Anal Sex Tips: How to Have Anal Sex

Don’t feel nervous.

Backdoor sex is one of the greatest things I’ve tried in my life. It’s cool and exciting when you and your partner understand how it works.

No matter what you may have heard people say about it, backdoor sex gives you a unique type of pleasure you won’t get from vaginal sex.

Want to know how to have anal sex for the first time?

This article has you covered. Let’s roll!

Don’t be forced into anal sex

That’s the first rule.

Couples who break it can’t have amazing anal sex. There’s just no way it’s going to be possible. You can only have great anal sex if your mind and body are ready.

Don’t be forced into anal sex

Be sure that you want to do it. If your partner is forcing it on you, then you’re probably in a toxic relationship where you must do everything your partner wants. For me, it’s a bad sign that things aren’t going well.

You can only have amazing anal sex if you want to do it. Be sure that this is something you want. Not just because your partner wants you to do it.

If you’re in a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t be forced to have anal sex with your partner. Just like sex for most people, you can only enjoy it if your body and mind are in it. And anal sex isn’t any different.

Don’t get me wrong. Anal sex is interesting. It’s exciting. I get some amazing sensations I don’t get from vaginal sex. So, I love it.

If you’re still undecided about anal sex, I’ll want you to think about it before you proceed. But if you think that you’re ready, then move on to the next point.

Buy anal sex toy to try it alone at home

I’m a big fan of sex toys. Currently, I have more than 100 sex toys. Sometimes, I give my sex toys out. I’ve bought too many I can’t count. I buy sex toys for myself and write reviews for this blog.

I like sex. And sex toys are one of the ways I get it.

Let’s assume that you’re ready to try anal sex for the first time, what’s next?

Buy anal sex toy

The safest way to know if you’ll really like this thing is to buy an anal sex toy. I’ve written reviews about the best anal sex toys available in the market today.

The sex toys I’ve reviewed on this blog are easy to use. They are safe for the body because they were made of good material.

Why buy an anal sex toy?

Because you’ll want to try it yourself and see how it feels like. Oh my God, it feels great. Until you try it yourself, don’t let anyone fool you. Don’t let anyone push you into it.

You don’t have to tell anyone about your anal sex adventure. Keep it to yourself and get that toy. Buying anal sex toy before trying it with your partner is one of the greatest anal tips on this page. So, please keep that in mind as you continue reading.

Use anal lube

Without lube, don’t insert that toy into your anal. The anus doesn’t produce fluid as the vagina does. So, you’ll need some artificial lube to make it slippery.

You need the right lube.

anal lube

There are lots of lubricants out there. Most aren’t good for anal sex. You need the right lube that’s made for anal sex. I call it anal lube because it’s only made for anal sex.

Apply lots of lube in the anus. Use as much as you can.

Lubricants don’t pose any threat to your health or anus. There’s nothing like using too much of it. Anal sex is impossible without lubricant.

After you’ve applied enough lube in the anus, that’s when you should insert the toy into your anus. It’ll help the toy slips in easily. You may feel slight discomfort. It wouldn’t be that painful if you’d applied enough lube.

Make sure you don’t insert the whole length of the toy. Take it a little bit easy. You have to make your anus gets used to things going in.

Empty your bowel

Anal sex can be very messy if your bowel is full. You might feel some embarrassment if your bowel is full before it. You can avoid that by emptying your bowel before anal sex.

Doing that isn’t any special and new. It’s what I do, and I’ve always had great anal sex with my partner when I do that.

Empty your bowel

Know your body well enough and don’t eat foods that make your feces smell too bad.

I know that feces smell bad regardless of whether you ate something good or bad. But some feces from some foods stink.

After passing out those feces, you should take a shower and put lots of water into your anus. Don’t use any artificial product to clean your anus. Most products are made with harsh chemicals that aren’t good for your body.

Make sure you’re well-cleaned. Your anus shouldn’t smell when you touch it. If you clean it well with good anti-bacterial soap and lots of water, it should smell nice.

In addition to doing this, you can get a dry towel to place on the bed or the place you want to have anal sex. It helps to reduce any unpleasant smell from sticking around.

Engage in foreplay

Just like vaginal sex, you need foreplay for anal sex too. Engaging in foreplay is one of the most important anal sex tips you should keep in mind. Foreplay gets you in the mood. It puts your body and mind in a perfect state of readiness.

Engage in foreplay

Having anal sex for the first time without foreplay will make you not want to try it again. You should feel connected to your partner before sex. And foreplay is the key to getting that connection. You can’t just lie there and feel a penis go into your backdoor. Your body should be well-prepared for it.

Everything becomes easy when you’re in the mood. Most couples tend to miss foreplay because they aren’t sure if they’ll like the outcome. They think that maybe they wouldn’t want to do it again.

Foreplay removes doubts from your mind. It keeps you at ease. When you engage in foreplay, you feel like you have nothing to lose from trying.

