Best Vibrating Panties – Discreet yet Naughty Pleasure to Heighten

Thrills and sexual satisfaction don’t necessarily mean you have to be stuck in the bedroom with your partner or even for solo play. When you take fun playtime out into the public realm with vibrating panties, you’re adding spice and a hint of danger to your kinky play.

Whether you’re sitting in the office with a sexy little secret or walking through the mall shopping with your girlfriends, nobody will ever know that you are being pleasured with the best vibrating panties on the market – unless they can guess by the look on your face. Vibrating panties under your clothing make it hard to keep small noises of arousal to yourself, but that’s part of the fun when you’re being adventurous and naughty.

Best Vibrating Panties Comparison Table

Product NamePowerRangeWaterproofStimulatorPrice
CalExotics Remote Control Batteries20 feetYesExternal Check price
OhMiBod Nex1Rechargeable10 feetNoExternal Check price
CalExotics Butterfly Vibrator 2BatteriesNot WirelessYesExternal Check price
OhMiBod Club Vibe 2Rechargeable15-20 feetNoExternal Check price
OhMibod Club Vibe 3Rechargeable 20 feetNoExternal Check price
Dr. Laura Berman AstreaBatteries12 feetNoExternal Check price
Booty Parlor PantiesBatteries20 feetYesBoth Check price
Dr. Laura Berman Astrea IIBatteries12 feetNoExternal Check price
Vibro Panty Batteries10 feetYesBoth Check price
Hustler Lingerie PantiesBatteries45 feetYesBoth Check price

Top 10 vibrating panties with remote reviews

CalExotics Remote Control 10 Function Black Thong

My Impressions


This is an option that really packs some power while making you feel incredibly sexy. A vibrator can bring you to full climax or tease until seducing your lover is the only option available. This vibe with remote is meant to tease with its wireless capabilities. There are a variety of functions with one easy button. With 10 functions in that one button, it’s an incredible choice in vibrating panty. It’ll be simple to control her pleasure with the press of that button, too.

I recommend using this under your clothing for a night on the town, so the vibe can tease and distract you.

Best Features 

The range of this remote is long enough that your lover can press a few buttons and have you wiggling in your seat. Wear this to an intimate dinner in a restaurant where your lover can press the buttons a few times to make you fighting back small moans and whimpers of pleasure. The panty itself is made of an incredibly comfortable lace and nylon that will fit many women.

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What Could be Better 

The volume on this vibrator could be a little lower. While the vibrator could easily be worn on the street or walking around the mall, it’s going to be slightly audible in a quiet environment like at your desk at work.

OhMiBod BlueMotion Nex1

My Impressions

OhMiBod Nex1

This is a unique wearable vibrator that is controlled by a Bluetooth app on your phone. When your pleasure is dictated by someone else, that person can be anywhere in the world with this type of panty vibrator. The slim, hypoallergenic vibrator has a small bulb on it that will keep it seated in your vagina, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out during the day as you wait for your lover to push your buttons.

Best Features

While the Internet control is an amazing option, there’s the ability to control the vibrator within 30 feet of the panties, too. Versatility is the word I’d use to describe these panties as one of the best vibrating panties on this list.

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What Could be Better

The app doesn’t always work, but that can be a problem with the carrier since you’re connected to the Internet. To use this properly, you need Internet reliability.

CalExotics Original Venus Butterfly Vibrator 2

My Impressions

CalExotics Butterfly

This Venus Butterfly 2 vibrator is an improvement on the classic Venus. The improvements come from a more comfortable strap system as well as stronger vibrations. The vibrations are so strong that you might find yourself unable to climax.

It’s a maddening toy that can create an intense need without the ability to follow through. In many situations where you’re delaying satisfaction, that’s a perfect feature for a toy. I recommend this vibrator to those who are playing with orgasm control in their relationship.

