Best Sex Machine Reviews: The Ultimate Fantasy Enhancer

Sex machines are bringing pleasure into the bedrooms of many people. Those who masturbate want to add a bit of fantasy and hands-free entertainment to their solo activities. Couples are able to add sex machines into their lives to fulfill a variety of fantasies. Sex machines are not taboo anymore. They’re naughty fun that can heighten your arousal and increase sensations.

Many sex machines come with a variety of features that you’ll have to evaluate to see if they fit your needs. Whether it’s attachments for Vac-U-Locks or vibrators for anal sex, the sex machine you choose should be able to adapt to changing needs.

Best Sex Machine Comparison Table

Product NameVaried SpeedAdjustable AngleRemote Control Price
Hismith Premium Machine Yes0-90 degreesNo Check price
Y-Not Sex Machine Yes0-170 degreesNo Check price
Hismith Machine with RemoteYes0-90 degreesYes Check price
Hismith Supermatice Machine Yes0-85 degreesNo Check price
Utimi Love Sex GunYesAny angleNo Check price
MHC Retractable GunYes0-120 degreesNo Check price
Selani Sex Machine YesAny angleNo Check price
Cloud 9 F-MachineYes40 degreesWired remote Check price
Toolbox Lover Machine YesNot adjustableNo Check price
Versa Sex Machine YesVariedNo Check price

What is a Sex Machine, and Are They Accepted by the General Population?

A sex machine is a mechanical device that is used for masturbation. It’s meant to simulate intercourse or other activities of a sexual nature. A vibrator is a sexual device that has mechanical parts. Technically, that is a sex machine. Any device with a motor that is used to simulate various sex acts is a sex machine.

People who talk about sex machines are often discussing dildos or masturbation sleeves. They’re powered by motors to rotate and thrust on their own. They can be used by partners during bondage play. Lovers enjoy using these devices together, and solo masturbation is more interesting with a sex machine.

Sex machines are becoming more popular among the general public outside of BDSM situations. As couples learn to explore their sexuality together, they’re more willing to try sex machines.

In popular culture, the sex machines have been explored in various situations from talk shows to college classrooms. All venues that discuss sex machines are exploring their ability to bring couples together and have satisfying sexual experiences.

Couples want to experiment with role-playing in the bedroom. They consider adding a third person into the bedroom but don’t want the emotional complications. A sex machine can be used in place of a third sexual partner.

Top 10 Fucking Machine Reviews

Hismith Premium Sex Machine With Dildo

Key Features

The Hismith Love Machine comes with its own dildo. The piece is made with soft, body-safe silicone. It’s a realistic, average-sized member that won’t cause irritation. The motor on the sex machine is vital to the penetrating power. This one has a high-powered, turbine motor of 120 watts. You can adjust the stroke length of this machine from 1.2 inches to 6 inches.

Hismith Sex Machine

The angle can be varied based on the position you’d like to assume. It can be used in missionary, woman on top or doggy style position. She can bend over while standing to get an entirely different angle of penetration.

Get Hismith Premium at Amazon

My Impression

The Hismith Sex Machine is a fantastic addition to your bedroom antics. It can be used to simulate sex with another partner. Any fantasy that involves a third person can be achieved with a love machine instead of cheating on your significant other. That strengthens the bond in a loving relationship while letting you explore your fantasies in safety.

This sex machine is powerful and sturdy. The stroke length is adjustable with the ability to add more toys to the machine. I recommend this sex machine for couples who want to explore naughty fantasies in the comfort and safety of their relationship.

What Could be Better?

You’ll need to make minor adjustments when the machine arrives like tightening the screws.

Y-Not Automatic Masturbator Sex Machine

Key Features

This machine has a solid frame with a strong motor. This is a lightweight unit that can be placed anywhere. It has a thrusting force of 61 pounds. To ensure it stays in place, there are suction cups on the bottom of the unit. Place this on any surface for stability, and you’ll be able to simulate sex with a partner.

The machine can thrust up to 420 times per minute, and the thrusting speed is completely adjustable. The dial will control the speed and power. Between the speed, power, and angle, this makes any sex position possible. From doggy style to woman on top, there’s almost no position that can’t be achieved with this machine.


There’s a dildo included with the sex machine. It’s a realistic toy that has body-safe TPR material. It’s shaped in a way that makes insertion easy and comfortable. Thrusting distance is 2.36 inches with this machine.

