Finding the Best Sex Pillow, Ramps and Wedges: Tips and Reviews

Sex pillows have really taken off in the public consciousness in the last few years, making for better sex all round! I’ve been studying these pillows to come up with a comprehensive guide to take you from picking a sex pillow to actually using it. There are a whole load of options on the market and positions to get using them in, if you’re not sure of where to start then this is the guide for you.

If you’re on the journey to better sex, then I’ve got you covered. These sex pillows really up the ante on your time in the bedroom, so take a chance and find out more about the best pillow for sex.

Best Sex Pillow Comparison Table

Product NameMaterialCoveringGood for...Price
Liberator Black MicrofiberFoamMicrofiber, removablehigh end option Check price
Liberator Wedge ComboFoamMicrofiber, removablewith both cushions Check price
Low Profile PillowFoamRemovable and waterproofDiscrete use and travel Check price
Frisky Mount Me PillowInflatableNon removable Entry level use Check price
Liberator 13880 Jaz CherryFoamRemovable microfiber covering with other Liberator brand Check price
Bestimulus Cushion Pillow InflatableNon removableUsing with restraints Check price
Liberator HipsterFoamRemovable microfibernew positions Check price
Naughty Bedroom PillowFoamRemovable and waterproofversatile pillow Check price
Lovers CushionFoamNo coverSupport for both partners Check price
Liberator Jaz PillowFoamMicrofiber, removable coveringTravel and discrete use Check price

So, What Exactly is a Sex Pillow? Is it Different to a Regular Pillow?

Before we get right into the brands and ways to use these, let’s discuss what these products actually are! A sex pillow, or sex cushion or even sex wedges, are cushioned aids to be used during sex. You can use them to get your hips into a better position or even to lean on in other positions.

They tend to come in a wedge shape, which gives you an incline to lean your back or front on. You can use them in lots of different positions to aid your movement and positioning. The material used for these can vary, though they tend to be a lot more substantial and a different shape to a regular pillow.

My Favourite Sex Pillows

Liberator 24” Wedge Black Microfiber

My Thoughts

Liberator 24”

This is a sex pillow that really feels substantial and robust enough to do the job. It has a soft and sleek covering, which you can easily remove to keep the product clean. It comes in a range of colours and there’s also a plus size version if you want to splash out on a larger surface area.

If you want to add to this pillow, the microfiber covering means that it will stick to others of the same material. While this is definitely a higher end version, it’s much better than most of the sex wedges on the market. You feel supported and it doesn’t feel as cheap as some of the alternatives.

It’s a great option for those that have tried sex pillows and liked them, or someone that wants to test out a quality product. If you always like to treat yourself to the best in your bedroom, then this is the option for you.

The packaging is nice and discrete, which means you don’t need to worry about anyone else getting to the mail before you do. The materials are hard wearing enough to last more than a few washes, so you can enjoy using this pillow time and time again.

Get Liberator Wedge Black at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Feels soft and luxurious, which is great for those that want a high quality offering.
  • Easily washable and comes in a range of different colours.
  • Plus sized option available.
  • You can add more than one pillow into the action as time goes on.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • More of an investment than some other sex pillow options.

Liberator Adventure Wedge Ramp Combo

My Thoughts

Liberator Adventure

This foam sex pillow is a slightly different shape, which comes in the form of a ramp and a wedge. The possibilities really are endless with this combination, so you can really get innovative with what positions you want to try it out in.

On opening up the package, you’ll be greeted by a soft covering in the colour of your choice and a plush cushion. It’s a lot sturdier than it first appears, which is ideal for all the support you need in the bedroom. I love the fact that this can be used in so many different positions, as there’s never any need to get bored with this one.

If you need support on your joints or if you just want to try some new shapes, this is the cushion for you. It’s really high quality and doesn’t get flat, even in the most strenuous positions you’ll find that it bounces back easily. It’s a bit bigger than other sex pillows, which is good for the bedroom but you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a place to store it.

