Lynk Pleasure Personal Lube Review: Anal Sex Lubricant

Anal sex always terrifies my partner until one day we decided to try it. It was more pleasurable than I could ever think. I felt like I’ve missed a lot for not trying it earlier.

Perhaps, you’ve been having anal sex for a long time, so it’s nothing new to you. Maybe, you want to give it a shot for the first time. There’s one thing you should know before trying anal sex: you need lubricant.

And I’m not talking about any lubricant here. You need one of the best lubricants that’s specifically made for anal sex.

I’ve tried a lot of lubes for anal over the past years and months. One lube stood out to me because of the way it makes me feel. My partner also likes it. We both look forward to having anal sex with this anal lube.

The name of the anal lube I’m referring to is called Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant. It’s without a doubt, the best lube for anal sex.

This is a Lynk Pleasure Personal Lube review that will tell you everything you need to know about the lube.

Specification Table of Lynk Pleasure Lubricant

TypeWater Based
Formulated forAnal Sex
Paraben and Glycerin FreeYes
Long LastingYes
Easy to cleanYes
Made InUSA
Available Size8 to 32 Oz
Price Check price

It’s specifically formulated for anal sex

First, let’s get the most important point out of the way: Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant isn’t for oral or vaginal sex. It’s made mainly for anal sex. It’s specifically formulated for the anus.

There are a lot of lubes that claim to be good for all forms of sex. The truth is that it’s hard for a single lube to be able to do everything all by itself. It’s difficult to find a perfect lube that’s good for vaginal sex, masturbation, and anal sex.

A special anal lube like Lynk is great at what it does. It’s one of the best lubes for anal sex. It gives you the perfect experience you want with your partner. That’s why I highly recommend it. After trying lots of anal lubes over the past year alone, I can tell you that Lynk is one of the best.

It’s thicker than most regular lubricants

Lynk Pleasure Personal Lube

Lubricants are so important for anal sex because the anus doesn’t produce fluids as the vaginal does. It’s always dry. To have anal sex, you need to apply lots of lube in the anus.

Lubes that are used for anal sex are slightly thicker than regular lubricants. The anus needs lots of fluids for the penis to slide in easily without causing any pain. There aren’t any natural fluids in the anus to support the lube. The lube must do all the work by itself.

Lynk is the best when it comes to moisturizing the anus, ensuring that it’s well wet for the penis to come in. The lubricant is thick. The penis goes in without any friction. The journey to the anus is smooth and sensational.

It’s long-lasting

Some people argue that silicone-based lubes are the perfect types of lubricants for anal sex because they last longer. Well, I can tell you that they are wrong. Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant is a water-based lube, yet it lasts for a long time. I don’t apply it more than once for a 30-minute anal sex session with my partner.

Because anal sex can be very exciting than vaginal sex, you can easily lose track of time. If you have rough and long sex, you may have to apply 2 – 3 times. No matter how rough you are, at least, a single application should last for 20 minutes.

Lynk anal lube is thicker than most other water-based lubricants for anal sex. In fact, it’s easy to think that it’s a silicone-based lube when you touch it. Because of its thickness, the lube doesn’t dry out fast.

It can be used with most condoms

Lynk Pleasure

The risk of contracting HIV during anal sex is 18 times higher than vaginal sex. You may not be able to get pregnant through anal sex, but that doesn’t mean you should forget to use condoms. Of course, you may choose not to use condoms if you have one sex partner and you both know your HIV status.

Because Lynk is a water-based lube, it means you can use any condom with it. Silicone-based lubes aren’t compatible with all types of condoms.

Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant allows you to use any condom of your choice. Whether you want to have a quickie anal sex with your partner, lover, or anyone, the lube lets you do that without risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Lynk is never sticky

Sticky lubes are annoying. They stay glued to your skin after hours of sex. You shouldn’t get a feeling that you’ve used a lube long after sex. A good lube doesn’t make your anus feel sticky.

When an anal lube is sticky, your anus is never fully cleaned. Dirt from the anus itself may become attached to the lube. No matter how much you wash, you can’t reach deep into the anus.

Your anus should feel smooth, and your skin should feel cleaned after having anal sex with your partner. Harsh chemicals are mostly the reason why some lubes stick. If the manufacturer used chemicals in formulating the lubricant, it’s likely to feel sticky.

The great thing is that Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant isn’t sticky at all. The lube is easy to wash off after a long or short anal sex session. Your anus will feel smooth, soft and clean after sex.

Made with quality water-based ingredients

Water is the main ingredient that’s used to formulate the lube. Of course, the lube isn’t just water. Some ingredients were added to water to make it thick and perfect lubricant for anal sex.

These ingredients are healthy. They are safe for the skin. There is no side effect from using too much of the lube at one time. And there’s also no side effect from using the lube for a long time. Lynk Anal Lubricant doesn’t store residue.

The lube doesn’t contain any harmful chemical that may be bad for the skin. Lynk lube is glycerin and parabens free. You won’t have any reaction from using the lube.

A good anal lube should be made with highest-quality ingredients. After using this lube many times, I can confidently say that it’s made with the finest ingredients that are perfect for the anus.

My Impression

Lynk Pleasure Lube
Check Latest Price

The convenient pump of this lubricant is what impressed me the most the first time I used it. When you add that to the high-quality thick content of the lube, it makes me rate this lube so high ahead of competing products.

The lube enjoys a high-rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 by consumers. Despite being one of the bestselling lubes for anal sex, very few people complain about the quality of the lube. That’s because the lube truly delivers as promised.

The feel of the lube is consistent. After three years of using Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant, its ingredients and unique formulation have never changed.

The brand understands the importance of not breaking what’s working. The formulas of the great anal lubes I’ve tried in the past were changed, and they became less effective. But the Lynk brand has been very consistent. I guess that’s the reason many people like this anal lube today.

The lube works as advertised by the manufacturer. Nothing different. It feels the way the manufacturer described it. Keeping promises is vital to keeping customers. I recommend Lynk anal lube because it’s best at what it does.


  • Specially designed for anal sex
  • Last longer than most regular water-based lubes
  • Non-staining
  • Easy to clean
  • Parabens and glycerin free
  • Condom friendly
  • Convenient pump


  • Too slippery
  • It could easily wet the sheets


If you enjoy having anal sex with your partner, you have a high-quality lube that lets you do that without feeling discomfort or pain in the anus. Lynk Pleasure Personal Lubricant is made purely for anal sex, and it does a good job.

It’s sad that it’s only good for anal sex. It could create a serious mess if you use it for vaginal sex. The lube is recommended for couples and lovers who enjoy having anal sex a lot.

If you’re a beginner to anal sex and looking for a lube that’ll help you feel comfortable, this lube is what you need. You won’t be disappointed in having your first anal sex with it.

Lynk anal lube is affordability and very effective. You won’t regret buying it today.

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