suction when you want to experiment in the bath or shower. When inserting, you might need the extra help of having a hands-free insertion. The suction cups are very strong.

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My impression

When experimenting with anal for the first time, you’ll definitely want to start with the tiniest plug. Using plenty of lube that’s included, it should be easy to slip that plug inside a true beginner.

At the end of the spectrum is the largest plug at 6 inches long and 1.5 inches around. This is for users who eventually want to have anal sex with a partner. It’ll get you used to having a large object inside your anal cavity.

The plugs come with lube that will work specifically with this material. That’s vital for beginners who might not understand that silicone toys can’t be combined with silicone lube.

What could be better?

The surface used for the suction cups has to be completely clean and very smooth.

AKStore 3 PCS Luxury Jewelry Fetish Plugs

This set of jeweled anal plugs are made for flashing in the bedroom. The plugs are stainless steel, so they have some weight to them. The sizes range from small to large. The small is 2.95 inches by 1.1 inches. The medium is 3.35 inches by 1.3 inches. The large is 3.74 inches by 1.5 inches.

AKStore Fetish Plugs

Each of these anal plugs has a jeweled base. The gems are sparkly and very pretty for flashing some bling in the bedroom. There’s no reason that you can’t have a bit of pretty while exploring anal play. The pink gems are seated deep in the base, so they won’t fall out, either.

The material is smooth and sleek. With a bit of lube, these plugs will easily slip inside your butt. You can use any lube that you have on hand with these plugs. The stainless material is chrome covered and completely nonporous. Some people have a reaction to some of the sex toy materials on the market. These steel plugs are hypoallergenic and won’t cause sensitive skin.

While these can be enjoyed during solo play, they’re the type of fetish plugs that you’ll want to show off to your partner. It’s a great plug set for training while enjoying a bit of color and flash.

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My impression

The training nature of these plugs means that you can graduate from the small plug to the medium and large. Eventually, you might want to be able to take a larger toy or your lover’s penis.

When you’re wearing these plugs, they just demand that you take sexy pictures. You can take these pictures for yourself or send them to your lover. The pink gems and shiny steel work together to provide the best bling possible in your rear.

Women who love sparkle will truly enjoy the look of these gems while the plugs are inserted. The plugs are easy to clean because they’re made of nonporous materials. There’s no reason that your training has to involve plain, black training plugs.

What could be better?

The gems can be a bit cutting to the skin if you plan on sitting for a long time while wearing these.

PALOQUETH Silicone Set of 3 Anal Bead Plugs

There are three separate anal bead plugs in this kit. There are three sizes, so this can act as a training kit if you’re so inclined. It can also be shared by couples. Each lover can wear a plug based on their comfort level.

PALOQUETH Anal Bead Plugs

The anal bead plugs are all made with body-safe silicone. The silicone is approved by the FDA for use in the body. That’s important since you don’t want to have a serious allergic reaction to the material you’re using in your anus.

There’s a small, medium, and large anal bead plug. The small plug has one bulb with a girth of 1.54 inches around. It’s enough to really feel the stretch after insertion. The medium plug has two bulbs. The top bulb is tapered for insertion, and the second bulb stretches.

The last plug has three bulbs. The tip is tapered for easy insertion. The second and third bulb will widen the anal cavity before hitting the slim neck. It’s a good plug for prostate stimulation since it widens at the right spots.

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My impression

The three anal bead plugs can be used as a training kit as you travel from the smallest to the largest. Based on your comfort level and training, you could move to the longest at your own pace.

If you don’t need the training, this kit will give you a choice of anal stretching you want based on your mood. You can share one of these with your lover, too. Both of you can experience the pleasure of anal stretching while engaged in foreplay. The base of the plugs are soft and will hold the plug for hours without pain.

The silicone toys come with the right lube for playtime. There’s also a lube injector to make sure that lube travels as far as needed. Especially with the longest, largest plug.

What could be better?

The smallest size might be too wide for a beginner to anal training.