The ramps can be adjusted and even removed, so you can use it as a single sex pillow or as two separate supports. As soon as I opened the packaging, I was filled with inspiration and ideas of ways to use these together and apart.

Get Liberator Adventure Combo at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • A world of options using this pillow.
  • You can choose your colour.
  • Covering is simple to remove and clean between uses.
  • More fun to use than your average pillow, as there’s more room to get inventive.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • Takes up a lot of space, so you’ll need to think of storage beforehand.

Low Profile Sex Positioning Pillow

My Thoughts

Low Profile

This is definitely a great beginner sex pillow, as it’s discrete while still offering all the fun of the more out there brands. If you’ve not got the space to store a plethora of extra pillows, then this one won’t look out of place on your bed. It’s a foam pillow with a nice cream cover, which is protected by a waterproof layer.

The dense foam means that although this is quite small, the support that it gives rivals some of the much bigger pillows out there. The pillow itself feels really comfortable right out of the box and you know you’re in for a nice time with this one. The cover is made from velour, which feels comfortable on just about any body part that happens to be using it.

I love this pillow as it’s made a big difference to my sex life, without a massive need for storage or space. There aren’t any customisable colours for this one, but the tan colour means that it will easily blend in with any other pillows you have in the home. The apex of the pillow is only 4” so it doesn’t offer a huge amount of elevation, but what it does offer is life changing.

Get Low Profile Pillow at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Exceptionally discrete and won’t draw any unwanted attention.
  • Soft to the touch, with medical grade foam as an interior.
  • The cover can be removed and cleaned, plus the cover is waterproof to protect the foam.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • Not as much lift as some other models.
  • More of a beginner’s model.

Frisky Mount Me Inflatable Position Pillow

My Thoughts


This is an inflatable pillow, so you’ll need to spend a bit of time getting it ready out of the box. It’s not too strenuous to inflate it as there’s a pump included, but it might ruin the mood a bit if it’s not ready when you want it. All things considered, you’ll find that once this is ready to go, you’ll be ready for it.

The black, velour material that the pillow is made of is quite nice and there are a couple of hand holds on either side. The support that this offers is good and it can be used in a variety of positions. It’s a bit more prone to movement than a foam pillow, but this kind of bounce can actually be a good thing depending on how you’re using it.

Once you’re done using the pillow, you can keep it inflated or deflate it for storage. I like this pillow because it’s cushioned without being too hard, giving more of a springy texture. If you’re looking for something that you can use on occasion and fold away when not in use, this is for you.

The surface area of the pillow is also quite large, which means you can lounge over it in whatever position you like.

Get Frisky Mount Me at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Easy to fold up and store while you don’t need it, saving space in the room.
  • Soft covering and bouncy texture, making for easier thrusting and movement.
  • Simple to add into the bedroom when required with the pump.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • No removable cover.
  • Inflating might ruin the mood somewhat.

Liberator Jaz Cherry pillow

My Thoughts

Liberator Jaz Cherry

This is a slightly smaller foam pillow, which means it’s ideal for storage and even travel. It’s got a rounded apex and a pointed end too, you can start thinking about how to use them as soon as you get it out the box, just like I did. It’s a fairly standard sex pillow, but this is a company that really does things well, so you can expect a good experience.

The cherry colour is red hot and the cover is made from suede, so it’s super soft. As soon as I got my hands on this, I couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s not huge, but the incline is still more than enough to enhance just about any position. Under the cover, there’s a waterproof liner, which is just an added precaution to make sure the foam stays clean. The cover fits quite snugly, so there’s not a lot of friction to worry about either.

The angle that this pillow offers is great, whether you’re using it on your back or on your front. The foam is really sturdy and it gives you the support you need, without getting in the way. It’s totally comfortable and the only limit is your imagination.

Get Liberator Jaz pillow at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Cute colour and nice cover.
  • Waterproof layer keeps the foam clean long term.
  • Great angle and comfortable to use in many positions.
  • Sturdy, high quality foam that will last a long time if cared for correctly.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • Not the largest pillow out there.
  • Suede cover can become stained over time.

