Best Penis Pump: Top 10 Dick Pumps For Stronger Erections

It is the dream of every man to have a big dick and strong erections. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to achieve this dream. Most men struggle to improve the health of their dicks because they either don’t know which methods work or are afraid to share their problems. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, there is a 52% prevalence of ED among aging men. The study shows that about 40% of all men suffer from ED when they reach the age of 40.  Fortunately, men can rely on penis pumps to cure Erectile Dysfunction and increase their dick Sizes.

Choosing a good pump might be a bit difficult for first timers. Luckily, I had my fair share of experimenting and studying penis pumps in the last nine months. During this period, I was able to identify the best penis pump after testing more than twenty pumps. I have reviewed my top ten picks in this post and I am confident that they will work miracles for you.

Comparison Table Of The Best Penis Pumps

Pump ModelDesignBest ForPrice
LeLuv Maxi Penis PumpManualImproving erections Check price
Pos-T-Vac Pump
ElectricErectile Dysfunction Check price
Restore Ed PumpElectricErectile Dysfunction Check price
Utimi Vacuum PumpElectricPenis Growth Check price
Padgene Vacuum PumpElectricErectile Dysfunction & Penile Growth Check price
XMAN Electric Penis PumpElectricPenis Growth Check price
Ideal For Men PumpElectricPenis Growth & ED Check price
Utimi Male Penis PumpManualImproving Erections Check price
WeDol Penis PumpElectricPenis Growth Check price
Paloqueth Penis PumpElectricPenis Growth Check price

What Is A Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a special device which is designed to cure erectile dysfunction. The device is considered as the most effective and safest ED devices. A penis pump has two major parts, a plastic cylinder which is placed over the penis and a manual or battery operated pump which sucks the air from the cylinder. All penis pumps work by creating a vacuum in the cylinder thus triggering blood flow into the penile muscles. The continuous blood flow will help the penis to stay erect.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Absolutely yes! Most of the high-end penis pumps work like a charm. I know some guys who have tried pills and other ED treatment methods and none of them seemed to work. Amazingly, things changed when they switched to using the penis pumps. Most people will prefer to use penis pumps over penis extenders because they are non-invasive. You only need to use the pump for 15 minutes in order to secure a strong erection.

Surprisingly, a high percentage of men who have been using penis pumps to cure Erectile Dysfunction noticed significant penile growth. This is a clear indication that penis pumps are effective when it comes to increasing the length and girth of your dick. Investing in a vacuum penis pump is the best way to end your erection and small dick problems.

Top 10 Penis Pump Reviews

LeLuv Maxi Penis Pump

It is unfortunate that most penis pumps in the market are sold at a very high price. This discourages a huge number of people from purchasing the devices. Luckily, the LeLuv Maxi Penis Pump is sold at an affordable price. In fact, it is one of the best budget penis pumps you can get your hands on. If you have no intention of spending a lot of money on a penile enlargement device, you can get the Leluv Penis Pump at pocket friendly price.

LeLuv Maxi Penis Pump

The Leluv vacuum penis pump comes with a cylinder which is connected to a pump handle via a plastic tube. The handle is designed to help you suck air from the cylinder. You just have to press the handle several times to achieve the pressure you want. Besides, the handle is fitted with a gauge which indicates the amount of pressure.

The pump cylinder has a length of 9 Inches and a diameter of 2.25 inches. At least, the size is adequate for small, average, and well-endowed men.  With the amount of pressure provided by the device, users can gain 2-3 inches in length . I am pretty sure this is significant growth for most men. Moreover, this cylinder is constructed using premium grade acrylic material which is strong and durable. In Fact, the cylinder has 3 mm thick walls meaning it is hard to break.

Get LeLuv Maxi Pump at Amazon

My Impression

There is no doubt that LeLuv is one of the top rated penis pumps you’ll ever find. The design of this pump looks like it favors beginners. Most newbies will find the handle and gauge convenient during their pumping sessions. The gauge comes in handy when you want to regulate the vacuum pressure without any hassles.

The other great thing I found about this device is the premium materials used to construct the various parts. For starters, the acrylic material used in the cylinder is hypoallergenic and safe for the body. Moreover, the cylinder is calibrated to help you know the length that you’ve gained. Secondly, the handle is built from solid brass and it is decorated with a blue finish to make it durable.

