Eight Types of Vibrators That Will Give You So Much Pleasure

After buying many vibrators and enjoying the amazing moment with them, I want to tell you about vibrators. This article is for anyone who wants to learn about vibrators and the incredible fun you can get with them.

In this article, you’ll learn eight types of vibrators. I took the time to explain these vibrators and what you can expect from each one.

Let’s start with the first vibrator.

The Rabbit Vibrator

I first learned about the rabbit vibrator in the Sex and the City 1998 episode titled, “The Turtle and the Hare.” In this episode, Miranda advised Charlotte that she try the rabbit vibrator. Charlotte liked the toy so much that Miranda had to drag her out of bed.

The rabbit vibrator is a type of sex toy that allows you to penetrate the vagina and stimulate the clitoris at the same time. Being able to do both at once lets you have so much fun with yourself.

Rabbit Vibrator

The best orgasms occur when you penetrate the vagina and stimulate the clitoris at the same time. You can expect to get the same thing from the rabbit vibrator.

The rabbit vibrator is a great first sex toy to start with. For women who are struggling to orgasm, this is the perfect sex toy for you. You won’t want to stop using the vibrator.

Start using the toy with yourself. Experiment a little with your clit and vagina before trying it with your partner. I’ve learned a lot more about how my body reacts to movements on the clit and vagina with this vibrator than any other option available.

Start slow. Beginning from the highest pressure may be too much for your clit and vagina. The thin skin around your genitals may become sore. Give your vagina time to get used to the toy. Check this article to learn about how to use a rabbit vibrator.

The G Spot Vibrator

The G spot feels different from every other part of the vaginal. It’s very soft. It feels slightly dimpled when touched.

G Spot

You can find the G spot with your fingers. Enter the vagina with two fingers. Go 1 – 3 inches deep. Then curl those fingers backwards once they are 2 – 3 inches deep. Move inside and out while keeping your fingers curled backwards. You should be able to feel the G spot with your fingertips.

Here’s a perfect diagram that shows the G spot with two fingers inside the vagina:

The G spot is located at the same location for all women. However, some women find it difficult to find theirs. Some even think that they aren’t born with one because they’d never felt it before.

With a G spot vibrator, you’ll be able to find your G spot with ease. You’ll be able to massage your G spot and have lots of fun with it.

You don’t need to use fingers to find your G spot. There are some wonderful vibrators that help you find it and play with it.

G Spot Vibrator

The vibrator helps you find the G spot in a unique way. First, the G spot vibrator will get you aroused. Without arousal, there’s no way to find the G spot.

For example, if your gynecologist tries to find your G spot during an examination, he or she may not be able to locate it because you’re not aroused.

This was even reported in a scientific journal about the location of the G spot:

“The G-spot is not felt normally during a gynecological exam, because the area must be sexually stimulated in order for it to swell and be palpable; physicians, of course, do not sexually arouse their patients and, therefore, do not typically find the woman’s G-spot.”

The Bullet Vibrator

Some people call bullet vibrators “mini vibrators” because of their small size. Most vibrators are 6 inches long. Bullet vibrators range from 2 – 5 inches. That means bullet vibrators are smaller than most smartphones.

You may take a bullet vibrator with you wherever you’re going. They are small enough to fit a purse. Nobody will notice the amazing sex toy you have with you because it would be difficult for them to see it.

Bullet Vibrator

The vibrator can blend easily with your other belongings in your bag or purse. Depending on the color of the vibrator, it could look like a lipstick

The bullet vibrator is the kind of a vibrator you can use anywhere outside your home. You could use it to feel so good when you’re away from home. The vibrator is super quiet. Nobody will know what’s going on unless you moan.

My favorite bullet vibrator sounds like someone whispering. It’s so difficult for anyone to hear it. Imagine you’re in your room and you don’t want people in other rooms to hear you, a bullet vibrator will be the best option for you.

Bullet vibrators are simple. They are very easy to use. There isn’t much you have to know before you start using them. Just insert that stuff inside of you and let the fun begin.

The Wand Vibrator

The wand vibrator looks like a personal massage device that is used for back pain and other pains in the body. But it’s not. Instead, the vibrator is a massage device for the clit.

The wand vibrator has a large, soft handle and a semi-flexible head at the end. The head is the most important part of the vibrator. It’s what you use to massage the clit.

Wand Vibrator

The vibrator only vibrates at the head. The other parts of the vibrator are for holding it as you have fun. You can’t use the wand vibrator to penetrate the vagina. It’s useless for that.

But you can use it to stimulate the clitoris. The wand vibrator may be one of the best types of vibrators for stimulating the clit. That’s the only one thing it does, and it does it well.

Simply press the head of the vibrator on the clit, and you’ll feel the most amazing vibrations that can only be found in wand vibrators. Make sure the head of the vibrator has direct contact with the clitoris. Press it hard on the clitoris. You won’t want to stop pressing the head of the wand on the clitoris after doing it for a few times.

The vibrator gives you a feeling of someone sucking on your clit. It feels more like someone giving you real oral sex.

