Best Male Sex Toy: The Top 10 Men’s Sex Toys For Intense Orgasms

Getting the best male sex toy is easier than it was a decade ago. Besides, technology has allowed manufacturers to create a huge variety of sex toys which men can use to orgasm. Fortunately, most of these sex toys are very affordable. In fact, if you have a good budget, you’ll definitely get one of the top male sex toys in the market.

Newbies always have a hard time choosing their first male sex toy because of the huge plethora of the sex toys out there. Luckily, I have been testing and researching the top rated toys so that beginners can have an easy time when shopping for the male sex toys. I hope that my detailed reviews and buying guide will assist during your search.

Comparison Table for the Male Sex Toys

Toys NameTypeMaterialPrice
XISE Life Size DollSex DollTPR Check price
Fleshlight Stamina Training UnitFleshlightSuperSkin Check price
Sabrina Full Size DollSex DollTPE & Stainless Steel Check price
Paloqueth MasturbatorMasturbatorSilicone & ABS Check price
SVAKOM Tyler Penis RingCock RingSilicone Check price
Fleshlight Flight PilotFleshlightSuperSkin Check price
Hismith Sex MachineSex MachineStainless Steel Check price
Paloqueth Vibrating Prostate MassagerProstate MassagerSilicone Check price
Paloqueth Penis PumpPenis PumpSilicone Check price
Tenga Flip HoleMasturbatorTPE Check price

Top 10 Male Sex Toys Reviews

XISE Realistic Life Size Doll

The XISE Life Size Doll is one of the best male sex toys in the market. It has been designed to resemble a normal sized woman’s butt. Besides, it is one of the most realistic dolls you can get your hands on. The size and weight of this toy allows you to fuck the doll from all positions.

XISE Life Size Doll

In addition, XISE Life Size Doll features a medical grade silicone construction which is 100% safe for the body. Guys with sensitive skin can have fun with this doll without worrying about allergic reactions.

This awesome toy features a life-like design which allows users to have unlimited fun during their solo sessions. Everything from her ultra-smooth skin and her musculature looks and feels like a real butt. Besides, the vagina is perfectly molded to resemble a real pussy since it has nice-looking lips and a detailed clit. In addition, the toy also comes with an awesome butt hole which leads to a tight and ribbed canal.

The holes of this life-size doll features a tight and super realistic feel. Once you insert your member into the inviting vaginal hole, you’ll be massaged by a finely textured canal which gives you all the orgasm you imagine.

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What I Like
My experience with the XISE Life-Size Doll has been awesome to say the least. Honestly, having sex with the XISE Doll is more like getting laid by a real woman. The orifices of this doll felt really awesome especially because they have fine textures and ribs which massage the penis in a great way. I can assure you that you won’t last more than 10 minutes when having sex with XISE.

I was also impressed by the realistic material which is used to make this doll. The TPR material gives XISE Sex Doll a smooth feel. You’ll definitely enjoy thrusting your penis in her orifices as you spank her soft ass cheeks. Moreover, the material is 100% safe for the body especially because it does not contain latex and phthalates. There is no doubt XISE Sex Doll is the top rated male sex toy you will ever get in the market.

What I Didn’t Like
The only issue I have with this doll is that it does not have a hole to empty the body fluids and lube remnants.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

It is not everyday that you come across a fleshlight sleeve with a vagina orifice that’s prettier than a real vagina. I would jerk off with the Fleshlight STU everyday if my partner was to allow it. The vagina orifice is well molded to look and feel like an actual vagina. Besides, it is well proportioned and uses Real Feel SuperSkin to mimic the feeling of real intercourse.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

The Fleshlight STU is super tight, which is a slight modification to help you last longer in bed.This design helps you to build your stamina so that you become a better lover. You can definitely solve your premature ejaculation issues with the Fleshlight STU. It also has a ribbed canal to help reduce your hypersensitivity.

There are four orifices to choose from, the butt orifice, mouth orifice, vagina orifice and the nondescript opening. The rear cup helps in controlling air flow and suction. As the air flows into the unit, it reduces the amount of air pressure acting on your penis.

Besides, if you reduce the air flow or seal the rear end, you will experience a more pronounced squeezing or sucking sensation. Tweaking the air flow by closing or opening the rear end allows you to increase the stimulation.