The other impressive feature is the quick release valve which is fitted on the cylinder. This valve comes in handy when you want to reduce or maintain the amount of pressure. Moreover, the release valve can be pressed when you feel pain or discomfort during a pumping session. This feature helps to deter penile injury while pumping.

What I Don’t Like

Creating a vacuum seal with the LeLuv Penis Pump might be a bit difficult for beginners.

Pos-T-Vac Penis Pump

The Pos-T-Vac Pump is a high-end penile enlargement device that claims to treat erectile dysfunction and peyronie’s disease. This device features an innovative design which will help you to improve the quality of your erections. Moreover, The Pos-T-Vac pump works like a charm when it comes to increasing the length and girth of your penis.

Pos-T-Vac Penis Pump

Pos-T-Vac Pump is one of the easiest enlargement devices to use. Even though the pump has different parts that you ought to assemble, It should not take you more than 5 minutes to prepare the device. Amazingly, this penis pump comes with a tension cock ring which is meant to maintain your erection. In addition, the package comes with a high-quality lube that should be applied on the bushing.

The Pos-T-Vac Penis pump is an FDA approved medical device. It has undergone through rigorous clinical tests to ascertain that it works perfectly. Besides, this penis pump is authentic and It is strictly made in the USA. Pos-T-Vac penis pump is the ideal solution for men who want to increase their penis sizes, cure ED, and correct penis curvature. Moreover, this device does not have any side effects.

Get Pos-T-Vac at Amazon

My Impression

Unlike the traditional penis pumps, the Pos-T-Vac is a battery operated pump, hence it is easy to control the amount of pressure. Besides, the pump uses BOS-2000-2 as its operating system. You can start the motor by pressing the power button gently. The pump produces enough vacuum pressure to provide you with fantastic results

The other great thing about the Pos-T-Vac pump is, it comes with all the accessories and parts you require to get the pumping job done. You do not have to shop for accessories separately. The entire system includes a Carrying case, Bos-2000-2 Automatic Pump Head, Adapter Bushing, Instructional DVD, Loading Cone, Standard Penile Tube, Support Rings, and Two AA Batteries.

I was also impressed by how the pump is built with safety as a key priority. The Automatic pump head has a safety release valve which allows you to ease pressure on your penis. You can always press the valve when you feel the vacuum is too much for you. The safety release valve comes in handy to prevent  the possibility of penile injury.

The other great thing with the Pos-T-Vac Pump is  warranty. This penis pump is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. Besides, it is also backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty on most of the accessories and replacement parts.

What I Don’t Like

There is no doubt that the Pos-T-Vac is the one of the best penis pumps in 2023. However, I found the batteries are a bit weak to power this device for long pumping sessions. Moreover, the batteries have to be replaced often.

Restore ED Penis Pump

The Restore Combo kit is one of the most trusted devices which are known to cure Erectile Dysfunction. This penis pump was created to help men who are suffering from ED as a result of narrowing blood vessels, heart disease, obesity, prostatectomy procedures, poor vascular circulation, and diabetes.

Restore ED Pump

This high-end device is designed to offer a permanent solution to all types of impotence. The device works effectively regardless of the cause or severity of your Erectile Dysfunction condition.

The Restore Can Help device comes with all the accessories and parts you need to assemble it. Besides, the assembly does not require any technical know how. All the information you require to set up and use this device is contained in the manual. The pump also comes with a DVD which will guide you on how to use the pump.

Get Restore Ed Pump at Amazon

My Impression

If you’ve been struggling with Erectile Dysfunction, the Restore Can Help ED pump is the only medical device you need to cure your condition. The product has worked for more than 80% of the men who have tried it. I really like the device because it provides men with a non-invasive way to improve their erections.

I can recommend this product to anybody who has been struggling with erectile dysfunction. I understand that living with this condition can be a pain in the ass because it ruins your relationship and self-esteem. In addition, Restore Can Help Pump will improve your erections without causing any side effects. This pump is completely safe to use.

What I Don’t Like

It would have been better if this penis pump could help in penis enlargement. Most of the penis pumps are so versatile to an extent that they can cure ED and help in penis growth.

