The Best Chastity Cages in The World: Let Your Partner Dominate

There are two main ways to let your partner dominates you: inside and outside the bedroom.

People often talk about what happens inside the bedroom. For example, letting your partner comes on top of you and take charge. Giving your partner control to decide which sex position they want to do.

Letting your partner dominates you in bed is a good thing. It shows that you’re in a healthy relationship. It also shows that you trust your partner.

However, what happens inside the bedroom is as important as what happens outside it. It’s a positive thing to let your partner control things inside the bedroom, but do you allow them to take charge of what happens outside the bedroom too?

Chastity cages let your partner dominates you both inside and outside the bedroom. It puts your partner in control of your sex urges.

Best Chastity Cage – Comparison Table

Name & BrandLocking systemGenderDimensionsPrice
Master Series Chastity Cage
InternalMale3.2 x 2 x 2 Check price
Utimi Male DevicePadlockMale3.1 x 2.3 x 1.5 inches Check price
YiFeng Chastity Underwear
InternalFemale45 x 33 x 22 Check price
Master Series Sado
PadlockMale4.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 Check price
Raycity Chastity Cage
PadlockMale2 x 1.7 x 1.4 Check price
Eastern Delights Chamber
ScrewingMale4 x 1.5 Check price
YiFeng Chastity Belt
PadlockFemale33.5 to 43.3 Check price
Lightweight Device
PadlockMale3.35 x 1.7 x 1.5 Check price
Perfect Fit Ball Stretcher
NoMale2.5 x 2 Check price
Uleade Chastity Device
PadlockMale4.7 x 1.4 Check price

What is a chastity cage?

A chastity cage is a device that allows a woman to prevent her man from having any form of sexual intercourse. It prevents an orgasm from masturbation or real sex.

A chastity cage may also be worn during the duration of foreplay to prevent orgasm. It’s like making the man waits longer and want his woman even more. The man sees all the nice things that make him hard, but he’s prevented from having sex or masturbating.

The man who wears the cage gives the key to his partner. Without that key, the cage can’t be opened. Chastity cages are popular these days for various reasons.

Some couples use them to prevent their partners from cheating. Some couples use them to spice up their relationships. Yours may be different from any of these.

There are lots of chastity cages you’ll find in sex stores. But most of them aren’t good. They are made of low-quality materials that make them uncomfortable to wear.

I’ve bought lots of male chastity devices in the past years.

In this article, I review the top ten chastity cages. These are the top chastity cages available today.

Top 10 Chastity Cage Reviews

Master Series Rikers Chastity Cage

Rikers Chastity Cage looks differently from Utimi Chastity Device.

Utimi has a padlock. Rikers has an internal locking system on the device.

Master Series Rikers Chastity Cage

So, with Rikers, you don’t need a padlock. The locking system is inside the device itself. Rikers is easier to use in this aspect.

Another reason why I like Rikers so much is that it’s difficult for anyone to know that you’re wearing something underneath. Rikers Chastity Cage is very discreet.

You don’t only want to feel comfortable when you wear your chastity cage. You also want to feel confident. You want to know that nobody is going to pay too much attention to where your penis is.

This chastity cage has an attractive design that makes me like it even more.

Get Master Series at Amazon

My Impression

Master Series Rikers Chastity Cage is without doubt one of the best chastity cages available in the market today. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel that doesn’t rust. Some men have been wearing theirs for many years without complaints.

If you’re a woman and buying it for your partner, this is a chastity device that will save you money. And if you’re a man wanting to get this for yourself (or partner), there are few (if any) devices that are better than this.

Rikers Chastity Cage has hygiene holes through which you can pass out urine. There are three holes for you, which are enough.

I highly recommend this device.

What could be better?

The cage only comes with one ring size of 2 inches. The widths of most penises are under 2 inches. But this device can’t work for men with bigger girths.

It’ll be cool if Master Series can redesign the device and include more rings to enable men with bigger and smaller penises to feel comfortable using it.

Utimi Male Chastity Device

Utimi Male Chastity Device is the best in the world. After wearing a lot of chastity devices, none of them came close to the quality of comfort I got from wearing this cage. It’s so easy to wear and lock. Whether you wear boxers or pants as underwear, this cage is better than any other you’ll find out there.

Utimi Male Chastity Device

It comes with three cuff rings where the padlock is usually hooked to. The ring is the entry into the cage. You can choose between any of these three cuff rings to find the one that’s comfortable for you.

Many male chastity devices are sold with a ring. Utimi did a great job by giving customers different ring options they can choose from.

