The Best Sex Swings for Spicing Up Your Sex Life

The best sex swing is one that meets your specific needs. It might be a traditional sex swing that hangs from a frame. It might be one that hangs on the back of a door. Not every swing will work for every couple.

It’s important that you speak to your partner honestly and openly about what you want. If he wants to explore anal sex, an open dialog is needed. She might want to explore a little spanking. Couples who communicate their needs and desires are happier with themselves and the relationship.

Talking about what you want in the bedroom is a step closer to a more fulfilling sex life. The best sex swing is one that fits into your lifestyle and is comfortable to use.

Best Sex Swing Comparison Table

Product NameInstall StrapsMaterialPrice
360 Degree SwingCeilingThick paddingNylon Check price
Vmitor Triangle BondageCeilingLight paddingNylon Check price
Sexbaby SwingCeilingLight paddingNylon Parachute Check price
Hanging on Door SwingDoorLight paddingKnitted nylon Check price
Sexbaby Love SwingCeilingLight paddingNylon Parachute Check price
STRICT Extreme StandAnywhereNo padding for seatLeather Check price
JUTJOY Indoor SwingCeilingSoft- thick paddingNylon Check price
Wild S.E.X. SwingCeilingMedium paddingLeopard-covered nylon Check price
OptiSex Swing Kit Ceiling or doorwayLight paddingNylon Check price
Whip Smart SwingCeilingExtra paddingNylon Check price

What is a Sex Swing & How Did It Become a Popular Sex Toy?

A sex swing is a configuration of straps and material that hold the body during sex. It allows one person to sit comfortably while being pleasured by a partner. Some devices can hold more than one person. Sex swings have a seat, straps for the legs, and straps for the rider to hold onto while having sex.

The swing can be used in a variety of places. It can hang from the ceiling, over a door, or in a frame. There are straps that can be moved and positioned in a variety of ways. Others have an actual seat that makes the swing more comfortable.

The sex swing is a popular sex device because it can be used by lovers who want to explore positions they’ve never tried before. It can also be used by those who can’t get into certain positions because of injury.

It’s a sex aid that allows couples to explore a new level of intimacy, have fun with new positions, and heighten their sexual arousal. Sex swing reviews are vital for picking the right swing for your situation.

Top 10 Sex Swing Reviews

360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

My Impressions

Spinning Sex Swing

The Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing is installed in the ceiling, so that it can swing in any direction. Multiple support points and straps will keep the user feeling comfortable and able to support various body parts. If you want her spread wide or flipped sideways, there’s no worry that her body can’t support the way she needs to be twisted. In bed, it can be tough to control your partner’s body for full, deep penetration. It can be uncomfortable to stay in certain positions for very long.

I recommend this swing to those who want to expand their sexual horizons with new positions. You’ll have to be a bit adventurous at heart to purchase a sex swing because they can seem a bit strange at first. After using it a few times, though, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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This sex swing is incredibly easy to install. You don’t have to be a carpenter to install it. The device spins your lover in a variety of directions without worrying that the swing will get pulled out of the ceiling. There are extra wide, padded straps for your lover to remain comfortable while you take control of all her positions. The swing will hold up to 220 pounds.


Some sex swings come with a stand, but this one is installed into the ceiling.

Vmitor Second Generation Triangle Bondage Sex Swing

My Impressions

Bondage Sex Swing

This best sex swing will provide hours of enjoyment as you figure out the best positions for you and your partner. One person can recline in the swing while the other climbs on top. It can actually hold the weight of two people. The swing rider can be face down or face up during sex for increased leverage and deeper penetration.

I recommend this sex swing for those who want to add spice and new positions into their mundane sexual routine. The amount of pleasure you’ll get from this swing will be well worth the experimenting to find the right angle.

Get Vmitor Triangle Swing at Amazon


The swing can hold up to 600 pounds, which can accommodate a large rider or two people in the swing together. Instead of her struggling to be on top of you, it’s easier to sit in the swing while she uses the straps to lift herself into position. She can stay steady and bounce repeatedly with the aid of the straps. They’re wide, strong, and comfortable for a variety of positions.


