The Best Sex Dolls: Reviews and Detailed Guide

Whether you’re lonely or want a new sex toy, the best sex dolls fulfill a need. They’re more than a simple sex toy, though. Sex dolls can become companions to those who desire a less lonely existence. Until they find the right partner, a sex doll lover can be a great substitute. These realistic lovers can be custom designed for certain fetishes, too.

Sex doll reviews are the first place to start when researching the right sex doll for your needs. They can fit with a range of budgets and physical desires. There are life-sized versions as well as simple torsos for your new lover. All of them have soft, silky skin that mimics a woman’s softness.

Best Sex Dolls Comparison Table

Product EntrancesMaterialSizePrice
XISE Life Size DollAnus, VaginaMedical Grade Silicone (TPR)Partial without Breasts Check price
NWDoll Full Size DollMouth, Vagina, AnusTPEFull-Sized Check price
Pipedream Fuck Me SillyAnus, VaginaFanta-fleshPartial without Breasts Check price
Pnbb Fuck My Two HolesAnus, VaginaBody-safe MaterialsPartial without Breasts Check price
Shequ Virgin Sex DollAnus, VaginaMedical Grade SiliconePartial without Breasts Check price
XISE 3D Love DollAnus, VaginaSiliconePartial with Breasts Check price
King Mansion Sex AngelMouth, Vagina, AnusTPEFull-Sized Check price
Mandarin Duck D9 Sex DollMouth, Vagina, AnusTPEFull-Sized Check price
JBDK 3D Sex Doll - BellaAnus, VaginaMedical Grade SiliconePartial with Breasts Check price
Paloqueth Sex MasturbatorAnus, VaginaSiliconePartial with Covered Breasts Check price

Top ten sex dolls review

XISE Silicone Life-Size Masturbator

Key features

As a life-sized sex doll, this has a few things going for it. It has a solid weight, so it’ll feel incredibly life-like. The holes are slightly curved to increase the realistic sensations.

The weight and parts of the body that are represented here will allow you to push into the sex doll and feel like it’s providing great bounce back. It’s 14 inches by 13 inches by 9 inches and weighs 18.8 pounds. That’s solid and meaty enough to seem like a small to medium size woman is there.

Best sex doll
View XISE Masturbator at Amazon

The material is a medical grade silicone that is 100 percent safe for your body. The sex doll comes with a bottle of lubricant and a warmer for the holes. It only needs a few minutes of warming to feel like you’re pushing yourself inside her warm body.

My impression

There are some great features with this sex doll. It comes with a vagina and anal hole. The hole warmer is a nice touch. Push the warmer into each hole for a few minutes and apply lubrication. You’ll be able to spend hours ravishing your sex doll and enacting any kind of fantasies that turn you on in the bedroom.

Some people use sex dolls to represent a woman that is away from home. It’s also great for those who have specific needs and fetishes. This is a woman who won’t protest if things get too rough during anal sex.

The interior of the sex doll is made of metal that’s surrounded by the soft, realistic silicone that closely resembles actual skin. When pushing into the sex doll’s holes, it won’t be compacted by the pressure because of the interior structure.

What could be better?

The interior doesn’t have a drainage hole for liquids.

NwDol Full-Size, Lifelike Sex Doll

Key features

There are so many features to discuss with this sex doll. The doll has realistic skin made from body-safe TPE. It’s a new type of silicone that is stretchier than normal silicone. It makes the body of the doll more realistic. The doll has a steel skeleton, so she can be posed in various positions. She’s approximately 5 feet tall. Her measurements are 34 inches across the chest, 20 inches in the waist, and 33 inches in the hips.

The doll has all the holes that a real woman has. You are able to use her mouth, vagina, or anus. Each hole is long enough to simulate a woman’s dimensions. The mouth is 5 inches while the vagina and anus are 7 and 6 inches.

Sex doll
View NwDol Sex Doll at Amazon

The doll is petite, but fully realistic. It weighs approximately 83 pounds, which means it’ll have the solid weight that makes her feel even more realistic. When she’s not in use, she can be posed in various places.

My impression

Like real women, you might have a preference in terms of brunettes or blondes. The doll is customizable. You’ll be able to pick the eye and hair color to suit your attractions.

This type of doll requires a certain amount of care. You’ll need to ensure she’s clean after each use, but she’ll need to be bathed every few weeks, too. Cornstarch will need to be applied to the skin to ensure it stays fresh and soft. This is a time you can play with your doll in the bath while you’re cleaning her. It gives many opportunities for new positions.

