Best Silicone Lubes That Make Sex Exciting

Maybe you have a dry vagina.

Maybe you feel itchiness or irritation during sex.

Maybe you are looking to get into anal play.

Whatever the situation you are in right now, one thing might be clear to you. You need the best silicone lube in all those three cases to improve your sex life.

If you enjoy backdoor sex, the best silicone lubricant can do wonders for you. Not only that, but it can get you off the grid and make you reach orgasm.

But brace yourself.

As of 2023, there are lots of silicone lubricant in the marketplace, and it can be confusing if you don’t know what you are you looking.

That’s why I want to show you the right process you need to know to follow before you buy the best silicone lubricant. Most importantly, give you a heads up on the different kinds of the best silicone lubes I have tried to take my romantic sex life to the next level.

But before I share them with you, let’s look at….

Silicone based lube comparison table

LubricantsMaterialAdditivesGreat forPrice
Penchant PremiumSiliconeNo Vaginal / sensitive skin Check price
Wet platinumSiliconeNo Vaginal Check price
Uberlube luxury Silicone No Vaginal Check price
Astroglide XHybrid: silicone and waterNo Vaginal Check price
Swiss NavySiliconeYesVaginal / dry skin Check price
Passion lubeSiliconeYesAnal Check price
Valm SiliconeSiliconeNoVaginal Check price
lubelife anal lubeSiliconeNoAnal Check price
Pjur Back DoorMedical grade
Yes Anal Check price
Shibari Intimate
SiliconeNoAnal Check price

What is Silicone Based Lube? (and How is it Different From other Form of Lube)

Silicone lube is a medical grade lubricant created out of Silicone polymer like Dimethicone. Because it is manufactured, a few people may have allergic reactions to it.

Dimethicone is a silicone-based oil that’s FDA approved because of its low hazard rating on the skin. This ingredient (Dimethicone) is the one responsible for the velvety and lush feel you experience down there during sexual intercourse.

The biggest advantage silicone has over other lube, is that it makes you stay longer during intercourse and that’s because of the Dimethicone is effective at locking in moistures. And because most lubes use medical grade Dimethicone, the texture of the lube is excellent for helping you glide through the skin effortlessly.

If you have used lots of skin moisturizer before you will notice that Dimethicone as a key ingredient. Besides providing you smooth sailing during sex, it also protects the vagina from mild infections, dryness, and itchiness.

And it is something you won’t see with other lubricants. Majority of the lubes that you see on the market today are not yet FDA approved like the coconut oil. Trust me on this. You have every reason to use Silicone based lube for both anal and vaginal play.

Okay, what makes silicon-based lube different?

Silicone concreated formula has long-lasting capabilities than water-based lubes. That’s why this silicone has received so much great love in the past years. And because of that capabilities, all you need is a single drop which lasts you for long without constant reapplication.

Silicone lubes are game changers for those who love anal sex because it eases pain well without pain. And its thickness makes it the ideal lube for sex in a shower or hot tub. If you look at other lubricant, benefits like this rarely exist.

For instance, water-based lubes have the challenges of drying out fast, which means you will have to stop your excitement to add a little more lube.

If you really care about your sex life so much, then you need something that will prolong your fun whether you are into anal or vaginal sex. Silicone-based lubricants have proved over and over again to be great.

Now that you I have sold you on the benefit using silicone-based lubricants let’s look at the some of the lubes I have tried in the past few years. You’ll like them, I promise.

Top 10 Silicone Based Lubricant Reviews

Intimate Lubricant Sensitive Penchant Premium

Sex is a beautiful thing, but the fun ends when one of you has sensitive skin. If you have been in my position before then, you have felt the itch, dryness, pain, and irritation.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be you. Thanks to intimate lubricant penchant premium, it soothed my skin, giving me relief from irritation and moisturizing my skin.

Intimate Lubricant Sensitive Penchant Premium

Besides that, I fell in love with its discreet packaging. Even its arrival it was discreet, I just found a package left on the door.

What’s more, the design is great that no one can hardly know if it a lubricant. If you lack a keen eye, you can mistake it to be a moisturizer.