Bestimulus Cushion Combination Pillow

My Thoughts

Bestimulus Cushion

If you’re up for something a bit more exciting then this is the best sex pillow. This brings in an element of restraint with the restraining straps, which can be used for both arm and leg restraints. The straps aren’t supplied with this pillow but they’re compatible with most restraints out there.

The pillow itself is made up of two ramps, which mesh together to create a formidable shape. Right out the box, I felt that this pillow was big and sturdy enough to be up to the challenge. It’s not flimsy, so if you choose to use the restraints you’ll know that you’ll be anchored down. I’d say it’s the perfect sex pillow for an alternative lifestyle.

It’s inflatable and comes with a pump that will get the whole thing ready in a matter of minutes. This means that you can keep this stored away somewhere in the bedroom until you’re ready for it. As the pillow is a bit bigger, you might want to keep it deflated until you need it.

There’s a velvet feel to the pillow, but there’s no cover that you’re able to remove with it. The hook areas are easily ignored if you don’t feel like using them too. There’s no colour customisation available, but the purple colour of the pillow is bright without being over the top.

Get Bestimulus Cushion at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Option to use with other toys and restraints.
  • Two pieces means you can use it in a range of ways.
  • Inflates in no time and can be hidden away when required.
  • Nice colour and covering, without being too over the top.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • Not much choice for customisation.
  • No hand holds to use with the pillow.

Liberator Hipster Microfiber Pillow

My Thoughts

Liberator Hipster

As soon as I saw this sex cushion, I knew it was something special. The ergonomic shape and curved design meant that I was intrigued to see just how this would work out. The feel of the pillow is really luxurious and it feels amazing, even before you start to use it for real. It really is the best sex pillow if you’re looking for support.

In the bedroom, you’ll find loads of applications for this pillow, I certainly did! It’s not quite as versatile as a wedge, as you can’t flip it to use in different directions. However, I have no complaints about the ways in which you can use it. The foam is really dense too, so it doesn’t get flat the more you use it.

The covering is black and made of microfiber, so you can also use this with other microfiber pillows. This allows you to combine smaller ones with this one and create as many different combinations as possible. The pillow only comes with a black cover, though you can take it off and wash it.

It takes a lot of the strain from a variety of positions, making more strenuous ones a lot easier to manage. The curved shape makes this one a real standout, as there’s nothing else out there quite like it.

Get Liberator Hipster Pillow at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Increased stimulation with reduced strain.
  • Totally unique product that will really entice new users.
  • Stackable and compatible with others, making for new combinations and options to explore.
  • Relaxed shape makes for super easy reclining and comfort.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • No hand holds to keep you steady while in use.
  • Takes up quite a lot of space.

Naughty Bedroom Pillow Microsuede 

My Thoughts

Naughty Bedroom Pillow

This is a fairly basic version of a sex wedge, with a simple foam shape and machine washable cover. Although it’s not the most intricate or ornate sex pillow, it does the job. The angle that it gives is good and the foam is pretty supportive.

The supportive foam lasts really well over time, no matter how often I’ve used it. The product feels great on my skin and there’s no friction or heat build up when you’re using it. I’ve found it really comfortable to use and a great staple to add to any bedroom. When you’re done using it, just remove the cover and throw it in the wash so it’s ready for next time.

There are more advanced and larger sex wedges out there but this is a great way for beginners to try things out. The amount of different ways that you can use this pillow and the plush cover will have you feeling like an expert in no time at all.

There are a few different colour and size options for this product, so you can customise it to the way you like. While you can go for a bigger option in this pillow, even the smaller ones are robust enough to give you all the support you could ask for.

Get Naughty Bedroom Pillow at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Excellent entry level sex pillow for new users.
  • Range of bright colours and sizes to pick from.
  • Easy to add into lots of positions to get a lot of use no matter what position you feel like.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • There are more exciting options out there.
  • The smaller sizes may not be ideal for everyone.