You can play dress up with this doll and order more wigs and various eyes. It’s a fun doll that can be used for sex, but it can also be a kind of companion for anyone who is lonely.

What could be better?

You have to be careful with the silicone because color can transfer from clothing.

Pipedream Products Fuck Me Silly

Key features

This masturbator has only the parts you need. It’ll give you a realistic-feeling experience with Fanta-flesh. It’s a silicone material that feels as close to real skin as you can possibly get. It feels so realistic that sliding inside the holes feels like the real thing. The holes of the sex doll are deep with a thick wall separating them.

View Pipedream Doll at Amazon

This is a 20-pound sex doll that has enough solid weight to make an impression. The masturbator is solid, but portable. It can be used at any time then stored discreetly, so nobody knows you have a secret, sexy lover. It’s best to keep the doll in a box or case that stops dirt or dust from covering the skin.

It comes with a personal lubricant as well as a toy cleaner. The cleaner is made to be used with the Fanta-flesh. Cleaning is essential to ensuring that the skin will stay soft.

My impression

This is only a portion of the female form, but it includes the major holes that work for masturbation. Resting your hands on the backside of this doll, it’ll feel incredibly realistic. If you want to slap her ass while pounding away inside her, she’ll never ask you to slow down.

The Fuck Me Silly partial doll can fulfill many fantasies while being discreet. You don’t have to worry about hiding her in a closet when company is over. The doll can be hidden under the bed or in a box quickly and easily.

What could be better?

This can’t be submerged in water or the foam core will become wet.

Pnbb Fuck My Two Holes Vagina Sex Toy – Emily

Key features

This male masturbator is crafted from materials that are 100 percent safe for use with any part of your body. It’s shaped for natural insertion of the penis, which is a sensitive area. The shape is incredibly life-like and so is the material. It’s smooth and soft to the touch.

There are 3 sizes of this sex toy. Each Emily Ass has certain measurements that will make them a perfect choice for you. The small one is 6.5 inches in length, 5.9 inches in width, and 3.4 inches in height. The medium is 7.1 inches long, 6.3 inches wide, and 3.9 inches high. The Big Emily Ass is 10.2 inches long, 10.6 inches wide, and 5.9 inches high.

Pnbb sex doll
View Pnbb Sex Toy at Amazon

The material is as soft and silky as real skin, and once lubrication is applied, it’ll feel like slipping yourself between the silky folds of a real woman. It’s 100 percent waterproof, so you can add as much lubrication as you need. You’ll be able to finish deep inside the sex toy as well.

My impression

The sex toy is two handsful of flesh that can be manipulated around your penis to bring the greatest pleasure. You can squeeze it soft and gently. Once you’re ready to climax, you can dig your fingers into the flesh or give it a slap as you thrust faster and harder.

With a sex toy masturbator, you’re able to change the sensations you’ll feel wrapped around you. Instead of the rough texture of your fingers, you’ll get the silky softness of female flesh.

What could be better?

This type of material needs extra care like washing and drying completely before storage.

Shequ Male Masturbator Sex Doll with

Key features

Many sex dolls have a variety of openings for male pleasure. This love doll simulates a virgin female, which is a different take on the classic sex doll. The anal cavity has ridges and protrusions that stimulate the head and shaft of the penis. That’s the main entrance to the sex doll.

The vagina is angled, so that it’ll be like you’re meeting resistance at the end. It simulates you breaking through the hymen and taking her virginity. This fetish can be re-enacted each time you have sex with this doll.

SHEQU Sex Doll
View Shequ Doll at Amazon

The material is ultra-soft TPR, which feels like soft, realistic flesh. It’s a type of silicone used to craft life-like sex toys. It doesn’t have phthalates, is non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. You won’t get a weird skin reaction with this sex doll.

My impression

This is the perfect sex torso for enacted a certain kind of fetish. When someone can act out their deepest fantasies, they’re more satisfied and happy. This leads to a better sex life – whether it’s in a relationship or solo. There’s nothing wrong with having a great life filled with self-love and solo time in the bedroom.

The material can be stretched or pulled to form around the penis in a manner that leads to your greatest orgasm. Place this at an angle and cover it with blankets, and it’ll be like she’s asleep next to you in bed. You can seek pleasure with her any time you want. She’ll never tell you she’s too tired.