Best Features

While some people see this as a con, others will love the intense, powerful vibrations. It has a great shape, too. The tip of the butterfly tickles the clit while the body of the vibrator sits at her opening. The wings and tail of the butterfly touch all the right places, too.

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What Could be Better

This might not be the most discreet toy on the market. It’s great in situations where it’s a bit noisy like a crowded club or busy restaurant. The powerful vibrations can be heard in quiet environments.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2

My Impressions

OhMiBod 2

There are two variations in this one vibrator. First, there’s the traditional way of choosing the vibration with the remote based on levels of power. The other setting is based on the ambient setting that responds to a lover’s voice or music coming through the remote.

This is the “club” setting that will thump to the beat of the music. It’s an incredible sensation to actually feel the music or your lover’s voice directly against your clit. It’ll bring to mind the bedroom and the feel of them between your thighs.

I recommend this vibrating underwear to anyone who goes to the club or wants to feel the vibration of their lover’s voice when they’re apart.

Best Features

As mentioned previously, the ambient noise option is an intriguing addition to playtime between couples. The vibrator is rechargeable and will hold a charge for up to 4 hours. The vibrator is made with the best materials that are phthalate free, so you don’t have to worry about irritants.

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What Could be Better

The vibration of this toy could be stronger, but it’s very discreet. The batteries in the remote have to be changed often if you plan on wearing it for a long time.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3

My Impressions

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3

This is an upgrade to the Club Vibe 2. It has the same great features of the Club 2 like the ambient noise option. The improvements come from the charge. Instead of batteries, the Club Vibe 3 has the option to use a USB port for charging the vibrator as well as the remote.

You don’t have to concern yourself with purchasing dozens of batteries for this vibrator. This is a compact vibrator that nobody will know you’re wearing, either, so you can wear it for hours at the club or the bar without the batteries dying.

I recommend this vibrating panty for those who love going to the club or want to add spice to their relationship where his voice has a direct impact on her clit.

Best Features

The best features are the improvements to the remote. It’s rechargeable, but there are icons on the buttons themselves that tell you what action is performed. It’s wireless and can be used up to 20 feet away, which is a good distance for parties where you might be mingling with others, and he has control over your body.

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What Could be Better

When used remotely, too many obstructions between the remote and the vibe can cause issues. If you stay closer than the 20 feet, you don’t have to worry about obstructions.

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Astrea

My Impressions

Astrea 1

As a sexpert, Dr. Berman has helped hundreds of couples improve their sexual encounters, which leads to happier relationships and marriages. With a team like the doctor and CalExotics, the toy should speak to every desire for erotic play that spices up your relationship. It’s definitely not a disappointment to those who choose this panty for playing.

The lovely lace panty will make her feel incredibly beautiful and sexy, which leads to a more confident woman. A confident woman wants to explore her sexuality and allow the man in her life to bring her pleasure.

I recommend this toy for those who want to add spice to their boring bedroom routine. Couples can open themselves up to more passion and fun in their interactions. It leads to more confident partners who learn more about each other and strengthen their bond.

Best Features

This tiny vibrator fits discreetly into the panties and is controllable up to 12 feet away. Some vibrators can tease and finish her off with a few presses of the buttons. This one will tease her into a frenzy that only he can satisfy. It’s meant to bring couples closer together – not replace him as the source of her pleasure.

What Could be Better

The panties run on the small side, so they definitely will not fit every woman’s curves.

Booty Parlor Turn Me On Vibrating Panties

My Impressions


The Booty Parlor vibrating lingerie features a lovely pair of panties with silk ties on the sides. These can be worn in the comfort of the bedroom or out on the town. When the teasing is at an end, he can tug on the ties and reveal how much the entire encounter turned you on.

I recommend that you use these panties at a restaurant for an extra special date night. As he is sitting across from you, nobody will know that he’s exciting you in an erotic way beneath the table. It’s a discreet, naughty secret.

