How to Apply Lube: The Complete Guide You Need

Personal lubricants are becoming more popular these days. Thanks to the increasing sex education on the web, and people’s willingness to explore themselves sexually. There’s no limit to what you can do when you use a personal lubricant.

My first long, wild sex, which took about 4 hours wouldn’t have been possible without a lube. I couldn’t believe my partner, and I could go that long and still enjoy every second of that moment.

I’ve reviewed a lot of great lubes on this blog. Perhaps, you’ve got one of them already. If not, I recommend you check out some of the nice lubes I’ve reviewed.

In this article, you’ll learn how to apply lube. Knowing how to do it right is key to having lots of fun with your partner without having to deal with discomfort later. After reading this article, you’ll feel well-equipped to have the best sex of your life with your partner.

There are different types of lubes

Before I tell you how to apply lube, you should know the three different types of lubes available today:

  1. Water-based lube
  2. Silicone-based lube
  3. Oil-based lube

I’ll advise you to stay away from oil-based lubes. They aren’t compatible with latex condoms, and they tend to stain clothes and sheets. The last time I bought an oil-based lube, I had to wash my clothes and sheets. It isn’t a cool thing to do after each time you have sex.

Water and silicone-based are the two popular types of lubes people use today. Water-based lubes are more common. They are easy to get.

The reason lube users prefer water-based lubricants over their silicone counterparts is that they are compatible with any condom. You can use water-based lubes with any sex toy. Silicone-based lubes can’t be used with most condoms and sex toys made of silicone. Using a silicone-based lube with a sex toy made of silicone would quickly destroy the toy.

How to apply lube

Now, let’s get into the main reason why you are here: how do you apply lube correctly? There are different ways to apply lubricants. How you apply at a time depends on which kind of sex you want. Knowing how to use a lube properly can help you have great bedtimes with your partner.

There are seven different ways to use lubricants.

  • Vaginal sex

Vaginal sex

Of course, vaginal sex is the most popular form of sexual activity many people engage in. Vaginal sex is sweet. It’s cool. It’s the most normal form of sex. Most people started with vaginal sex.

So, how do you apply lube correctly when you want to have vaginal sex with your partner? It’s very simple.

If you’ve got a lubricant that has a nice pump, all you have to do is insert the pump into the vaginal and apply. You should also put very little on the penis. You shouldn’t apply too much lube on the penis.

Applying too much on the penis could make the experience completely frictionless. That isn’t something you want. At least, there should be some form of friction. The friction shouldn’t just be much to cause discomfort or pain. The vagina is the one that needs lube. Not the penis.

  • Anal sex

Anal sex

If you are both straight partners, engaging in anal sex takes your relationship to another level. Anal sex is becoming more popular these days. One in four straight women are having anal sex a few times a month. When you’re not doing anal sex, it seems like everyone is doing it.

I’ve tried anal sex. It’s fun and sweet. It helped my partner, and I feel closer and more connected to each other. It’s made us better partners to each other. Having regular anal sex can add more fun to your relationship.

And if you’re already having anal sex, that’s great! You’re having great fun with your partner.

How do you apply lube with anal sex? I must tell you that anal sex needs a lot of lube because the anus doesn’t produce fluids like the vaginal.

Insert the pump or applicator into the anus and apply. This time, you need to put some on the penis too. There’s nothing like too much lube when it comes to anal sex.

  • Using condoms


Your partner shouldn’t complain about condoms if you both don’t want unwanted pregnancies. Condoms are even more important when one or both partners have sex with other people. You need to protect yourself against deadly sexually transmitted disease like HIV.

The condom should be on first before applying the lube on the outer part of the condom. Don’t put lube inside the condom because it could make the penis slips out of the condom. Instead of the penis moving inside the vagina or anus, it would be moving inside the condom itself.

You should only apply lube on the outer part of the condom. And if you must apply in the condom, ensure that it’s only at the tip of the condom. That should happen before wearing the condom.

  • Sex toys

Sex toys

You’re never alone when you have sex toys at home. I’m an advocate of sex toys. I own about fifty cool sex toys from different brands. There’s never a dull moment during sex with my partner because we have sex toys. And also, I have some awesome toys I can use when I’m alone and want some fun.

Sex toys like vibrators, dildos, and fleshlight are only cool when you use lube with them. Using lube with your sex toy helps you get real fun from it. I always advised that nobody should use a sex toy without a lubricant. You may even get some bruises when you don’t use lube.

How do you apply lube to your sex toy? It depends on the sex toy you have. If you’re using a vibrator, you’ll have to apply lube more on yourself and very little on the vibrator. If you have a dildo, you need lube on both inside the vagina or anus and on the dildo itself.

And if you’re using fleshlight (artificial vagina), which is a cool sex toy for men, you need to apply most of the lube in the fleshlight and very little on the penis.

  • Blow job

Blow job

Most people use saliva to make the penis or the vagina wet. That’s wrong. Your mouth could become dry when you’re done. Why use your saliva for a blow job when we have cool lubes that can make your partner extremely wet?

Some lubricants are great for blow jobs because they taste sweet. Some taste like butter, some like chocolate and some like strawberry.

If you’re giving a blow job to a woman, apply the lube on the outer parts of the vaginal. Apply on the clitoris and at the entrance of the vagina. You don’t need to apply deep into the vagina because you’re only giving a blow job. There’s no way your tongue will reach the deep parts of the vagina.

If you’re giving a blow job to your man, put the lube on him. Apply the most lube at the tip of the penis because it’s the most sensitive part. Some people call it the glans penis. That’s where your tongue and mouth will focus the most attention on.

  • Masturbation


There’s nothing wrong with masturbating occasionally. Not bad as long as it’s under 2 – 3 times per week. It only becomes a problem when you do it all the time. Masturbation is a nice way to enjoy yourself alone once in a while.

Masturbating is more fun when you use a lubricant. It makes your fingers slide in and out of the vagina. For a male, it helps the penis slides nicely in between your hand. It feels more realistic when you use lube.

How do you apply lube during masturbation? If you are a female, put some drops in the vagina and rub the lube on the outer parts of the vagina. Make everywhere wet outside.

If you are a male, you only need lube on your hands. Ensure that your hands are well wet with lube. Don’t apply on your penis itself. As long as your hands are wet, you’re good.

  • Nonsexual foreplay: Sexy massage

Sexy massage

Foreplays don’t have to be sexual every time. In fact, my favorite foreplay is nonsexual. It’s a sexy massage. I call it sexy massage because only my partner can give me such massage.

My lovely partner gets to touch every part of my body. Massages are good for relieving pain and relaxing the mind. I have sexy massages most weekends when I choose to be home and alone with my partner.

You need a good, quality lube for sexy massages. Once you have one good lube, ask your partner to apply it to every part of your body, and that’s all you need. Each touch from your partner becomes electrifying.

Ask your partner to apply the lube gently. No rush! That way, you enjoy every moment of the massage.


Lubes are cool. They take hard work and discomfort out of your sexual life and help you enjoy every movement of your partner. They help you get closer to your partner in bed. Lubricants allow me to have sex anywhere. Whether it’s in the car, bed, bathtub, on the couch – anywhere my mind takes me.

Knowing how to apply lube correctly is as important as getting the right lube. Buy the right lubes from some of my reviews for the best lubes today.

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