Utimi Vibrating Prostate Massager Plug

The vibrating prostate massager has dual motors. It’ll vibrate inside to stimulate the prostate and outside along the perineum. The powerful vibrations are available in 10 speeds that can be changed with the touch of a button.

Utimi Vibrating Prostate Massager Plug

The silicone vibrator is made from medical-grade silicone. It’s 100% safe for use in the body. It’s smooth and nonporous. While some toys have a weird odor, this one will never smell strange or weird. It’s completely odorless.

The shape of the massager will hit all the best spots in your body. The handle of the massager has more than one purpose. That’s where the controls are located for changing the speed of the vibration. It’s also designed to keep the toy from getting lost inside the body.

The USB charger included with this massager will charge this massager within a few hours. You don’t have to worry about global voltage when purchasing this device. The light flashes on the massager letting you know when it’s ready to go.

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My impression

The soft silicone is a fantastic material for inserting into your body. It’s smooth and silky. With lube, the curved shaft is simple to push into the anus. The curved nature of the insertable shaft means that it will press exactly where it’s needed to engage the prostate.

The dual motors will provide more than dual pleasure. The tip of the shaft will vibrate against the walls of the anus. The outside tip will stimulate the perineum. When engaging both areas, there’s a wave of serious pleasure that occurs.

You can play solo with this while masturbating. It’s also fantastic as a prelude to sex. Your lover might even feel the vibrations while you’re thrusting during penetration. It’s a massager that both can enjoy even if only one person is wearing it.

What could be better?

The base of the massager isn’t waterproof, and it’s not comfortable for sitting, either.

Trinity Vibes Inflatable Anal Plug

This is a unique type of anal plug. The plug is thin with a tapered bulb that’s easy to insert. There are two wires coming from the base of the plug. You can easily use this plug as a simple plug that does nothing more than feel full and stretch you. There’s more that can happen with this plug, though.

Trinity Vibes Anal Plug

One of the wires leading from the plug is for vibrating. The plug will vibrate with a power wheel that increases vibration from low to high. The vibration is achieved with 2 AA batteries that fit in the remote box.

The other wire is where it gets interesting. It’s more like a tube than a wire. It leads to a bulb that you can squeeze in your hand. The plug inflates using the bulb in your hand. It squeezes air into the plug while it’s inside you. The pressure and stretching you experience is completely customizable.

When deflated, the plug is approximately 4 inches long by 1.54 inches in diameter. At its biggest point, the plug will increase an inch in length, but it will get to be 4 inches in diameter.

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My impression

You can easily pump the bulb until you achieve the exact feeling of fullness and stretch that feels pleasurable. Before or after the plug is inflated, you can also add vibration for an extra intense blast of mind-blowing pleasure. The valve can release air when you’re finished with this plug.

It’s important to take it slow and know exactly where the release valve is located. If you are too aggressive with the pumping of the bulb, you could end up stretched painfully. You’ll need to know how to quickly release air.

This is made of latex, so you can use any kind of lube you want with it. It’s important that you use a lube that will last for a while. It will allow you to play with the sensations from inflating and releasing the plug as well as the vibrations.

What could be better?

The latex might be irritating to some people.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Anal Plug

  • Length of the Bulb

The length of your anal cavity and rectum together measures approximately 4 to 6 inches. Many plugs don’t exceed that length. The bulb of the plug should fit comfortably in that cavity length. The length you choose will be based on your comfort level and experience, too.

  • Bulb Girth

The girth is the width of the bulb. This is where it can get tricky. A beginner should start with the thinnest girth possible. The bulb will stretch uncomfortably if you start at too big of a size as a beginner. Those who are more advanced will want a girth that stretches.

  • Shape of the Bulb

The shape of the toy will determine whether it’ll engage the sensations of your prostate. Some plugs or vibrators can bridge the walls of the rectum and vibrate for sensations that hit the g-spot, too.