Get Y-Not Masturbator at Amazon

My Impression

The best sex machines have adjustable angles, and this one can be adjusted 170 degrees. I recommend this for anyone who has fantasies to be fulfilled. Any position you imagine in your fantasy can be achieved with this machine. It’s portable and reliable. If you want to bring your fantasy to another room of your home, it’s simple to carry the lightweight device into the kitchen or the living room.

If you have a fantasy that involves sex with a stranger in a hotel, you can safely indulge your imagination. You and your partner can get a hotel room for the night and use this machine to explore your fantasy without worrying about an actual stranger. Exploration of fantasies can lead to a more satisfying relationship.

What Could be Better?

The thrusting distance could be extended a few more inches.

Hismith Premium Love Machine with Remote

Key Features

When you’re using the machine in the comfort of your own home, you don’t want neighbors to wonder about the mechanical noise. This machine runs smoothly with little to no motor noise. The mute motor and smooth slide will ensure that nobody can hear what’s giving you so much pleasure.

This is an improved version of a previous model. The company has added a remote to the sex machine. Users don’t need to dismount the machine in order to make changes to the speed. As you’re ready to climax, you can push a few buttons to increase the power. It’ll send you immediately over the edge.

Hismith Premium Love

The machine is delivered in discreet packaging, too. Nobody will know that you’ve had a sex machine sent to your home. It’s an incredible solo sex enhancer, or couples can use it to explore fantasies.

Get Hismith Love Machine at Amazon

My Impression

I recommend this sex machine basically because of the remote control. When you’re using this machine solo, you don’t have to remove the dildo. It can really destroy the mood if you have to stop the machine just to change the speed of the thrusts.

You might not always have a partner to control the speed while you’re enjoying the sensations a sex machine delivers. With the remote, you don’t need anyone else.

What Could be Better?

The 6-inch stroke can be overwhelmingly powerful to some.

Hismith Supermatice Sex Machine

Key Features

This is a lightweight machine that provides incredible power and thrusting. It’s a unisex machine that can be used for both sexes. All you need to do is install different attachments to the thrusting end of the machine.

Although, the machine isn’t the quietest, it has the normal sound of a motor. The noise of it might not concern some couples. It’s a bit louder when it’s thrusting. The speed varies and can reach 300 thrusts per minute. You can adjust the speed and angle of the thrusting. It can be angled up to 85 degrees.

Hismith Supermatice

This machine comes with one 7-inch dildo. You can certainly purchase other attachments for the machine. Any fantasy you have can be granted with a sex machine. This one in particular has variable power, speeds, and angles.

Get Hismith Supermatice Machine at Amazon

My Impression

I recommend this for solo users, couples, or others who want to play with a powerful machine that has incredible power and thrusting distance. The machine is lightweight, so it can be as portable as you need. If you want to experience sex in other parts of your home with this machine, it’s easy to move.

For couples, a sex machine is a great way to add adventure and fantasy into the bedroom. It works for both sexes, too. The machine comes with a dildo, but you can easily add an attachment for a sleeve. While the machine is thrusting, he could be pushing into the sleeve. It’s incredibly intense for both sexes.

What Could be Better?

The screws have been known to loosen, but that’s an easy fix. Add a washer to the screw to keep it from loosening.

Utimi Love Sex Machine Gun

Key Features

While some sex machines are workhorses that stand on 4 legs, others are small, portable units. They can be taken on work trips or moved from one location to the next. This is a portable sex machine that works off a charge. You don’t have to have an immediate power source to use the sex gun.

This unit comes with a remote control. You can control vibration modes, speeds, and thrusting modes with the press of a button. There are 6 thrusting modes with 3 speeds available in each mode. The dildo will pulse and vibrate, too. In one sex machine, that’s a ton of sensations.

Utimi Love

The dildo is included with the machine and is made from silicone that is 100 percent safe for your body. It’s odor-free and realistic looking, too. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge, and that charge will last about 2 hours.

Get Utimi Love Machine at Amazon

My Impression

Many sex machines are plugged into the wall for continuous power. This one is powered on a charge, so it’s incredibly mobile. If you’ve wanted fun on the road, this is the perfect sex machine for you.

