Natural Alternatives to Lubricant: What to Use Instead of Lube?

In a world where they are many lubes, it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. I’ve received so many emails from readers who are worried about the huge number of lubes out there today.

On this blog, I find the best personal lubes to share them with you. But I realized that some people still have problems using any of these lubes. So, in this article, you’re going to learn about the good natural alternatives to lubes. These alternatives aren’t meant to be used as lubes themselves. But, some lubricant brands do use some of them as ingredients.

The natural alternatives you’ll be learning about are safe for the skin. They also provide the skin with many health benefits.

I’ve heard many people talk about lube alternatives like Vaseline, margarine, hair creams, and body oils. Those aren’t good alternatives to lube. In fact, they could irritate the skin and cause a yeast infection. The vagina is very tender. You have to be careful about what you insert into it. A bad product could make it feels sensitive and gives you allergies.

Here are the best natural alternatives to lubricants:

Aloe Vera

There’s a reason why most lubes that has Aloe Vera in its ingredients often boasts about it. Aloe Vera is a plant that’s great for the skin. Lube manufacturers that use it make the name bold on their label.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is often used in treating skin infections. It kills bacteria in the body. It also helps wounds heal quickly. So, when you apply Aloe Vera to the vagina, it kills all the bacteria that may be present in there.

Using Aloe Vera for sex is a nice idea. The gel from the plant is soft and slippery. When you apply it to the vagina, it makes the penis slides in easily without feeling any friction. You won’t feel any discomfort during and after sex when you use Aloe Vera.

If you can get the plant itself that would be nice. Some brands also sell Aloe Vera gel. If you’re worried about using a processed product, try searching for Aloe Vera on eBay and Amazon. You’ll find some merchants who sell the fresh Aloe Vera plant. The plant is 100% natural.

The vaginal will become softer and smoother after using Aloe Vera. You won’t feel sticky after having sex with your partner. Cleaning is also easy. You don’t need to buy antibacterial soap as you would have been required to do when you use lubricants.

Egg Whites

Eggs are packed with nutrients. They contain so many nutrients that are good for the body. Search for the healthiest foods in the world, and you’re likely to find eggs at the top of every list. Eggs contain a lot of vital vitamins like Vitamin A, B5, B6, B12, D, E, and K.

Egg Whites

Eggs whites are great for the skin. You can apply them directly to the skin. Eggs are good for skin toning and promote wrinkle-free. If you want to keep the vagina healthy, eggs are one of the ingredients you can use. Eggs are everywhere.

Eggs whites are a great alternative to personal lubricants. Eggs are slippery. When you apply it to the vagina, the penis slides in easily. With eggs, you can make amazing love with your partner all night or all day without feeling any irritation later.

Some people don’t want to put eggs whites into their skin because of the way it smells. Well, you shouldn’t expect a natural, unprocessed alternative to lubes to smell nice. I’ve tried it a few times, and it doesn’t smell nice. But, if you don’t mind the smell, you’ll find eggs to be very helpful for sex.

Eggs white will stain your bed sheets. There’s no way you can avoid that. You should be ready to clean after using it. It’s best you don’t use eggs if you aren’t ready to change bed sheets.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is one of the most popular natural alternatives to lubricants. I think part of the reason some people use coconut oil instead of buying a lubricant itself is that they might have seen lots of lubes boasting about using coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil can kill harmful bacteria in the vaginal. The good thing about this is that coconut oil leaves the good bacteria in the vagina and kill the bad ones. Your vagina needs the good bacteria to balance the temperature down there.

Coconut Oil is a great vagina moisturizer. If you’re struggling from vaginal dryness, it’s a great alternative to lube. It moisturizes the vagina better than most lubes in the market today. It doesn’t dry out very fast. You can have sex using the oil for 30 minutes before you’ll need to reapply again.

Coconut Oil is a natural lube alternative you can make at home. You don’t need to buy coconut oil from any brand if you don’t want to. There are coconuts everywhere. You can buy a few coconuts for the purpose of making your own coconut oil. WikiHow has an incredible guide that will tell you everything you need to know to make coconut oil.

With coconut oil, you won’t have to worry about feeling any discomfort during and after sex. The oil takes care of that for you. The oil leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Almond Oil

Almond Oils are extracted from almonds, just like coconut oil. The oil offers numerous benefits to the skin. There are nutrients like vitamin E, potassium, proteins, zinc, and a number of other vitamins and minerals in the oil.