Now to the part you want to hear….

I am happy to say that making love in the shower and hot tub with my hubby just got exciting. The lube works well, and it’s not soluble in water. We were so excited about making love that we forgot about breakfast. In other words, this is a lube that will have you pounding for hours and hours.

That surprised us a lot. Unlike water-based lube we have used before, it was so annoying that we needed to stop midday to reapply again. Thanks to Penchant concentrated formulae this was not the case, in fact, my vagina didn’t dry out.

Get Penchant Premium at Amazon

My Impression  

I love the discreet packaging; in fact, my partner didn’t realize a thing when it was in my bedroom until I told him that I have lube for us.

It’s worth mentioning that its unique concentrated formula makes couples last longer during sex. You’ll never reach orgasm until you have used this lube.

But there’s more hang on a minute.

Surprisingly enough, this lube works well if you are making love in the shower, hot tub or even a swimming pool. It repelled water and got us moaning, “oohs and aahs” as my partner got hitting the G-spot.

Trust me. Having sex with lube was sweet. I can’t even imagine how many times we did it when we first bought it. It’s a dream come true for couples having sensitive skin. If you are serious about screaming “oohs and aahs” in the night, try this lube. You will thank me later.

What could be better?

Even a great product that I love like this has limitation. First and most important, this lube only works with latex condoms. Avoid silicone condom, and sex toys like you would avoid a rattlesnake because it causes buffering.

Wet Platinum Premium Lube

You won’t believe what I am going to say next….

17% of women aged between 18-50 experience vaginal dryness during sex. And that’s just sad. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience for all parties.

Trust me. You need the wet platinum lube to end all your sex woes. Let’s look at what this lube has to offer for couples and lovebirds.

Wet Platinum Premium Lube

It’s no secret that wet platinum lube offers an entertaining new kind of romantic sex. You are likely to last longer and enjoy hours of fun.

And the best part is?

It will work well with condoms and other sex toys to spice up your sexual adventures. So here’s what happened.

I used only a drop and noticed that it was silky and smooth all the way. I didn’t have to stop in the middle of the action to reapply again. Most importantly, I never felt any tackiness or oiliness in my vagina.

I felt fresh and moisturized, feeling like a new baby again. Well, it didn’t surprise me because I read on the label that Wet platinum doesn’t use nasty chemicals. Most importantly, our sheets were spotless clean because there was no residue or uncomfortable film left behind.

Get Wet Platinum at Amazon

My Impression

The first thing I am happy about this formula is the smooth connection and glide that exists which means you can go for long without any stickiness. In other words, sex was sweet, and we were happy to do it for hours and often.

My second opinion is that it leaves your body fresh and moisten enough. And let’s not forget about the concentrated formula, which makes you run a sprint a marathon.

Given the high-quality texture of the solution, you and your partner are likely to experience great sliding without any friction. With only a few pumps, you are likely to go for a treat that you will live to remember.

Hey did I forget to mention to that it’s also perfect for douching?

It embodies all the characteristics and properties you will look for in a lubricant that is perfect for sex in the water. The subtle textures and together with the premium ingredient make it a great lube that can I recommend to anyone including my sister.

What could be better?

I love this lube so much, but there’s something amiss I have to let you know. If you read the label, you only need to apply a drop, right?

What I found out is that a drop is not enough because the liquid is a bit thin. If you are going for a marathon like what we do with my husband, I’ll advise you to go for three drops. I wish the company made the liquid a little bit thicker.

Second, make sure to have a towel nearby to wipe it off, because the solution spreads everywhere. Lastly, make sure you leave it in the right position and posture to avoid spill off.

Uberlube Luxury Lubricant

Does this sound like you?

Along steamy sex in the shower soothes emotions, nerves, and hormones. You and I know that having sex in the shower or tub can be challenging if not done right.

And to help you end awful experience like this, we ask you to consider Uberlube luxury lubricant.

What makes it so unique?