The padlock is easy to control without hurting yourself. It’s lightweight and feels great down there. I hate heavy padlocks because they add more weight to my penis.

It’s also convenient to urinate with it. Utimi Male Chastity Device has holes where you can pass out urine easily.

This incredible male chastity device makes it easy for fresh air to go into your pubic area.

Get Utimi Male at Amazon

My Impression

Utimi Male Chastity Device doesn’t rust because it’s made of good material. Any chastity cage that’s rusty is bad for your penis.

The device is comfortable. Comfort is the number one thing I look for before any other thing. If a device isn’t comfortable, I don’t recommend it.

This is the best male chastity device because it’s so comfortable to wear. You can wear it for a whole day without feeling any uneasiness.

Utimi Male Chastity Device arrived in a discreet box at my home. The merchant makes sure the package is well-covered, and nothing about the product is revealed.

What could be better?

This device comes with three cuff rings.

However, I’ve heard from men with bigger penises that they are too small for them. I’ll love to see Utimi increase the numbers to include some bigger ones for men with bigger penis sizes.


YiFeng 8 in 1 Male Bondage Stainless Steel Chastity Underwear

This chastity cage comes with almost everything you want in a chastity device. It’s a complete set. There’s a cage for almost every part of the body.

YiFeng Steel Chastity Underwear

There’s a cage for the chest. There’s a collar cuff for the neck, thigh, and arms. If you’re looking for a chastity device that’s the most complete, YiFeng Male Bondage Stainless Steel Chastity Underwear is what you need. The underwear covers most of the body.

The device is made of high-quality stainless steel. It doesn’t rust.

I’ll say that this device is more suitable for playing at home. It’s not a chastity device you can wear outside under your clothes.

It makes lovemaking in the bedroom more interesting with your partner, and I advise you keep it limited to there. Even though I don’t recommend wearing it out, it’s still comfortable to wear in the bedroom. You won’t get any allergy wearing this device.

Because it’s made of high-quality material, you can wear the device for a long time. It’s very durable. You can keep it somewhere, and its quality wouldn’t degrade there.

Get YiFeng Chastity at Amazon

My Impression

The surface of the material is very smooth. You can wear it on your skin without getting any bruises or irritation. It’s very comfortable to wear in the bedroom. Although the manufacturer gives you the option to choose the color you want between pink and black, I prefer pink more.

The pink color shines in the bedroom. It makes the experience more memorable.

If you like to turn off the lights as I do, I’m sure you’ll want to use the pink color. The pink color still shows in the dark, which is my main reason for choosing it. It allows my partner to find me easily. The black color would make it hard to have some nice pre-sex experience if the lights are turned off.

What could be better?

You can’t wear this out. People can easily detect it. But the good thing is that it adds some fun to the experience inside the bedroom. I’ll like to see the manufacturer creates something simpler than this that can be worn outdoors.

Master Series Sado Shadow Chastity Device

This is another high-quality chastity device from Master Series. Sado Shadow Chastity Device is different from Rikers, which is also made by Master Series.

Master Series Sado Shadow Chastity Device

Sado Shadow Chastity Device makes it completely impossible for the penis to wriggle out of the cage. There’s no way to get an erection with the chastity device. The device ensures that the penis always stays in that condition. Sado Shadow Chastity Device is great at what it does, which is preventing an erection.

The device is made of silicone, ABS and metal. These are high-quality materials combined to make a solid product that will last for a long time. You can wear this all day and all night.

Sado Shadow Chastity Device comes with a plastic keyholder lock that’s great. It also comes with a metal padlock if you want to use that. Both are comfortable to use. They don’t add much weight to the device. I like the plastic keyholder more than the metal padlock. The device gives you two ways to lock it.

You can wear this device anywhere you want without anyone noticing it. It’s so discreet. It’s not visible at all. Some men wear it to work. You can wear it around the house too. This is a high-quality chastity cage for anyone who wants the best.

Get Master Series Sado at Amazon

My Impression

I’m most impressed with the plastic lock that comes with the device. It’s unique. It offers me something most other devices don’t have. I consider this chastity cage to be one of the best available today. Very few can beat its quality.

The cage is 4.35 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter. It comes with three rings. Ring measures are 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches in diameter. I’ll say that those are perfect sizes for an average penis. Men with bigger penis sizes can’t use this device.

Master Series Sado Shadow Chastity Device is made with quality material you can count on. It won’t harm your penis in any way. It’s healthy to wear for a long time if you want to do that.

What could be better?