  • The Neck

Previously, the length, shape, and girth was speaking to the bulb of the plug. You also should consider the neck. That’s the area where the muscles will contract and hold the plug in place. That area of the plug can be really thin or thick. Ideally, you’ll want a neck that’s longer and thinner. The muscles holding it into place need that smooth surface.

  • Base of the Plug

The anal plug should always have a flared base that keeps the plug from sliding inside your body completely. Past a certain point in your body, the rectum pulls inserted objects inside you. You’ll need the base to keep the plug from disappearing into the body.

  • Material

When choosing a butt plug, it’s important to think about the material. They come in silicone, glass, and metal for the most part. Some plugs are available in rubber, but you will need to be sure it’s skin safe rubber.

Design and Material Variety

When choosing a material, as mentioned previously, you’ll want to pick one that can be cleaned easily. You’ll be adding lube to the plug, so it’s important that you think about the kind of lube, too. For example, if you know that you like silicone lube, you should never pick a silicone plug. The materials are incompatible.

Plugs come in a variety of materials, so you should be able to find one that is appealing. There are silicone plugs, latex, wood, metal, glass, and stone. Many of these materials are great because they can be sanitized in boiling water. Very important for keeping the plug clean.

Aside from the material, the design is a huge factor in the kind of plug you purchase. There are plugs that are simply a bulb with a slim neck and flared base. You would choose this one based on the size of the bulb, your experience level, and the type of play.

There are also plugs that will simulate ejaculation. This is done with water or fluids being ejected from the plug. There’s vibrating plugs that will stimulate the prostate or g-spot in some cases. There are plugs that are meant for roleplaying. In a roleplay scenario, a person might use a plug with a long tail.

Other plugs have gems on the end, so the wearer can flash a bit of pretty color in the bedroom. Along with the type of bulb, there are other kinds of bases, too. The base will keep the plug from being sucked into the rectum. The base could include a gem or tail, but could also have a thin t-shape for longer wear.

The type of base contributes to the comfort level of the person wearing it. If you plan on using the plug for a few hours under clothing, it should be comfortable for you to sit normally.

Risk and Hygiene Factors to Consider

One of the biggest risks for butt plug usage is keeping it from being sucked into the rectum. There’s nothing to stop the plug from migrating into the anus, rectum, and intestines. It’s vital that you use a plug that has a flared base for safety.

The plug should be smooth and without hard edges, too. It’s actually very easy to tear the walls of the rectum. The object that you use for anal play should be marketed and sold as an anal toy. It’ll have all the safety features you need to keep yourself safe while having fun.

There are also hygiene factors to consider. The plug will be inserted in an area that isn’t always the cleanest. While you’ll want to cleanse yourself before playing, there is bound to be some feces in this area.

To keep your plug completely clean, you might want to use a condom. That will influence the kind of lube you choose for your anal adventures, too.

The type of material for your plug will matter if you don’t plan on using condoms. It can get messy when you’re playing in that area of the body. The plug you pick will need to be sterilized after play. Always wash your plug with hot soapy water. If it’s possible, you’ll want to sterilize it by boiling the toy.

Boiling your toy might not always be possible, so consider that when choosing materials and type of plug. Vibrating plugs can’t be boiled. You’ll have to consider a good kind of cleaning solution for it.

How to Use a Butt Plug for Exciting and Safe Anal

The beginning steps to using a butt plug involve relaxing the muscles of the anus. If you were to push the plug in cold, the muscles can be strained. It can actually cause pain.

Since you’ll be using a ton of lube for anal sex, this is when you can apply the lube with your finger or other slim object.

It helps to be aroused if possible. The muscles will be more relaxed, and you’re going to feel less tension. It’s often tension that leads to the pain of anal since the muscles are tightened.

The anus doesn’t self lubricate like the vagina does. Pushing an object into your butt without lubrication can cause dragging and pulling. Eventually this can cause tearing and serious pain. Use as much lubrication as you can when getting ready to insert your new plug.

Apply lube to your butt as well as the plug you’ll be using. When you apply lube, you’re creating a cushion between the plug and the skin. This cushion removes friction, which is what can make anal play painful.