I recommend this sex gun for those who want to bring a discreet toy out of their home. It’s fantastic for hotel sex if you want to fulfill a fantasy involving a hotel room. The suction cup on the bottom is powerful enough to stick anywhere. It’ll never move as it thrusts inside you.

What Could be Better?

While in use, it could be quieter. It’s a mechanical-sounding machine that can be heard beyond your room depending on the mode.

MHC Automatic Retractable Sex Gun

Key Features

There are 4 suction cups to ensure that the unit will stay in place while thrusting. If you want to go completely hands free with your sex toy, this sex gun is the perfect solution.

It can be angled to 120 degrees for a vast amount of angles and positions. You can close your eyes to imagine your lover taking you from behind. If you like being on top, this machine will angle correctly for that fantasy, too.

MHC Sex Gun

The stroke speed is fantastic. It can hit up to 420 strokes per minute. You can choose your favorite rhythm and speed for a customized thrusting experience. This is a portable machine that can easily be hidden away in a closet or under the bed. You’ll never have to explain the sex machine sitting in your bedroom.

Get MHC Sex Gun at Amazon

My Impression

I recommend this masturbation gun for those who want to have a customizable sex experience. You can purchase the exact dildo that you want for the machine to ensure that it’s stretching you as widely as you would like.

It’s quiet and won’t advertise the fact that you’re pleasuring yourself in the privacy of your home. It’s fantastic that it has the ability to attach so many different toys with the adapter. Whether it’s a soft, squishy dildo or a hard rod, the angle and depth are your choice.

What Could be Better?

Doesn’t come with a dildo.

Selani Auto Love Sex Machine

Key Features

This machine is very versatile. It can be used with a variety of toys like dildos or sleeves. This sex gun comes with a dildo included. It’s a plastic one that provides penetration power. Some women like the soft, squishy dildo that won’t provide hard penetration. The included one is able to push deep inside her.

The machine is very lightweight, which makes it portable. You’ll be able to take this with you everywhere if you want. If you’re on the road for some reason, this is a machine that can be used anywhere. All you need is an outlet.

Selani Sex Machine

Although it’s lightweight, it’s a powerful machine. The power can be adjusted, though. It’s best to start slow and build up the arousal and passion before finishing with the strongest thrusting possible.

Get Selani Sex Machine at Amazon

My Impression

I recommend this pink machine for women who want to experience the thrusting and power of a simulated lover. It’s a hands-free device that can help you fulfill your fantasies without using your own hands. Set the device on a chair or the floor to really experience the speed and thrusting power of having a lover who never has to quit.

The thrusting speed can reach up to 450 thrusts per minute. That’s a rapid-fire speed that can bring you to orgasm very quickly. No lover can compete with that kind of power and speed.

What Could be Better?

The stroke of the machine is short and not adjustable.

Cloud 9 Novelties F-Machine

Key Features

This is a sex machine that sits on two legs. It has a wire remote, so you can use it alone. You don’t have to have a partner to adjust the speed and thrusts for you. It can also be controlled by someone else. For fantasies of someone else controlling your orgasm, this is a great machine for that. He or she can tease you to the point of orgasm before denying you the release.

The thrust is adjustable from 1 to 6 inches. The speed will ramp up to 240 RPMs. It comes with an 8-inch dildo, but it’s compatible with other toys, too. The Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock attachments fit on this machine. The speed starts slowly to ensure that you are positioned correctly and won’t be injured.

Cloud 9 F-Machine

The angle of the thrust can be changed a total of 40 degrees. The height can also be adjusted as needed. This machine is quieter than you’d expect from a machine with this much power.

Get Cloud 9 F-Machine at Amazon

My Impression

This is a great toy for couples who want to experiment with her pleasure. It’s meant for people who want to experience the ultimate bedroom adventures. The idea of a sex machine can be intriguing, fascinating, and intimidating at the same time. You will regret not getting this kind of sex machine sooner once you’ve given it a try.

There’s no better time than now to experience all that a sex machine has to offer. It’s delivered in a discreet box and is whisper quiet. Nobody will ever know you have a sex machine if you want to keep it a secret.

What Could be Better?

It could be heavier, so it doesn’t move as much during use.

ToolBox Lover Machine

Key Features

This machine is intriguing while being incredibly discreet. It looks like a metal case that might have microphones or electronic equipment in it. Instead, it’s a sex machine that nobody will suspect is used for pleasure.