This chastity device is a little bit tighter than most options available out there. Master Series should redesign it to make it less tight and more comfortable for people with penis sizes that are a little above average.

Raycity Male Chastity Cage

Raycity Male Chastity Cage has three different ring sizes. There are 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm. You can choose the ring size that’s most comfortable for you.

Raycity Male Chastity Cage

The ring size you choose will be much more based on the diameter of your penis. Bigger diameter means you need a bigger ring size.

The device is made of high-quality stainless steel that doesn’t rust. A few people I know have been using theirs for some months now without any complaints. It shows the quality of this device.

Raycity Male Chastity Cage isn’t plaited. The surface of the cage is smooth. You won’t feel any discomfort from wearing it.

It’s also easy to clean. You can wash it with water. The device doesn’t accumulate bacteria on it.

The manufacturer offers discreet shipping, which is something I look for when buying personal items like male chastity cages online. Nobody knows the package you’re receiving because there isn’t any information about the product. So, when you buy Raycity Male Chastity Cage, you can be sure that your privacy is well protected.

Get Raycity Chastity Cage at Amazon

My Impression

This device is a great toy for big and small guys. No matter the kind of penis size you have, you should be comfortable wearing this chastity cage. You won’t feel any discomfort from wearing it for a whole day. The device works well.

The device is also affordable. Some chastity cages are expensive, and they don’t get the job done as Raycity Chastity Cage does. You feel comfortable without breaking the bank to buy it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to lock up your penis.

This is without doubt one of the best male chastity cages today. Buy it if you want the best product.

What could be better?

It may take a few days to get used to this device. It took me about two days to get used to it. And that’s probably because I’ve been wearing chastity devices before. It may take longer for beginners. I’ll like the manufacturer to make something that’s easier to get used to.

Eastern Delights Elite Penis Restraint Chamber

Elite Penis Restraint Chamber by Eastern Delights is a unique type of chastity cage. It’s more like a ball stretcher. The device restrains the penis from getting hard but pleasures the balls at the same time. The manufacturer makes the best products, and this is just one of them.

Eastern Delights Elite Penis Restraint Chamber

The inner diameter of the ring is 35mm. That’s strong enough to hold on your balls. The device comes with a plate at the bottom, which is about 40mm. The plate is often used to pack the balls.

Elite Penis Restraint Chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel is great on the testicle. Some steels tend to hurt the testicles. This isn’t one of them. Your balls would feel nice on the plate. The material doesn’t rust, and it’s also easy to clean.

The manufacturer doesn’t accept returns after receiving the product. The device is unique and much different from other options on this page. I think it would have been better if customers can return it if they aren’t happy with the product.

My Impression

This chastity device is unique. I was a bit skeptical before buying it. I thought I wouldn’t love how it feels like. The device felt nice on me.

I know it’s tough getting used to a unique product, but this device does the job well. It does restrain the penis better than most chastity devices and stretches the balls at the same time.

Elite Penis Restraint Chamber is affordable. You can buy it online and have it shipped to you in a discreet package. I like affordable chastity devices that do the job well, and this is just one of them.

The device is well constructed. Its design is unique and cool. You’ll love the experience when you buy it. I highly recommend this chastity cage to people who want to try something different and new.

What could be better?

You can’t return the product if you don’t like it. This is a unique device, so it’ll be cool if the manufacturer can sell it to people who want to be able to return it in case they don’t like how it feels.

YiFeng Stainless Steel Full Male Chastity Belt

This is another top product from the YiFeng brand. YiFeng has some of the best sex products, and this Stainless Steel Full Male Chastity Belt is one of them.

YiFeng Chastity Belt

Unlike the YiFeng 8 in 1 Male Bondage Stainless Steel Chastity Underwear, this device is made just for the penis. It’s a high-quality penis chastity cage I recommend. It’s made with great stainless-steel material and food grade silicone. This device is non-porous and odorless.

This combination of materials makes the cage much lighter than most options available in the market. It gives the wearer maximum comfort. It’s tight to the body and cool. The penis won’t feel much weight on it. You can easily wear it under your trousers without anyone knowing. If you want a chastity belt that’s comfortable to wear, YiFeng Stainless Steel Full Male Chastity Belt is what you need.

YiFeng Full Male Chastity Belt comes with an anal plug. That’s a bonus for men who like anal sex. The plug is custom-made into the cage. When you wear it, the plug goes directly into your anus without much problem. You can take it off anytime you want.

My Impression

I’m hugely impressed by the quality of this chastity cage. It’s no doubt, one of the best male chastity cages available today. You can wear it for a whole day and night without feeling any discomfort around your waist and in your penis.