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What I like
I’ve used many fleshlight sleeves but the Stamina Training Unit is special. At first, it took a while to decide whether to use it or not. Amazingly, I was really impressed by its tightness and intensity when I first used it. It is so tight and the ribbed canal hugged my penis so well that I ejaculated in less than 5 minutes.

Normally, it would take me about 20 minutes to get to the ejaculation point but this fleshlight did it in less than 5. I tried to use it again and I realized that the more I used it the longer I lasted. Now I can go for 30 minutes before ejaculating. The trick is to master the different techniques and learn how to hold your nut in for longer.

The STU fleshlight is so easy to clean because one can remove the sleeve from the can for better cleaning.

What I didn’t like

The fleshlight is too tight and will not fit men with girthy penises. If used by a girthy man, it will take longer to retract to its original size. Men with average-sized penises are not likely to experience this issue.

Sabrina Full-Size Sex Doll- NewNow 62” Doll

Sabrina is a curvy lady with an amazing ass, thighs, hips and big titties. With this amazing doll all the crucial parts are proportional.

She has a nice figure and her face is designed by artistic girls. This gives her a curvy body and very pretty face that comes with semi-permanent make up. If the makeup doesn’t please you, you can always apply a fresh coat of makeup.

Sabrina Full-Size Sex Doll

She has a fully articulated skeleton which allows you to fuck her from different positions. It is like having sex with a woman, you get to experiment with different styles and positions. The skeleton is made from stainless steel and wrapped with a custom cloth to prevent rust.

Sabrina craves for intercourse and she is always willing to pleasure you. Just like a real woman, Sabrina can pleasure you through her vagina, mouth and anus. Unfortunately, she is not real which means you will need to use lube for a seamless penetration.

The Sabrina NewDoll is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), an odorless and harmless material that’s approved for human use. The TPE is elastic and reverts back to its original appearance/shape after deformation. In addition the skin is waterproof which allows you to wash it in water or a warm bath. Besides, Sabrina’s skin is compatible with most oil-based and water-based detergents.

For the actual measurements, Sabrina weighs 34kgs with a 33.3” upper bust and 23.6” lower bust. The depth of her vagina is 7.3” while the depth of her anus is 6.7”. Her mouth can accommodate 13.5 cm, which is more than enough for some nice oral stimulation.

Get Sabrina Full Size Doll at Amazon

What I like

Sabrina might not be the most curvy sex doll on the market but she definitely has a nice body. She is busty with an ass to match. She is sexy and can satisfy the needs of most men, whether it is anal sex, vaginal sex or a blowjob. The inclusion of movable joints makes the experience more realistic.

Her skin is soft, her openings are super tight, and her boobs are nice to hold. Besides, her 158 cm height makes her look more like a real lady. You can dress her up, change wigs, apply makeup and even practice photography with her.

What I don’t like

Sabrina is not as squishy as a curvy lady. Her titts are unrealistically big and the arms could definitely use an upgrade.

Paloqueth Rechargeable Masturbator Cup

The Paloqueth male masturbator cup is a very unique sex toy. In fact, it is the only masturbator which produces 6 different moans for a unique jerking off session. The moans will motivate you to beat your meat so hard until your cum.

Paloqueth Masturbator Cup

You simply plug in your earphones, select your favorite moan and indulge in a mind-blowing session. The Paloqueth toy has a vagina orifice and a ribbed canal. The ribbed canal comprises of soft ticklers which are designed to stimulate the head, shaft and base of your penis.

Unlike most automatic strokers, the Paloqueth male masturbator features a rotation mechanism which brings a whole new perceptive to male masturbation. The rotation mechanism has 10 rotation patterns and 5 rotation speeds.Moreover, it is powered by a very powerful and quiet motor. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery whose run time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

There is pleasure in watching the action of the Paloqueth Masturbator stroking your penis. Moreover, you will also watch as your penis penetrates the ribbed canal. You get to watch all the action which is happening inside this male sex toy.

What I like

Listening to your partner moan is good but listening to moans from 6 different ladies is even better. This is one feature you are not likely to find in other products. A simple push of a button switches the voices creating the perfect mental state to achieve a sensation overload.

