Best Flavored Lube: Top 10 Lubes For Oral Sex

Have you been desiring to improve your oral sex game? Well, you are definitely in the right place.

I believe oral sex is something that should be enjoyable. Every man and woman wants to experience the pleasures of oral sex. One of the ways to up your oral sex game is by using the flavored lubes.

Choosing a good lube might seem easy but it can be tricky for beginners. This can be attributed to the large variety of flavored lube in the market. I am sure you do not want to buy a lube that will cause skin irritation or lead to yeast infections. Luckily, I have curated a detailed post on the top 10 lubes for oral sex and a buyers guide to assist you when shopping.

Why You Should Use Flavored Lubes For Oral Sex?

If you have done your research well, you will note that most brands have a unique line of flavored lubes. This shows how popular these lubes have become. Most people are realizing the importance of using flavored lubes for oral sex.  As you well know, not everyone will agree to suck your genitals voluntarily. Why? Because dicks and vaginas do not have a good taste. Moreover, licking pussy and sucking dick is a bit gross. Luckily, you can change this situation by using flavored lubricants. They have nice tastes and awesome scents that will motivate you to go down on your partner.

The other reason why you should use flavored lubes for oral sex is because they are 100% natural. Moreover, these lubes are edible and vegan-friendly. They won’t harm you if ingested accidentally. Most of the flavored lubes will leave a good taste on your lips and mouth.

Thirdly, flavored lubes are smooth and thin. They spread really well on the skin plus they do not feel sticky. At least everybody would like a lube that feel good to lick and suck; something that will not turn you off when you are having oral sex.

Best Flavored Lubes Comparison Table

ProductFlavourParaben & Glycerine Free
Aloe Cadabra
NaturalBoth Free
2.5 ounces Check price
lubeLifeWatermelonBoth Free
8 ounce Check price
Passion Lube
StrawberryBoth Free
8 ounce Check price
NasstoysStrawberryBoth Free
1.5 ounce Check price
AnjouStrawberryBoth Free
8 ounce Check price
Classic EroticaCotton candyBoth Free
2 ounce Check price
AstroglideStrawberryBoth Free
2.5 ounce Check price
Wet Kiwi
StrawberryBoth Free
3.6 ounce Check price
JO H20Chocolate
Paraben Free4 ounce Check price
Wicked SensualNaturalBoth Free
4 ounce Check price

Top 10 Flavored Lube Reviews

Aloe Cadabra Natural Lubricant

Aloe Cadabra is the most popular flavored lube on the market. It has fetched more than 1200 customer reviews on the internet because of the benefits it offers.

Aloe Cadabra Natural Lubricant

Aloe Cadabra contains 100 % natural ingredients and it is 100% vegan. Besides, you can lick or suck it without suffering from stomach problems.

Couples can use Aloe Cadabra peacefully because it has been approved by the FDA. For those who love to give blow jobs and pussy licking treats, Aloe Cadabra is the lube to go for. Apart from being edible, Aloe Cadabra delivers a stain-free wetness to the woman’s flower pot. With this lube, you can always feel free to suck the hell out of your partner’s meat popsicle.

If you are looking for a flavoured lube that will not alter your vagina’s pH, then you should definitely purchase Aloe Cadabra. It has all the natural aspects that are required for vaginal penetration. Moreover, ladies with sensitive skin can use this flavoured lube without experiencing any allergic reactions. Isn’t this cool?

What I Like

Aloe Cadabra has been one of the leading brands in manufacturing sex lubes. I have used several lubes from their brand and there is none that has failed to impress. The same case applies to this flavored lube. It is definitely my favourite flavoured lube of them all.

For starters, this organic food lube contains edible ingredients such as, Pina Colada and Aloe Vera. These are the ingredients that give this lube an awesome taste. Secondly, this lube has a low pH that favors the natural balance of the vagina. This is a clear indication that Aloe Cadabra is a great lube to use if you are trying to conceive. It is also evident that this flavoured lube will not cause any irritation and rashes whatsoever.  

Aloe Cadabra does not present any challenges when it comes to cleaning. You can easily wash the remnants using soap and warm water. Moreover, it does not stain your bed linings, clothes and towels. At least you can enjoy penetrating your partner from the sofa or bed.

What I Don’t Like

Honestly, I have nothing to complain about the effectiveness of Aloe Cadabra. You can spend your money on this product without looking back. The only problem is that the bottle might dispense a lot of lube than necessary. You will have to be careful when applying the lube.