What could be better?

The depth of the hole is under 7 inches, which might not be long enough for some penis sizes.

Xise Sex 3D Love Doll

Key features

This is a solid torso with breasts, vagina, and anus for your pleasure while being lightweight enough to move as needed. Some sex dolls have weight that makes them difficult to move while having sex. You can easily flip her as you’re pounding inside her velvety folds or having anal sex with her.

Xise Sex 3D Doll
View Xise 3D Love Doll at Amazon

The skin is very realistic to the touch. On the inside, the vagina has a cervix. It’ll feel very realistic as you bottom out inside your girl. As you’re having sex with this doll, there’s a strong suction in the vagina. It’s created by the thrusting action inside the holes.

My impression

The torso with breasts, vagina, and anus are the best parts of the female form. It’s a 3D doll that has a round backside and firm, yet soft breasts. You can squeeze her tits and slap her ass while you’re pounding inside her. She’s very squishy, so you can squeeze her around your penis for more friction and stimulation.

Between the softness of her folds and the cervix you’ll hit during penetration, this will simulate sex with a woman. It’s great for prolonging sex with your lover. You can practice on the torso, so when it’s time for sex, you’ll be able to please her for longer.

What could be better?

This doesn’t have a firm inner core for stability.

KingMansion TPE Angel Love Doll

Key features

Angel is a full-sized love doll with skin that feels very real because it’s made from TPE. It’s a body safe material that mimics the softness and texture of a woman’s body.

The soft texture surrounds a metal interior skeleton that allows you to pose her exactly the way you want her. If you’d like her to bend over with her butt lifted in the air, she’ll stay that way as you enter her. You can lift her legs back and over your shoulders for deep penetration, too. She’s more flexible than a real woman would be.

KingMansion Love Doll
View KingMansion Doll at Amazon

Her measurements are 34-20-33. She’s 5.41 inches tall and weighs 75 pounds. As far as her other measurements, there are her holes to consider. Her mouth is 5.51 inches deep. Her anus is 6.69 inches deep, and her vagina is 7.87 inches.

Angel can be ordered with various wigs and other accessories. She’ll come with a standard wig and lingerie. You might want to purchase some sexy clothing and realistic wigs for your love doll. The best love dolls don’t have generic, cheap accessories.

My impression

The Angel doll is a size and weight that helps her pass as a real woman even more than some of the other versions. She’s close to a woman’s weight and has very soft skin. Some men can use this doll to keep them company in bed as well as use her for sex.

It’s startling for some to learn that men like to snuggle, and they miss the touch of someone else in a non-sexual manner. This doll is great for therapy as well as intimacy issues. She’s made of a material that feels great when it’s heated, and she can transfer body heat back to the snuggler, too.

What could be better?

The doll can be really heavy for some people depending on positioning.

Mandarin Duck D9 Real Life-Size Doll

Key features

The TPE material is safe for the body and easy to maintain. It’s a soft material that really feels like supple, female skin. The material is non-toxic and doesn’t have the weird smell that can accompany some lifelike sex toys.

When ordering this sex doll, you have the option of full customization. That includes wigs, eye color, skin color, breast size, and feet. The doll is approximately 61 inches tall. The chest is 30 inches, the waist is 20 inches and the hips are 29 inches.

Mandarin Doll
View Mandarin Doll at Amazon

The skeletal structure of the doll is made of titanium. That’s a skeleton that can be moved and positioned in a variety of ways without the joints breaking. This allows you to push her legs up near her head as you pound inside her. You don’t have to be gentle at all.

This doll has a mouth depth of 5 inches, so she can easily take a bit of your length. The other holes are deeper. The vagina is 7 inches deep while the anus is 6 inches deep. She weighs 59 pounds.

My impression

The features of the doll and the accessories you can order make this a value purchase. Along with the doll, you also get a USB heating rod for warming her holes. There’s a blanket for warming her entire body as well as an anti-static comb for her hair.

The beauty of the best sex dolls is the way they can be customized for your personal preferences. Change the hair color, eye color, and purchase sexy clothes for your new lover. You’ll enjoy spending time with her inside and outside of the bedroom.

What could be better?

The skin soaks up some dyes from clothing. Choose her clothing carefully.