The Paloqueth masturbator is made of a custom Thermoplastic Elastomer. This material is soft, smooth, and lifelike. In fact, it feels like a vagina, teases your penis like a vagina and stimulates your penis almost exactly like a real pussy.

In addition, it has some soft ticklers which stimulate your penis shaft in a great way. It also has an easy-to-use controller with a backlit LCD screen. The LCD screen displays time elapsed since you powered on the toy. It also displays the selected moan pattern as well as rotation mode and speed.

What I Didn’t Like

I experienced some challenges with the rotation mechanism since my penis is bigger than the average-sized penis. The manufacturer should atleast make a product with a wide range of sizes. Also, the Paloqueth masturbator is not waterproof, but it disassembles for easy cleaning.

SVAKOM Tyler Vibrating Penis Ring

I’ve been searching for a couple’s toy which has a myriad of benefits for a very long time. Fortunately, I came across the SVAKOM penis ring and it didn’t disappoint at all.

SVAKOM Tyler Vibrating Penis Ring

The SVAKOM penis ring has a vibrating section which you can use to stimulate your perineum or your partner’s clitoris. It has a soft contoured pad that’s made of silicone nodules. As the penis ring vibrates on the base of your penis, the contoured pad vibrates on her clitoris. This provides external stimulation on her clitoris as you penetrate her. It is the ideal sex toy for couples who are looking for some sensational orgasms.

This awesome penis ring has been designed in a way that can stimulate the perineum. Simply turn the ring upside down and wear it on your penis. The contoured pad will provide pinpoint stimulation to the perineum area.

The penis ring is made of 100% body-safe silicone which is soft and flexible. It is equipped with a very powerful but quiet motor which features five vibration patterns and five speeds. In addition, it is USB rechargeable and takes about 1 hour to charge. This toy should provide you with around sixty minutes of play.

In addition, the device is 100% waterproof. You can clean it easily with a sex toy cleaner and even use it in the shower.

What I like

My favorite feature is the soft contoured pad. Moreover, it can stimulate your partner’s clit as well as your perineum. The silicone ring has a nice stretch which makes it easy to fit different penis sizes. You will need to apply a water-based lubricant on your penis for easy fitting.
Conventional sex is sometimes boring and requires a lot of thrusting. With the SVAKOM penis ring, you can now incorporate grinding to stimulate your partner’s clitoris and G-spot. The contoured pad stimulates her clit while your penis stimulates her G-spot.

The motor of the SVAKOM penis ring is very quiet as it emits less than 50db of noise, while the average vibrator emits more than 80 db.

What I didn’t like

Although the penis ring can stretch, it also has its limits. For instance, It cannot fit men with girth larger than 5.3 inches. Moreover, if you apply too much lube, it slides to the side instead of facing the clit. The battery life is also a problem, it charges well but after a few months it starts experiencing some issues.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot is one of the smallest male masturbators in the market. In fact, its size allows travellers to carry it with ease. The best thing about the fleshlight pilot is its waterproof nature. You can have fun with this fleshlight in the shower, swimming pool, and bathtub. Besides, its waterproof property allows users to clean the sleeve with ease.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot comes with a renewing powder which you apply on the surface. The powder prevents the sleeve from becoming sticky.

Besides, it also comes with some other accessories like a vibrating bullet, a shower suction pad that helps in securing it when mounted on flat surfaces. It also comes with a sleeve warmer such that you will have a warm surface when you start using it. It only weighs one pound which makes it very convenient when travelling.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot can be used solo or with a partner. It improves a man’s performance as well as his stamina. It is aerodynamic and you can be sure that it is very safe.

What I Like

I was impressed with this male sex toy because of its small size. I love travelling and having a good time while out there. That’s why Fleshlight Flight Pilot is just the best for me. Besides, the waterproof nature of this sex toy makes it possible to masturbate in wet environments. At least one can masturbate using this sleeve even when taking a shower. Isn’t this awesome?

The cool thing about the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is that it is easy to clean. In fact, you won’t require any special cleaning agent when washing the sleeve. You only need to use plenty of water and a mild soap to flush off the body fluids and lube remnants.

I was also impressed by the build quality of this fleshlight masturbator. For starters, it is made using SuperSkin which is a soft and pliable material. Secondly, it does not contain phthalates or any other harmful compound. At least persons with sensitive skin can use the Flight Pilot without any worries.