Almond Oil

There are two main kinds of almond oil: One is better, and the other is sweet. The bitter oil is extracted from bitter almonds. The sweet almonds are extracted from edible almonds. You should know that oil from edible almonds is the almond oil I’m referring to here.

Almond oil is enriched with Vitamins E, A and B. It nourishes your skin inside the vaginal and makes it smoother and soft. The skin is moist and ready for hardcore sex. I was able to have sex with my partner for 30 minutes without the need to reapply. The oil stays longer on the skin than most other oils. I think that’s a good thing. Oils that dry too quickly aren’t ideal for sex.

With this oil, you’ll be able to remove dead skin cells produced by harsh chemicals from the products you’ve used before. Almond also smells good. It tastes nice in the mouth. So, you can happily give oral sex if the oil is on your partner.

You don’t need to buy lube. Natural alternatives like almond oils give you the same feeling of sensation you’ll get from lubes. They also give you more in leaving your skin healthier with zero irritation.

Plain Yogurt

I’m a big fan of plain yogurt. Unknown to many people, it’s a great alternative to a lubricant that you can use to deliver mind-blowing sexual satisfaction to your partner. Plain yogurt is full of protein, calcium, vitamin D, and probiotics. Probiotics help grow good bacteria.

Plain Yogurt

When you use antibacterial drugs, you lose both the good and bad bacteria in the vagina and body. But you don’t have to worry about that when you use a natural lube alternative like plain yogurt. It helps you recover all the good bacteria you’ve lost, and maybe gain some more.

As long as the yogurt doesn’t contain sugar, which can cause a yeast infection, you and your partner can have great, long sex with yogurt.

Yogurt has always been nice for sex. There’s a study that found that yogurt can enhance fertility in men. Yogurt contains lactic acid that dissolves dead skin cells.

If you’ve been struggling to satisfy your partner sexually and you don’t want to use lubes because of the harsh chemicals found in most of them, plain yogurt is a good alternative. After trying yogurt for the first time with your partner, you won’t think about using lubricants again.

There’s no excuse for not satisfying your partner needs in bed. And also, you have no excuse for using lubricants that leave your skin sensitive, or lubes that contain harsh chemicals that aren’t good for your skin. With plain yogurt, you can have sex hardcore sex without feeling any discomfort.


Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Even partners who don’t have vaginal dryness issue use spits. In fact, spit is probably the world’s oldest sex lube.


There’s something to keep in mind before you use spit: If you or your partner has active mouth infection like inflamed gums, a sore throat, or oral herpes, it’s best you don’t use spit. You’ll find other natural alternatives I’ve mentioned in this article to be helpful for you. Bacterial can easily be transferred from the saliva to the vaginal, potentially causing dangerous infection down there. You surely don’t want that to happen.

The saliva makes it easier for you to have sex without irritating the skin. If you don’t trust the many over-the-counter lubes available in the market today, I’m pretty sure that you’ll trust your saliva because it’s from you or your partner. The saliva is 100% safe.

However, there aren’t much you can do with the saliva. If you’re battling extreme vaginal dryness, the saliva won’t be able to do much because you’ll run out of it. Your mouth will become dry. The saliva is also not the best solution for hardcore sex. People who use saliva only need it to get some wetness from penetration. Some women don’t get wet until the penis forces them to.

Don’t get discouraged if you and your partner are dealing with extreme dryness and don’t want to use a lubricant. The natural alternatives I laid out above are quite cool.


I fully understand that you’ve chosen not to use lubes and instead opt for a natural alternative that’s healthier for your skin. But the truth is that there are lots of good lubes out there. In fact, there are lots of natural lubes you can use to get really wet and have fun with your partner without worrying about chemicals.

These lubricants are made with 100% natural ingredients, and they are safe for the skin. Here are great natural lubricants you may want to check out:

  1. Isabel Fay Natural Personal Lubricant
  2. Ocean Sensual Natural Personal Lubricant
  3. Aloe Cadabra Organic Personal Lubricant
  4. YES Organic Personal Lubricant
  5. Astroglide All-Natural Personal Lubricant

These natural lubricants are good for the skin and don’t dry out quickly. You may change your mind about using natural alternatives after using one of them.

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