LubeLife Watermelon Flavored Lube

If you have been reading our articles on personal lubricants, you will notice that LubeLife has been appearing on almost all our posts.

LubeLife Watermelon Flavored Lube

The high quality nature of LubeLife lubricants has seen this product become a favorite to many. So, why is this lubricant so special? Hold your horses, you are about to find out.

First and foremost, LubeLife has a great watermelon taste that makes it edible. Besides, it is a food-grade lube that does not contain any added sugars. LubeLife can be used for all types of sex, be it anal, oral and vaginal sex. This is a multi-purpose lube that you should add to your collection. Secondly, LubeLife provides a silky smooth buttery glide that enhances the pleasures of intimacy.

LubeLife is designed to be hypoallergenic in nature, you can use it without developing allergic complications around your genitals. Even the most sensitive women have praised this product for being a skin-friendly lubricant. With this awesome lube, you will get to enjoy new and delicious possibilities with your partner.

What I Like

Being an oral sex fanatic, I can spend all day praising this lube for its great properties. It was my first time using this lube and I am impressed by how good it is. I will definitely replenish my stock when it runs out. This lube got me sucking my partner’s dick like crazy, i guess it is because of its unique watermelon taste. The taste of this lube alone will give you a reason to suck your boyfriend’s dick until he orgasms.

Secondly, this lube has been designed to be used with toys and condoms. LubeLife does not restrict how far you can get when you are having sex. You will have the opportunity to bring all the toys you like into the mix. In addition, you can also use condoms without any problems. I believe you all know that condoms are important during period sex.

LubeLife is manufactured using natural ingredients to ensure that it is safe for the body. You do not have to panic if you ingest considerable amounts of this flavoured lube. I also noticed that this lube provides a silky smooth feeling during vaginal penetration.

What I Don’t Like

LubeLife watermelon is a water based lubricant and you will be required to re-lube after a few minutes. This is because the lube dries much quicker than silicone lubes. Finally, you can not use this lube when you are having sex in wet environments.

Passion Strawberry Lubricant

Strawberry has always been one of my favorite flavors when it comes to lubes. As a matter of fact, I love strawberries and getting a lube that contains this flavor is just awesome. In case you have a similar taste, then you ought to try this lube and get to experience sweet moments during oral sex.

Passion Strawberry Lubricant

Passion Lube has been in the market for long, and it has established a good reputation. There is no need of using lubes that will leave an awful rubber-like taste on your lips. Passion Lube gives you an opportunity to enjoy blowjobs and cunnulingus like never before. This lube contains 100% natural ingredients meaning that it safe to use on your body.

Being a water based lubricant, you can use it for penetrative and oral sex without harming your body. Besides, it contains a food-grade formula that is known to be ideal for all skin types. This product is manufactured in the United States meaning that it is authentic and high quality.

This lube does  not contain parabens and glycerine oils that might harm your body. Passion lube is edible and features a good taste. You will also enjoy using this product because it is easy to clean. This can be explained by the fact that this lube dissolves in water easily.

What I Like

This strawberry flavored lube is an awesome product to use during oral and penetrative sex. It has a nice taste that will motivate you to lick your partners erogenous areas comfortably. You will also note that this lube has a good smell especially because of the strawberry flavor.

Amazingly, this flavored lube allows couples to use their favorite toys. You will enjoy teasing and stimulating your partner using all kinds of sex toys. Additionally, you can use latex condoms without worrying about unwanted pregnancies and STDS.

Passion flavored is a high end water based lube that does not stain bed linens and clothes. It dissolves in water easily meaning that you can wash it off in seconds. There is no doubt that this lube is a keeper.

What I Don’t Like

Passion Strawberry has been one of the best oral lubes in the market. However it would be great if the manufacturer improved on the consistency of this lube because it gets tacky within a few minutes of engaging in sex.

Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Lube

I am a huge fan of backdoor pleasure, but I have to admit that it is gross especially because of the taste and smell. As much as it is enjoyable, the smell alone can be a huge turn off. This is the main reason why Nasstoys Anal Gel was introduced to the market. It one of the few flavored lubes that are dedicated for anal sex.

Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Lube

This lube features a strawberry flavor and a nice smelling scent. These properties will definitely give you the confidence and the comfort you require during anal play.  The scent will neutralize the bad smell that comes from the butt hole. Moreover, you will get the courage to do some rimming job because of the awesome taste. In case you want to try anal sex for the first time, Nasstoys is the right lube for you.