Additionally, you can warm the fleshlight flight pilot insert . You only need to use a sleeve warmer or dip the sleeve in warm water for about 5 minutes. Jerking off with a warm sleeve feels like fucking a real vagina. This explains why the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is considered as one of the most realistic fleshlights.

What I Didn’t Like

Although the Flight Pilot is an awesome male sex toy, I noticed it is a bit small for men who are quite endowed. Besides, the softness of the toy is not really great as compared to other masturbators. All in all, this fleshlight is great for men with small penises.

Hismith Premium Sex Machine with a dildo

Hismith Premium Sex Machine is among the top class sex toys you should own. The machine is ideal for guys who love anal play. This premium sex machine is one of the most unique sex toys because you can use it from almost all angles.

Hismith Premium Sex Machine with a dildo

All you need to do is adjust the settings of the machine and you can enjoy all the positions you have ever thought of. The best thing is, it also comes with all the accessories you’ll require including a realistic dildo.

The chrome plated steel rods are very sturdy because they are not hollow. When placed on the carpet, this sex machine tends to have a better grip. I love using the Hismith Premium Sex Machine because it features a powerful and durable motor. The wildness of this machine will take you to cloud nine a couple of times.

It also comes with a dildo which is 100% safe for use because it is made of silicone. It has also been FDA tested meaning your health is not at risk. Unlike other machines, Hismith Premium Sex machine is very quiet.

What I Like

To be honest, I have had the best experience with this sex male toy because of its versatility. I mean, with other sex toys, you don’t get to enjoy as many sex positions and with less effort like you do with Hismith Premium Sex Machine. Besides, you can adjust the penetration intensity of this machine. I also like how easy it is to assemble and disassemble the machine. Besides, the toy comes with instructions on how to assemble and disassemble it.

It is very light meaning it can be carried around the house with ease. If you love travelling also, it is easy to pack and you don’t have to cut short your sex life just because you have travelled. I was also impressed by how easy it is to clean and maintain this awesome machine.

What I Didn’t Like

It cannot be used in the shower because the battery operated motor would get spoiled. Also, it is only firm when placed on the carpet or on the floor. Sometimes the screws become loose when the action is going down which reduces its effectiveness.

PALOQUETH Male Vibrating Prostate Massager

If you are big fan of anal play adventures, then the PALOQUETH Prostate Massager should be in your wish list. This sex toy has been designed to provide you with powerful prostate stimulation. In fact, it is hard to get such a high quality prostate massager without spending a lot of money.

PALOQUETH Male Vibrating Prostate Massager

For your information, this male sex toy features ten incredible vibrating modes in order to cater for beginners and experts.

PALOQUETH Prostate massager is made using 100% medical grade silicone. This material gives the toy a soft and smooth feel when inserting it inside your ass. Moreover, silicone is well known for its waterproof property which allows users to have fun in wet environments.

This prostate massager comes with a slightly curved design at the tip. The curve helps to maximize p-spot stimulation. Moreover, the tip is round in shape to allow for easy insertion. You will also notice that the toy has a bulged shape which massages your sensitive spots.

What I Like

PALOQUETH Male Vibrating Prostate Massager is 100% waterproof. This means one can massage his prostate in the shower without the toy getting damaged. Besides, cleaning the massager is extremely easy because of its non-porous nature. Make sure you use warm water and scented soap in order to get rid of the butt smell.

The other impressive thing is that this high-end prostate toy has ten vibrating modes. These modes make masturbation more thrilling because they have different levels of intensity. I am pretty sure these vibrations modes will give you unforgettable pleasure.

I was also impressed by the silicone construction of this prostate massager. It gives this toy a smooth and soft feel which you’ll definitely enjoy as you shove this awesome toy inside your butt. Moreover, silicone is considered 100% safe for the body. You can use this high-quality sex toy without worrying about allergic reactions in your butt.

What I Didn’t Like

Having to wait for two hours for the toy to charge can be quite a bummer. However, this should not discourage you from purchasing the toy because you can always charge it immediately after using it.