Utimi Rechargeable Vacuum Penis Pump

It is impressive how technology has led to the creation of electric auto penis pumps. If you are the kind of guy who loves using automated toys, then Utimi Rechargeable Pump should be in your to wish list. This penis pump has a unique design which you can’t find with other enlargement pumps.

Utimi Rechargeable Vacuum Penis Pump

Utimi uses vacuum pressure to stretch and exercise your penile muscles. Besides, vacuum pumps provide users with a safe way to cure ED and increase penis size. Being an electric penis pump, you’ll find it easy to operate the device safely. I am saying this because the control panel comes with a button to increase the vacuum pressure and another one to release the pressure . You just have to press the button you want and the pump will adjust accordingly. Isn’t this a great feature?

The Utimi Rechargeable Penis Pump features a high quality construction which is hard to find on other devices. For instance, the pump is made using premium PC which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless. At least, you’ll be able to concentrate on your pumping exercises without stressing about allergies. This pump comes with a sleeve which resembles the lips of a mouth. For your information, the entrance section has a soft TPE sleeve which provides oral sex stimulation.

My Impression

My experience with the Utimi Rechargeable Penis Pump has been great! Who ever imagined a time will come when penis pumping will be automated? Well, I am sure the majority never imagined of such a time. Today, the Utimi rechargeable is one of the few penis pumps which are electric controlled. Using this pump to increase your penis size will be a great experience.

The other amazing feature, is the TPE flesh sleeves which provide a sexual enjoyment during pumping sessions. Moreover, they help in creating a strong seal between the skin and the cylinder.

Finally, I was impressed by the strength of this pump. Amazingly, it can last for up to one hour when the battery is full. I believe this is enough time for a full pumping session. Moreover, very few electric pumps can provide more than 30 minutes of working time. The pump has blue light which indicates when the device is fully charged.

What I Don’t Like

The Utimi Vacuum Pump requires about two hours to charge fully. This might be a long time to wait. Anyway, this should not be a deal breaker considering the immense benefits brought by this device.

Padgene Vacuum Penis Pump

If you are serious about increasing the size of your penis or improving your erections, the Padgene Vacuum pump might be a great option for you. The Padgene Vacuum pump has an elegant design that you can’t find with other penis extenders. Most people love this device because it features advanced technology.  A good example is the intelligent pressure control feature. You get to pick your preferred pressure and the device will auto-adjust the pressure level depending on the rated voltage.

Padgene Vacuum Penis Pump

According to the manufacturer, this penis extender claims to strengthen penile muscles by 50%. Amazingly, Padgene does not cause any kind of discomfort or pain during pumping sessions. This can be attributed to the comfort features and design of the pump. Moreover, users can count on this device to provide them with strong air pressure exercises.  You’ll have peace of mind when using this penile enlargement device because it rarely causes side effects.

Another feature worth pointing out is the LCD display. Most people who’ve used this device have praised it because of the digital LCD screen. The display relays real-time data to the user during the pumping session. The screen emits a bright blue light when it is switched on. This light allows you to pump in the darkness. The digital screen displays the power, gear, and pressure of the pump.  Moreover, you can change the vacuum pressure and gear of the pump from the control panel.

The Padgene Penis Extender features a high quality construction that enhances the durability of the pump. For your information, It is made from solid PC and ABS material. Amazingly, these materials are safe to use because they are odorless and non-toxic. Persons who have sensitive skins can bank their trust on this awesome pump because of its hypoallergenic nature.

My Impression

There are so many penis pumps which claim to improve your erections and increase your penis. Unfortunately, very few live up to their claims. The Padgene penis extender happens to be one of the few devices that work effectively. Honestly, I was so naive about this pump but after trying it for a few weeks, I had already gained 0.5 inches.

I was also amazed  by the techy design of this penis pump. The LED screen is one of the best features of this awesome pump. The display enhances the user’s experience during pumping sessions. Moreover, it relays important data to the user, thus enabling them to make necessary adjustments.

I was impressed by the simplicity of this device because it allows first timers to use it without any hassles. I noticed that adjusting the pressure is so easy because one is only required to press the right buttons. One does not require to have any technical knowledge in order to use this penis pump.

What I Don’t Like

The only problem with the Padgene penis pump is, it might be a bit intimidating for first time users.