Uberlube Luxury Lubricant

It is a high-end luxury lube that resembles a premium cosmetic bottle. Seeing it the first time, I thought it was a skin care moisturizer. Besides sex, it can also serve other purposes like chaffing, brightening of teeth and aftershave.

And guess what else?

It might not be the most slippery lube you have ever used, but you will appreciate that its slick texture. Which means, you are going to experience the transfer of sensation fast without being too hard on your body.

Most importantly, this lube drives away friction and dryness when you are having sex in the shower or a hot tub.

So, what I like about it is that it is free from glycerin, parabens and other nasty chemicals that cause viginal infection. And it will also leave no residue or fragrance to distract you in the middle of the act.

With that said the lube remains invisible after application, leaving no hard stains to clean on your sheets or expensive lingerie. Trust me. This lube is something to be desired if you love vaginal sex.

Get Uberlube at Amazon

My Impression

Did I forget to mention that sex is fantastic with Uberlube?

So, here’s what happened to me? The uberlube makes sex painless because I had an easy time gliding in and out smoothly. The one thing I am glad is that I was fully aware of everything that was happening at the back, which solves the number one problem I always have with anal lubes.

No itchiness or oily feeling when I was thrusting my penis. The only thing I noticed is that the lube dissipates into the skin, leaving it silky and smooth. It stays in the skin, moistening it, which is not a bad thing.

The staying factor means that you can use Uberlube for a long session. 

What could be better?

Like any other silicone lube, you cannot use Uberlube with other silicone toys or condoms it will cause buffering.

But brace yourself, Uberlube is not the only one having that limitation. Nearly, all silicone lube doesn’t work with silicone condoms and silicone toys.

Astroglide X Premium Waterproof Silicone Personal Lube

Astroglide X claims to be vegan-friendly lube because they don’t use animal products and nasty chemicals. Never shy away from using silicone lube if you are vegan.

Now that I have convinced you, you are probably wondering what makes it unique right?

Astroglide X Premium Waterproof Silicone Personal Lube

First, you can use this lube in hot water bath, shower or swimming pool. Whether you love indoor or outdoor sex, this lube will serve well for you.

Second, the main plus this lube has is the easy to dispense bottle which stands upright. Even if you forget to seal the jar correctly, you can rest assured you the texture won’t spill off. It will stay in the position you left it.

If you have used other lubes before, you will notice that they have a poor seal and once you open them, you need to close them properly. Otherwise, you will have the solution running everywhere on your sheet. Here is where I gave this company a big plus.

Additionally, the hygienic foil seal is something that you can remove easily and replace the cap. This should give you more reasons to smile knowing that the content is pristine in its’ right condition.

Get Astroglide X at Amazon

My Impression 

If you have used this lube before, you will agree with me that it is a thin concentration that has slippery capabilities enough to make you feel smooth. Trying it for the first time, I never noticed any tackiness, everything looked normal to me.

But here’s the best part?

I slide in and out effortlessly with my partner without feeling pain or any hesitation. Most importantly, we both break a 40 minutes record. Thanks to this lube we had the best sex ever.

As a silicone-based lube, I am happy to say that the solution was so easy to clean from my body. I didn’t experience or feel any leftover in my vagina. If you want to know how easy it is to clean the solution, try dropping a pump of it on your hands. It’s easier to wash.

What could be better?

Never use this solution with any silicone toys. It may cause a lot of buffering, which is not good.

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant

Has sex become a painful experience for you?

You can fix this now and restore the pleasure you once had. All you need is the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone lube.

Interestingly, this lube creates a soft velvety feel enough to make you forget irritation, dryness, and itchiness you have whether it is anal or vaginal sex.

Swiss Navy

Can you use it with your favorite toys?

Yes, it will give you that smooth and joyful experience without causing any damage to your sex toys. The only thing you need to be cautious is that you should never use it with silicone toys or condom, it will cause buffering or alter the PH of your vagina.

Unlike other lubes I have used before this doesn’t cause unwanted smell or taste. While we are still on the point of smell, you won’t experience any skin damage (even if you have sensitive skin).

