The Best Warming Lubes: Spice Up Sex with Your Partner

The vagina is usually warm. However, the warmer it gets, the more enjoyable the sexual experience will be.

You can spice things up by making the vagina warmer than it currently is. You’ll need a high-quality lube to achieve that.

There are five best warming lubes I’ve tried. These lubes are the best. They make your partner moan. They make you feel more satisfied.

I highly recommend these lubricants because they work. I bought and tried lots of lubes, but none of them came close to the quality of warmth I got from these five.

So, what are these five best warming lubricants I’m talking about? I review them below. Ensure that you read my review of each one before proceeding to buy.

Warming Lube Comparison Table

Product NameTypesLongivityOur ratingPrice
K-Y Yours & MineWater basedModerate 4.4 Check price
Ocean Sensuals GWater basedHigh4.6 Check price
Astroglide XSilicone basedModerate to high4.5 Check price
K-Y Warming Jelly Water basedmoderate4.4 Check price
JO H2O Lubricant Water basedModerate to high4.6 Check price

Top 5 Warming Lubricant Reviews

K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lubricants

This is one of the best warming lubricants I tried. I decided to make it number one because it feels so warm inside. The warming sensation it gives me is super cool. It’ll give you a tingling sensation you’ll continue to remember long after sex.
K-Y Yours & Mine

K-Y Yours & Mine Couples is the perfect lubricant for couples or partners. It brings both partners together. It makes both feel so loved during sex.

The brand itself is highly recommended by doctors and most trusted by consumers. When you use this lubricant, sex will become more intense between you and your partner.

The lubricant encourages more playfulness. You’ll both want to explore each other sexually.

K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lubricant is a two in one lube. There’s one for him (blue) and one for her (purple).

In other words, the lubricant in the purple color package is for women. While the lubricant in the blue color is for men.

One or two drops will make both of you come alive, and sex will become more interesting and exciting for both of you.

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My Impression

Although K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lubricant can be used for massages, the warm feelings it creates during sex is what makes me like it the most. That warmth lets you have magic sex with your partner.

I must say that this lube isn’t compatible with condoms. The lube is for partners or lovers who really want to explore every part of each other.

It’s for partners who aren’t afraid to try something new. It’s for couples who want to make love without limitations.
After using the lube for the first time for special warm sex, I quickly understood the reason why so many doctors have been recommending the brand for years. It’s because they make the best lubricants for couples.

K-Y Yours & Mine Couples lube is a special warming lube for couples who don’t want to feel restricted in bed.

What could be better?

The major downside to using this lube is that it’s not to be used with condoms. So, couples who use condoms for birth control or sexual infection transmission will be disappointed that they can’t use this lubricant.

I’ll like to see a version that’s compatible with condoms.

[G] Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant

The name may look funny to you, but [G] Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant is one of the best warming lubricants available today. If you’re struggling with vaginal dryness and need a lubricant, you need one that makes you feel warm deep inside. And that’s what this lube does.

Ocean Sensuals

[G] or simply call it G is one of my favorite warming lubes after trying lots of brands out there. Using G will help you nourish and support every intimate tissue in the vagina.

[G] works incredibly well to combat painful sex. It makes the vagina feels so ready and welcomes the penis with ease. Painful sex will become a thing of the past when you use this lube.

The lube is made with high-quality ingredients. The lube feels so natural as if you don’t use any lube. During penetration, you get that amazing tingling sensation in the vagina, and it feels completely nice.

[G] Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant lets you have quality sex with your partner. No pains. No complaints after sex. You’ll both feel sexually satisfied and more connected after sex.

Sex is meant to bring both you and your partner together. It helps the two of you grow emotionally and intimately. [G] fosters that.

Even if you’re just enjoying the moment with your lover, [G] helps you have the best sex you haven’t had in a long time.

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My Impression

[G] Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant is colorless and tasteless. A lubricant that smells isn’t ideal for me. Anyone who knows the lube can notice the smell.

Tasteless lubricants are the best for oral sex. If it’s not good for oral sex, it’s probably not too good for vaginal sex.
The lubricant comes in a bottle that’s easy to use. You can easily pump the lube out with no worries. The pump allows you to apply it directly to where you want the lube.

If you apply it on the clitoris, you can easily have multiple orgasms within a very short period of time.
Shipping was fast and discreet. Your order gets out immediately you pay.

So, if you want to start using [G] soon, pay today, and you’ll receive the lube within a day or two.

The lube was formulated in the United States, and it’s made with the best ingredients you can expect.

