Best Gay Lube: Top 7 Popular Lubes For Gay Sex

According to the Pew Research Center, around 62% of the Americans support gay and lesbian marriages. This figure has grown steadily since the year 2001 when a similar poll showed that same-sex marriage was opposed by 57% of the Americans. The world has changed its perception on gay marriage and that’s why it has become easier for people express their feelings.

If you are in a gay relationship, it is important that you use the right equipment that will make your relationship great. In addition, you should always have the best gay lube with you in case you want to have a piece of your partner’s cake. My post will guide you on how to choose the best lubes for anal adventures.

Comparison Table For The Best Gay Lubes

Pjur BackdoorSilicon BasedHigh3.4 Ounces Check price
Gun OilSilicon BasedHigh16 Ounces Check price
LubeLifeSilicon BasedHigh12 Ounces Check price
Wet PlatinumSilicon BasedHigh4.2 Ounces Check price
UberLubeSilicon BasedMedium3.3 Ounces Check price
Swiss NavySilicon BasedMedium4 Ounces Check price
Lynk PleasureWater BasedLow8 Ounces Check price

7 Best Lubes For Gay Men

Pjur Backdoor Lube

Pjur is one of the few brands that have been consistent in producing the best lubes for anal sex. I am not surprised that the Pjur Backdoor is widely used by gay men, and couples who love anal sex. Let’s find out why this anal lube is so famous.

Pjur Backdoor Lube

For starters, it is worth mentioning that Pjur Backdoor is a combination of silicone lube and Jojoba Extracts. These extracts act as a muscle relaxing agent that prepares the muscles for anal penetration. You will feel the relaxing effects of this agent after 2 or 3 minutes of application. On top of the relaxing agent, the Pjur Backdoor lube contains a relative amount of numbing agent. Its sole purpose is to reduce the pain that comes with deep anal penetration.

Moreover, Pjur Backdoor is a silicone based lubricant that makes it ideal for long sessions. I am saying this because it is consistent and thick enough to last for hours. Besides, the lube rarely dries or become tacky.

The Pjur Backdoor Lube is ideal for men who like having anal sex in wet environments. Being a silicone lube, it does not get washed away by water. It will maintain its slipperiness in aquatic environments.

I noticed that this lube can serve you for a long time because you only need to apply a few drops. Three drops can last the entire session without the need of reapplication.

What I like

When it comes to anal sex, the Pjur Backdoor Lube is my favourite. I have recommended it to a few friends and they liked it. Personally, I like this lube because it makes anal penetration easy and less painful. The relaxing and numbing agents allows my ass to take in big anal toys without any struggles. Gay men can make love to their partners without hurting them.

The other impressive feature I really like about Pjur Backdoor is that, it provides a thick and smooth feel. You might even think that the rectum is lubricating itself naturally because of the consistency of this lube. Even though it is thick, you can be guaranteed that this lube will not get tacky.

What I don’t Like

Despite praising this lube for alleviating pain, it is difficult to know when your partner is going too deep. One can easily get hurt only to realize after the numbing effect fades. Make sure you tell your partner to go slow in order to avoid micro-tears.

Gun Oil Personal Lubricant

If you are looking for a lube that you can rely on during hardcore anal sex, then Gun Oil lube might be a great choice for you. This product is special in so many ways.

Gun Oil Personal Lubricant

First, it features a silicone formula that is fortified with unique botanics. The ingredIents of the Gun Oil lube are all safe for anal sex. Its hypoallergenic nature allows people with sensitive skin to use this lube without experiencing any adverse reactions.

The price might put you off but wait until you start using it, and you will realize that it is among the best lubes for gay sex. The smooth and thick nature of this lube will keep your rectum lubricated until you are done with the session. The lube rarely gets sticky even when exposed to wet conditions. You should take advantage of this property by having sex with your partner in the shower or swimming pool.

Gun Oil is tasteless and odorless, this implies that you can enjoy doing some rimming jobs without having to tolerate awful smells. Avoid ingesting too much of this lube as it might act as a laxative. Gun oil will save you the hassles of re-lubing as you enjoy eating your partner’s ass.

What I Like

I have used the Gun Oil several times during my anal play adventures and I can assure you that it’s worth every penny. I am always impressed by how this lube can last for more than 20 minutes without drying up. I only have to apply a few drops to get my rectum super lubricated. Besides, the thickness of this lube is moderate and does not interfere with the awesome sensation of backdoor sex.