For those looking to add a lube to their collection, The Swiss Navy lubricant will be perfect for you.

Get Swiss Navy at Amazon

My Impression

Can I get you excited?

The lube works great. My partner loves it too. A gentle squeeze provides super-slippery lubrication for both you and your partner.

It gets even better knowing that texture stays on your skin even if you have dry skin. Don’t believe me? Do this then.

Take a tiny drop and apply it on your skin, then leave it for sometimes. It will stay on your skin for a long time. That means you won’t dry when you are in the middle of sex.

If you have silicone lube in the past, you have noticed one common problem. They leak and leave lots of mess.

Well, the Swiss Navy solves this problem because it comes with a leak-proof cap which prevents the liquid from leaking. No matter the position your place your bottle, rest assured that the content of the container won’t leak.

What could be better?

If you love the satin smoothness, this lube has all that, but after some minutes when I was having sex, the textures become a clump. I don’t know why this happens. I know most people may not have a problem with this, but I was a little bit afraid the clumps might remain inside me. It is just my perspective.

Passion Lube Premium Silicone Lubricant

As a person who loves get sweaty and raunchy during sex, I’m always looking for a lube that has a thin line between stimulation and smoothness.

Passion Lube

As it turns out, Passion lube is no doubt my go for lube because it has one of the most outstanding benefits you won’t see in any silicone lube.

First, it’s the spill proof cap, which means you can put this lube in any position without worrying about leakage. Second, it also minimizes the chances of stains on your sheets making washing even more comfortable for you.

Besides that, the passion lube makes sex life so breathtaking because it keeps both you and your partner lubricated. With only a single drop, you will have the ultimate experience without stopping in the midway for re-application.

Its perfect texture deserves a mentioning.

It leaves your skin feeling smooth instead of sticky, and neither does it wear down fast. The elegant thing about this lube is that it wipes off easily, all you need is a piece of damp towel to clear the mess.

My Impression

 Okay, this is the lube that will drive you crazy when having sex.

The lube gets the job done quickly. Here’s what I mean….

Only a small amount is what I needed to elevate my pleasure and ease my experience. I promise you, once you are in the act, this lube will leave you doing what you love best.

A good bonus about this lube is that it rarely degrades latex condoms, you can use the two together, and you’ll be perfectly overpowered. If you have done a hand test before, you’ll notice that it lubes stays longer on your skin and doesn’t dry out quickly.

Which is a good thing because it has the properties you need in a lube if you want to have long-lasting sex.

Trust me. Once you start using the passion lube, you’ll throw away lubes you have in your collection. Best of all, it is pocket-friendly compared to Astroglide, but it still leaves you with the same experience you will find in a high-end lube.

What could be better?

Here’s what I can’t deny.

The lubes get me sloppy wet like anyone else. No doubt about that. But’s effectiveness diminishes after each reapplication. I feel the company needs to make some changes in the texture that might cause this experience. (I am not precisely sure if I am the only one experiencing this)

With that said, I don’t mean to say that it’s not useful, I don’t know what happens when I re-apply again, I get different sensation from what I had in the beginning. To stop this experience, I have to use only one drop.

Valm Silicone Based Personal Lubricant

Let’s agree on one thing:

Great sex is only possible with little friction and dryness, but we know that’s a big lie. The best way to enjoy sex and last longer is by using a lubricant.

Valm Silicone Based Personal Lubricant

An excellent lubricant like Valm Silicone will feed you with sensational feeling and tightness without getting too slippery. Most importantly, the product won’t spill on your bed sheet like other lubes.

And if that won’t make you open the pursue, I am happy to state that the Valm is waterproof and shines in water. You can have sex using it in the shower, hot tub, or swimming pool without worrying about dryness because it repels water.

But warning: Never use Valm silicone lubricant on a slippery surface because you might break your leg or arm when you fall. A more added benefit you’ll find in this lube is that it has been tested and approved by FDA.

My Impression

 I noticed that the lube doesn’t have irritation on my skin and neither does it give me an awful smell. A tiny drop is all you need to create a steamy romantic experience that will last you long.

