Silicone vs Water Based Lube: Which is Better?

Shopping for lube can be quite a daunting task especially if you are a first time buyer. I have been there before, and I really know the dangers of using unsafe lubes. Being a frequent lube user, I have curated a detailed post that compares silicone vs water based lubes. My post will come in handy when shopping for the best lube for anal play, sex, and masturbation.

I have also included reviews of the best water and silicone lubes. I have personally tested all the products to ensure that they are safe and good for use. Feel free to purchase any of the lubes that I have reviewed since they do not contain harmful ingredients.


What is a water-based lubricant?

A water based sex lube is basically a combination of vegetable glycerin, and water. This type of lube is considered great for vaginal penetration. Most people are able to tolerate water based lubes simply because they have safe ingredients.

Unlike silicone lubes which ruins silicone toys, Water based lubes are toy friendly. You can use any type of water-based lubricant when playing with your toys. I also noticed that most lubes end up drying quickly during sex. This means that you will have to keep on reapplying in order to maintain the slipperiness. Water based lubes cannot be used in the shower as they will disintegrate.

What is a silicone based lube?

Silicone based lubes were first developed with an aim of lubricating condoms. As you well know, condoms do not go well with oil based lubes, thus the need of using silicone. It was around the 90s when lube manufacturers began creating silicone based lubes for sexual purposes.

SIlicone based lubes have a unique structure that enables them to last longer without drying. Besides, this type of lube is mostly used during anal sex as it keeps the rectum lubricated. Most silicone based lubricants are thick enough to provide a smooth, and awesome glide. The only issue about this type of lube is that, it can’t be used with silicone toys.

Comparison between water-based and silicone based lube

Before you make any purchasing decision, it is imperative that you know how these two types of lubes compare. This will help you to choose a lube that matches your preferences. Below are some of the differences I have compiled for you.

  • Thickness

When it comes to the thickness of these two types of lubes, you will note a very big difference. Water based lubes tend to be thin than silicone based lubricants. This means that vaginal cells will absorb water based lubes, thus causing it to dry after some time. On the other hand , silicone lubes are pretty thick, thus enhancing pleasure especially when used during anal play.

  • Easy to clean

The fact that water-based lubes contain vegetable extracts and water makes it easy to clean after having hot sex. Unfortunately, this is different with lubes that contain silicone. The formula and thickness makes it difficult to clean off the lube from the skin or even clothes.

  • Long Lasting

This one of the factors that differentiates water vs silicone based lubricants. Lubes that contain silicone tend to last for long without drying, or becoming sticky. The opposite is true for water-based lubes as they are very light and get absorbed quickly by the body.

  • Compatibility with toys

In case you are looking to use your lube with toys, it is important that you choose a water-based lubricant. Silicone based lubes should not be used with toys that are made from silicone or cyberskin. Lubricants that contain silicone tend to react with toys and this may cause health problems.

  • Condom compatibility

Both silicone and water based lubes can work with several types of condoms. However, some silicone lubes do not work with latex condoms as they might cause reactions. The only silicone based lubricants that you can use with latex condoms are Wet Platinum and Gun Oil. In case you want to use latex condoms, it is safe to use water based lubricants only.

  • Aquatic play

If you like having sex in the shower or swimming pool, you should choose a silicone based lubricant. Its performance is not affected by water in any way. On the other hand, water based lube do not allow aquatic play because they tend to lose slipperiness when exposed to water.

Product Name
Paraben & Glycerin FreeLongevitySizePrice
Shibari Premium LubeBoth FreeMedium8 ounce Check price
Aloe CadabraBoth FreeMedium2.5 ounce Check price
PaloquethParaben FreeMedium to High8 ounce Check price
Passion Natural LubeBoth FreeMedium4 ounce Check price
Isabel Fay Natural Both FreeMedium8 ounce Check price

Top 5 Water Based Lubricants

Shibari Premium Lube

Shibari Premium Lube

When it comes to water based lubes, there is no product that can match the quality of the Shibari Premium Lube. It is one of the most versatile and safest lube I have used so far. I am saying this because the lube can be used during vaginal or anal sex. Besides, you can use it with any type of sex toy without ruining them.

Shibari Personal Lubricant was designed for use on extremely sensitive skin. The product does not contain fragrance or any other ingredients that can be termed as unsafe. At least everyone can use this lube without worrying about allergic reactions.