You’ll have to sit each time you urinate with this belt. That may not be something you do with other chastity cages. It has a small tube attached to it that makes urination easy.

This chastity device comes in different parts. You’ll have to put them together to make the belt. The package comes with instructions on how to assemble the device. If you don’t like assembling things, this may not be the perfect chastity belt for you.

What could be better?

YiFeng Stainless Steel Full Male Chastity Belt doesn’t come in perfect. Some adjusting is required to make the belt fits your needs. This could take some time. I’ll like the manufacturer to assemble the belt themselves. That’ll make the device easier to use.

Lightweight Premium Chastity Device

Lightweight Premium Chastity Device is made by Male Briefs, a store that deals in men products. This device is just one of the high-quality products they sell. Their chastity device is unique when you compare it to others on this page. But it’s one of the best in the world.

Lightweight Premium Chastity Device

The device comes with a great internal locking system you can rely on. The keys are high-quality too. The locking system of a chastity device is something you should always pay serious attention to.

Some keys break, while some locking systems are bad. You don’t want your penis to be stuck in a chastity device. So, it’s always great to get a chastity cage that has a good locking system. Lightweight Premium Chastity Device is one of those cages with great locking system and reliable keys.

The package includes four rings.

Here are the diameters of the rings:

  • 85 inches
  • 97 inches
  • 09 inches
  • 20 inches

My Impression

The length of the cage is 3.35 inches, which is a great size for most flaccid penises. The inner diameter is 1.5 inches. There aren’t unnecessary spaces around the cage.

Lightweight Premium Chastity Device is affordable. There are lots of devices out there that sell for higher prices, and they don’t even give you the quality of comfort and feel you’ll get from this device. That’s why I decided to include it here.

Because of its transparent color, it’s hard to notice the device under any clothing color.

It’s also easy to pee with this device. You can pee standing up without making a mess. I highly recommend Lightweight Premium Chastity Device. It’s one of the best chastity cages available today.

What could be better?

The device is a little bit difficult to put on. I’ll like the manufacturer to make it much easier to wear.

Lightweight Premium Chastity Device is one of the best I’ve tried.

Perfect Fit Silaskin Ball Stretcher

Silaskin Ball Stretcher from Perfect Fit is a great ball stretching device for any man who wants their partners to dominate them. This device is a ring that goes around your balls. It pulls the balls away from your body, creating some space between the penis and the balls. Silaskin Ball Stretcher is perfect for that.

Perfect Fit Silaskin Ball Stretcher

You expand the device and slips it around your balls. Silaskin is 2 inches wide and 2.5 inches long. When you put the device around your balls, your penis sits at the top, and your balls sit below comfortably. You create a physical space around your balls and penis.

Silaskin Ball Stretcher fits all scrotums of all shapes and sizes. So, no matter the size of your balls, you don’t have to worry about the device not fitting you. It’s super easy to stretch it when your fingers are between the holes.

This is another chastity device you can use to spice up your sex life. It creates an amazing experience for you and your partner. It puts the woman in control. The device blends well with the skin. I’ve worn this stretcher a few times, and I like it.

My Impression

The stretcher is one of the easiest to wear out of all the ball stretchers I’ve tried. I like it. You can wear it indoors to play with your partner. It feels nice watching your partner dancing in front of you while this stretcher is on your balls.

Your partner can give you nice oral sex with this device on.

Silaskin is phthalate-free. You won’t get any allergy reactions from using it. I highly recommend this device to anyone who wants to take their sex life to a new height.

It’s very stretchy. Whether your balls are big or small, you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable wearing this device.

What could be better?

Silaskin Ball Stretcher is way too stretchy than most other ball stretchers. That could be problematic for people with small balls as they could pull right back through the stretcher. I’ll love to see Perfect Fit improve this aspect of the stretcher.

Uleade Steel Metal Male Chastity Device

Uleade Steel Metal Male Chastity Device is one of the best chastity cages today. The device is very comfortable to wear. It lasts very long. Some people have been using theirs for many years.

Uleade Steel Metal Male Chastity Device

This chastity device is chrome plated.

It comes with three ring sizes:

  • 5 inches
  • 75 inches
  • 2 inches

There’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to achieve an erection with this device. The keyholder has all the power. That should be your partner, of course.

Any man who’s looking to restrict himself from any touching or fun should buy this. Your partner would love this chastity device because it helps them get all the fun they want from you.

When you have Uleade Steel Metal Male Chastity Device, you’ll please your partner alone. It’s a great device that’ll improve your sexual experience.