XMAN Electric Penis Pump

The XMAN electric pump is a device which has been designed to help you recover from erectile dysfunction. This pump works by creating a vacuum which draws blood into the penis with an aim of creating a strong erection. In addition, men who have been using this penis pump consistently noticed significant gains in the length and girth of their dicks. This can be attributed to the ability of the pump to stimulate penile growth.

XMAN Electric Penis Pump

Unlike most traditional pumps which requires you to create a vacuum manually, the XMAN penis pump features sensitive control buttons that help in adjusting the pressure. You will hardly struggle when setting the required pressure even if it is your first time. Moreover, the XMAN’s pump comes with a button which is used as a safety valve. You can always press it whenever you feel the vacuum is causing discomfort or pain.

This vacuum pump comes with a transparent cylinder which allows you to see the effect of pumping on your penis. In addition, the product comes with a soft rubber pillow and a silicone cushion which provides comfort during pumping. The two comfort features prevent users from feeling pain or discomfort around the base of the penis.

My Impression

If you are looking for a pump that’s easy to use, the XMAN is the penis pump to go for. In fact, you can learn how to use it without reading its manual. Besides, the device has a nice looking control panel which you can use to adjust the vacuum intensity.The other feature I like is the safety valve that can be triggered by the push of a button. With this feature, you’ll be able to relieve the pressure if it becomes too much for you.

I was impressed by the design of this pump because it allows user to detach the various parts of the pump. This allows you to carry the device whenever they are travelling. Moreover, it makes cleaning easier because one can clean individual parts separately. The XMAN penis pump is an efficient device for improving the strength of your erections.

What I Don’t Like

This device might not be ideal for guys who want their dicks to surpass the 8 Inches mark.

Ideal For Me Penis Pump

The Ideal For Me enlargement device is among the few pumps which provide fast results. Most penis pumps require commitment and discipline in order to produce results. If you are searching for an electric penis pump, this is the device you should go for. It has been widely used by men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and most of them were impressed by the results. This pump will create a vacuum which triggers blood to flow into the penile muscles resulting to a rock-hard erection.

Ideal For Me Penis Pump

Operating the Ideal For Me penis pump is pretty easy. First and foremost, you have to lubricate the penis with a water-based lube before placing it in the cylinder. The vacuum pumping activity is controlled by two buttons located at the bottom. To operate this device, you just press the power button continuously until you attain the desired level of pressure.

The Ideal For Me Electric penis pump is safe for everybody to use. It has been subjected to various clinical tests to ensure it is a reliable solution. In addition, this penis extender has an FDA approved certification meaning it is secure and safe for everybody who wants to cure Erectile Dysfunction, or increase penile length and girth.

One of the benefits of using this penis pump is the insane vacuum level. Very few devices will provide enough vacuum to impact the length and girth of your penis. Fortunately, the Ideal Penis Pump will sustain your needs in a very effective manner. I bet you won’t have any regrets after purchasing this device.

My Impression

There are so many features which makes Ideal For Me a suitable penis pump. Firstly, this toy does not produce so much noise when it is running. In fact, it has a noise level of around 45 db. At least, nobody will hear the sound of this penis pump especially if you plan to use it in the shower or a locked room.

Secondly, Ideal For Me is USB rechargeable. This device must be plugged in for around 90 minutes to charge fully. I know it sounds like too much time to wait, however, the device will last for 50 sessions when fully charged. At least you won’t have to charge it regularly, as a result, the battery will go for several months without the need to replace them.

Finally, I was impressed by how easy it is to clean this penis pump. All the parts of this device can be detached during cleaning. You can clean the device without worrying about the delicate parts.

What I Don’t Like

New users might experience some discomfort because the device has a very strong vacuum. Newbies should avoid high levels of pressure during their first few days with the pump.

Utimi Male Penis Pump

Utimi is a high quality vacuum sex toy which is meant to help men secure a strong penis erection. So, if you’ve been struggling with erectile dysfunction, the Utimi Penis pump will solve your problem within a few weeks or months. This pump has one of the simplest designs you’ll ever come across. Besides, it claims to be a classic manual pump which works effectively to end your bedroom problems.

Utimi Male Penis Pump

This pump comes with 3 medical silicone sleeves, and they all have different dimensions and colors. You can fix the sleeve of your choice on the mouth of the cylinder in order to create a good seal and provide comfort.