The other impressive feature I like is that, this lube does not contain any harmful ingredients. I have used lubes that ruined my ass badly and I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. You can count on Gun Oil Personal Lubricant for anal sex, hand jobs and solo masturbation.

What I don’t Like

The only issue I have with Gun Oil Silicone lube is that it is difficult to clean. You have to wash your skin thoroughly in order to remove this lubricant completely. You should handle the lube carefully to avoid staining your clothes and beddings. I have heard many people complain that the stains do not come off easily. All in all, Gun Oil is a pretty cool lube for anal play.

LubeLife H20 Anal Lubricant

In case you are not a huge fan of silicone based lubes, you might consider purchasing the LubeLife H20 Anal Lubricant. It is one of the top rated water based lubes that can be used for gay sex. What makes LubeLife special?

LubeLife H20 Anal Lubricant

Well, it provides a silky smooth and buttery glide that is suitable for anal penetration.

The LubeLife H20 Anal Lube is made using natural ingredients. These ingredients makes this lube ideal for guys who have super sensitive skins. This lube is best suited for men who prefer to go slow on their partners. The liquid has a high viscosity that makes it unsuitable for people who love fast and hardcore anal sex.

If you would like to engage in safe anal sex, this product is condom compatible. Unlike most silicone based lubes, LubeLife can be used together with latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms. Besides, this lube can be used on silicone anal toys because they do not react. Isn’t that cool? I bet it is. You can also use this water based lube during masturbation sessions.

What I Like

I am big fan of anal sex and honestly, LubeLife H20 anal lubricant is a keeper. It is rare to find a water based lubricant that matches the level of thickness that LubeLife provides.  This explains why it provides a smooth and long lasting glide. LubeLife Personal Lubricant is purely natural, and It does not contain parabens and glycerine oil. Even the most sensitive people will definitely feel comfortable using this lube.

Another awesome feature of the LubeLife is that, it is condom compatible and toy friendly. Normally, I love it when anal sex is spiced up with a few anal toys. Fortunately, LubeLife supports the use of silicone toys . At least my boyfriend can tease my ass with butt plugs and prostate massagers. Finally, I would like to appreciate Lube Life for creating a product that is easy to clean and one that does not stain clothes.

What I don’t like

The only problem i experienced when using LubeLife is that it tends to dry out faster, especially when my partner goes hard and fast. Fortunately, you can avoid this issue by asking your partner to go slow on you.

Wet Platinum Premium Lube

The Wet Platinum silicone lube has been rated as one of the best lubes for gay men. It ensures that anal sex is filled with pleasure. This lube is popular for providing a silky experience when having backdoor sex.

Wet Platinum Premium Lube

If you are looking for a lubricant that will not interfere with your fun, then you can count on Wet Platinum. It has a high quality silicone formula that enables it to last for long without drying. In addition, Wet Platinum Lube is FDA approved and it is also registered as a 510 k medical product. Doctors have also recommended the use of this lubricant because it does not contain parabens.

Wet Platinum is among the few silicone based lubes that are compatible with latex condoms. At least you can use wet platinum without worrying about STI infections. As you well know, most silicone lubes are known to disintegrate condoms.

What I like

Honestly, I found Wet Platinum to be a great lube for gay partners. It is a high end lube that does not get sticky even when used during long sessions. Secondly, this lube does not get washed away in water, meaning that you can take your fantasies to wet environments and indulge in all kinds of anal play. I also noticed that this lube does not stain clothes and beddings. Most silicone lubes are known to leave stains on any fabric they come into contact with.

The other awesome thing about this lube is that it is easy to clean up. It is rare to find silicone lubricants that can be cleaned with ease. Moreover, this lube is made using grade 5 silicone which leaves the skin moisturized and soft. Wet Platinum Silicone Lube is a product worth investing in if you want to enjoy anal play with your partner.

What I don’t Like

Honestly, I didn’t find any serious problem that might prevent you from buying this product. In fact, the only issue I found is that the bottle is not well designed. Sometimes, the fluid tends to pour on the sides of the bottle when trying to dispense it.

Some Users have complained that the lube is not thick enough to provide pleasure during anal sex.

UberLube Luxury Lubricant

UberLube is one of the most popular lubes in the market. This is evident from the high number of positive customer reviews found on merchant sites. In addition,this product has been endorsed by doctors and sex experts.

UberLube Luxury Lubricant

If you are looking for a super smooth and slippery glide, UberLube is the best choice. It is a high-performance lubricant that gets the job done perfectly. A few drops is all you need to fuck your partner’s ass for 30 minutes or so. This lube has all the properties required to get rid of unwanted friction.