My partner and I felt great relief when we realized that we could go and on without worrying about friction and irritation. Most importantly, the lube enhanced our intimacy in the pool as we got excited about trying different sex positions.

Did I forget to say that you can use it with latex condoms?

Not only latex condoms but also polyurethane condoms. It works like charms. You don’t know how great Valm is unless you have given it a try yourself.

What could be better?

This lube is very thin compared to other silicone lubes I have used. The only wish I have is for the company to make it a little bit thick. Because of its thinness, you may need some time before you adapt to it. In other words, there’s a bit of breaking in period.

If you are thinking of trying anal sex, it may not be the perfect lube for you. You better buy another lube.

Lubelife Anal Lubricant

Ever wished you enjoyed anal sex?

We all do. If you have never tried anal sex, you are missing out. But it gets even better when you have lubelife anal lubricant.

Lubelife Anal Lubricant

Its waterproof features make it the best lube to use in a shower or a hot tub because it repels water and doesn’t wash off easily like water-based lubes.

It’s also worth noting that, I never felt any resistance on my end when my partner was screwing me. This didn’t surprise me at all because the lube was super thick to give us a delightful moment during valentine.

But that’s not all there’s to know about Lubelife anal lubricant?

Reading the labels and ingredient used to create the formulae, I noticed that it doesn’t have harsh chemicals and hypoallergenic reaction.

My Impression

Do you know what set’s the lube apart from other silicone lube?

Here it is, it compatible with all types of condoms and sex toys except that silicone. It is great news because most sex lube won’t have this level of protection that lube life anal lubricant provides.

Secondly, the lube is thick and makes you have a smooth and excellent entry when you are having anal sex without experiencing pain.

And the best part is, once you to apply only a tiny drop, you won’t stop in the middle of the way to use. It will last you long until you reach climax or ready for round two.

What could be better?

The bottle leaks a lot, and it is not what I would expect from a premium lube like this one. The company needs to do something about this.

If you are going to use it correctly, make sure that you place it in the right position, and the cap is tightly closed. Otherwise, you may have the whole content spilling and leaving you with a big mess in your bedroom.

Pjur Back Door Anal Lubricant


If there’s one thing, you will fear most when having sex is the pain. Pjur claims to end your sexual woes. Here is the exciting thing you need to know about it.

Unlike most traditional silicone lube, Pjur is formulated with a numbing agent that provides a comfortable slide and blissful anal sex.

Pjur Back Door Anal Lubricant

Did I also forget to mention that it has a relaxing agent (Jojoba extract)? Yes, it has. From the perspective of someone who used a relaxing agent before, I saw this is to be a nice combination.

What it all boils down to is, a great numbing and sensation effect after 2-3 minutes with less friction.

But here’s something exciting?

The combination of a numbing agent and relaxant makes it possible for anyone to be aware of what’s happening in the back door.

Most anal lubricants have only a numbing agent which makes it dangerous because your partner may not feel anything at all once numbness kicks in. But with Pjur, you and your partner will feel something.

My Impression

I found it to be silky to touch and offered effortlessly glide on my skin. When I touched and rubbed it between my fingers, I could barely feel the friction.

At first, I was so curious to find out if Jojoba extract could relax my muscles for anal sex without desensitizing me or even numbing my partner’s cock.

Surprise! Surprise! The entry was more relaxed and felt lots of intense sensation. It was so exciting that I told my partner to go harder on me.

And the result?

I found my first P spot orgasm. It has never happened to me, but I know it would not have been possible if I didn’t use Pjur back door. It remains to be my number one product that I would recommend to anyone that wants to have an excellent backdoor experience.

What could be better?

Yes, Pjur back door remains to be my number one recommended product but there’s just still a few issues that I want to bring to your awareness.

If you are the one sliding, you may experience a numbing effect on your cock, which may minimize the pleasure you are having during the anal play.

Shibari Intimate Lubricant

Have you tried Shibari intimate lubricant before?

If not, you are missing out big time. Listen, what I love about it, is that it’s made of premium-grade silicone material (to be specific, Dimethicone).