Since utimi is a manual pump, it comes with a pumping handle that is connected to the cylinder using a flexible pipe. Besides, the handle can be operated using one hand thus allowing you to hold the cylinder with the other hand. You are supposed to suck the air out of the cylinder in order to create a strong vacuum. I found this handle easy to use as compared to other manual vacuum pumps.

My Impression

Honestly, Utimi manual pump is the best option for men who are looking for a budget friendly penis pump. Well, it’s not a high end pump but it will do a perfect job. I was quite impressed by the strength of the vacuum pressure. The pressure is  enough to give you an erection in less than two minutes. Besides, this penis pumps can improve the size of your dick when used consistently for several months.

I also like how this penis pump is designed. For starters, the cylinder is made using ABS plastic which is lightweight and durable. Secondly, the sleeves are made from medical grade silicone. All these materials are safe for the body because they do not contain any harmful compounds. The ABS plastic cylinder is great because of its transparent design which comes in handy when you want to know if there is any discoloration on the penis. Amazingly, the cylinder has calibrations that will help you measure the length of your dick before and after pumping.

What I Don’t Like

This pump is only great for beginners who are looking to improve their erections. The pump might not work well for people who have severe erectile dysfunction.

WeDol Penis Enlargement Pump

WeDol is one of the upcoming brands in the adult industry. They have been producing high-end adult toys in the last two years. Besides, WeDol masturbators have appeared severally in my previous article about blowjob machines.

WeDol Penis Enlargement Pump

Early this year, WeDol released one of the best electric penis pumps in 2023. Their product is new but it’s doing so well in the market.

The WeDol Penis Pump is designed with a purpose of helping men to increase the size of their dicks. Surprisingly, this penis pump provides great results after one or two months of use. Other than increasing the size of your dick, this awesome pump will do a perfect job in terms of improving your erections.

This pump comes with four silicone rings of different sizes in order to fit perfectly to all penis sizes. The Rings are made from medical grade silicone which meets high safety standards. For your information the rings are quite stretchy and safe for sensitive skins.

My Impression

Being a huge fan of WeDol devices, I was 100% sure that their penis pump will impress. Honestly, this penis pump should be in your shopping list if you are looking for a device which will provide instant results. The pump is designed to boost the size of your penis within a few weeks or months of use.

I was also impressed by the high safety standards of this device. All the parts of the WeDol Electric pump are made using odorless, non-toxic, and safe materials. Sensitive men can use the pump without worrying about allergies.

What I Don’t Like

The only issue I have with this penis pump is, it takes three hours to charge it while most electric pumps take less than 2 hours.

Paloqueth Electronic Penis Pump

The other great penis pump in the market is the Paloqueth Electronic Pump. As the name suggests, this device was designed by the popular Adult Company known as Paloqueth. I am sure some of you have tried some of their novelty toys. Paloqueth is one of the pumps which have helped men to recover from ED and Peyronies Disease.

Paloqueth Electronic Penis Pump

Honestly, this is a pump which will help you to improve your erections as well as your penis size. Luckily, this device will bring fast results as compared to traditional penis pumps. Most people start seeing results after a few weeks of consistent use.

Being an electric penis pump, Paloqueth features 4 different intensities. Besides, the pump has two buttons which you can use to operate the suction intensity. The device has an additional button which acts as a safety release valve. Besides, the package comes with a soft sleeve that fits on the cylinder to create a tight seal during pumping sessions.

My Impression

I am always impressed by Paloqueth products because they are super effective. Paloqueth penis pump delivers results faster than its competitors. You’ll notice some significant gains even with the first pumping session. Amazingly, the Paloqueth penis pump works like a charm because it has 4 strong suction intensities.

This electric penis pump is USB rechargeable and it comes with a USB cable.  You just have to plug the cable into a laptop, power bank or any other device that has a USB port. Surprisingly, the device provides up to two hours of service after it is fully charged.

What I Don’t Like

The four different suction intensities might overwhelm first time users. Always stick to the first setting until you get used to the device.

A Guide On How To Use A penis Pump

Assuming you’ve already purchased the penis pump, how do you go about the pumping exercise? I understand this is an area that causes newbies to freak out because they have no clue on where to start and what to avoid. Fortunately, I have experimented so many penis pumps and I know how to use each one of them correctly.