It has the ability to choose a variety of attachments. Included with the box is a vibrator, penis attachment, and anal pleaser. It has a few thrusting speeds for your dildo or vibrator. The machine will thrust while the vibrator does its thing for an overload of sensations.


It lets you attach Vac-U-Lock toys to the adapter. You’re not limited to one or two types of toys. The attachments are unlimited. If anal pleasure is what you want to explore, this machine won’t limit your desires.

Get ToolBox Lover Machine at Amazon

My Impression

I recommend this love box for those who want discreet fun without limits. There’s no reason you can’t have an anal vibrator buzzing inside you while pleasuring yourself in other ways. You can use this with or without a real lover.

Couples can enjoy the ability to pleasure more than one part of the body at once. While giving oral sex, she can enjoy the thrusting of the love box. There are so many possibilities with this sex machine that you’ll only be limited by your imagination. If that limits you, there’s a color instruction manual included. That will have some tips and suggestions for you.

What Could be Better?

Stroke length isn’t adjustable on the machine.

Versa Sex Machine by LoveBotz

Key Features

The speed of the strokes is where this machine really shines. It has multiple speeds that can be adjusted using a remote. You don’t have to stop the machine to increase or decrease the speed. It can reach up to 300 strokes per minute. That’s 5 strokes per second. That’s the kind of power you need to reach orgasm very quickly. You can also slow it down to a more manageable level.

Versa Sex Machine

There are two attachments that lock into place for this machine, too. One is a hard dildo with realistic veins. The other is a slim anal pleaser. At 300 RPMs, you’ll be crying out with pleasure at the sensations. That should be the only noise that you’ll hear with this machine. It’s incredibly quiet even though it has a huge amount of power.

My Impression

I recommend this machine for couples or the solo user. There’s no reason that couples can’t fulfill some fantasies with this kind of sex machine. Instead of bringing in a third party, couples can get a thrusting dildo that will mimic the addition of another person. You don’t have to worry about disease, jealous feelings, or a stranger’s motivations.

The sex machine is fantastic for single women or men who want to experience anal. You don’t want to start the machine on full power when using it for anal for the first time. Luckily, this machine starts at a soft, slow speed that can be ramped up along with your arousal.

What Could be Better?

Male sleeve attachments aren’t included with this machine.

Get Versa Sex Machine at Amazon

History and Uses for the Sex Machine

The first sexual device was created in the Victorian era. Originally, doctors created vibrators for treating women who were thought to be hysterical. They were given an orgasm by massaging the clit. The devices were powerful and able to induce an orgasm by medical professionals of the time.

Throughout the years, those devices expanded from medical offices to bath houses in Europe. They were found in department store catalogs as health aids across the US, too.

They’ve expanded from dildos and vibrators to powerful machines that penetrate with the use of motors. They’ll throb and thrust on their own, too. There are sex machines that can be remotely controlled for couples who spend time apart.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Sex Machine

  • Comfortable and Easy to Use

The sex machine should never be too intense or painful. While playing can be enthusiastic and border on incredibly intense, it should be easy to change settings for your comfort level. You’ll never want a sex machine that hurts you.

  • Stability

The machine should be stable enough when placed in a secure spot. Some of the best sex machines are heavy, so they don’t move. If they’re not heavy, they should have some kind of feet that can be attached to keep them secure.

  • Quality Materials

The materials for your sex machine should be body safe. Some will come with their own dildos or vibrators. The materials for toys that you’ll use inside your body should never cause irritation or pain. The thrusting parts and motor should be crafted with quality materials that won’t break down over time.

  • High Powered Motor

The speed and thrust of the sex machine is what will bring about pleasure and orgasm. The motor should be high powered and able to stay powered for as long as they’re needed. You might plan on spending hours with your sex machine. You don’t want to be disappointed with a machine that can’t handle the time or power you expect.

  • Angle and Speed Adjustments

A sex machine that has various angles of thrusting will give you more pleasure. You can place the machine on the floor, on a chair, or on a table. The thrusting angle and speed will bring a variety of pleasure and orgasms that will make you scream.

  • Quiet and Discreet

The orgasm you have with the sex machine should be the loudest part of your play time. You don’t want a machine that sounds like a helicopter landing on the house. A quiet, discreet machine will keep your neighbors from knowing what’s happening in the privacy of your home.