Includes ceiling mount for cement, but not for wood.

Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing

My Impressions

Adult Sex Swing

This is a simple sex swing that does its job. The padded straps will hold your partner in the right position for deep penetration. It’ll help when you want to use her body weight to make the movements more powerful. She can swing away from you, be pulled forward easily, or turned and flipped with ease. This versatility is one of the best traits of a good sex swing. It should be easy to adjust and move your partner into the desired position.

I recommend this sex swing for couples who are tired of the old positions they’ve been performing for years. The act of purchasing and using the swing alone can bring the spice back to the relationship. The best sex swings bring about all kinds of possibilities.

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This sex swing has a steel triangle frame to hold the straps securely. The straps themselves are made of the same material used in parachutes. This gives the swing the ability to hold up to 400 pounds. There will be no worry that the straps will rip or break while tugging on them, either. The straps are wide enough to sit on comfortably without feeling like the person will topple out of the swing.


Doesn’t include wood mount for the ceiling.

Hanging on Door Bondage Sex Swing

My Impressions

Door Sex Swing

Many sex swings can be permanently installed into the ceiling. That isn’t an option for some people like those who rent their apartments. This is a terrific option because it doesn’t need to be installed. It hangs from the back of any sturdy door. It can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room. It’s easy to install and to remove when playtime is over. If you want to remove all traces of your private, bedroom exploits when friends and family visit, this is the right sex swing for you.

I recommend this swing to everyone who wants to experiment and spice up their sexual exploits. It brings couples closer together without leaving evidence behind like bolts in the ceiling.

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The straps for sitting and holding the thighs are padded and extra wide for comfort. This device doesn’t swing freely in the middle of a room. That isn’t always a negative. The best sex swings are perfect for your situation. The door can be used as leverage for so many different positions. The rider can lay flat on her stomach for oral sex. The man can sit in the swing as his partner climbs into his lap. The positions of this swing are only limited by the imagination of the people using it.


Door must be solid and sturdy for using this swing.

Sexbaby Adult Sex Bondage Love Swing

My Impressions

Bondage Love Swing

The swing can be used to ramp up your sex life. Sex swings are used by couples who want to spice up their life with added positions. Others want to dip their toe into the world of bondage and restraint. This is a great swing for that. The swing itself doesn’t have bondage ties, but they can be easily purchased for use with the swing. While she’s hanging in the swing, you can attach fetish restraints to her arms to restrict her from moving freely.

I recommend this swing to those who want to increase the positions they’re able to get into together. It’s also a great swing for beginners to the world of bondage. If you want to experience 50 shades with your lover, this is a great sex device to purchase.

Get Sexbaby Love Swing at Amazon


This sex swing comes with sexy red straps padded for her comfort. It’s easy to install into the ceiling for 360 degree movement. It’s easy to adjust her position in this sex swing, too. The person riding this swing can place her feet in the stirrups for one position. It only takes a moment to place the thighs into the stirrups for an entirely different angle. The seat strap can be moved, so she can lean forward for more accessibility during anal sex.


Leaves a permanent bolt in the ceiling that everyone who visits your home will see.

STRICT Extreme Sling and Swing Stand

My Impressions

Sling and Swing Stand

Sex swings can be installed directly into the ceiling or hung from the back of a door like the devices mentioned previously. This sex swing comes with a stand as well as a sling. It’s very comfortable seating that can be adjusted. This isn’t a swing that can be tossed up quickly, but the anticipation can build as the swing is assembled. You might like the swing so much that you leave it assembled all the time in your bedroom. If you have a gym or media room, it could be time to change that to a playroom for your sexual games.

I recommend this sex sling and stand to those who want to graduate from simple swings. This sling gives you infinite possibilities for bondage positions. The stand itself makes a good spot for cuffing her hands or legs.