My Impression

This chastity cage has a length of 4.75 inches and a width of 1.4 inches. The length is long enough for most flaccid penises. The width is also great for men with the average width size.

The device comes with a small padlock that doesn’t add any weight to the cage. Depending on your penis size, you can choose from the three rings that come with the package.

The product is made with high-quality material that makes it comfortable for the skin. You won’t get any skin irritation from wearing Uleade Steel Male Chastity Device.

It’s easy to clean and dry the device.

What could be better?

Some customers have complained about the 4.75 inches length being too long for their flaccid penis. It would be great if the manufacturer can reduce the size.

Things to Consider When Buying a Chastity Cage

Before you buy any chastity cage, there are some things you should consider. Considering these things will help you make the right purchasing decision. So, what are these factors you must consider?

  • Good material

It’s important that you know the material that was used to make the chastity device. Is the material high-quality? Is it a material that’s good for your skin?

Some materials are bad for the skin. For example, low-quality stainless steel may bruise your skin, causing some rashes in the process.

I buy chastity devices that are made of high-quality stainless steel and medical grade silicone. The chastity devices reviewed above are all made of materials that are great for the skin.

  • Number of rings

The number of rings that comes with the chastity cage is worth paying attention when reading about the product. I generally stay away from devices that have one ring. If that single ring isn’t comfortable for you, it means the product is a waste.

Make sure that there are, at least, three rings that come with the cage. Most of the chastity cages I recommended above come with three rings for different sizes of penis.

  • Cage length

The cage length also matters. Some chastity cages are too long, while some are too short. You need something in the middle. A perfect male chastity cage shouldn’t be too long and short for your penis.

The device you buy should be within the size of your penis. Anything longer or shorter will be uncomfortable for you. Measure your flaccid penis size and buy a device that’s within that size.

  • Cage inner diameter

A chastity cage that’s too big or too small is bad for the penis. It’ll most likely irritate the skin of the penis. You don’t want that.

Buy a chastity device that has an inner diameter that’s around your size. Make sure you check the diameter of your penis before buying the device.

A little space within the cage is good.  Too much space is bad. It makes the device heavier on your body.

Avoid buying any chastity cage that has no space for air. It means it will tighten your penis, making it uncomfortable to sit.

  • Holes to pee

There should be, at least, three holes to pass out urine. There should be a big one at the tip of the penis and one each at both sides.

A device that makes it difficult to pee isn’t what you want. You should be able to pee freely as normal without any discomfort. That’s why I recommend three holes for urine.

  • Easy to wear

Putting on the chastity device should take 1 – 3 minutes. Any device that requires more than that isn’t the right one for you. You should be able to wear it without spending too much time on the device.

Being easy to wear also means that you don’t feel pain while putting on the device. Wearing any of the above cages should take between 1 – 3 minutes.

  • A great locking system

I like chastity devices that have great locking systems. I prefer cages that have built-in locks.

I listed a few with great built-in locks above.

I also reviewed the best devices with padlocks. There’s nothing wrong with buying a device with padlocks if it works well. Each of the chastity cage reviewed above has a great locking system.

You should be able to open and close the chastity device in a few seconds.

  • A reliable key

It’s useless to have a great locking system if the key isn’t reliable. A reliable key means it doesn’t break. A good key should be made of a solid material that ensures it works at all times.

I’ve heard of keys breaking in locks. That can be a terrible experience for you. So, make sure you buy a chastity device that has a great locking system and a reliable key.

How does chastity cages work?

The main purpose of wearing a chastity cage is to prevent erection. If an erection can be prevented, then you surely won’t be able to have sexual intercourse. There are various reasons why people buy chastity cages.

According to the Huffington Post, one couple used a chastity device to transform their marriage.

How does chastity cages work?

A male chastity device consists of three parts: the main ring, the spacer ring and the holes (or tube) for passing out urine.

The main ring is the chastity device.

The spacer ring is what attaches the main ring to the lock. Spacer rings are the additional rings that come with the package. They are used to create some space and make it comfortable to wear the device. When it’s locked, the keyholder is the only person who can open the device.

The holes or tube are used for urinating.

When you wear the chastity cage, it’s impossible to have an erection. There are various reasons why you and your partner may want to do this.

This device helps you keep your relationship alive. You can use it in the bedroom and outdoors.


I’m a big fan of chastity cages. The common reason many couples wear them is to show their loyalty to each other. There’s no way a guy could have an erection when he’s wearing a chastity device.

The devices mentioned above are the best male chastity cages available today. You won’t regret buying any one of them.

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