Lovers Cushion Japanese Love Pillow

My Thoughts

Lovers Cushion

This cushion is so curvaceous and compatible with your body, it really is a dream to get using. I liked the look of this sex cushion right away, as I could see a lot of thought went into the design of it. It’s all about cradling your curves and allowing you to relax into the contour, which will drastically enhance any time spent in the bedroom.

The first impression I got from the product was that it looked totally unique and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. It’s bright purple and is shaped to give you all the support you need while giving or receiving. Both myself and my partner found that we enjoyed using the product, though there isn’t as much flexibility in terms of positions as other models. Feeling the support on both sides is great, as it’s a treat for both!

It’s an all in one product, no need to inflate and there’s no covering on it either. While it may not have the same versatility as other products, the positions that you can use it in are fantastically improved by using it. You can tell that it’s been created to hold you in all of the right positions as you enjoy yourself in the bedroom.

Get Lovers Cushion Pillow at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Fantastically designed for comfortable penetration.
  • Nice all in one design with contours in all the right places.
  • Something really different for experienced sex pillow users, well worth trying out.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • Not able to be used in all positions.
  • No cover to protect the pillow.

Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow

My Thoughts

Liberator Jaz

First and foremost, this pillow can be used in so many positions it’s unreal. I love the fact that I can switch things up in the bedroom while using it and enhance just about every position we want to try. You can use it on your lower back, lean on it and much more.

The rounded end means you can use it backwards, forwards and just about any other way that you can think of. This support pillow is made from foam and there’s a snug cover to keep everything clean. The foam is durable and you can put as much weight as you would like on it, it will keep bouncing back.

It’s really relaxing to be able to sink into this pillow and chill out in the bedroom. It’s a subtle addition to the bedroom that makes most positions a whole lot better. The enhanced penetration given from the elevated position is fantastic and you’ll really enjoy trying out which positions you like best.

This is a really exciting support pillow that will spice things up for you in so many different ways. There are very few restrictions to using it and the foam will have you bouncing along before you know it.

Get Liberator Jaz at Amazon

Things I Liked About this Product

  • Flexible and usable in just about every position you can imagine.
  • Not a high elevation, so you can relax rather than feeling propped up.
  • Easy to clean and get ready for use the next time you want it.

Things I Didn’t Like About this Product

  • Not quite as exciting when compared to more ergonomic designs.

Aspects that Make a Perfect Sex Pillow – Buying Guideline

  • Ergonomically designed

I want something that will fit into my body contours and make me feel comfortable. This might not always seem obvious, as even supports that look a bit different can make you feel fantastic. It’s all about curvature in the right places to make it good for me and my partner.

  • Made of high grade materia

The best sex pillow is an investment, no matter what it actually costs. The materials should be hard wearing and high quality, so you can use it for a long time. These pillows go through a lot of friction, so they need to be up to the task. A high grade material means you can rely on it for a long time to come.

  • Ultra soft for exceptional comfort

The last thing I want from a sex pillow is something that feels cheap and flat right out the box. I’m going to be in contact with it on my bare skin, the best sex pillow has a covering that’s going to feel nice. If it’s scratchy or doesn’t feel great, I won’t be using it.

  • Removable cover & washable

We all know it’s important to keep things clean in the bedroom and a washable cover makes this much easier. Just unzip and add it to the wash, then pop it back on for next time you want to use it. It’s possible to clean supports without a cover but it’s a bit more time consuming and harder to get into the cracks.

  • Portability

As soon as you get accustomed to using one of these supports, you won’t want to leave it behind. If you want to take one with you, then look for something that’s portable. Inflatable pillows that fold away may be your best option, as they’ll take up less space in your luggage.

  • Easy storage

We don’t always want our pillows on display! Being able to store these away is essential, especially if you’re building up a collection. Inflatable supports can be deflated and put away to save space. Smaller pillows can be tucked away but for larger ones you might need to have a plan to store them.