Get STRICT Swing Stand at Amazon


This is a truly comfortable sling that will support her back and head while leaving her body exposed to your touch. The stand is sturdy, and the entire sling and stand will hold up to 400 pounds. The sling is made of genuine leather. The set includes all the chains and clips you’ll need for assembly.


Takes some time for assembly.

JUTJOY Adult Indoor Sex Swing

My Impressions

Indoor Sex Swing

This sex swing has all the padding and comfort you’ll need while being flipped to different positions. It’ll hang in the middle of the room with enough space for him to pull you into his hard pounding for deeper penetration. It’s a great swing for experimenting with more positions. Let him have control of the speed and thrusting that he needs to truly hit unexplored parts inside of you. If you’ve wanted to find a position that hits your elusive g-spot during sex, a sex swing can easily help you find the exact spot you need.

I recommend this sex swing for couples who might have previously been frustrated with the depth of penetration during sex. This will eliminate that problem since he’ll be able to control the deepness of his thrusts.

Get JUTJOY Indoor Swing at Amazon


The straps are made of a durable nylon that has been tested and retested to ensure their strength. It’s designed to hold up to 500 pounds. You can sit in this no matter your weight, and he can yank and pull on the straps without an issue.


Doesn’t come with installation hardware.

Wild S.E.X. Collection Spinning Sex Swing

My Impressions

Wild Sex Swing

The woman that climbs into a sex swing is adventurous and has confidence. She’s willing to open herself to exploring her pleasure and that of her partner. It brings about more intimacy in the relationship when both partners are willing to try new things. Physical and emotional intimacy is a vital part of a couple’s happiness, and a sex swing can enhance both of those things.

I recommend this sex swing for those who want to experience the varied positions of a swing. With this swing, they’ll get a luxury and sense of style that will make the whole experimentation more enjoyable.

Get Wild S.E.X. Swing at Amazon


This swing has incredibly luxurious features that have been enhanced. Instead of the standard black nylon straps, these are a beautiful leopard print. The straps have extra padding, too. The interior of the leg straps are lined with fur, which gives you a more sensual experience. Instead of scratchy nylon against the sensitive skin of your inner thighs, there’s soft fur-like material. The kit includes a love manual with potential positions to try with your new love swing. While you might be willing to try new positions, you might not have any in your mind. The book will help with your creativity. You could even read the book in secret and surprise her.


Some plastic parts would be better if they were metal.

OptiSex Romantic Fantasy Swing Kit

My Impressions

Fantasy Swing Kit

This sex swing takes everything you want in an adventurous fantasy and makes it accessible. It’s great for any position since it adjusts. This allows the person in the straps to be turned and moved as needed for any position. If you’ve ever fantasized about sex with a stranger, the mask will help with that fantasy. Instead of the usual positions in bed, it’ll be fresh and new.

I recommend this swing to those who want to add some more fantasy and even some roleplay into the bedroom. Pretend you’re meeting a stranger in a bar, head back to his place, and experience the sex swing with your “new” partner.

Get OptiSex Swing Kit at Amazon


This sex swing can be adjusted for any angle needed as well as the height of the person. It can be raised or lowered as needed depending on the height of your partner or the position being tried. The kit includes a mask and lube for

adventures in anal or the surprise of an extra partner.


Doesn’t include hanging bolt.

Whip Smart Pleasure Swing

My Impressions

Whip Smart Pleasure Swing

Sex swings are not just for young people who want to explore more athletic positions. It’s great for older lovers who want to enjoy time together. In fact, it can take the pressure off your lover’s knees when he’s able to stand and pound inside you. The adjustment of the straps can lead to great discoveries in various positions. It’s a great way to add some spice to a long marriage, too.

I recommend this sex swing to those who are adventurous and want to add some naughty fun in their lives. The swing can alleviate pain and discomfort from some positions, too.