Best Features

There are 10 functions available with this bullet vibrator. It can be controlled with the remote up to 20 feet away, too. There’s a small pocket in the panties, so you don’t end up losing the vibe in an embarrassing way while you’re out in public.

What Could be Better

It could be a bit quieter for really silent environments. It will be fine in a noisy restaurant or out dancing at a club.

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Astrea II

My Impressions

Astrea II

Dr. Berman has helped many couples revive their sex lives as well as their relationships. She’s partnered with CalExotics to create a sex toy that will bring couples closer together. This is the next generation of the Astrea. It’s a tiny bullet vibrator for the clit that packs a punch.

I recommend this for situations where teasing will lead to moments of pure passion. Couples can enjoy the spontaneous sex that happens as a result of the teasing and tension that builds up with the use of this toy.

Best Features

The vibrator is powerful can do more than tease the wearer. The remote itself can be used up to 12 feet away with an easy on/off switch to make it simple to dial into her pleasure.

What Could be Better

The panties run a bit small, but there are larger sizes available.

VibroPanty Wireless Remote Vibrating Panty

My Impressions


Some of these remote controlled vibes and bullets are for use on the clit. The VibroPanty vibrating bullet can be inserted for interior pleasure since it’s waterproof. This is a reasonably priced toy that will provide hours of fun.

The panty and bullet also come with a lube that makes insertion more comfortable. When inserting this bullet, there might be a bit of fear that causes her to not be as wet. The lube will certainly help. Over time, she might not need the help of lube because she knows the pleasure that’s waiting for her.

I recommend these panties for the more adventurous woman who wants to get deep pleasure without worrying that her naughty secret will be exposed.

Best Features

The bullet is made of great materials and has 10 functions for various teasing capabilities. It’s 2 ½ inches long with a diameter of 2.6 inches. The ties on the panties mean that it will fit women of all sizes and shapes.

What Could be Better

This bullet can’t be charged. It needs batteries that must be changed frequently if you use this for hours. You’ll definitely want to use this for a very long time, so stock up on batteries.

Hustler Lingerie Wireless Vibrating Panties

My Impressions


Hustler is a brand that everyone knows, so it should be no surprise that when they turn their sights on sex toys, they come out with some extremely great options. The lace underwear is pretty and comfortable, and the waterproof bullet is strong and powerful. There are various modes and speeds for teasing or sending her right over the edge. The waterproof vibe can be inserted vaginally to create a different kind of pleasure.

The company spent some time creating a thong to go with this sex toy that would be comfortable and breathable. There’s a cotton lining with lace detail that won’t irritate the skin. That’s important in a panty that you might want to wear for hours even if you don’t use the toy for the entire time.

I recommend this vibe for those situations where you want to have a naughty secret, and it might even lead to public sex in the right situations. That’s something the couple should be prepared for when using this bullet.

Best Features

The biggest benefit to using this vibrator bullet is the string that allows easy removal. You’ll be able to wear this as a clit stimulator or an internal stimulator. If you choose to place the bullet against your clit, there’s a convenient pocket in the thong that will keep it in place. There are 3 speeds and 7 pulsating modes on the wireless remote. It can be controlled up to 45 feet away.

What Could be Better

The bullet runs on batteries that can be drained rather quickly if you enjoy using this for hours. It would be better if it could be recharged through a USB cord.

Vibrating Panties – How do They Work?

There are common toys available that everyone knows about like the vibrator, dildo, or anal plug, but vibrating panties might not be on their radar. If you’ve never considered vibrating panties, you’re in for a treat.

They’ve become incredibly popular because of the added dimension of erotic play they bring to a relationship. They are also great for solo play, too.

Vibrating panties work in a few different ways. First, let’s talk about the types available.

Remote with Cord – The tiny egg vibrator slips into the pocket of the panty and a cord attaches to the remote. The distance between the vibrator and the remote isn’t very far.

Wireless with Remote – There are two kinds of wireless options. Some with a wireless remote have a max distance of a few feet. Others are wireless and can be used by smart phone anywhere in the world.

