How to Use a Sex Swing – A Complete Guide

Sex swings are possibly the best way to combine two of the most amusing things on earth, the sexual enjoyment, and swings. As we all know, grownups like to have sex from time to time, and they occasionally like to mix things up in the bedroom. However, there are plenty of different sex toys and sex equipments out there, and it can be a little bit troublesome to choose the best one. But, one thing is certain, you simply can’t go wrong with the sex swing.

Now, we are going to discuss some of the best ways to use a sex swing to maximize the pleasure and to bring a little bit of extra fun in your sex life. Let’s begin.

What exactly is the sex swing?

It is a bit shocking that most of the people don’t actually know that there is the amazing sex equipment called sex swing. In other words, there are some that don’t bother to experiment and see how a sex swing can change their entire sex life and bedroom experience.

However, those who are familiar with a sex swing and all that it has to offer, are definitely satisfied with it. They also use it every time a sweet sexual vibe kicks in. But, what exactly is the sex swing and how does it work?

Well, this convenient sex equipment is designed to provide better sexual experience for both partners. Simply, sex swings have a seat and lots of straps so it leaves everything to your imagination. This excellent sex tool is definitely going to provide the weightlessness feeling in the bedroom which can be a big deal to some couples.

How to use a sex swing – step by step guideline

Here comes the fun part. There is no best sexual position for sex swings since that depends on the couple’s preferences. However, we will discuss some of the most fun and possibly the best sex positions to try with a sex swing. Let’s see.

1) Get on your knees

Using sex swing

The first sex position to try out is definitely this one. Namely, one partner should be comfortably lying in the sex swing on their back, and other kneels on the floor with the face pointing at their partner’s crotch. Now, this is one of the best ‘’warm-up’’ sex positions since you will be performing an oral sex to spice things up.

So, the question is why is this better than regular oral sex performed on a bed? Well, most of the sex swings have open slats on the bottom, so you will have more access to your partner’s nether regions if you decide to choose this sex position.

This means that you will be able to give the best oral sex experience to your partner. As we all know, it is definitely better to have more options when it comes to performing oral sex.

2) Slide with me

Now, this sex position is familiar to doggy style sex position, but it is way better because it is performed in the sex swing. How exactly can you do this? First, one partner should sit in the swing and they should stick their feet out so it hangs pendulous, after that, this partner should lean forward so the body is somehow in the ‘’doggy-style’’ position. Second, the other partner stands behind and holds their partner’s hips as they slide inside slowly.

Most of the sex swings have straps for hands, so the first partner should hold onto those straps to secure the balance and posture. Anyhow, after everything is in its place, it is only left to swing around the bedroom together as a couple.

This sex position is way more fun than regular doggy style since it is done in mid-air, something like aerial aerobics.

3) Lap dance

When it comes to this sex position, one thing is certain, you will definitely love it. As we all know, lap dances are usually one of the most fun things that you can experience with your partner. Now, let’s explain this sex position. First, one partner will have to sit in the swing and make himself comfortable. The other partner should sit in his lap so it looks like a lap dance.

The key here is to keep both feet on the floor since the sex swing will provide you with enough stability to swing around while making love. Also, there are a couple of combinations that you can perform while in this sex position. First, partners can try face-to-face position. That way, you will have a better experience and more to do with your arms. Second, the partner can try rear-entry position and that is something that will probably blow your mind.

Never the less, performing this sex position in the sex swing will definitely be worthy of your love making time.

4) Cowgirl – Swinging

This one is a classic cowgirl sex position, but it is performed in the sex swing which boosts the pleasure. It is quite easy to do this since one partner needs to sit in the swing and the other one should climb atop them with their feed on the floor.

Now, the best part about this sex position is when the supine partner lifts their feet off the floor so it gives the full control to the partner on top. Basically, you can go crazy in this sex position and last for hours. Also, to maximize the satisfaction, you will both have your hands free to do whatever you like with them.


As we can see, having a sex swing in your bedroom can change your whole love life for better. Also, it is quite easy to use since it leaves everything to your imagination. Anyhow, we have explained some of the best sex positions when it comes to sex swing so it is only up to you to decide how you will use it.

Keep in mind that sex swing is definitely going to enhance your love vibe and libido if you use it often.

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