Get Whip Pleasure Swing at Amazon


The swing is incredibly adjustable. If you don’t love a position, move the straps and instantly, you’re in a more comfortable one. The straps are padded for comfort. Heavier women will enjoy the padding and feeling of weightlessness with this sex swing. It has a beautiful pattern called Wild Cheetah that can be washed when needed.


No head rest included with this swing.

Variety of Sex Swings

  • Traditional Sex Swing

The best sex swings are ones that fit your situation. The traditional sex swing is hung from the ceiling with a bolt directly to a load-bearing beam. This kind of swing provides 360 degree movement. The installation keeps the swing from falling with the weight of the people using it. The swing might also hang from a frame, so it doesn’t have to be installed directly into the ceiling.

  • Door Sex Swing

This kind of sex swing is a temporary device that doesn’t need to be installed. There are weighted parts that hang over the door and keep it secure when the door is shut. The door needs to be solid to hold the weight. This kind of swing doesn’t allow 360 movement.

  • Body Sex Swing

The body sex swing is a set of straps that a person wears. Their partner climbs on the person wearing the straps. There are handles and straps to ensure that their lover can ride the body straps without falling.

  • Fantasy Sex Swing

A fantasy sex swing will enable the couple to participate in scenarios like bondage and restraint. The couple can adjust the straps and frame to include partners and various fetish positions like those for better anal penetration.

Considerations for Your Sex Swing Purchase

  • Right Swing for You

There are many varieties of sex swings from traditional to fantasy. It’s important that you talk to your partner and figure out the right swing for the two of you.

She might not be comfortable hanging from the back of a door. Your partner might want a fantasy swing that can be adjusted for a variety of situations.

The swing you choose might be a beginner swing to test the waters. In that case, you’ll want to pick an inexpensive one that is incredibly secure as well as being padded for comfort.

Advanced users will want to have more bells and whistles with their swing. They might even want to purchase accessories like blindfolds and cuffs for bondage play.

  • Secure Installation

The swing that is installed in the ceiling has to be incredibly secure. People get hurt in sex swings that come crashing to the ground.

Securing the swing to the ceiling means that you’ll have to find a load-bearing beam for the bolt.

Along with a secure installation, the material should be able to stand the weight of the rider. Before making your purchase, consider the person’s weight. You might want one that can handle two people. That’s research you’ll need to do before choosing the right swing.

  • Comfortable Materials

The straps that attach your new sex swing to the bolts has to be made of material that won’t rip or tear. That same material can be uncomfortable against a person’s skin.

You’ll likely be naked in the sex swing, so you don’t want rough materials rubbing sensitive skin. There should be padding on the seat and all the straps that will be holding your weight.

Purchasing luxurious materials like fur or leather will be even more comfortable against your skin.

  • Types of Hardware Needed

There should be a bolt and hook to attach the swing to the ceiling if that’s the design you’ve chosen. Over-the-door options should have strong, heavy weights to slip over the door.

Along with bolts to attach to the ceiling, door, or frame, there should be springs. Springs let both partners bounce, which adds more movement and enjoyment to the whole experience.

Any tools you need for installation are unlikely to be included in the kits. Purchase a power drill or screwdriver for installation. A standard toolbox in your home should have all the tools you’ll require.

  • Fits Multiple Situations

The sex swing should be suitable for the situation. Those who live in their own homes can certainly install a swing from the ceiling while renters will have to stick with options that are temporary.

The sex swing should fit with the positions you want to try. Before purchasing the swing, talk with your partner about their fantasies and desires. He might want to use the swing while she climbs on him for some bouncy fun. Her desires could run towards being restrained.

The sex swing should grow with your changing desires and needs. It’ll have to fit multiple situations from housing to positions.

  • Flexible and Stretchable

The straps should be stretchable as well as being flexible. People vary in weight and height, so the swing won’t fit everyone the same way. Adjustments will have to be made based on who is in the swing.

Many couples find that they make the best discoveries while making adjustments to the swing. It’s best if the changes can be made with a person in the swing.