The first thing you ought to do is read the manual or instructions pamphlet which comes with the package. Some of the penis pumps come with a DVD that contains important instructions on how to use the device. Reading the instructions will inform you on what is required of you from the first step to the last step. Moreover, most of the pumps come with their different parts detached and you’ll need to rely on the manual to assemble them.

Once you are ready to commence, do some warm up exercises to prepare your dick for the pumping session. Some of the exercises that work well are jelqing and stroking your penis. These exercises will trigger blood flow to your penile muscles.

If you are ready to start your pumping session, apply some lubricant on the base area of the pump and gently insert your penis into the cylinder. The lubricant will help in creating a snug seal around the groin area. Always remember to trim your pubes to facilitate direct contact between your skin and the pump.

The next step is pumping out the air by pressing the switch or using the handle pump. Repeat the pumping process until you achieve the desired or recommended pressure. Pumping should be done slowly to allow the penis to adjust accordingly. Some penis pumps will come with a pressure gauge that helps in monitoring the pressure level.

Your penis should be subjected to the vacuum pressure for about 15-20 minutes. This is the recommended time and failure to observe this instruction might cause serious side effects to your dick.

After the pumping duration is over, press the release valve to allow air inside the cylinder. Always check whether there is any unusual discoloration on the penis skin.

How To Choose A Good Penis Pump

The reason why most men find it difficult to choose the best penis pump is due to the over-reliance of product descriptions. Mind you, the manufacturer will never tell you the disadvantage of using their product because their main aim is to sell. Fortunately, I always subject all the product into rigorous tests in order to give you my first hand experience with the device. Moreover,  I always go that extra mile to disclose the criteria I use to pick my best penis pump. You can rely on my guide when you are shopping for a good penis pump.

  • Effectiveness

Nobody wants to spend money on some piece of junk that doesn’t fulfill its claims. I understand its difficult to know the effectiveness of a device without trying it. However, you can do some research online or also read the reviews of customers who have tried the product. If a product has a lot of customer reviews, then it’s absolutely effective. Besides, It is imperative to keep off from products which have a lot of negative reviews or no reviews.

  • Size

The other key factor worth considering is the size of the pump. Nobody buys a pump without knowing whether it will accommodate his manhood. Vacuum penis pumps come in different sizes to ensure that every man gets a perfect product. Men who have big penises should go for larger pumps while small men should opt for small and average penis pumps.

  • Durability

The durability aspect of your pump is very important because you are supposed to use the device for 3 to 6 months or more. I believe nobody would like to purchase a pump which will break easily or stop functioning after some time.

  • Materials

If you are serious about getting a good penis pump, always check the materials used to make the various parts of the pump. Well, I understand that different parts are made from different materials. However, the most important parts are the cylinder and the sleeve since they will always come into contact with your skin. A good sleeve should be made using medical grade silicone, while the cylinder should be made from high quality ABS, PC, or Acrylic. All the parts that come into contact with your dick must be safe for your skin.

  • Features

I always recommend guys to purchase pumps that have a variety of features. Such penis pumps are user-friendly, versatile and attractive. Some of the features you should consider is the pumping mechanism, rechargeability, sleeves, comfort pads and calibrations. All in all, every penis pump should have an air release valve for safety issues.

Safety Concerns

Although ED penis pumps are considered to be the safest way to improve erections and increase penis size, there are still some risks associated with them. For starters, vacuum penis pumps are not safe for guys with any blood disorder.

Another concern is the possibility of your penis becoming numb, cold, or discolored. This issue can happen because of excessive pumping or using a tight cock ring. Secondly, you might experience pain or soreness because of internal bleeding in the penile muscles.

Some users have complained of unnatural  erections, decreased sensitivity, and painful ejaculations. Remember these side effects mostly occur when you fail to adhere to the instructions and pumping routine.


There are a lot of affordable and good penis pumps in the market. You do not have to spend more than 200 dollars to get a high-quality penis pump. The ten products I have reviewed in this post are worth every penny. They will do a perfect job to restore your erections and also improve the length and girth of your penis. I have tested each one of them and I am 100% sure they won’t disappoint you in any way.

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