UberLube has a unique formula that ensures the liquid remains invisible and transparent after application. At least, it will not leave stains and residue if it comes into contact with your sheets or clothing. This is one property that sets it apart from other silicone based lubes.

Most users have complimented this product because it does not have any weird smell and tastes. As you well know, there are some lubes that will leave your skin or toys smelling awful. Moreover, you can enjoy licking your partner’s ass and dick without worrying about weird tastes. UberLube is definitely one of the best gay lubes you can ever get your hands on.

What I Like

I can rave all day about the awesomeness of the UberLube Luxury lubricant.  It is surely a high-end lube that every couple should invest in. To start with, this lube comes in a beautiful and sleek bottle. The bottle is transparent and it has a convenient dispenser that mimics the design of a perfume. The dispenser allows one to apply little amounts of lube with ease. Moreover, the lube rarely spills on the bottle during application.

The other good thing about UberLube is that it can be used to style hair, for sports, and as an anti-chafe fluid. In addition, this lube does not require to be cleaned after anal sex. Why? The lube leaves your skin soft and moisturized after it dissipates. In case you would like to wash off the remnants, you can do so using soap and water.

What I Don’t Like

UberLube has a few drawbacks that are worth mentioning. The first one is that it is a bit expensive than most of the lubes I have reviewed. The other issue is that this lube does not provide the thickness levels that are required for hardcore anal sex.

Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant

If you have been experiencing a lot of friction or pain during anal play, then it’s time to introduce a high quality lube into your life. I do not see any reason why you should tolerate pain while anal sex is meant to be enjoyable. With Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant, you will get a permanent solution to your problems.

Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant

This lube has been designed to provide a velvet soft feeling during anal penetration. It has a silicone formula that allows it to remain consistent even during long sessions. No more complaining of stickiness and dryness when using Swiss Navy. This is definitely one reason why this silicone lube remains to be a favourite for gay men.

Swiss Navy is highly rated because it does not cause any skin reactions. Instead, it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and smooth. There is no doubt that this product is ideal for people who have the most sensitive skins.

The Swiss Navy lube is made in such a way that it can be absorbed by the body. As a result, the rectum will remain lubricated for a very long time. You can enjoy hours of anal play with your partner without necessarily applying high amounts of lube.

What I Like

There is no doubt Swiss Navy is one of the best lube for gay sex. All its properties meet the requirements of a good anal lube. Having tested this lube, I am more than comfortable to recommend it to you in case you are into anal sex. First, I would like to highlight that this lube allows the use of latex condoms. At least you can have backdoor sex with a stranger without worrying about the condom disintegrating.

Furthermore, this lube allows couples to engage in shower sex. Being a silicone lube, it is hard to get washed off by water. This means that it is possible to enjoy anal sex in swimming pools, spas and bathtubs.  In relation to this, Swiss Navy is easy to clean and it rarely stains clothes.

What I Don’t Like

The company behind Swiss Navy has done a good job to come up with a condom compatible lube. However, I am disappointed that this lubricant cannot be used with silicone toys. At least they would have come up with a way to ensure that the lube is toy-friendly.

Lynk Personal Lubricant

Lynk Personal Lubricant

My Final pick in this list is the Lynk Pleasure Anal Lube. It is one of the few water based lubes that can be used for anal play. If you do not prefer to use silicone based lubes, Lynk Personal Lubricant might be a good alternative.

This lube allows you to use all kinds of sex toys because it does not contain any compounds that might destroy them. Besides, Lynk Pleasure is compatible with all types of condoms that you know.

The lube does not have any tastes and odors that might put you off. At least you will enjoy licking your partner’s ass without having to tolerate bad tastes. Additionally, Lynk Personal Lubricant can be used for masturbation and normal sex.

What I Like

There is so much to love about the Lynk Pleasure Lubricant. Being one of the best lubes for gay sex, it does not contain harsh ingredients such as glycerin and parabens. You can use this lubricant without worrying about skin irritation.

Secondly, this lube does not get sticky or tacky. As a result, you will enjoy its consistency for longer periods than you’d expect. Besides, washing the lubricant from your skin and towels is so easy. What’s more? This lube will not stain your beddings or clothings. It is definitely a good lube for prostate milking and other anal adventures.

What I Don’t Like

Lynk Personal Lubricant is a good lube for anal sex, however, some improvements should be done to make it better. During my experiments, I found that this lube leaks easily because it does not have high levels of viscosity. Finally, some users have complained that it tends to dry out faster.