I love the fact that most people have had the chance to use Shibari Premium lube and they had a lot of positive thing to say about it. I am not surprised that it is the best selling lube on the market right now. Besides, Shibari being a high quality lubricant, you do not have to splash a lot of money to acquire this lube.

What I Like

Well, I can rave all day about this special product. I found Shibari to be one of the best lubes you can rely on for penetrative sex especially because of its natural ingredients. The makers of this product did a good job in terms of creating a product that provides a slick ad sexy feel.

Shibari Premium Lube is far much better than most of the expensive lubes available on the market. I am saying this because it does not get sticky even after using it for long. With this lube, you will have a hot sex experience with your partner.

The other thing that impressed me is that, Shibari is easy to clean from your skin, toys and clothes. Moreover, this awesome lube will rarely stain your sheets or towels

What I don’t Like

There is not much to like about the Shibari Personal Lubricant! However, the manufacturers of this product should try to ensure that the lube lasts a bit long. Sometimes, the lube dries in the middle of the session and one is forced to reapply. Anyway, this is not meant to be a deal breaker considering the advantages of using Shibari.

Aloe Cadabra Water Based Personal Lubricant

Aloe Cadabra Water Based Personal Lubricant

Aloe Cadabra is yet another versatile personal lubricant that you can use with your partner and toys. Surprisingly, you can use this product to moisturize your skin and treat sunburns. Isn’t this amazing of a sex lube?

Having used this lube for quite some time, I can recommend it to ladies who suffer from vaginal dryness. Aloe Cadabra has all it takes to ensure that you have maximum pleasure and comfort when having sex. Yes! No more worrying about painful sex simply because your vaginal fluids are not enough.

What’s more? This lube is FDA approved, meaning that it contains ingredients that are safe to use. The contents of Aloe Cadabra are all natural to ensure that you enjoy a smooth experience that is free from allergies. The fact that this product is made in USA assures you that it is authentic, and manufactured using high standards.

What I Like

Being one of the top lubes, Aloe Cadabra does exactly what it claims to do. I came across the product as I was searching for a good vegan water based lube, and I was convinced that it works fine.

Fortunately, I found that this lube is ideal for guys who are looking to use their play toys. In addition, I was surprised that Aloe Cadabra can be used together with condoms. The other awesome feature about this product is that it is available in four different scents. However, I always prefer the original version because I am not a fan of scents.

What I don’t Like

As much as Aloe Cadabra is a quality lube, I didn’t like the fact that it is not waterproof. Imagine, it’s impossible to use it in the shower or bathtub! Anyway, this should not be a deal breaker because all water-based lubes do not work in water.

The other issue is that some users reported that they experienced reactions when using  Aloe Cadabra. I would recommend everyone to confirm that none of the ingredients will cause sensitivities in your genitalia.

Paloqueth Water Based Lubricant

Paloqueth Water Based Lubricant

I am pretty sure, you’ve heard of Paloqueth at one time or the other. Well, Paloqueth happens to be one of the leading brands in the adult industry. They make awesome toys and lubricants.

In case you’ve been struggling to choose between water-based vs silicone-based lubricants, then you should check out the Paloqueth personal lube.

This product is manufactured using laboratory and clinically tested ingredients. This has helped Paloqueth to achieve a product that will maintain the pH balance of the vagina.

I also appreciate the fact that the lube is thick enough to replicate the fluid of the vagina. At least you’ll get to enjoy the act without any discomfort. Moreover, Paloqueth Lube is designed in a way that it will last longer without the need of reapplying. Very few water-based lubricants can go for a long period without drying out. In fact, you should count yourself lucky if you manage to grab this lubricant.

What I Like

From my point of view, Paloqueth is among the top quality lubes in the market. Although I am not a huge fun of their toys, I can’t deny that their lube is perfect. For starters, I was impressed by the viscosity of this lube, it will stay in place after application. At least I was able to have sex and some awesome me-time without worrying about messing the beddings.

I can vouch for this product, especially because it features a slick and odorless formula. As I mentioned earlier, I always like my lube free of any smell. This lube is all you need to minimize vaginal dryness without losing the awesome sensation. Lastly, this product is covered by a one year warranty, you can always return it if it doesn’t work for you.