Amazingly, this flavored lube also contains a numbing agent that will alleviate the pain that is associated with anal penetration. The good thing is that the numbing agent will not interfere with the nice sensations of anal penetration. I believe you know some gels or sprays that have a very strong numbing effect on your rectum.

What I Like

For starters, I have to give a thumbs up to the manufacturer of this lube. I have been searching for a good flavored lube that is specifically designated for anal sex, but I couldn’t find many. Nasstoys was the only lube that is worth mentioning in this roundup.  The lube has been crafted to meet all the needs of anal lovers.

Secondly, Nasstoys is able to mask anal odors effectively. You no longer have to leave your bedroom smelling like a toilet if you use this lube. Nasstoys is a water based lubricant meaning that it is safe to use in your rectum. Moreover, this lube does not present any challenges during the cleaning session.

In case you would like to use your anal toys, Nasstoys will give you the perfect environment. It does not destroy condoms and toys. Finally, it enhances backdoor pleasure by numbing the muscles around the rectum. You should try this anal lube and get to enjoy all its benefits.

What I Don’t Like

Unfortunately, Nasstoys is packed in a very small container. This implies that you will exhaust this lube in avery short duration considering that it is water based. The company should introduce a larger size that can last for weeks.

Anjou Strawbery Personal Lube

If you are looking for a water based flavored lube that does not contain any synthetic ingredients, you might want to check out the Anjou Strawberry Lubricant.  All the ingredients contained in this lube are 100% natural to ensure that no harm comes your way if you happen to ingest it.

Anjou Strawbery Personal Lube

Anjou does not leave an awful film on your skin after sex. This is because it has been designed to dissipate quickly. In fact, users say that washing this lube from the skin or toys is an easy task. Besides, you don’t have to panic if this lube happens to pour on your clothes. It is so easy to clean the remnants of Anjou Strawberry Personal Lube.

Anjou personal lube does not contain any sugars, meaning it is a good lube for vaginal use. I believe you know that sugars can accelerate yeast infections in your vagina. At least this product will ensure that your vag remains healthy at all times. In addition, you can use this lube if you would like to get your clit stimulated orally.

What I like

The Anjou Flavoured lube is definitely one of the best lubes of oral and vaginal sex. I like it because of setting the mood whenever one wants to go down on his or her partner. I loved the strawberry taste it leaves on the lips. I have used a few lubes that leaves unpleasant tastes on the lips and tongue.

I really enjoyed using the Anjou Strawberry lube because it provides a silky smooth glide when having sex.  Women who suffer from chronic dryness can get great results with this flavored lube.

Finally, this lube does not contain harmful ingredients that can cause skin rash or indigestion. Besides, Anjou does not have any traces of parabens and glycerin. It is the perfect lube for persons with sensitive skins.

What I Don’t Like

Being a water based lubricant, you will have to reapply a few drops after every five minutes. This can be a huge turnoff especially when you are about to have the big O. Make sure you keep applying the lube oftenly to avoid ruining your orgasm.

Classic Erotica Oral Sex Gel

The Classic Erotica Gel was created for couples who want to try other flavors apart from strawberry and cherry. This special lube is flavored using cotton candy, which is a great flavor. At least it is good to break the monotony and try different flavors that exist. A large percentage of people might refrain from buying this lubricant because of the flavor. Surprisingly, it is one of the best and unique flavors in the world of lubes.

Classic Erotica Oral Sex Gel

This product is packaged in a nice looking spritz bottle. This allows you to dispense the lube with ease. You do not have to squeeze the bottle, instead, you only need to press the pump and you are good to go. Classic Erotica will transform your oral sex experiences in a salient way. The lube has a sweet taste and scent that leaves your body smelling great. Moreover, this product is all natural thus allowing you to lick and suck it without any problems.

I also noticed that this lube is easy to clean because it is water based. Besides, Classic Erotica does not contain chemicals that might ruin your skin or cause infections inside the vagina. In fact, it will leave your flower pot in the best condition..

What I Like

It feels good to use a lube that does not use the normal strawberry, apple or cherry flavors. I was impressed by the unique flavor and scent of the Classic Erotica Gel. In addition, this lube allows couples to use all types of toys and condoms. Being a water based lube, it does not ruin toys made from silicone as well as latex condoms.