Shibari Intimate Lubricant

What’s so exciting about this material is that it makes sex awesome, thanks to the smooth sensation and uplifting mood you will notice when having sex.

Like any Shibari lube, the silicone version is FDA approved and certified to meet quality and safety standards. You should have more relief and put on a smile, knowing that you are using one of the safest and reliable lubes in the market.

Whether you have allergies or bad experiences with silicone lubricant, Shibari is the opposite. You’ll be thrilled to find out that it’s free from parabens, glycerin and other nasty chemicals that make your pleasure short.

Given the fact that it is high-grade silicone, you are likely going to achieve lubrication fast with a single drop. It is a must have lube for anyone- whether they want to go solo or engage with a partner, Shibari delivers a satisfying climax for both parties without leaving them with memories of pain and discomfort.

My Impression

It is one of the best lubes you’ll need to fulfill your bedroom needs and quench your desires. Not only will it enhance your sexual appetite, but you can also use it with latex condoms and other toys to go on a wild treat.

The Shibari takes packaging seriously. In this case, the lube is packaged in a class and discreet manner that even your neighbor won’t have any idea on what’s inside the box. And you will not see the delivery guy because the box it is left on your door.

Aside from that, Shibari maintains consistency in viscosity, so that you are getting neither too thin nor too thick texture. Just the right amount to get you rowdy.

Those who love to use natural lubes will be happy to use Shibari because it does not leave any frightening chemicals that can cause a series of effect on your skin or your private parts.

Lots of lube can cause you discomfort when you are making love, but with Shibari, you’ll experience heightened orgasm. And a few drops is enough to get your vagina or rectum wet for long. Alternatively, you can always add more if you are greedy like me.

What could be better?

 The only problem I noticed is that the lube doesn’t wash away off easily. My sheets were slightly oily, and it took some serious scrubbing to make sure that no spots were left.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any issue with washing, then this lube will work perfectly for you. I can promise that.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Silicone Based Lube

You’ve heard this advice a million times.

“The wetter, the better.”

When it comes to fluids, a great lube is all you need to get wet down there. And if you have been associating vaginal dryness with sex, it’s time I got you out of the box.

70% of 2,453 women surveyed by Indiana University agree that lubes made sex exciting and less painful. Think of a lubricant as a way to make sex pleasurable and enjoyable.

But how do you go around choosing best silicone-based lube? It’s a question most couples ask. Fortunately, I have figured a way of selecting this. Read ahead to find out.

Lube types

They are two schools of people.

Those that love water and those that love silicone. The difference and functionality of these two lubes is what is triggers a debate. But today, I will spare you the discussion and give you only the details that matter….

People love water-based lube because it rarely makes you feel tacky or sticky. Most importantly, it will never stain, and you can use with almost any sex position you want.

On the silicone side, people love it because of its long-lasting capabilities. All you need is a single drop to last long without stopping in the midway to reapply. It is also worth mentioning the silicone is thicker than most water-based, and you can use it when having a shower or hot tub sex.

Each one of them has their drawbacks, in the case of water, you will have to stop in the midway to re-apply because water dries fast. In the case of silicone, it can stain your sheets.

Lube consistency

The level of lube consistency depends on how you want to use the lube, which boils down to personal preference.

Thick gel- If you want to stay longer or go for hours and hours while you are doing sex, you may need a thick gel. Besides that, a viscous gel can protect your delicate tissues from damage or irritation. For instance, if you love anal play, a thick gel is preferred because it won’t leave you feeling pain and irritation.

Thin liquid- they create excellent glide performance and are perfect for vaginal sex or pelvic exercises. However, you need to be careful the fluid is not too thin. Otherwise, it won’t always last long, and you may need to apply again.

High PH(Acidity)

Avoid lubes with a high PH level. High ph level in the vagina can use imbalances which can breed infections such as vaginosis. A vagina has a ph level concentration of 3.8 to 4.5 when you are shopping for a lube you need something that has a PH level close to 4.5. That is the best level if you want to maintain the health of your vagina.