[G] Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant feels really warm inside. I recommend it.

What could be better?

While this lube is good for me, some people complained that it leaves them with some burning sensation. If you have sensitive skin, this may not be the best option for you.

Astroglide X, Premium Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant

I should note that the above two are water-based lubes. Astroglide X is a silicone-based lubricant. It being a water-based lubricant means it’s waterproof – you can use the lube inside and around water without worries.

Astroglide X

Even if you use the lube inside a swimming pool, it’ll continue to give you a warming sensation without losing its power to make the penis slides in easily. Astroglide X is a premium lube. It’s highly recommended for couples or partners who love water play.

I used this in the shower, and it feels nice. It still feels amazingly warm, which is what I expect from the lube. The lube lasts long no matter how intense you do it. It’s a lube you can rely upon for hard and rough sex.

Another important point I’ll like to add is that it doesn’t irritate the skin at all. If you’re looking for the best warming lube that won’t irritate your skin, Astroglide X is the lube you need.

The lube feels natural and perfectly suitable for both oral and vaginal sex.

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My Impression

Astroglide X is a highly rated lubricant. The lube truly delivers. Many users say it’s the best lube they’d tried. It feels warm inside the vagina even when used in the pool and shower.

If you’re looking for a warm lube that won’t disappoint you, I recommend you choose Astroglide X. Of course, I’ve mentioned others on this page, which are also best warming lubes.

As I noted above, what makes this lube different is because it’s silicone-based. It’s suitable for sex in and around water. You can use it in the bathtub, and you’ll still feel incredibly warm in the vagina.

The lube also lasts longer than most water-based lubes. A single drop can last you for a long time. You won’t have to reapply frequently.

The bottle and pump design are cool for use. The lube won’t spill everywhere and create a mess for you to clean up.

What could be better?

There are very few downsides to this lube. The feel is amazing, and it does excellent work. But that’s not to say everyone is happy with it.

While I’m a big fan of the bottle, some people don’t just like it. I believe it’s unique, but it’s the same reason why some personal lube users hate it. I’ll be a little nice if they can make the bottle simple.

K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant

The first personal lubricant in this review is K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lubricants. K-Y Warming Jelly is another personal lubricant from the K-Y brand.

K-Y Warming Jelly

K-Y brand is one of the oldest and respected brands in the personal lube niche. Lube users value products from the brand.

The difference between this lube and the first one mentioned above is that this one is made for both partners instead of two, one for each partner. This isn’t two in one.

However, it’s purely made for warming. It makes the vagina feels so warm and ready for fun.

Although the man can use it, it’s made for the woman. Yes, the woman takes it. It should be pleasantly warm before the man goes in there. I recommend this lube because it works so nice.

For me, it’s one of the best warming lubes today. In fact, K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant was made to keep the vagina warm at all times during sex.

Get K-Y Warming Jelly at Amazon

My Impression

This lube enhances sexual intimacy and makes discomfort, and vaginal dryness disappears during and after sex. The lube is made with a unique formula that keeps the vagina warm and happy to keep the penis in.

I should note that you can’t use this lube with every condom out there. It’s only suitable for use with latex condoms.
The lube works fine with no bad smell. The little smell is almost unnoticeable. Only you and your partner will know that you use a personal lubricant.

The lube is easy to clean after use. Just wash it off with little water and soap, and you’ll be ready to do other tasks.
The feel is cool and not one you’ll want to miss again after using the lube for the first time. The lube gets the job done. Nothing is more important than that.

It gives you a great warm feeling that makes you and your partner become even more to each other. It leaves you both sexually satisfied. There’s no doubt that you’ll want to use the lube for a very long time.

What could be better?

This is no doubt one of the best warming lubes available today. However, the lube is only great for vaginal sex. I won’t recommend it for anal sex.

It’ll be nice if K-Y could make the lube both perfect for vaginal and anal sex. That would be amazing.

JO H2O Warming Personal Lubricant

JO H2O Warming Personal Lubricant is another top-class water-based lube completely made for warming the vagina. It intensifies sex and makes it more exciting for both partners.

JO H2O Warming Personal Lubricant

The lube is never sticky or tacky inside the vagina. It leaves the skin silky smooth and supplements your body’s natural lubrication.

The great thing about this warming lube is that you can use it with any condom of your choice. In addition to that, you can also use it with any sex toy.

If you’re a good sex toy user, you won’t be disappointed by the quality experience you’ll get from this lube.
The lube and the packaging are high-quality. There’s no spilling or leaks during shipment and usage.