JBDK Bella the Princess Sex Toy Realistic Love Doll

Key features

The Bella Princess love doll has breasts, anus, and vagina. The torso weighs approximately 12 pounds, so it can be moved easily during sex. The torso measures about 15.5 inches by 9 inches by 5.5 inches.

The holes are textured and silky, so they provide extra stimulation for anyone who wants to use this doll as a sex trainer. You can teach yourself to last longer and become a better lover with this sex doll.

JBDK love doll
View JBDK Bella Love Doll at Amazon

The material is a medical grade silicone that’s silky, soft, and close to the feel of real flesh. There’s no weird smell with this material, either. It comes with a USB heater that will provide all the warmth you need for plunging yourself into the depths of this love doll.

My impression

The sex torso has all the parts you’ll need for a sex toy. The form has a sturdy skeleton, so she’ll keep her shape when you’re pounding away inside her. There’s some give and bounce when thrusting, and the skin feels very realistic when you slap it during sex. If you’ve ever wanted to slap your girl’s ass during sex, you can do that with the Bella doll.

The doll comes with a warmer as well as lubricants. It’ll allow you to easily slip inside her soft, yet textured vagina or anus. You could also use the lubricant between the breasts as you squeeze her tit flesh around your penis.

What could be better?

The torso isn’t as large one might expect. Take careful note of the measurements before purchase.

Paloqueth Realistic Male Sex Doll

Key features

The material is a TPR that will feel natural and silky smooth. When you close your eyes, you’ll believe you’re experiencing the real thing.

Paloqueth sex doll
View Paloqueth Doll at Amazon

This male sex masturbator measures 9.5 inches by 6.5 inches. It weighs less than 4 pounds. It’s more like a stimulator that’s held in one hand to masturbate. You can squeeze this torso around your penis to experience as much or as little pressure as you want during sex.

Included with the doll is a lubricant for exploring the depths of this sex doll. The interior has knobs and twists to stimulate the head and shaft of your penis during penetration.

My impression

This high-quality silicone sex doll is like a personal sleeve in the shape of a woman’s body. You’ll be able to push your penis into the vagina or the anus and experience incredible sensations.

The torso was crafted after a model’s body with the same tattoos that she has, too. It’s an added dimension to the product. You’ll be able to fantasize about the woman behind the creation if you wish.

What could be better?

The size of the torso could be a bit bigger to feel more realistic and proportionate to a woman’s body.

How Did the Sex Doll Become Popular for Masturbation?

Instead of being alone, single people are choosing to spend money on sex dolls. They are great as sex partners because there’s no expectations or restrictions on the kind of sex the person wants. It’s an elevated form of masturbation. It’s great for those who have certain fetishes, too.

While early forms of sex dolls were made of plastic or vinyl, the current ones are made from a material that mimics the skin. It’s soft and lifelike material that is pretty durable.

As more and more people are accepting of sex dolls, they’ve moved into mainstream by being featured in movies and television. There have been movies featuring realistic love dolls like Love Object and Love Me, Love My Doll.

Some owners of sex dolls use them for masturbation alone. Others use them as a way to curb loneliness and elevate their sexual encounters. At one time, the use of sex dolls might have been taboo or strange. It’s no longer the case as more and more people purchase sex dolls.

Sex Doll History

Some of the earliest dolls used for sex were taken on voyages by Dutch sailors. They were without women for a long time when they were traveling at sea.

They were also a part of French culture and went by the name of “dame de voyage.” At that time, they were made from old clothing or cloth that was sewn in the shape of a woman.

The Dutch sold some of the dolls to the Japanese during their voyages. In some areas of Japan, they’re still called Dutch wives.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that sex dolls started to become more popular. They were made of vinyl or latex. They were inflated using air and called blowup dolls.

The blowup dolls really didn’t resemble the sex dolls of today. Customers wanted more realistic sex dolls, so companies start looking for ways to make the surface more like skin.

What to Consider with Your First Sex Doll

  • Size of the Doll

You’ll need to consider the size of the doll you want. This should be based on the kind of sex you want to have. It should also include the room you’ll need for the doll itself. You might want to opt for a miniature sex doll or a torso with anus and vagina instead of a life-sized doll. This doll will be living with you if it’s a life-sized model. You’ll need to bathe it and maintain it.

  • Realistic Features

The material, shape, and entrances to the doll have to be as realistic as possible. Consider the shape that you prefer. If you love wide hips or a luscious butt on your woman, that’s the kind of doll you should look for when researching. Your dream woman’s measurements should be considered, too. They’ll influence the form that you purchase.