What I don’t Like

Paloqueth is not the ideal lube for women who have a very sensitive skin. A few users complained of having an itchy scaly rash after using the product. I think the product might contain some ingredients that will cause allergic reactions to people who are extremely sensitive.

Passion Natural Water-based Lube

Passion Natural Water-based Lube

If you are an anal play lover, the Passion Natural Water-based Lube might be a good choice for you. This high quality lube will make anal sex pleasurable for you and your lover. Passion Lube is one of most popular lubes you will come across. The product has been used globally and everybody has something positive to say about it.

I am a huge fan of anal sex and pegging and I can tell a good lube once I see it. Passion Lube definitely qualifies to be one of the best anal lubes. Why? Well, it features a light and slippery liquid formula that allows couple to enjoy anal sex without any discomfort. A few drops if this lube will allow your partner to glide deeply and smoothly.

As you well know, anal sex requires  you to have a safe and high quality lube. No one want to use a product that will cause skin rashes and irritation. Luckily, Passion Lube has all these features of a good lube.

What I like

Other than the few good features I have mentioned, my partner and I had an awesome experience with this lube. For starters, this lube does not contain glycerin and paraben which are considered to be harmful ingredients. We always use this lube for backdoor sex without worrying about allergic reactions.

The other impressive feature is that the container comes with a pump that comes in handy when applying lube. The pump allowed us to pour lube without making a mess. With this pump, you can rest assured that no single drop of the lubricant will go to waste. I also noticed that the lube does not stain clothes and it is easy to clean.

What I don’t like

The passion Natural Lube is great, but I have a problem with how fast the liquid dries. One has to keep applying more lube after a few minutes of sex. It would be better if the manufacturer corrects this small hitch. Otherwise, Passion Natural Lube is far much better than other water-based lubes.

Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Lube


Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Lube

Are you looking for a natural water based lube? Well, you might consider giving Natural Intimate Lube a shot. It’s one of the best lubes out there that will give you a better sex experience. Most importantly, this product does not contain glycerin, a compound that promotes infections.

This product is all natural and does not contain any synthetic ingredients. The other great feature about this lube is that, its compatible with all types of condoms. Besides, you can use it with all your sex toys without worrying about reactions.

This product is definitely worth trying especially if your vagina does not produce enough lubrication  fluids. I also love the fact that the package is simple and discreet. It is difficult to notice that the product is used for sex.

What I like

There is so much to like about this water-based lubricant. For starters, the product comes in an awesome container. It looks elegant and most importantly, it comes with a hand pump. I like this feature because it helps in dispensing the lube. Moreover, it prevents the product from spilling over when applying it.

The other amazing thing is that the lube is odorless. I used to love scented lubes during my teenage but things changed. I just can’t stand lubes that have overpowering scents. Last but no least, the lube is friendly to the skin and does not cause burns or stings.

What I don’t Like

Despite having some good moments with this lube, I noticed that it gets tacky after 5 minutes of use. Well,I didn’t expect this from such a high quality lube. The other problem I noticed was that the lube had a terrible taste.

Why Should You Use Water-based Lubes For Vaginal Sex?

Most sex experts always emphasize that water based lubes are ideal for conventional sex. This is true because the vagina is a sensitive area that require to be treated with care. Water based lubricants tend to be the best when considering factors such as; pH, ingredients and Osmolality.

This lubes are considered to be the best for vaginal sex because they can be absorbed by the cells. No one want to use a lube that will drink the moisture from your cells. I am saying this because the cells will become dry and die eventually. Finally, water-based lubricants are ideal for the vaginal as they have a low pH that discourages yeast infections.

Product NameParaben & Glycerine FreeLongevitySizePrice
Wet PlatinumBoth freeHigh4.2 ounces Check price
Gun OilBoth freeHigh16.2 ounces Check price
Penchant IntimateBoth freeHigh4 ounces Check price
Pjur BackdoorBoth freeHigh3.4 ounces Check price
Valm Silicone LubeBoth freeMedium to high8.5 ounces Check price

Top 5 Silicone-based Lubes

Wet Platinum Lube

Wet Platinum Lube

Despite the huge number of silicone based lubes in the market, Wet Platinum lube remains to be the best. Wet Platinum is made from pure grade 5 silicone, an ingredient that leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft.