Most wand vibrators have lower, medium and higher intensity levels. Lower levels feel like playful foreplay. Medium levels feel like oral sex. Higher levels make you orgasm immediately. You can start at a lower level you’re comfortable with and increase the intensity from there.

Massage Vibrators

Various studies found that regular massages have great health benefits. Massages can help anxiety, headaches, insomnia related to stress, joint pain, and many more. One study conducted in Australia found that a 10-minute muscle massage after a workout could reduce soreness by 30%.

You don’t need a stranger to perform a massage on you. You don’t have to go to a spa. You can get a quality massage inside your home.

What makes that possible?

Massage vibrators.

Massage Vibrators

I’m a big fan of massage vibrators. With a high-quality massage vibrator, I can receive a great massage from my partner that will have lasting health and sexual benefit. Most times, we go from massage to sex, and it feels lovely. It makes my partner and I more connected to each other.

Weekends are perfect for giving and receiving massages from your partner. You can also do that late in the night. It’s a great way to build up some sexual tension before bed.

When you receive a massage from your partner using a quality massage vibrator, you’ll reduce pain and relief depression. At the same time, you also get to spend quality time with your partner. So, you get more than just massages.

Massages are a nice way to make your time together more memorable. That makes massage vibrators great sex tools.

Instead of always watching TV together before bed, or doing other activities, massage vibrators help you spend some quality time that leads to great nights together in bed.

The Egg Vibrator

An egg vibrator, also called love egg, is a type of vibrator that’s shaped like an egg. Egg vibrators work like bullet vibrators. The only thing that makes them different from each other is the egg shape.

Egg vibrators are small and quiet like bullet vibrators. They are 2 – 3 inches in length and ¾ inches in width. They aren’t expensive, but they are powerful. They give you quality orgasms.

Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrators are popular among sex toy users. You can operate an egg vibrator with remote control. The vibrator is so easy to use.

Most love eggs are made with silicone. Silicone is a high-quality material that’s safe for the body.

There are egg vibrators for different types of sexual intercourse like vaginal and anal penetration, and clitoral and nipples stimulation. Love eggs can help you deliver great orgasm than the one you’ll get from normal penis penetration.

Love eggs are discreet. They are so small that it’s difficult for anyone to know when you keep them well. You can easily store them in your travel bag or purse. They are more comfortable to carry around than most other vibrators.

Egg vibrators are beginner-friendly. I used my first love egg the second week I started using sex toys, and it’s been cool since then.

The Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral vibrators are different from wand vibrators. Clitoral vibrators are made to suck the clit. They don’t vibrate. They produce an effect that feels like real oral sex. On the other hand, wand vibrators massage the clit. Both works differently.

While I’m a big fan of wand vibrators, I also can’t hide my love for clitoral vibrators. Clitoral vibrators are some of my favorite vibrators. They feel nice on the clit. They feel natural like a tongue sucking the clitoris.

Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral vibrators come in many shapes and sizes. The vibrators also have different intensities. The higher you go, the faster and more intense you feel the sucking on the clitoris.

The tip of the vibrator is what does the magic. It sucks air from the clit. The feeling was amazing the first time I tried this amazing vibrator. I couldn’t put it down. I used it to play all night.

If your partner hasn’t been giving you good oral sex, or he doesn’t give you oral sex at all, this is the kind of toy you should buy today.

Most men don’t understand that many women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Instead of blaming your man for not exploring your clit, you can take matters into your own hands and discover the wonders that lie on your clit.

In the past years, sales for clitoral vibrators have been exploding. Women are buying vibrators that are mainly focused on the clit.

If you’re a proud owner of a clit, it’s time you start making yourself happy. You will never regret buying a clitoral vibrator. I haven’t heard of anyone regretting buying it before.

The Dildo Vibrator

Vibrators and dildos are the two most common sex toys in the world. What vibrators do is vibrate. Dildos are only meant for penetration like a normal penis. Nothing extra.

Dildo vibrator is a sex toy that combines a dildo and a vibrator. Instead of the dildo being used for vaginal and anus penetration alone, you can also use it as a vibrator. That also means a vibrator that has the shape of a dildo.

Dildo Vibrator

Dildos are the oldest sex toys in the world. Many sex toy lovers are starting to get tired of using dildos alone without feeling any vibration. That’s why past dildo lovers like myself are now turning to dildo vibrators.

Dildo vibrators are cool. I call them the modern-day dildos. They are made with materials that mimic the feel of the natural skin. Dildo vibrators stimulate every inch of the vagina. They give sensations you won’t get from other vibrators.

You can use your dildo vibrator alone or with your partner. They are good for both.


These are the best types of vibrators you should be using today. They’ll give you the best sensations. They are the best when it comes to quality sex whether solo or with your partner.

I’ve tried all these vibrators, and they all work well. I’ve also reviewed many of these types of vibrators on this blog.

Don’t hesitate to buy one or more of the amazing vibrators I’ve written about extensively. Read my reviews to make the right buying decision.

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