  • Power Supply

Dildos and vibrators can run on batteries, but a sex machine should have a power cord. The machine will run longer and be more powerful when it can be plugged into a socket in the wall. Most people use their sex machine for hours and need that continuous power.

  • Compatible with Accessories

The machine you choose should have variety. If it comes with only one size dildo, you can’t experiment with larger ones. You want a machine that allows you to switch toys or adapt for the toys you want to add to play time.

Useful Tips and Warnings

  • Lube Yourself and the Toys

Before that sex machine starts penetrating your body, make sure you’re applying enough lube to yourself and the toy. You’ll need a lot of lube even if you’re incredibly excited to be using this new toy. After a few thrusts, the lube might need to be replenished, too. Keep plenty of lubrication nearby to add when necessary.

  • Positioning the Machine

The machine can be used in a variety of places from the floor to a chair or a table. Once you find a stable place for the machine, you’ll need to learn how to position your own body. You don’t want to start the machine and find that it’s hitting you incorrectly. It can be incredibly painful for the toy to slip into the wrong orifice without warning.

  • Bondage and the Sex Machines

For those who want to experiment with bondage, you’ll want to play with the machine first. Don’t jump directly into bondage play until you’ve seen what the machine will do. If you want your lover to tie you down, ensure that the machine is in the right position. Never participate in bondage sessions without having a safe word, and an experienced partner.

  • Hygiene and Maintenance

Some dildos that you’ve used for solo play time might only need a quick wipe down. Bodily fluids can be found anywhere on a sex machine. You’d be surprised how fluids will settle into creases and crevices in the toy or the edge of the thrusting shaft. After every session, clean the toy as well as the machine itself. You should maintain the motor to ensure it’s long life, too.

  • Accessories for Your Sex Machine

The cost of these machines can mean that you’ll need to purchase one or two at a time and add accessories. Instead of buying a new machine, you can add a magic wand on a stand. It’ll add another dimension of pleasure to your sexual adventures.

Sex Therapist’s Advice

The sex machine can be used as a solo device to bring about pleasure for people who don’t have a partner. It can be a sexual enhancement for those who want to be more adventurous together.

Couples who have the best relationships and are the happiest are those who have a physical and emotional connection. That connection comes from sexual satisfaction as well as talking about their needs and desires.

People who experience more satisfying relationships will have more satisfying sex. That could involve sex toys, sex machines, and playfulness. It allows them to be more open with each other.

Those who aren’t in a relationship can have satisfying encounters with new lovers or during solo play with their sex machines. There’s no reason that a single man or a single woman can’t enjoy the pleasure of a sex machine for intense orgasms.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can the sex machine be used for different positions?
The sex machine is meant to be used in any position you find comfortable. It’ll depend on how easy it is to move the sex machine to a new place. You can easily use the machine on your back, on all fours, or on your stomach. The angle of the machine will help determine the best position for your body.

Is the sex machine good for physically disabled people?
The machine can be placed in a position that makes sex more comfortable for those with disabilities. There’s no reason that someone who is physically disabled can’t enjoy solo sessions or those with a partner. Using a sex machine can eliminate the pain of intercourse for some.

Will a Vac-u-Lock fist attachment fit on a sex machine?
A Vac-U-Lock fist attachment can be used anally or vaginally with a sex machine. It’ll depend on the kind of sex machine that you purchase for your sexual play. If it’s able to take attachments, the first attachment is a great addition to your toy collection.

Do I need to use lubrication for the sex machine?
Anytime you are using a dildo, vibrator, or other sex toys that will enter your body lube should be used. When you don’t lube the machine or your vagina or anus, you run the risk of the toy getting stuck. That can cause serious pain when you’re not in control of the thrusting power.

Final Thoughts on Sex Machines

Sex machines can add a sense of fun and adventure to your intimate moments. Solo play can add a bit of fantasy. You don’t have to worry about holding the toy in your hand. That leaves you free to imagine a lover using the machine on you. Couples can use the sex machine for added fantasy, too. It can be used for bondage sessions or to pretend there is a third person involved in your sex dynamic. The best sex machine will fit with your current needs as well as adapting to what you’d like to see in the future. It’ll have attachments and toys for a variety of sexual play.

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