  • Body-Safe Materials

Realistic sex dolls are made with soft materials that mimic skin texture. They’re usually made from silicone or TPE. While silicone is a great, body-safe material, TPE feels more realistic.

  • Easy to Use

There’s nothing that has to be assembled with a sex doll. You’ll order it, and you can use it as soon as you open the box. All you need is lubrication and a hole warmer to enjoy the company of your new sex doll.

  • Waterproof

The core of the full-sized doll or torso should be made from steel or other material that can handle being wet. If you want to buy a torso or partial sex doll, it should be one with a solid core that is waterproof.

  • Flexible Doll

A rigid doll can’t move as you’re pumping inside her. That makes it difficult to fantasize or enjoy the sex doll as a lover. If it doesn’t move like a real woman’s body would, it’s breaking with the fantasy and won’t be as pleasurable.

  • Scentless

Some sex toys have a strange smell to them. It’s a mixture of a chemical and oil scent that is the mark of toys with phthalates. Silicone or TPE should never have that smell. Beware of sex toys with the smell. They’re not body-safe materials.

  • Easy Cleanup

It’s simple to clean a partial sex doll. The torso can be rinsed with water to remove the deposits left behind after intercourse. After a few washes, it might be necessary to apply some corn starch to avoid a sticky-feeling surface. A full-sized sex doll can be rinsed after use and washed every few weeks.

  • Discreet Package and Delivery

A partial or full-sized sex doll delivery isn’t something you want to announce to the neighbors. The packaging shouldn’t give any indication of what’s inside. Ordering a sex doll and having it delivered to the home can be what holds people back from ordering. Many companies understand and won’t print anything on the box.

Why Purchase a Sex Doll?

There are many reasons for a sex doll purchase. Sex dolls range from pocket pussies to fetish dolls to high-end luxury models. There’s a sex doll for every budget as well as every desire.

The high-end luxury sex dolls are incredibly realistic. They can be a substitute for someone who is single and lonely. They make good companions, and the person who owns a sex doll won’t feel like they’re living such a solitary life.

There are sex dolls that are used for fetishes. Big breasts, black dolls, or even MILF options are available for those who want very specific body types. Sex dolls can take a woman’s place in situations where the man wants a specific fantasy. For example, he might want to slap her ass during sex or climax inside her. His lover may object to that type of sex. The sex doll becomes a surrogate for her.

It’s also great to have a sex doll when a couple is apart for a long period of time. The doll could be customized to look like a wife or girlfriend who is away for any reason.

Ultimately, many men purchase a female sex doll to avoid judgment about their sexual preferences. They want a woman who won’t make faces or berate them for the things they want to try.

Modern Materials and Technology for Sex Dolls

While sex dolls used to be made from cloth or vinyl, they’re currently made from body-safe materials like silicone or TPE. They can be purchased anonymously online, so there’s less of a reluctance to discuss preferences and likes as well as dislikes. There are forums for people to talk about dolls and ask each other questions.

The customer can choose different customizations for the sex doll, too. Instead of a blowup doll made of vinyl with a wide-open mouth, dolls are now made of a material that mimics real orifices and skin texture. The customer can choose to have certain wigs, clothing, eyes, and skin color, too.

Sex dolls come in various sizes from torsos to luxury models. They come with warmers for the orifices and lubricants for the feel of a real vagina, mouth, or anus. Experts believe that in a few years, there will be realistic sex robots, but we’re not quite there, yet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Your New Sex Doll

Usually the way you use your sex doll will be influenced by the fantasy you want fulfilled. If you want to tie your lover down to the bed, you can easily use restraints on your sex doll. For those who are into humiliation or spanking, the feel of the flesh beneath your hand will have a realistic sensation. If you want to take a bath with your sex doll, you can do that, too.

After ordering your sex doll, you’ll unpack her from the box. The next steps will depend on whether you purchased a life-sized model or a torso. For the full sex doll, you’ll likely need to attach her head as well as accessories. You might have purchased extra eyes or hair to fit your preferences.

Spend some time feeling her skin and getting yourself in the mood with your new lady. For the torso, you won’t need to prepare as much. The beauty of silicone or TPE is that it will feel like real skin. On the other hand, it won’t be warm. For that, you’ll need a few accessories.