This product is designed professionally so as to meet FDA requirements. In fact, doctors recommend this product since it is paraben free. Wet Platinum features a long lasting formula that allows you to have sex without the need to apply the lube. A few drops are enough for one full session of play. It is one of the few lubes that allows you to have sex in the shower or spa. Thanks to its silicone ingredient that does not breakdown in water.

Apart from being a good lube for sex, Wet Platinum can be used  for skin conditioning and moisturizing body massage. It is very rare to find a lubricant that is so versatile like the Wet Platinum.

What I Like

Wet Platinum happens to be my all-time favourite silicone lube. I have been using it for long and all I can say is that I’m impressed. For Starters, I love the fact that it’s possible to use Wet Platinum lube together with condoms.

The other good thing about this lubricant is that it is easy on the skin. I always feel safe when using this lubricant as it does not cause skin reactions.  Besides, the lube is comfortable to use because it is super slippery, odourless and tasteless. I also love the fact that this lube can be used for both anal and vaginal sex.

What I don’t Like

I am glad that Wet Platinum is one of my best lubes for vaginal and anal sex, but I always get pissed off by how difficult it is to clean it. You should be careful when using this lube as it might stain some fabrics. The other saddening issue is that the lube cannot be used with silicone toys as it may disintegrate the material. Unfortunately, this is a problem experienced with most silicone based lubes.

Gun Oil Silicone Lube

Gun Oil Silicone Lube

Are you looking for a lubricant that you can use without developing allergies? Look no further, the Gun Oil Silicone based Lube will provide you with a non-irritating and smooth feeling. Gun Oil is a popular lube in the market, but some people tend to think its meant for guns, lol! Just to clear the air, Gun Oil is used as a sex lubricant and it contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera,Vitamin E, and Cyclomethicone.

This silicone based lube is slick enough to facilitate hot sex for a longer period of time. You only need to apply a few drops of lube and you will be good to go. Unlike most silicone lubes, Gun Oil is thin and transparent. This allows it to be slick and smooth so as to increase performance.

Gun Oil is very versatile, you can use it for anal sex, jerking off , and vaginal sex. Amazingly, this product is odorless and does not contain any flavors. This lube should be used with non-silicone toys only. Applying the lube on silicone toys will result to reactions that can lead to health problems.

What I Like

On receiving my first gun oil lube, I was impressed by the elegant look of the package. I mean it is so attractive especially because the design brings out the gun theme. I also love thin and smooth texture of this lube as it enhances pleasure.

I cannot forget to commend the company for fixing a pump on the bottle. It really helps one control the amount of lube to apply. Besides, it prevents the liquid from dripping on your clothes or towels.

The lube works well with most condoms including those made from latex. I will definitely buy more Gun Oil as soon as it runs out.

What I don’t like

To be honest, the manufacturers ought to increase the thickness of this lube. I am not saying that it is bad, but it’s definitely not good for anal sex. Butt play requires a thick lube in order to maintain the fun and pleasure.

Penchant Premium Intimate Lube

Penchant Premium Intimate Lube

Penchant Premium Intimate is not a popular brand in the lube market. However, you will be surprised by how much this product has to offer. Penchant Premium Lube has lots of positive reviews and very few lubes can measure up to it. The texture and viscosity of this lube helps the vagina and rectum to stay slippery for long.

Being one of the best lubes, Penchant Premium Intimate will rarely poop out on you. Moreover, I noticed that the lube is easier to clean off the skin than most of the popular brands. The product comes in a 4oz bottle which is less than what other brands offer. Maybe, the manufacturers will consider increasing the size of the bottle with time.

I would recommend this lube to guys who have a sensitive skin. This is because the product contains only four ingredients and it is free from parabens and glycerine. Penchant premium is manufactured in USA and its FDA approved. At least you can use this product without doubting its quality and safety standards.

What I like

After using this lube for the first time, I must admit that its awesome in every way. Rarely will you get a product that does not have some serious drawbacks. However, Penchant Premium is one of those lubes that are flawless.

This product made it to my silicone vs water based lubes post because of its odorless and discrete nature. It’s easy to carry this lube in the purse since it’s packed in a small bottle. The other cool thing about it is that, it repels water, making it possible to masturbate or have sex in the shower or bath tub.

What I don’t Like

To be sincere, I can’t find anything negative to say about Penchant Premium Lube. The only problem I have is that the bottle is so small. It would be better if the manufacturer introduced a larger bottle that comes with a pump. Anyway, this is a product that you should consider adding to your shopping list.