Osmolarity (Ingredient concentration)

Osmolarity is the concentration of ingredient, and the wrong ingredient can damage the vaginal tissues or interfere with its cells.

A hyperosmolar lube has a high concentration of ingredient which causes tissues irritation and damage the cells making the lining of the vagina or rectum to fall off.

Glycerol and Propylene glyco are two ingredients that you need to avoid if you are shopping for lube because they exist in high concentration.

And studies have been done to show that these two ingredients when applied to the rectum, damage its lining and increase the infections of HIV/AIDS.

Additive, Preservatives, and Parabens

Additives are added in lube to achieve specified function. If you have allergies, then it is essential to check if the lube you are buying has additives, preservatives or parabens. These artificial ingredients are known to cause irritation and dryness in the lining of the vagina.


Expensive doesn’t always mean value especially when it comes to choosing a lube. The critical thing to consider is all the factors we have just discussed above before shopping.

It won’t surprise to find out that companies are putting lots of additive to the lubes or even increasing their concentration without knowing that it can harm your health.

Surprisingly enough you may find a cheaper lube that has all the charming qualities that you want without the bells and whistles. Kindly take your time to inspect each lube before you shell out your cash, due diligence is your savior.

Why Silicone Based Lubes are Better Choice for Anal Sex?

If you been using lubes for long, you will notice the best lube for vaginal sex are the worst when for anal sex.

Aside from that, the anal is a very delicate tissue, it susceptible to injuries when you or your partner go rough on it. Because of that, you will need a grease-like lubes, silicone happens to be the best lube for anal sex.

What sets it apart from water-based lube is that it doesn’t dry out and stays for too long because of its slippery texture. Most importantly, you don’t need to stop in the middle of the fun to apply again.

It has desirable properties that can keep you going slowly or pounding hard without feeling like you are tearing your partner’s rectum.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I use silicone-based lube for vaginal sex?

Yes, they are slick, and you will need tiny drops for you to enjoy vaginal sex. Because they repel water, you can use them when you are having shower sex, hot tub sex and swimming pool sex. Best of all, they will leave your vagina fresh and moisten. Silicone-based lubes are recommended for women with chronic vaginal dryness or pain.

Can I use silicone-based lube for sensitive skin?

It depends.  The silicone-based lube comes with different properties and features. You have to choose the one formulated for sensitive skin. Meanwhile, you can always read the label to find out if they ingredient to watch out for like parabens, glycerin, or any other additives or preservatives that may interfere with your skin.

What are the essential ingredients of silicone-based lube?

Silicone comes with arrays of ingredients but here are some of the basic ingredients used to make silicone…Methicone, Phenyl trimethicone, Dimethicone., Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, and Dimethicone copolyol. For instance, Dimethicone keeps your skin moistened and hydrated for long. It is the same ingredients used in skin care products to keep the skin moisturized and fresh.

Can I use silicone based lubricant with condoms and sex toys?

Yes, you can. You ONLY need to use it with latex condoms. In all cases, avoid using silicone based lubes with silicone based condoms and silicone toys because it can cause buffering which is not a good thing.

For oral sex can I use silicone based lube?

It depends. You will have to choose a silicone lube formulated for oral sex alone like Sensuva Orense. For oral sex, you need to pick a lube that has no taste or cause numbness on your tongue. Make sure the product you choose has a great mouthfeel. They are flavored lubes in the market that have a cherry-like taste and aroma. My advice to you is to find out the best silicone lube for oral sex.


Now that you have read my guide about my best silicone lubes and what to look for when you are buying silicone lubricant, it’s time I give you my two cents advice.

A few years back, I was in your shoes, and having vaginal dryness is the worst thing that can ever happen you to any woman. Next, if you don’t give your bae the best sex ever, whether anal or vaginal, don’t be surprised if he goes to find the experience elsewhere.

You can end all your sexual woes today, and the first step is to take actions. Reread this guide, choose the silicone lube that best fits your circumstances and enjoys steamy sex with your partner.

It sounds simple. And it is.

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