Without a Remote – The vibrator is placed in the pocket and turned on by touching the buttons on it.

Now, let’s talk about how they work. The type of panty will dictate the kind of control you’ll have over your pleasure. You might hand that control to your partner with the remote or keep it for yourself. The vibrator will buzz and pleasure you while sitting against your clit, but there are others that can be inserted.

Sex toys come in a range of options and variations, and that includes panties with vibrators. There are full panties with vibrators, thongs with small pockets for an egg-shaped vibe, and sexy bikini styles with internal stimulators.

Some have vaginal and anal vibrators for extra kinky fun outside the bedroom. When using a vibrator in your underwear, you’ll want one that has a many options. You’ll also want to feel sexy with lace and beautiful materials against your skin. When it comes to vibrating panties reviews, this is an ultimate guide that will help you make an important buying decision.

Choosing a Vibrating Panty – Considerations and Judgments

  • Size and Material

The size of the bullet or egg will matter as it concerns the shape of her body parts. For example, it should be comfortable, completely hidden, and snug against her clit or opening. If you will be sitting down, a huge egg against your clit might be too much pressure and turn into pain. If it’s an insertable toy, it should be a size that will stay inside her body without being irritating over time.

When it comes to the panties, the best vibrating panties won’t be scratchy or itchy. The vibrator should be made of materials that won’t cause irritation or a rash. It’s important to check your reaction to certain materials and ensure that the product is made without phthalates, which are not good for anyone.

  • Vibration and Functions

When he’s controlling your arousal and teasing you so close to the edge of climax, he should be able to see your face and raise or lower the intensity based on what he sees. That means the best vibrating panty will have a variety of speeds and intensities. Some of the best vibrating panties have features like an ambient mode or the ability to pulsate or throb to a certain rhythm.

With eye contact and visual cues, he knows exactly how to increase or decrease the level of vibration as well as the power. He’s able to tease you and turn you into an orgasm-crazed sexual being that’s capable of ravaging him when you get home.

  • Wireless Control and Ease of Use

The wireless remote should be simple to use with intuitive buttons that aren’t confusing. The person controlling her pleasure should be able to easily switch from one mode of operation to the next. The on/off button should be centrally located, so it can be turned on for a naughty little surprise at any time.

The element of surprise is what makes the toys so much fun. If you’re into self pleasure with this type of panty, you don’t want to have to fiddle with the egg itself inside the panty – especially if you’re in public. If your boss calls you into his office, you should be able to easily hit the shut off button.

  • Panty Pocket

The pocket in the seat of the panty should keep the egg or bullet in place, so that it doesn’t shift. There’s nothing worse than having to shift the egg into position without being obvious in public. The pocket should be hidden and convenient for keeping the vibrate snug against the clit. You don’t want the egg or vibe to fall out of your panties, which makes the pocket one of the more vital parts of the panty itself.

  • Waterproof Options

When you choose an option that is waterproof, there’s no worry about how excited she might get while wearing the panties. If the vibrator is doing its job, she’s going to be plenty excited and wet. Waterproof options allow the bullet to be used internally, too. Instead of having to purchase more than one vibe or bullet, a waterproof one can perform many functions.

  • Discreet Packaging

Whether it’s a gift you’re giving her or one that is being delivered to the home, you’ll want the packaging to be discreet and secret. It should have beautiful packaging to be given as a gift, too. Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or holiday occasions are a great time for this kind of gift, and the packaging should be elegant and lovely as well as being discreet.

  • Quiet Motor

While this is last on the list, it’s one of the most important aspects of the vibrating panty. The volume will dictate where these can be worn. If you have a whisper-quiet motor, it can be used at work or in a quiet restaurant. One that has a higher volume should be worn in a noisy place like a bar or a club.