Pjur Backdoor Lube

Pjur Backdoor Lube

Anal sex can be painful and uncomfortable if you fail to use a good lube. Unfortunately, they are so many anal lubes that claim to be the best, but they rarely deliver. I came across Pjur Backdoor which is strictly designed for anal sex.

This lube is special in its own way as it contains a relaxing agent that makes the experience to be enjoyable. Pjur Backdoor allows you to have anal play without experiencing pain. For those who are looking to explore anal sex, they should consider purchasing this lube. The relaxing agent will help the muscles to relax and loosen in order to allow smooth penetration.

What’s better? Pjur also contains a numbing agent that will alleviate pain during penetration. I also love the fact that this lube is consistent. It glides effortlessly over your rectum to ensure that there is no friction at all.

Most importantly, this lube does not contain any harmful ingredients such as, paraben or glycerine. Pjur Backdoor is a must have for couples who enjoy anal play.

What I Like

Well, it was my first time using Pjur Backdoor and I was worried that the lube will literally numb my ass. To my surprise, the numbing agent is well balanced to ensure that the receiver feels the dick or dildo.

I also noticed that the lube makes anal sex more enjoyable and less painful. I was able to take dildos of larger lengths and girths after using the Pjur Backdoor Lubricant. This lube will give you the opportunity to enjoy hardcore anal sex as a couple.

Additionally, I was impressed by the thickness of the lube as it helps to keep the rectum lubricated for a longer period

What I don’t Like

As much as Pjur Backdoor is one of the top silicone based lubes, I feel bad that it messed my bed sheets. The lube will stain your clothes if it comes into contact with them. You better be prepared, otherwise it will ruin your clothes.

Valm SIlicone Lube

Valm SIlicone Lube

Investing in a quality lube is an ideal way to spice your sex life. The Valm Silicone lube (formerly known as Lush) is one of the few lubes that will provide you with sexual wellness. The product has been designed with high safety standards so that it can be used by people across all ages.

Valm Silicone is the lube to purchase especially if water based lubes are not your thing. This product is highly concentrated ,waterproof, and long lasting. A few drops of this lube is all you require to reduce friction without losing sensation.

Other than being a lube for sex, Valm can be used as a massage oil. The liquid is known to enhance a soft and silky skin. This is because it has the ability to dissipate naturally. Valm Silicone is completely safe to use bearing in mind that it is manufactured in a FDA regulated facility. The product has been extensively tested to ensure that its is hypoallergenic and compatible with Polyurethane and Latex condoms.

What I like

There are a few things that excites me about the Valm Silicone based lube. For starters, the packaging of this product is on point, the bottle looks great and comes with a pump. It is so easy to dispense the right amount of lube with the pump. Moreover, it prevents the contents of the bottle from spilling.

The thickness and concentration of this lube makes it ideal for anal play. It creates a smooth glide over the skin to ensure that you and your partner enjoy backdoor sex. Just like most of my favourite lubes, Valm Silicone is tasteless and odorless. My partner and I got to enjoy a bit of rimming when using this lube.

What I don’t Like

There is little to hate about the Valm Silicone based lube. The only issue I had was that the lube gets tacky at some point. Well, it will last longer than water based lubes , but it becomes sticky when it dries out. Anyway, this is not an issue that should prevent you from purchasing this awesome lube.

Why Should You Choose Silicone Based Lubes For Anal Sex?

The fact that the rectum does not lubricate itself means that you should use heavy grease-like lubes. Personally, I don’t like anything that dries out especially when having anal play. It is for this reason that silicone based lubes are considered the best for anal sex.

Silicone has all the properties that makes a good anal lube. For starters, it is the most slippery lube you can use in your ass. It makes penetration easy and fast without experiencing any kind of pain. Silicone based lubes are have a thick formula that prevents it from drying up. At least you won’t ruin your orgasm trying to reapply some lube. Isn’t that pretty cool?


I am pretty sure that you’ve always wondered which lube is good for you. I hope that things are different after reading my post. I bet you have already picked a winner on the battle of silicone vs water based lubes.

You no longer have to settle with cheap and ineffective lubes that are sold at your local drug stores. Simply pick one or two of the products that I have recommended and you will never regret. It is always good to have both types of lube as you might require to use them during sex or masturbation. 

A good lube changes everything. Feel free to order your and thank me later!

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