If you have 20 minutes foreplay before normal vaginal sex, you should increase that to 40 minutes when you’re trying anal sex.

Let your partner try it with you

After you’ve tried anal sex with yourself a couple of times and you’re comfortable with it, it’s time to feel the real thing. That’s letting your partner go into your backdoor.

Again, I’ll emphasize that it’s important you’ve tried it yourself with an anal toy and the right lube.

I understand if you can’t do this yourself. I’ve seen a few people and received some emails from readers who told me they couldn’t try it themselves alone.

If you’re one of those people, I’ll like to assure you that you can still go ahead to try it with your partner. I like advising people to try it alone first and see if it’s something they want to do. Not necessarily because it’ll hurt them.

If both of you follow the anal sex tips on this page, and you feel 100% ready to have a penis goes into your anus, then you may not need to try it yourself.

Your partner should use lots of lube the first time to make you feel at ease. The lube will let him go in easily without cutting your skin, and making you bleed in the process.

The head of the penis is the largest part. When it’s in, you’re cool!

Above, I mentioned that enough lube would make sure you don’t bleed. That’s very true if a lot of lube is applied to the anus. But a little bleeding the first time isn’t unusual. Because it’s the first time, you may see very little bleeding. It shouldn’t be painful though.

The little bleeding in the first time isn’t something to worry about because it’s normal if you hadn’t tried using an anal sex toy before.

Remember to use a condom

If you’re a woman, and you’re using birth control, I’m sure you know that you’ll never get pregnant through anal sex. And if you’re a man engaging in gay sex with your partner, I’m also sure that you’re aware that you’ll never get pregnant.

Remember to use a condom

But that’s not to say that you can’t get infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You’re three times more likely to get infected through anal sex than vaginal sex.

It’s very easy to get infected with STDs through anal sex. That’s why it’s important you protect yourself.

And how do you protect yourself?

Use condoms. Most condoms are good for anal sex as they are for vaginal sex. Ask your partner to wear condoms on his penis.

With condoms, your risk of getting infected with an STD is greatly reduced. Anal sex is great, but you shouldn’t put your health at risk because of fun.

Talk to your partner during sex

Communication is the key to enjoying anal sex the first time you try it. Tell your partner how you feel deep inside. Tell your partner what to do and what not to do. You know how you feel in your anus. Tell your partner about it.

People who talk during anal sex to communicate their feelings with their partners tend to enjoy it more. Their partners also get to know what to do to make them enjoy it.

You should feel great pleasure during the process. Tell your partner how you feel like. It helps the first and subsequent times you have anal sex with your partner.

People who regret and feel pains after having anal sex usually didn’t talk to their partners during the act itself.

If you’ve willingly agreed to have anal sex with your partner, you should speak up during it. Tell your partner if they are going too slow or too fast.

Tell your partner if you feel nervous so they can caress you and do more foreplay to ease your mind.

Relax your mind and body

What you do before anal sex is vital to enjoying the activity the first time you try it. If you feel nervous and angry before anal sex, you’re unlikely to love it.

Make sure you don’t have any negative emotion before having anal sex for the first time. Negative emotions like regret, sadness, anxiety, and criticism are only going to affect the experience. You wouldn’t be happy you had it. That’s because your mind isn’t in the perfect state.

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect before you have anal sex. But, at least, you should be happy. You should look forward to that amazing moment with your partner. You shouldn’t feel guilty and sadness before the experience.

Positive emotion helps. Keep yourself happy. Look forward to it as the right step toward getting more from your relationship.

Your mind should feel relaxed. Your body should be calm. You can practice some sort of mindfulness before it.

I played my favorite party song the first time I tried anal sex with my partner. The song kept me calm. But most importantly, I was in a positive state of mind before the moment.

Your ass will get back to normal

One of the common concerns people have about anal sex is that their anus will be stretched that they’ll poop their pants without knowing. There’s nothing like that.

Your ass will get back to its normal size when you’re done. And you won’t start defecating on your pants because you’ve had too much anal sex. Just like vaginal sex, your anus returns to its normal size before you had sex. Anal sex doesn’t cause any health risk to the anus. Your anus will be healthy and cool after you clean up.

It doesn’t hurt the anus when it’s stretched. The anus stretches itself when you defecate. You may not pay much attention to that. Perhaps some people pass out feces that are bigger than most penis sizes. So, getting a penis in there wouldn’t hurt since you stretch your anus every day when you defecate.

I’ve been having anal sex for years, and my anus is probably not larger than yours. It’s the way it’s been before I started. It’s like the vagina. It stays that size.

So, if you’re worried about enlarging your anus, anal sex won’t cause that. Anal sex poses no risk.


So, are you ready to have amazing anal sex for the first time?

This article has provided you with the information you need to get started. You shouldn’t be searching for how to have anal sex again because you know how to do it and do it well. These are the best anal sex tips available online.

Get ready and have that amazing anal sex.

Don’t forget to check out my reviews on the best anal sex toys and anal lubricants. You’ll love them.

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