Vibrating Panty Care

It’s vital that you care for your panties as well as the vibrator to ensure they have a long life. Follow the instructions on the underwear when it comes to washing them. It’s best to wash them in cool water by hand with minimal harsh soaps.

At the same time, you want to ensure they’re washed well to remove all bodily fluids or lubricant that has been used. They should be hung to dry after washing. They’re delicate with satin and lace, so take care with them as you would your other panties.

As for the vibe itself, take care as you would with any other sex toy. Wash it down with the right toy cleaner. Soap and water or alcohol can work wonders on plastic toys. For those that have other materials, follow the instructions with the toy itself for the best care.

Precautions while Wearing the Panties

As you wear the panties, you’ll find situations and places where they won’t work as well. You’ll need to decide if you want to wear those loud panties in public venues where there’s a level of fear and embarrassment at the ready. That can be an incredible aphrodisiac for some.

You’ll want to be careful about wearing the panties for too long if the material is scratchy or you’re wearing them under jeans. That’s a personal preference based on your level of sensitivity when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

Sexual Advisor’s Expert View on Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties being an added level of intimacy and fun to any interaction between partners. Having this tasty little secret around others as you stare into each other’s eyes across the room can so hot that you’ll run home to tear the other’s clothes off in heated passion.

It’s a blast to experiment by yourself, too. There’s no reason you can’t have this naughty secret all to yourself while out at the club or heading to a local bar for a few drinks. Beware of making bad choices in men when you’re incredibly turned on with your vibrating panties, though.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are vibrating panties safe to wear?
They are very safe to wear. If you have a sensitivity to pressure or foreign materials, you don’t want to wear them for a very long time. They can become irritating to the skin or desensitize the clit over time. That means you’ll need stronger and stronger vibrations to reach a point where you’ll be able to climax.

Are orgasms obtainable with vibrating panties?
This is a very personal and situational questions. It will depend on certain factors. If you’re a woman who has a hard time having an orgasm using a clit stimulator, you will get pleasure from a bullet or egg, but might not reach climax.

It’ll also depend on the situation. If you’re out at dinner with lots of people around and feel paranoid about the egg vibrating in your panties, it might not lead to orgasm. On the other hand, some women like the potential of being caught.

If my vagina is sensitive, can I wear the vibrating panty?
It would depend on what you mean by sensitive. If you are sensitive to materials that might cause a rash or infection, you should research the right materials and specifications before making your purchase. Most products are made of silicone, jelly, or plastic.

If any of these cause you issues, purchase a product that won’t irritate the skin. If you have a sensitive vagina because you are easily aroused, this is a great product for you.

How long can I wear the panty?
You can wear the panty anywhere from an hour or two upwards of 6 hours or more. If you’re using the vibration the entire time, you’ll end up burning through the battery or charge very quickly. The average time to wear the panty and use the vibrations and pulses is around 2 – 3 hours.

You can wear the panties all day long if you don’t plan on using the egg the entire time. They’re like regular panties until you turn on the wireless remote.

Can I walk around in public wearing the panty?
If you have one with a quiet motor, you definitely can walk around anywhere with it. You’ll have to consider whether you want to call attention to yourself or not. With a vibration that sounds like a cell phone, which makes you flinch, you might not want to walk through the grocery store or mall where the noise would be noticeable.

If that heightens your pleasure and makes this more of a turn on, you can definitely wear the panties in public. It won’t be visually noticeable that you’re wearing vibrating panties.

Final Words

The best vibrating underwear and panties above will be chosen based on your personal preferences. The list includes the ones that provided the best features and benefits. It’s a discreet way to have a naughty secret between you and a partner or all on your own.

Vibrating panties can be the spice you need in your relationship. They can be incredibly discreet while giving you a naughty thrill and secret pleasure. When he’s looking into your eyes, watching you intently as he uses the remote to tease you, it’s more intimate than if the two of you were in bed together. Any couple looking for spice and a change of pace in the bedroom should look outside the bedroom for some sexy fun.

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