PALOQUETH Electronic Male Enhancement Penis Pump

PALOQUETH Electronic Male Enhancement Penis Pump is among the top rated pleasure devices. It comes with a clear cylinder which allows you to take a glance at your penis as it increases in size. Other than seeing your penis size increase, you are able to track and control the suction pressure so that you can have the best experience. This device features an electric pump which creates a strong vacuum in order to improve blood flow to the penis. As a result, your dick will grow longer and thicker.


PALOQUETH Electronic Male Enhancement Penis Pump also helps men with erectile dysfunction. Once you use this pump consistently, you will notice improved erections within a few months. This device comes with an insertion sleeve which is made from a smooth silicone material. At least you will feel comfortable around the base and shaft of your penis during pumping sessions. Moreover, the soft sleeve helps you to achieve a tight seal between your skin and cylinder.

This penis pump comes with 4 different suction intensities. It has two press buttons that help you to shuffle around the four intensities. PALOQUETH penis pump comes with a quick release valve which helps you control the vacuum pressure.

It is USB chargeable and it takes two hours to charge. It comes with a good quality cord for charging it meaning you don’t have to buy it separately.

What I Like

I can recommend this sex toy because you can watch your penis grow in size. Besides, this toy has four suction intensities and each one of them provides different results. The pressure release valve ensures that you don’t get injured during penis pumping sessions.

When used for a long time, it helps one to increase penis size and improve erections. Moreover, the cylinder is long and wide enough to accommodate everyone’s penis size. This penis pump is easy to clean and you don’t need special cleaning agents.

What I Didn’t Like

It would have been better if one was able to use it in the shower. Besides, this device takes a lot of time to charge.

TENGA FLIP HOLE Pleasure Device

TENGA FLIP HOLE Blanket of Bliss Mens Reusable Pleasure Device has been designed to give a unique sexual experience every time you use it. Most companies concentrate of producing artificial vaginas; Tenga decided to make some improvements.

TENGA FLIP HOLE Pleasure Device

The TENGA FLIP HOLE comprises of a hard case that has a flexible front face as well as buttons which you can use to control the toy. In the inside, there are soft elastomer shapes which turn each centimeter increase into a special sensation. One is able to create squeezing sensations with the help of the control buttons.

The side ribs inside the vacuum cylinder maximize the stimulation thus giving you one of the best experiences. This male sex toy is almost like having the real thing mostly because of the side ribs that rub the penis.

Upon insertion, the lip flat provides the user with a good grip while the shield flap helps in keeping the lubricants in place. For multiple sensations, the quattro wave comes in handy. Besides, the 360 orb gives some of the best head stimulations.

What I Like

For starters, masturbating with this male sex toy is like having real sex especially because of the ribbed sides in the vacuum cylinder. I had such a good solo session because the soft elastomers increased the sensations with every pump. I was able to increase the squeezing sensations with the control buttons without much of a hustle. Other than the side squeezes, the 360 orb sensations were out of this world.

I recommend this sex toy because not only it is easy to use but also it is easy to clean and dry. All you have to do is just open the cylinder and apply your preferred lubricant then go ahead and insert your penis. Besides, one can use this masturbation device in the shower without getting damaged.
Its size makes it convenient to travel with it and without needing any extra space in your travel bag.

What I Didn’t Like

I wish the cylinder was a little bigger to cater for all penis sizes. A person with a bigger and longer penis might not get the best out of this device..

How To Choose The Best Male Sex Toys

If you want to become a pro in choosing the best male sex toys, kindly use my guide whenever you hit shopping. I always use this guide whenever I am looking for a good toy to add to my collection. Even though male sex toys exist in different designs, this guide covers all the aspects you need to consider before you add items to the shopping cart.

  • Build Quality

The build quality of a sex toy is the most important factor you should consider. As a smart shopper you need to check out the material which has been used to construct the toy. In most cases, you should choose a toy that is made using soft and flexible materials. Some of these materials include silicone, TPE or TPR. Sex toys which are made from soft materials will provide you with a realistic masturbation experience.

  • Price

Cost is a factor which should cross your mind when you are shopping for a good male sex toy. I understand you can get a masturbator or a prostate massager at a low price, but the quality might be sub-standard. You must be prepared to spend a good amount of money if you want to enjoy some knee-trembling orgasms. Besides, an expensive sex toy will last you for years without breaking down.

