Is Anal Sex Safe? The Dos and Don’ts

Anal sex is no longer a taboo, but most couples still aren’t doing it.


Perhaps, they are scared that it could hurt as the anus isn’t meant for sex. Many believe that it’s there for passing out feces and it should continue to be so.

But what many people don’t know is that the anus has lots of nerve endings that could produce amazing sensations in the body when penetrated.

That’s why people like me love anal sex. I wouldn’t say that anal sex is better than vaginal sex, and vice versa. They both produce different sensations in the body.

Anal sex is something to add to your sex life. It’ll make your relationship more interesting and adventurous. I’ve never, at any day and time, regretted having anal sex.

So, is anal sex safe?

Yes, it is. Anal sex is cool.

Try anal sex if you’re ready to take your marriage or relationship to the next level.

In this article, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of anal sex. When you do the dos and avoid the don’ts, you’ll have an amazing anal sex experience as I’ve been having for many years since I first tried it.

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know to have safe anal sex with your partner? Let’s get started.

Do #1: Use Lubrication

It’s impossible to have anal sex without lube. Lube is what makes anal sex possible. The vaginal can lubricate itself and make the penis slide in without tearing the skin.

Use Lubrication

The anus can’t do that when it’s being penetrated. That’s why getting a lubricant is very important to enjoy anal sex. When you use lubrication, anal sex becomes easy. It gets exciting.

There are different types of lubrication. My favorite types of lubricants are the ones made for sex. And to be specific, anal sex. These types of lubrication aren’t just any lubrication. I call them anal lubricants because that’s what they are. They are made for anal sex. They contain ingredients that keep the skin in the anus smooth and soft.

I’ve reviewed some of the best anal lubes on this blog. The anal lubes I’ve written about are perfect for anal sex. I bought them and tried them myself, and they work. Don’t just buy any anal lube because most often fail to meet expectations. Some anal lubes are better than others.

Do #2: Go Slowly

Now, you’ve got lubrication. The next thing is to get into the act. But before you rush into having anal sex for the first time, there’s something you must know. You can’t penetrate too fast.

Go Slowly

You’ll get hurt if you rush into it. Anal sex is super sweet. However, you won’t get that sweetness right away the first time.

Maybe, the second or third time you try it. That’s when you’ll start feeling the real fun that comes with anal sex.

So, take it easy. Ask your partner to take it easy with you.

Go slow. The penis should penetrate slowly. Insert the head of the penis at first and don’t go beyond 1 – 2 inches the first time you try it.

I understand your frustrations if you can’t do it fast the first few times. The purpose of going slow is to make the anus get used to the act. When the anus finally gets used to anal sex, everything becomes easy for you and your partner.

Do #3: Use Condoms

Condoms are a great way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. Engaging in anal sex without condoms is dangerous. It’s not advisable to have anal sex with anyone without fully protecting yourself.

Condom usage is the most common and easily accessible protection for anal sex. A great condom that won’t break is highly recommended. There are lots of good condom brands out there.

Use Condoms

Even if you’re having sex with your serious partner, you should still get protected. The truth is people are more likely to get STIs from their serious partners than casual encounters. That’s because most people have sex with their serious partners without condoms.

In casual encounters, you know that using a condom is a must. Perhaps, you don’t know who your casual partner is dating and who they had been with. So, you’re most likely to use condoms during sex with them. Hence, the reason why people rarely get infected during sex in casual encounters.

Unless you know the status of your serious partner, don’t assume that they don’t have an STI. Get tested together. When you do that, both of you can relax and have lovely anal sex without a condom.

But if you haven’t done that, make sure you use a condom.

Do #4: Lots of Foreplay

Most partners don’t see eye to eye during anal sex. If you’re going to have amazing anal sex with your partner, it’s important that you look your partner in the eye. It helps you connect with each other better before sex.

Lots of Foreplay

Foreplay is important for vaginal sex. It isn’t any different from anal sex. Foreplay gets you in the mood. You won’t get much of those sensations if you don’t engage in foreplay before sex.

Anal sex isn’t about penetrating the anus. It’s more than that. It’s another way to connect with your partner deeply. Sex without foreplay is boring.

So, before you get that thing into the anus, build up some sexual pressure through foreplay. Foreplay gets more blood to your anus.

Do #5: Start with Butt Plugs

Butt plugs aren’t dildos. With dildos, you have to penetrate. But with butt plugs, you insert the plugs into your anus and engage in other sexual activities.

Butt Plugs

I’d been using butt plugs before I started having full anal intercourse. During sex, I put that plug into my anus and leave it there. Whether I’m masturbating or doing foreplay, I insert the butt plug into the anus. Butt plugs help your anus gets used to penetration.

Using butt plugs before you start having anal sex feels more comfortable. Some butt plugs are bigger than the penis glans (the head of the penis).

So, by the time you try anal sex, which means penetrating the anus, you would have gotten used to it.

The fact that I’ve been using butt plugs before trying anal sex for the first time made things easier for me. I felt almost zero pains.