I can’t forget to mention that this lube does not stain clothes. It is made using a formula that can dissolve easily in water when cleaning. Water and soap is all that is required to wash off the remnants of this lube. I would recommend this lube to anybody who is looking for unique flavors. You won’t regret spending your money on this lube.

What I Don’t Like

Some men complain that it dries so fast and that it can’t be used in the shower and other wet environments. I suppose this issue happens with 90% of all water based lubes.

Astroglide Strawberry Liquid

I am pretty sure you’ve heard or used Astroglide lubes at one time or the other. It is one of the most recognized brands in the lubricants world. The manufacturer of this lube has been in the market for a long time and has built a strong reputation among lube users.

Astroglide Strawberry Liquid

The Astroglide Strawberry has been rated as one of the best lubes for oral sex. The sweet strawberry taste and scent will leave you craving more oral sex. This lube is water based, so you can use it for vaginal sex without worrying about the repercussions. Besides, it does not contain any ingredient that might harm you.

Unlike some of the so called best flavored lubricants, Astroglide will not stain your clothes and sheets. In case it pours on your clothes, you can clean the residue by tossing them in to the washer.   

The company behind Astroglide has incorporated little amount of the strawberry flavor. This is an added advantage for people who do not like overpowering scents.

What I Like

For starters, Astroglide is a great lube because it does not ruin latex condoms and silicone toys. It allows you to enjoy sex as you please. Moroever, this lube has some awesome moisturizing effects on the skin. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft after having sex.

I was also impressed by how easy it was to clean the liquid that spilled over my clothes and on the floor. In addition, this lube is all natural and it does not cause skin reactions. I swallowed a small amount of this lube and nothing happened to my body. You can count on this lube for all your oral sex adventures.

What I Don’t Like

The lube I bought came in very small container and it didn’t last for one week. I understand that you can get a 5 ounce bottle but still it is not enough for couples who love having sex daily.

Wet Kiwi Strawberry Lube

For you to have a great time during sex, it is imperative that you pick a lube that meets your needs. A good example is the Wet Kiwi flavored lubricant. It has the qualifications of being listed as one of the best flavored lubes. For starters, this water based lube does not cause harm to the skin and body.

Wet Kiwi Strawberry Lube

Kiwi Lube makes a good companion during foreplay sessions. The main reason is because it has strawberry flavor that allows couples to engage in hot oral sex. Another great feature about this flavored lube is that it can be absorbed by the body cells thus ensuring the vagina remains lubricated throughout.

Unlike most of the strawberry flavored lubes that are red in color, Wet Kiwi is transparent. This assures users that it won’t stain their beddings or clothes.  You can easily clean the residues that are left on your lady bits with some water and soap. I also noticed that it does not contain any sugars. At least women can use this lube regularly without suffering from yeast infections.

What I like

First, I am happy that this lube does not contain parabens, sugars, glycerine and other ingredients that might alter the balance of the vagina. It’s evident that the manufacturer of this lube did a good job in terms of ensuring that the product is safe for human use.

The other exciting feature is that this product can be used together with all types of sex toys and condoms. This is the advantage of using water based lubes over silicone lubes. Moreover, this product has an exotic flavor that allows couple to engage in oral sex without having to tolerate odors and bad tastes. Wet Kiwi lube is non-toxic, it won’t harm your body when swallowed.

What I Don’t Like

Wet Kiwi is a good flavored lube, however, it cannot be used in wet environments. This is because it dissolves in water thus losing its slipperiness.

JO H2O Chocolate Flavored Lube

JO has a huge variety of personal lubes that can be used to enhance intimacy and foreplay. I happened to experiment their chocolate flavored lube and I loved everything about it.

JO H2O Chocolate Flavored Lube

There are so many people out there who love the flavor of chocolate. It is undoubtedly a flavor that will motivate you to engage in all types of foreplay including oral sex.

There is no reason to use the traditional lubricants when you can get a lube that contains your favorite flavor. Moreover, this lube does not restrict what to use and what not to use. You can enjoy using any of your favorite toys without minding which material it is made of. Additionally, JO Chocolate Flavored Lube is compatible with latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

Being a high end water based lube, it does not contain artificial sweeteners that are unpleasant to your taste buds. The lube tastes sweet and smells great. Isn’t that enough motivation to get down to business?