The vagina starts to feel some heat the moment the lube touches it. With the warning sensation this lube gives you, you’ll be able to connect better with your partner during and after sex. The lube gives you both a sense of joy and excitement off and in bed.

Get JO H2O Warming Lubricant at Amazon

My Impression

The lube is formulated with plants. It’s made purely with Palm Oil to be specific. It gives you that natural feel with no artificial ingredients added to it.

JO H2O water-based personal lubricant is highly rated by users. That’s because it truly delivers the experience they want.

It’s the perfect lube for married couples. It keeps the excitement and the interest strong. Some couples of decades claim that it brings them closer together in bed than they’ve ever been.

The lube produces that quality sensation consistently. It doesn’t matter when you use it. You’ll always get the same high-quality unbeatable results from the lube.

The lube is fragrance-free. That means no smell at all when you use it. After testing a lot of lubes, very few can beat the quality you’ll get from JO H2O warming lube.

And after testing lots of water-based lubes, I find this one to be one of the long-lasting warming lubes. In other words, it lasts longer than most water-based lubes out there.

What could be better?

While this lube gives one of the best warming feelings, I’ll like to see the pump improved. The lube is great, and I’ll say the pump isn’t that bad, but it’s not great either. I strongly believe that their customers will appreciate it if they can improve the pump.

Six Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Warming Lube

Before you buy a warming lube, there are six things you should know. It’s important you know these six things if you really want to get the best warming lubes for yourself.

  • It’s warming

Every lube you see out there doesn’t feel warming. Some people buy lubes, and they start complaining about it feeling cold inside the vagina.

The vagina is a warming place. If the lube doesn’t make it feel warmer, then it’s not worth buying. The best lube will increase the heat in the vagina, making it super exciting when a penis goes in.

After trying lots of lubes available out there, I can tell you with confidence that the five lubes reviewed above are warming lubes.

  • It lasts long

A good warming lube shouldn’t just heat up the vagina. It should also last longer. A lubricant that doesn’t last long isn’t a lube you should use at all – warm or cold.

It becomes annoying when you have to reapply the lube every few minutes. It could make you lose interest in an activity that’s supposed to be exciting for you.

I recommend the lubes above. They last long. Whether you want it slow, fast or rough, these lubes can withstand any sexual circumstance.

  • Discreet shopping

I ensure that the merchant offers discreet shopping before I buy. Discreet shopping is important to me because I don’t live alone. I don’t want other members of my family to know that I’m buying a lubricant.

It’s my private life with my partner. Yes, my partner can know I’m buying a lube because we use it together.

Maybe you have roommates. Or, you have neighbors. Or, you have kids. Or, you have brothers or sisters around. Or, you have your parents around. You don’t want them to know that you’re buying a lubricant.

That’s why you should check if the merchant offers discreet shopping. Discreet shopping means the label are well-covered. No one will see what’s inside the package except you, the recipient.

  • Pump delivery

For some people, the pump is as critical as the lube itself. Ensure that the pump will make the lube drops directly at the point where you want it.

A bad pump delivery will create a mess, which you’ll have to clean up after sex. That can be irritating, of course.
I hate if I have to do major cleaning because I just had sex. It means the pump can’t be relied upon for a quick sex session.

The pump is important to me. At least, the pump should be good, if not great. I won’t accept a terrible pump delivery.

  • It’s not sticky

Sticky lubes will remain long after you’ve had sex. You’ll continue to feel them between your hips.

A lubricant that’s too sticky isn’t good for warming. It could easily turn into irritation as the lube will stay there for some time.

  • It’s not easy to wash off

Stickiness and cleaning go hand in hand. If a lube is too sticky, there’s a great chance that it’ll be hard to clean. It doesn’t matter if it’s really warming, I’ll advise anyone to avoid lubes that don’t clean easily.

It means that you can’t use the lube for quick sex. It also means that it’ll leave your clothes and body with stains.
There are lots of amazing lubes that work well. These five I reviewed above are excellent. They get the job done with ease.


I’m a big fan of warming lubes because they give you a tingling sensation you won’t get from ordinary lubes. Warming lubes make the vaginal feels warm. They make the vagina inviting.

When the vagina is warm, the penis feels much more fun than when it’s cold.

I’ve done most of the legwork for you in finding the best warming lubes that deliver great sexual experiences.

Don’t hesitate to buy a warming lube today if you want to spice up your sex life.

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