I used lots of lube, just as I recommended to you above.

There are different types of butt plugs. I’ve reviewed some of the best ones on this blog. Make sure you check them out.

Don’t #1: Go Straight for Penetration

Penetration isn’t everything in sex – even vaginal sex. But very few people get this.


You’re unlikely to remember any sexual session where you started with penetration. That’s why most quickies aren’t memorable. You need to build up some tension in your body. I emphasized that above by when I wrote that you should do foreplay before sex.

Engage in lots of outercourse. Outercourse is the key to enjoying sex.

Massaging, kisses, sucking and the use of vibrators on the most sensitive zones of the body like nipples, areas of the neck are outercourse. The more outercourse you engage in before sex, the more you’ll love penetration.

Penetration without outercourse is less fun. There isn’t enough blood down there. Your body doesn’t really feel any need to have sex. So, when you start penetrating in this condition, it feels painful and less exciting.

Start with kisses, hugging, sucking of the nipples, and even oral sex. When you do these things, you’re more likely to enjoy the experience.

Don’t #2: Do it on the sheets

Anal sex is a bit messy.

It’s sex in the anus so you shouldn’t expect it to be that neat around you. That’s why I recommend you don’t do it straight on the sheet.

Do it on the sheets

One of the biggest don’ts people do when they engage in anal sex is that they forget the anus is where they pass out feces.

I’m not saying you have a dirty butt. But you want to avoid some awkward smells on your sheets.

You can put something under. Something you know would take all the liquid coming out of the anus.

There isn’t any bad liquid coming out. It’s just the lube you use and some sweat. But those are enough to cause some unpleasant smell on the bed sheet.

Your bedsheet shouldn’t smell bad because you’ve just had anal sex. I’ve had anal sex many times, and there isn’t a time my bed sheet smells bad.

Get a towel. A towel is thick enough to collect all the garbage coming out of the anus. You can wash the towel more easily. Cleaning a bedsheet is a lot of work I wouldn’t want to do each time I have anal sex.

Don’t #3: Continue if you have a tear

If you’re engaging in anal sex for the first time, it’s very important that you use lubricant. Not just any lubricant. Buy silicon based lubricant.

Silicon based lubes are made for anal sex. They are thicker than regular lubes most people use for vaginal sex. They don’t dry out too quickly. A good silicon based lube should last for more than 30 minutes.

Is Anal Sex Safe 2

Having said that, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you have some minor tears the first time you try. It does happen.

I had a small tear the first time I had anal sex with my partner despite using lube. So, it’s not a big deal if you have a minor tear.

However, you should stop immediately you realize that you’ve suffered a minor tear. If your partner keeps penetrating, a minor tear could expand.

Using a great anal lubricant should help you avoid having a big tear the first time you try anal sex with your partner.

I’m sure that after the first time, you won’t have any tear again because, by then, your anus would have become used to the activity. I’m not saying that your anus would get larger. No. It will only have become used to stretching due to anal sex.

Don’t #4: Do it with a dirty butt

This is a big don’t. Don’t do anal sex with a dirty butt. Keeping this in mind before anal sex is essential to having a great experience with your partner.

You may say that you wipe your butt each time you defecate. You may say that you aren’t a dirty person. These aren’t what I mean by a “dirty butt.”

A dirty butt means that your bowel is full. It also means that you’ve not washed your anus.

If you feel like defecating before anal sex, you should do that. During anal sex, you may feel like pooping on your partners’ penis. That can be embarrassing. You don’t want to mess up the experience.

If your anus is a little dirty before anal sex, those unpleasant smells are going to come out in the air. Bad smells could ruin the experience for both of you. You can avoid that by cleaning your anus and taking a cool shower before having anal sex.

Don’t #5: Avoid having a conversation about anal sex

Don’t make the silly mistake of not talking about anal sex before you do it. It makes it less interesting for you. Instead, you should talk about it. That’s what will make you excited about anal sex.

If you don’t look forward to having anal sex with your partner, you won’t like the experience at the end of the activity.

Imagine a woman not wanting to talk about vaginal sex prior to it?

That’s a negative sign that she’s unlikely to love the whole experience at the end of it. So, talk about anal sex too. Discuss it with your partner while they are still at work. Tell your partner some nice things they want to hear.

Doing that gets you in the mood. It makes you want to have anal sex. And if you want to have anal sex with your partner, you’ll like the experience after you’ve had it.

How you feel about the activity before it matters a lot.


In this article, I shared five dos, and five don’ts with you.

So, is anal sex safe?

Yes, it is if you do all the dos and avoid doing all the don’ts. You’ll have the best first-time anal sex when you follow the instructions that have been laid out in this article.

The subsequent anal sex you’ll have with your partner would be cool too. Maybe you should bookmark this article and visit it each time you want to have anal sex.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this article with some of your friends who are interested in having anal sex with their partners.

Also, don’t forget to check out some of the butt plugs and anal lubricants I’ve reviewed on this blog. You’ll love them.

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