To mimic the warmth of a real woman, you’ll want to prepare her. You could use an electric blanket to warm her to the right temperature. There are also hole warmers that will bring the orifices up to the right temperature. Always be careful about leaving her under the blanket too long. The orifice warmer shouldn’t be used for more than a few minutes. It can actually widen the hole due to the temperature.

Add lubrication to the hole you’d like to use and slip inside her. Whether it’s the anus, vagina, or mouth, you can warm them and add lube until you can stroke easily in her holes.

Cleaning up after use is relatively simple. You’ll need to flush her holes to ensure nothing remains. You shouldn’t submerge the torso unless the toy is waterproof. The foam core can be compromised in the torso version.

For full-sized sex dolls, you’ll want to rinse her out as good as you possibly can. The interior should be dried with a cloth, too. You don’t want to leave any moisture inside the sex doll. You can store her once she’s completely dry.

The large sex dolls have a metal skeleton that allows them to be washed in the bathtub. Those dolls with standup feet can be washed in the shower. That should be done every few weeks to maintain the integrity of the skin.

Cleaning and Maintaining to Keep Her Fresh and New

It’s vital that you take care of your new lover. She doesn’t need to be washed or maintained regularly. You will need to take a bit of care after use, though. Don’t leave your deposit inside her for too long without rinsing.

Every few weeks, you can bring her into the bath. If you decide to get the feet attachments, you can have her stand in the shower with you. After shower sex, it’ll be easy to clean out her holes.

Over time, you might need to refresh your sex doll. She’ll need some cornstarch to renew her skin. While she won’t take as much maintenance or work as a real woman, she still needs your attention occasionally.

Don’t leave her holes wet when you place her into storage. You can use a clean towel to dry her completely. Don’t use cleansers that can damage the life-like skin.

Security Concerns

There are some concerns for security you should be aware of with your sex doll. It’s for personal use. It’s not recommended that you share your doll with anyone else. It can cause serious health concerns and manufacturers warn against it.

It’s not recommended for people who are underage, or those who have high blood pressure. Those with a heart condition shouldn’t use a sex doll. Using a sex toy like this one can cause rapid heart beat because they have to be manipulated and moved around. They can weigh close to 100 pounds and won’t move on their own.

The materials are high quality and safe for the body unless you’re someone with an allergy. The manufacturer will list the ingredients, so be sure you’re purchasing the best sex doll for yourself that won’t cause issues.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it safe to use a sex doll?
It’s safe to use a sex doll as long as you’re being careful. If you have a heart condition, you shouldn’t try to carry the doll. It shouldn’t be moved or carted around during sex. You’ll get a workout trying to have sex with the doll if you change positions constantly.

Should I be using lubricants?
You’ll need a bit of lubricant to slip inside the holes of the sex doll. They don’t produce their own lubrication like a woman’s vagina would. The amount of lubricant used will depend on your personal preferences.

How often can I use a sex doll?
It’s possible to use a sex doll multiple times a day. It will depend on how much time you have to spend with your new lover. You could love her 2, 3 or 10 times a day depending on how much stamina you have.

Do I need a condom during sex with my doll?
The beauty of the sex doll is that you definitely don’t need to use a condom. You might be worried about unprotected sex with a lover, but you never have to worry about your sex doll. That’s why it’s important to never loan your sex doll to anyone. If you want to keep the interior of the doll clean, you can use one, though. That’s your choice.

Can teenagers use sex dolls?
While sexual aids are used by teenagers occasionally, sex dolls shouldn’t be used by those who are underage.

Are there differences between RealDoll and CandyGirl?

Both the RealDoll and Candygirl lines are made with realistic-feeling materials like silicone and TPE. The RealDoll features lines that look incredibly realistic. Their facial expressions and eyes can be very lifelike. In some of the dolls, you’ll have to look twice to see that they’re not actually real. That’s how lifelike they are.

The CandyGirl line is manufactured in Japan. They’re made of the same materials and have many of the same features. It’s difficult to purchase outside of Japan, though. The line caters to fetish fulfillment with dolls that come with certain outfits and features.

Final Thoughts

The best sex dolls are ones that fulfill a sexual, physical, or emotional need within you. They can be chosen to look like someone specific, or modeled after a preference you have. They come in versions that have large breasts or wide hips. Some fit with certain fetishes, too. They can be customized and accessorized with various wigs, new eyes, or sexy clothing. Sex dolls can be used for fetish fulfillment, but they can also be used to keep a lonely person company.

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