Paloqueth Water-Based Personal Lubricant Review: Say Goodbye to Vaginal Dryness

It’s impossible to have natural lubrication every time you have sex. Natural lubrication depends on variables like hormone levels, stress, and medication.

You can’t have natural lubrication when you’re stressed. Some drugs make the vagina dry. And a lot of things affect our hormone levels.

That’s why couples turn to personal lubricants. Personal lubes give you natural lubrication 100% of the time without fail.

But you can’t choose any lubricant and expect it to be like natural lubrication, which are the fluids in the vagina. About 80% of personal lubes I’ve tried don’t feel like natural fluids.

After buying a lot of lubricants over the past years, I realized that very few lubes give me that nice feeling I get from vagina fluids.

Paloqueth Water-Based Personal Lubricant is one of the highest-quality lubes that feel like the real thing. The lube is almost the same thing as the natural lubrication in the woman’s body.

This is the best and complete Paloqueth Water-Based Personal Lubricant review online. Most other reviews I’ve come across aren’t complete. They don’t mention the benefits and the pros and cons of this lubricant.

So, why should you buy Paloqueth and ignore every other lubricant?

TypeWater Based
Size8 Oz
Long LastingYes
Paraben-free Yes
Fragrance freeYes
Made inUSA
Price Check price

Paloqueth has been tested in laboratories and clinics

Paloqueth Water-Based Lubricant

You’ll see many lube manufacturers claiming to have the best lubricants. But none of their so-called high-quality lubes have been tested in laboratories and clinics. To me, it’s vital to know that a lubricant has been tested in laboratories, and some respected gynecologists approve it.

Some lubes affect the pH balance of the vagina when you use them. If the pH level of the vagina isn’t balanced, it means the vagina is susceptible to bacterial infections. It also means that the vagina is less healthy.

If you care about maintaining the pH level of your vagina, you need a lube that doesn’t upset it. The right lube helps you have amazing sex with your partner and leave your vagina healthy when you’re done.

Because Paloqueth has been tested in laboratories and clinics, sex experts were able to know that the lube keeps the pH level of the vagina intact. At the same time, the lubricant boosts your sexual pleasure. It helps you enjoy the amazing sensations that are being produced by penetration.

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Paloqueth isn’t sticky

Paloqueth personal water-based Lubricant

I hate sticky lubes because they don’t get out of the vagina after sex.

Paloqueth isn’t sticky at all. The lube is out of your body immediately you pour some water on the skin. That’s why I like it. And that’s why I’m recommending it to you. If you want a lubricant that will give you comfort, buy Paloqueth.

Even though the lubricant is thick, it’s better than most water-based lubricants because it won’t make you feel uncomfortable after sex

The manufacturer formulated it with great care for it not to be sticky.

That’s why Paloqueth is one of the most-reviewed water-based lubes on Amazon. It currently has over 1,200 reviews, which are mostly positive reviews. It has a high rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Paloqueth is long-lasting

Paloqueth personal Lube

If a lubricant doesn’t last long, then using it becomes work on its own. You don’t want to start applying lube every 5 minutes of penetration. It makes sex boring and difficult for both of you. A good water-based lubricant should last longer. For me, that should be around 15 – 20 minutes.

People who enjoy lovemaking sessions as I do can’t use a lubricant that doesn’t last long. Using a lube that doesn’t last more than 5 minutes means you’ll spend more time reapplying the lube than having sex.

When you use the lube, it lasts for about 35 minutes for slow sex and 20 minutes for rough sex. It feels amazing to be able to go that long without the need to reapply the lube.

Paloqueth is one of the very few long-lasting lubricants. You can always rely upon it whether the size of the penis is small, average or big.

The lube feels amazingly special, and that’s why I love it. This is one of my favorite lubes for long sex sessions. Even though it’s water-based, it works as if it’s a silicone-based lubricant.

Paloqueth is compatible with any sex toy

Paloqueth personal Lubricant

Sex toys are fun. They give you that special experience you may not be getting from your partner. Maybe your partner isn’t around, and you want to have some amazing fun without cheating, sex toys will always be there for you.

But you need lube to have fun with sex toys. You can’t use most sex toys without lube.

There’s a challenge to this. Some lubes are bad for sex toys. They slowly damage the toy, making it less fun to use.

Paloqueth is compatible with any sex toy. I’ve used the lube with most of my sex toys, and it works fine for me. I felt some cool sensations using the lube with my sex toys. There are thousands of sex toys in the market today and knowing that your lubricant is compatible with all of them is a great thing.

You can use your sex toy with or without your partner. This lubricant allows you to do that. Some people love playing with their toys while with their partners. You need a lubricant that’s good for both of them. You get that when you buy Paloqueth Water-Based Personal Lubricant.

Paloqueth is non-staining

Paloqueth Lube

I want to be able to have sex with my clothes on. Yes, there’re situations like that where you can’t get your clothes off before sex.

In situations like this, you have to ensure that the lube doesn’t stain. If the lube stains, it means you’ll have to change your clothes, or the stain will be there.

You should be able to have sex with your clothes on without staining it.

There are reasons why people have quickies. A lube that stains isn’t good for quickies. Quickies can happen anywhere. It could happen in the office, in a car, on the couch, in the elevator, on the staircase, etc.

A lubricant that doesn’t stain is the perfect lube to have in your bag for quickies.

Paloqueth is one of the best non-staining lubes I’ve tried. I haven’t had a single stain since I started using it.

My Impression

Paloqueth Water-Based Lube

Paloqueth is a highly-rated personal lubricant on Amazon. It currently enjoys a high rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. It shows how much customers like it. There are lots of positive reviews about the lubricant.

A woman who’s experiencing post-menopause changes in her vagina says that she stopped feeling irritations after trying the lube. Whether you and your partner are young or old couples, you both can have amazing sex by trying this lubricant.

Paloqueth comes with a lube applicator that makes it easy to apply the lube. You can apply the lube without creating a mess. You don’t need to pour the lube to the place you want it. Just use the applicator, and you’ll have the lube there.

The applicator works much like an injection. You insert it into the lube container and load the applicator with enough lube you need. Then, you remove it from the container and place it where you want to apply it. If you want to have vaginal sex, you can just put the lube right inside the vagina. The lube won’t spill.

This lubricant is very easy to use. Its quality is unquestionable. The lube is made with high-quality ingredients that don’t irritate the skin.

I like Paloqueth Water-Based Personal Lubricant, and I recommend it.

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  • It comes with a lube applicator
  • One-year unconditional refund guarantee
  • Non-sticky
  • Non-staining
  • It maintains the pH balance of the vagina
  • Sells at an affordable price
  • Alcohol-free
  • Compatible with sex toys
  • Compatible with any condom


  • Contains glycerin
  • Not ideal for oral sex


Paloqueth is one of the bestselling lubricants in the United States. The lube is long-lasting. You can have sex for long sessions without the need to reapply.

So, if you want to take sex with your partner to the next level, Paloqueth is the right lubricant for you.

The lube isn’t expensive. And you have a 1-year money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the lube.

There are a lot of good reasons why you should buy this lubricant today.

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