  • Waterproof inner to keep the pillow clean & hygienic

You don’t want the foam inside your pillow getting unclean or unhygienic as this is really difficult to clean. A waterproof lining means that nothing could possibly get onto the inside of the pillow. Cleanliness is a big factor for me when I’m looking for a support to use in the bedroom.

Using a Sex Pillow for Bigger, Stronger Orgasms

One of the best things about using these pillows is that you’re able to get more frequent orgasms. It’s all down to biology as you create the perfect angle with these supports in place. Here are just some of the ways you can boost your endorphins with these:

  • During Oral – This is as much for your partner as it is for you! Use a pillow to position yourself in an easy to reach position. You’ll get the benefit of longer oral and he’ll feel more comfortable too.
  • On Top Being on top can be tricky for girls, as it’s hard to get the rhythm right. If you pop your pillow under him, then he’s in a better position for you to leverage. He can guide you while you do the work.
  • During Doggy – Doggy style isn’t for everyone, especially after an intense session. If you want to feel more relaxed in doggy and be a bit lazy then you can use one of these pillows to prop you up. The pressure from below can also help you to achieve orgasm, as it cradles you.
  • Legs Up – If you like to go for missionary positions with your legs up then this little tool will also help. By elevating your pelvis, you make it easier to hit your g spot and your legs will have the support they need. It’s basically a win-win all round!
  • Spooning – If you find it a bit of a struggle to achieve spooning sex, as we all do at times, then place a support pillow between your legs. This allows you to open things up and let him get a bit more flexibility too. It’s not always easy to achieve this position without feeling sandwiched in, so a pillow can make it more comfortable for both.
  • Leveling Up – For people that have partners who are much taller or shorter, getting into the swing of sex can be hard. A pillow can offer the perfect bridge to allow you to meet your partner in the best possible way. It takes a lot of the awkwardness out of the equation and levels things up.
  • Relaxing – We’re much more likely to achieve orgasm when we’re relaxed. Being supported in the right ways means you’re not straining and you can just enjoy the ride. If you’re out of breath or getting a cramp, you’re not on the route to satisfaction. Depending on your own health and fitness, you might find that positions that were too strenuous become much more achievable.

The Brands Behind the Top Rated Sex Pillows

  • Liberator

These guys really know their stuff and most of their products are compatible with one another. There are quite a few shapes and sizes to pick from their catalogue, whether you’re a newcomer or you’re more experienced with these products. I think the quality of their products is very hard to beat, so if you’re looking for a good experience you really can’t go wrong with them.

  • Frisky

These are entry level creators that you can try for more basic options. They have a range of different choices to select from, whether you’re looking for a specific product or just want to browse. Most of them are versatile and can be used in whatever position you like, so they’re ideal for beginners.

  • Bestimulus

These guys are veteran names in the sex toy industry and their pillows show a great deal of design prowess. They know what their customers like and they make sure they provide them with it at each step of the way. Their pillows are really enjoyable and push the boundaries as to what you can expect.

  • Skuleer

If you’ve purchased sex toys in the past, you might have heard of this big name in the industry. They create just about everything from Ben Wa Balls to lingerie, so they’re well known. If you go for their products, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great item.

  • Cytherea

These guys are really innovative with what they do and it shows, especially within their sex pillows. You can use these with a partner or by yourself, it’s entirely up to you. They create pillows that are really enjoyable to use, that will enhance your sex life. I love the fact that these guys think outside the box.


Sex pillows are amazing ways to boost your sex life, as they make it so much easier to orgasm. If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself then be sure to check out my first impressions to find the right one for you.

These can come in all different forms, so picking the right one makes a huge difference to the performance. Think about when you want to use it and what you feel most comfortable with, sex is a personal thing rather than a one size fits all approach.

I hope that you find the right product and have enjoyed my tips. Feel free to go ahead and bookmark this page and check back if you need any further guidance with the process.


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