  • Brand

If you are serious about purchasing a male sex toy, you definitely have to consider the brand. Some brands are popular for making high quality male sex toys. You will never be disappointed when you purchase products from popular brands. I always recommend my readers to shop from companies which have a proven track record.

  • Features

Before you decide which sex toy you should purchase, it is important to check out the features of the item. I believe nobody wants to purchase a sex toy that does not have impressive features. If you want to open the door to your kinkiest fantasies, purchase a sex toy that is rechargeable, Bluetooth compatible, automatic and lightweight.

  • Size Of The Sex Toy

It is imperative to consider the size of a sex toy before you hit the ‘add to cart’ button. Manufacturers will always make toys of different sizes because men have varying dick sizes. In case you want to buy a sex doll, confirm that your dick will fit in the vaginal and anal canals. It does not make sense to purchase a sex toy which won’t massage the entire length of your dick.

How To Use A Male Sex Toy Like A Pro

Now that you have bought your sex toy, it is time to molest it and get the best out of it. Feel free to use my detailed guide if it is your first time using a male sex toy.

Prepare Your Sex Toy

Most beginners are always in a hurry to use their sex toys without doing the necessary preparations. The first thing you ought to do before you start using your device is to clean it thoroughly. Do not trust any sex toy just because it is new, you might develop some allergies if you have a sensitive skin. The next step is to find a comfortable room to do your business. You can choose to do your business in the bedroom and make sure you lock the door behind you.

Get Set

It is time to set the mood with some adult films. Watching your favorite porn videos as you jerk off with your best male sex toy will give you intense orgasms. Before you start your masturbation session, apply some lube on the sex toy and on the shaft of your penis. Lube reduces friction and enhances the pleasure of beating your meat with the sex toy.

It’s Time To Enjoy

Once you’ve prepared your toy, gently slide your penis inside the masturbator. Pump the sex toy slowly as you adjust the stroking movement to match your preferences. Make sure you keep the sex toy lubricated to avoid friction. You can increase the stroking speed until you burst a nut inside the doll or masturbator.

How To Clean A Male Sex Toy

If you want your male sex toys to last for long, you have to show them some love. You have to take care of your toys by cleaning them thoroughly. Male sex toys tend to harbor bacteria if they are left with cum and lube remnants. To be on the safe side, you need to clean your toys immediately you finish using them. Below are the tips you need to remember when you are cleaning your toys.

Always clean your toy before and after use

Most people do not see the essence of cleaning their toys before masturbation sessions. I always recommend my readers to rinse their toys thoroughly before they use them on their dicks. This helps to get rid of any dust particles that might have settled in the inside of the toy.
You also have to clean your toy thoroughly when you are done with your masturbation session. During this stage, make sure you use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner and plenty of warm water. Besides, you need to dry the toy before you store it.

Flush Off The Fluids

Male sex toys are a bit difficult to clean than women’s sex toys. Luckily, you can ease the cleaning process by holding the opening of the toy up to a faucet and allow water to run through the toy. This method works effectively for open-ended masturbators such as fleshlights.

Dry & Store Your Masturbator Safely

Once you are done cleaning your fuck puppy, leave it in the open to dry or use a lint-free towel. Do not store your sex toy before it dries properly.

Should I Use A Lubricant?

A personal lubricant is one of the most important things you should have when using a male sex toy. Lubricants come in handy to enhance the pleasure of using the sex toy. Besides, a good lubricant will reduce the friction when masturbating with the device.

Since, most male sex toys are made from silicone, it is imperative to use a water-based lubricant. Water based lubes are easy to wash and most importantly they don’t damage silicone toys. Besides, water-based lubes are compatible with latex condoms. Do not make a mistake of using silicone lubes because they will destroy your toys.


In summation, it is evident that there are a lot of pleasure devices you can use to spice up your sex life. All the sex toys I have reviewed will transform your masturbation life in a salient way. Just imagine how good it feels to fuck a life size sex doll which has been designed to feel as realistic as possible.

I can assure you that none of the pleasure devices I have reviewed will disappoint you. They are all designed to provide you with mind-numbing orgasms. You should definitely grab one especially if you have a high sex drive. The toys will come in handy whenever you want to relieve yourself.

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