  • Packaging is Discreet

When having the sex swing delivered to your home, you’ll want to keep your private life to yourself. No reason the neighbors have to see what you’re doing in the privacy of your bedroom.

One of the biggest reasons for discreet packaging is to reduce the judgment of closed-minded people. It’s unfortunate, but they exist. Keep this in mind when you’re ordering your new sex swing.

Guide to Using Your New Sex Swing

  • Rider should place their bottom into the strap in the middle.
  • Thighs, calves, or feet can be secured in the leg straps.
  • Use your hands on the straps to ease yourself into the right position.
  • Find great positions in this sex swing like The Embrace, Missionary, or, Doggy Style, or Oral.
  • Be creative and experiment!

Check this comprehensive guide to learn more about how use a sex swing.

Sex Swings and the Adventurous Lovers

Intimate moments between lovers can be enhanced with playful times and laughter. Foreplay can involve setting up the swing and tangling your limbs together. Finding the right positions can be fun foreplay and prolong anticipation. When he finds the right spot inside you, all that laughter can turn to heart-tripping arousal. As she climbs on top, the laughter changes into an intimate moment when she can look into your eyes as she pleasures herself.

All of these things are possible with a sex swing. It doesn’t have to be about adventure and kink. It can be a moment where couples reconnect with their sensual side. Long-term couples can lose that sense of intimacy, which can be revived with exploration and adding some spice in the bedroom.

Sex Swing – Safety First

Before using your sex swing, ensure that it’s properly installed. You don’t want to fall out of your swing and hurt yourself. Some positions can cause serious injury if the person inside were to fall to the ground.

Never place more weight into the swing than the manufacturer recommends. You’ll place strain on the bolts holding it into the ceiling and the straps themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the swing be used for anal sex?
Sex swings are fantastic for anal sex. Your partner can be face down with the strap across the middle of the body. Legs can be elevated in the thigh straps, so the person’s body can be moved into the perfect position.

Is the sex swing safe for me?
The swing is safe as long as it is installed correctly. The person’s weight should meet the requirements for the swing labeled by the manufacturer. It should never be used in a way that can cause injury. As long as you’re a safe user, the swing will be safe.

Are sex swings associated with BDSM practice?
Swings can be a part of any sexual practice with adjustments. You can use this swing for vanilla sex with your partner that involves new positions. You don’t necessarily have to do anything extremely kinky with this swing. Those who want to explore BDSM can certainly add accessories that involve bondage and restraint. It’s up to the person using the swing.

Can a person with a disability use the swing?
The sex swings are meant to remove the feeling of weight from the rider. They allow for easier movements and positioning. This can be a good thing for most people with disabilities. It will depend on whether the straps are comfortable and the person is able to climb into the swing.

Is there any chance I may damage my spine using the swing?
If you don’t install the swing correctly, there’s a chance to get hurt. If you were to hang upside down over the edge of your bed, you could potentially fall on your head. You’re not hanging very high with the swing, so the distance would be the same. It’s not high enough to cause spine damage. Using the swing won’t cause damage unless you were to fall.

Can this swing be used for yoga?
Yoga involves improving your strength and stretch with

positions you might not be able to achieve on your own. The sex swing will allow you to hold your leg in a certain position for longer. It’ll stretch the spine and allow more movement in the hips. Practicing yoga with the sex swing can cause an increase in flexibility for sex in bed, too.

Are two people able to use the swing at the same time?
If the manufacturer recommended weight isn’t exceeded, couples can definitely use this swing together. Some fun positions need both people on the swing at the same time. The woman doesn’t have to be the one in the swing. Her male lover can sit in the swing while she rides him to a bouncy orgasm.

Final Thoughts

The best sex swing is one that fits your situation and gives you a comfortable place to explore. Straps should be strong enough to hold you and your partner. Swings add more positioning and a sense of adventure to your sex life that might be lacking at the moment. You don’t have to be into kinky BDSM sex to enjoy a sex swing in your life. It’s about having fun with your partner and introducing something different into your intimate moments. , How to Use a Sex Swing

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