Factors To Look Out For When Purchasing The Best Lube For Gay Men

Not every lube that you come across is good for your body. You have to do due diligence before clicking the add to cart button. Moreover, some lubes are purely meant for vaginal sex, consequently, such lubes will not offer the glide required during anal play. Without wasting much time, let us jump straight to the factors so that you stay woke.

  • Ingredients

Before you proceed to buy lube, it is imperative to check out the ingredients. This is the most important factor that you should considered as it has direct effects to your health. The ingredients are always indicated on the labels and also on the merchant’s official website. You need to do a thorough research to establish whether the contents of your lube are safe to use.

As you well know, some lubes may contain problematic ingredients. Most people only know of parabens and glycerine while there are very many ingredients that might cause harm. According to my own research, you should stay away from any lubes that contain propylene glycol, Gluconate, Benzocaine, Sugars & Alcohols and Petroleum Oils. If you stay away from this ingredients, then you won’t have to stress about allergic reactions.

  • Consider pH

It is unfortunate that most people are not aware that pH is an important factor. To make matters worse, most lube companies do not provide information regarding the pH of their lubricants. Recently, I started testing the pH of my lubes in order to confirm that they are good. In case you didn’t know, anal lubes should have a higher pH as opposed to lubes mean for vaginal sex. In case you use a lube with a low pH for butt sex, you will tend to feel like its burning or stinging your rectum. If you would like to know the pH of your lube, you can test it using pH test strips or ask the manufacturer.

  • Viscosity

If you are looking to enjoy anal sex without experiencing pain and discomfort, it is imperative that you choose a thick lube. According to my experiments, thick lube tend to provide a smooth and long lasting glide as compared to their counterparts. Moreover, thick lube will rarely interfere with the sensitivity of your rectum. On the other hand, you should not buy lubes that are so thick as they might ruin the fun that comes with anal sex.

  • Compatibility with toys and condoms

If you are a huge fan of anal play, it is obvious that you will bring a couple of toys with you to increase the fun. However, you will have to use a lube that is toy friendly. Unfortunately, most silicone based lubes cannot be used with silicone toys. Why? Because they will damage the toy. To be on the safe side, you have to choose a water based lubricant in order to avoid losses.

In some instances, you might want to use condoms when having gay sex. As you well know, condoms act as protection from STDs. It is therefore imperative that you choose a lube that will not ruin the integrity of the condom especially if you are using latex condoms. You might have to settle with water based lubes if you are planning to use condoms. You can also get some silicone lubes that do not react with latex condoms. I have covered one or two condom compatible in my reviews,  feel free to use them.

  • Ease Of Cleaning

If you are looking to buy a gay lube, it is advisable that you purchase one that is easy to wash off. I believe no one wants to spend most of his time trying to clean lube stains. Most of the water based anal lubes are easy to clean and most importantly, they do not stain beddings and clothes. You can also find a few silicone lubes that will offer a good cleaning experience.

  • Consistency

The last factor that you should consider is the consistency of your lube. A consistent lube is viscous and thick in order to resist deformation. Most of the silicone based lubes are more consistent than water based lubricants. Amazingly, you can use them for aquatic play because their consistency is not affected by water. Moreover, you will note that silicone lubes tend to last longer thus eliminating the need to re-lube.

Why should you use silicone lube for gay sex?

It is clear that my top seven picks are mostly silicone based lubes. Besides, most people will always recommend you to purchase silicone lubes if you are into anal play.

What makes them special? Well, you are about to find out.

For starters, silicone based lubricants have a special thick formula that provides the smoothness required during anal play. This property enables gay men to enjoy anal sex for as long as they can.

Secondly, silicone lubes have the ability to remain consistent even when used in the shower, bathtub, or swimming pool. These lubes do not get washed off by water easily, which means that their slipperiness will not be interfered with. You can have all the fun you desire using silicone based lubes.

Finally, silicone lubes are great for gay sex because they provide a smooth glide for longer periods of time. In fact, a few drops will last for more than 30 minutes without the need of reapplication. Silicone based lubes do not get tacky even when used in small amounts.


If you are prepared to take your gay fantasies to the next level, then you need to invest in a high quality lube. There is no need to use canola oil as lube while you can part with a few dollars and get the best gay lube on the market. I am sure that you want your anal play adventures to be lit  and the only way to achieve this is by using the right lube.

I have tested all these lubes to ensure that you guys are well informed. Moreover, I believe that giving my readers a first hand experience with products will help them make a good decision. You can feel free to contact me in case you have a question about any of these lubes.

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