The position you assume for butt plug insertion will be based on your comfort level. You can get onto all fours with legs spread for insertion. You can relax on your side with your legs bent.

It’s comfortable to relax on your back for some people, too. A cushion under your backside can help with insertion in that position.

Lastly, it can be easier to insert the plug in a squatting position. The plug will stand on a level surface, and you’d use your body weight to force the insertion of the plug.

Start slowly with your insertion. Continue to relax your body and muscles as you insert the toy. Stop if it feels painful at all. You can take it at any pace that feels good and pleasurable to you.

If you want to wear the plug for any length of time, it will need to be inserted up to the neck. This helps the plug stay inside you. If you want the plug to be used for any other kind of play, you can insert it a few inches and thrust in and out. The choice is yours.

Removal is even more important than how the plug is inserted. You should never ever yank the plug out of the body. The body needs time to adjust to removal the same as it adjusted to insertion. Using the flared base, you can wiggle and pull the plug out slowly with a firm grip.

The body has a tendency to want to hold onto objects. You can push with your muscles if that’s helpful, too. Sometimes, more lube can be needed to remove the plug. Add it to the outside of the body and the parts of the plug available. The lube can migrate inside where it’ll help release the body’s hold on the object.

Brief History of the Butt Plug

The butt plug isn’t a new invention. Our ancestors were creating their own devices for anal pleasure hundreds and hundreds of years ago as far as we know. Carved toys and plugs have been seen in much of the art in Europe dating back before the 15th century.

As far as early examples of butt plugs that evolved into what we use today, the earliest examples were from the late 1800s. It began with Dr. Young’s Ideal Rectal Dilators that were sold from 1893 to 1940.

These dilators were patented in Ohio in 1892. They came in a package of four. Each was a different size that increased from small to large. They were advertised as a way to resolve constipation. It was also thought to heal hemorrhoids. It was even recommended to relieve insanity.

His were not the only dilators of the time. A few people came up with devices meant to have the same curative impact on a person’s health. It wasn’t until recently that devices were sold for pure pleasure and advertised for pleasure, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does butt plug fun have to involve personal lubrication?
Pulling and tugging on the skin can cause pain. It can be incredibly difficult to insert the plug when you’re not using lubrication.

Is a fetish plug different from a butt plug?
A butt plug is a bulb with a tapered end that slims down to a thin neck. At the end, there is a flared base. A fetish plug is the same kind of insertable shape, but the end is a bit different. The end can have a tail for roleplay. It’s still a butt plug.

Does an anal plug cause sensitivity to the skin?
An anal plug shouldn’t cause any sensitivity – unless you have a problem with the materials of the plug itself. There are silicone, body-safe jelly, rubber, glass, and wood to name a few materials. If you’re sensitive to any of those materials, the plug can cause sensitivity. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Is a plug safe to wear all day?
It’s safe to wear a plug for a few hours at a time. If you plan to wear it all day, you should take some precautions regarding lube and checking on the plug. Water-based lube can be absorbed by the body over time. That can be a problem when it’s time for removal.

Can a vibrating plug be safe for anal play?
A vibrating plug is incredibly safe for anal play. It can heighten the pleasure and sensations experienced by the person wearing it.

Is an anal plug good for foreplay?
Adding an anal plug to your foreplay can enhance the experience for both people. Applying lube and slipping the plug into the anus can increase arousal for the main event. The plug can be worn during sex, too.

Should couples use the same butt plug?
If couples are comfortable sharing body fluids, they can share sex toys. It’s important that the plug is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between uses. It shouldn’t be shared during the same encounter without cleaning.


The best anal plug will be one that fits snugly in the anus without pain. The plug should be the right girth, shape, and size based on the experience of the person receiving it. Beginners might be a bit frightened by using an anal plug for the first time, so it’s important to start small and thin.

As you gain experience, adding thicker plugs or ones that vibrate can increase the level of pleasure. Vibrating plugs can hit certain areas of the body for an explosive orgasm, too.

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