What I Like

It is impossible to believe that you can get a chocolate flavored lube until you lay your hands on one. Personally, I am more than impressed by the quality of this lube. First and foremost, the lube itself enhances the pleasure of oral sex. I am saying this because it leaves a very good taste on the lips and the smell is not that intense to turn you off.

The Jo Chocolate flavored lube does not get sticky or tacky when used during vaginal penetration. Moreover, it does not contain any added sugars that might cause yeast infections. I also love how the bottle is labelled, it is hard to guess that it is used during sex. The size of the bottle makes it easy to carry when travelling.

What I Don’t Like

The main problem i found with this chocolate flavored lube is that it contains glycerin. This is an ingredient that might cause skin reactions to people with sensitive skins. Avoid using this lube if you are allergic to glycerine.

Wicked Sensual Aqua Lube

Wicked Sensual Aqua flavor is one of the lubes that aims to enhance intimacy by engaging the senses in a great way. This product contains natural ingredients that are considered safe for the body.

Wicked Sensual Aqua Lube

In addition, Wicked Sensual is a water based lubricant that allows you to use latex condoms and silicone toys.

This lube has been manufactured with high safety standards to ensure that it is friendly to the vagina. You will note that this lube does not alter the pH of the vagina or cause any irritation. I can assure you that this is one of the few lubes that are pH optimized. Besides, this product  has also been approved and recommended by doctors and dermatologists.

Wicked Sensual is a good alternative for people who are looking for a lube that does not contain glycerin and parabens. This is a clear indication that Wicked Aqua is vegan-friendly. Besides, the company does not test their products on animals. At least they are not cruel to animal at all.

What I Like

My experience with the Wicked Aqua lubricant has been great to say the least. This lube features a silky smooth liquid that spreads really well on the skin. Thanks to its thin nature that allows it to spread evenly and gently. I am pretty sure you will love the incredible sensation and natural feeling that Wicked Aqua provides.

The other great thing about this lubricant is its subtle flavor and scent. As you well know, some of the flavored lubes have a very strong scent and taste that might turn you off. Fortunately, this is not the case with Wicked Aqua, the flavor and scent are just enough to get the job done. There is no doubt that Wicked Sensual is one of the best flavored lubes if you are looking to heighten sex pleasure.

What I Don’t Like

Well, the only issue about the Wicked Sensual is that it comes in a small bottle and it is super thin. You have to keep reapplying the lubricant every now and then. There is a high probability you might run out of lube in less than a week.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Flavored Lube

  • Type of Flavor

It goes without saying that flavor is the most important factor to consider when choosing a good lube. People have different tastes, therefore, you have to choose a lubricant that matches the flavor you love. At least you have a wide variety of traditional flavors to choose from; whether you want strawberry, vanilla, cherry, watermelon or any other flavor that exists.  You can also choose an exotic flavor if you wish.

  • Ingredients

I believe that the contents of any lubricant matters a lot. I don’t see why anyone should buy a lube without considering the ingredients that are contained in the product. I always advise my readers to check and research the ingredients so that they know whether they are safe to use. If you have a history of allergies, keep away from products that contain glycerine and parabens. Buy a product that contains 100% natural ingredients at all times.

  • Easy To Wash

Before you hit the add to cart button, ensure that the lubricant you pick is easy to clean. Choosing a lube that will give you a difficult time when cleaning is definitely a bad decision. Amazingly, all the lubricants I have reviewed are water based lubes. They dissolve in water easily thus you won’t  have any bad experiences when cleaning your toys and genitals.

You should also aim at picking a lube that is clear. Don’t get tempted to buy lubes that are red in color as they might stain your clothes. In some cases, the stains are so significant that you might have to discard your beddings or garments.

  • Stickiness

Another factor you should consider is the stickiness or thickness of the lube. If you want to use the lube during oral sex, choose one that has a low viscosity. A thin lube spreads well on the skin and does not interfere with the sensation of oral sex. On other other hand, you can opt for a thick lube in case you want to use it during penetration sex.


In summation, it is evident that we are living in great times. Sex keeps getting better and better every day. You can enhance your sex experience using water based flavored lubricants. What’s better? These lubes do not cause allergic reactions on your genitals. Most of them have natural ingredients and are vegan friendly.

There is absolutely no reason why you should stick to the normal boring lubes. They do not have any sweet smell and the worst part is that they leave a plastic taste in the mouth. Flavored lubes is the way to go if you are serious about enhancing your sex life. Feel free to purchase any of the products I have reviewed as they are all safe for your body.

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