Best Water Based Lubricant: Top 10 Lubes for Your Sexual Adventures

Water based personal lube is the most versatile kind of lube when you are engaged in a variety of sexual adventures. If you want to have oral sex and immediately get to vaginal penetration, you don’t want to wonder about the impact of that lube on your delicate areas.

The best water based lubricant can be used with sex toys and condoms. When you grab the lube from your night stand, you don’t want to stop and think. There’s a confidence you obtain when using water based lubes. You’ll know it’s perfect for playtime no matter what you plan on doing.

Water Based Lube – Comparison Table

Name & BrandParaben & Glycerine freeLongivitySizePrice
Shibari Premium Both freeMedium to high8 ounce Check price
LubeLife LubricantBoth freeMedium8 ounce Check price
Isabel Fay LubricantBoth freeMedium to high8 ounce Check price
Astroglide LiquidNoMedium to low8 ounce Check price
PALOQUETH LubeParaben freeMedium5 ounce Check price
Aloe Cadabra LubeBoth freeMedium to high8 ounce Check price
Passion natural LubesBoth freeMedium to high4 ounce Check price
Anjou LubricantNoMedium8 ounce Check price
Lynk PleasureBoth freeHigh16 ounce Check price
Sliquid H20 LubeBoth freeMedium8.5 ounce Check price

Top 10 Water Based Personal Lubricant Reviews

Shibari Premium Personal Water Based Lube

This is an 8-ounce bottle of personal lubricant. It’s a luxurious water based lube that is hypoallergenic and clean. It’s been the biggest and best-selling lubes in many marketplaces.

There’s a generous amount of lube in this bottle. While some lubes come in 3 to 4 ounces, this lube has double that amount. You can use as much or as little as you want or need. It won’t be required that you buy 2 to 3 lubricant bottles to enjoy your time with a partner or lover.

The water based lube is clear and free of chemicals and dyes. It won’t stain your sheets, clothing, or toys. Even if drops or dollops spill on the sheets, they’ll wash out quite easily. That’s always a good thing with water based lubricants. There are also no parabens in this lubricant.

Since lubricants can be absorbed by the body, it’s vital that the lube is safe. The FDA deems many personal lubricants safe for use with a 510(k) seal. It’s provided for this lube. That means it’s safe for you to use inside your body with no problems or irritations whatsoever.

My impression

Shibari water based lube

A pure, clean water based lube can be used for vaginal penetration when you’re not as wet as needed. It can also be used for anal sex where you need slick entrance that won’t be absorbed quickly.

This lube has a few advantages. It’s long lasting, so you won’t have to reapply as often as with some water based lubricants. The lube will be absorbed to provide soft, soothing skin, too. It will also provide incredible comfort for penetration with your favorite toys.

It’s hypoallergenic and clear to help you avoid a lube that might give you problems. Many men and women use lube and find that it irritates their skin. That won’t be the case with this lube. The lube was created without parabens and irritating chemicals. It doesn’t have a strange odor or any dyes to create problems.

What could be better?

It can go onto the skin very cold at times.

LubeLife Water-Based Personal Lubricant

The #LubeLife brand is a delightful one that makes the act of sex even more pleasurable. The water based lube will mimic the natural lubrication of the body when used for vaginal sex. It’s good for anal sex, too. The lube won’t become sticky over time with friction. That’s a concern with many water-based lubricants.

The water based lubricant is compatible with all toy materials. Even silicone toys will work well with this kind of lube. That’s not the case with silicone or oil lubes. Water based lubes won’t degrade the material in condoms, either. For those who want the protection of condoms, you’ll find that water based lube is the answer. You don’t want the condom to break.

This lube comes in a variety of flavors. For example, there’s Mint Chocolate Chip or Watermelon available. The flavorings make this a good lube for oral sex, too. It can also be used to mask the unpleasant scents during anal sex.

The lube is hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation – even if you choose a flavor instead of the plain one. It has no parabens or glycerin, which can cause serious irritation for some users.

My impression

LubeLife water-based personal lubricant

As a water based lube, this is one of the best ones out there. It will never feel tacky, which can be a serious problem for many water based personal lubricants. The lube is meant to feel like a woman’s natural lubrication when used for vaginal sex. It’s also great for anal sex and when used with condoms.

Our favorite part of this lube is the fact that it doesn’t have any ingredients that we’ve come to associate with irritation. That includes parabens and glycerin. Glycerin is actually like a sugar that can lead to yeast infections. Not an ingredient you’d want in your vagina at all.

The lube comes in a few different flavors for oral sex, too. It’s safe to consume in limited amounts. You don’t want to ingest a ton of lube, but it can make oral sex more pleasant and fun.

What could be better?

The unflavored lube doesn’t taste as good as the flavored lube from this company.

Isabel Fay Natural Water-Based Personal Lubricant

This is a water based lube that doesn’t have any harsh ingredients. It has no glycerin and no parabens. That’s important for a lube that you’ll be using for sex. Your vagina can’t handle those harsh ingredients. It would actually alter the chemical and bacterial balance in that area.

Not only are there no harsh ingredients that you’d find in most other lubes, this one doesn’t have dyes. There are no chemicals to give the lube a strange odor, either. With no dyes or chemicals, it won’t stain fabrics like sheets or clothing.

The natural lube is in a lovely bottle. It has a discreet label that will make you want to leave this out on your night stand. The lube will be within easy reach with its discreet label. You won’t have to hunt for the bottle, and it won’t end up tilted in a drawer leaking.

As a water based lube, this one is incredibly safe for your sex toys. Silicone toys and silicone and oil lube work against each other. Water based lube is gentle with all types of toys. The lube works well with condoms, too.

My impression

Isabel Fay natural water-based personal lubricant

When it comes to water-based lubricants, you want one with a good consistency. It should stay on your toys, fingers, or condom when you’re playing. Many water-based lubes will drip. That won’t happen with this lube because it has a thicker consistency. Instead of a liquid, it’s more like a gel. That gel will stay where it’s applied.

With a good consistency, there’s no reason not to use this water-based lubricant. It doesn’t have to be reapplied constantly. It can be used for anal without drying up and becoming sticky, too.

The lube has the best ingredients and none of the bad ones. There’s no parabens in this lube. There is no glycerin, either. That’s important for those who want to avoid irritation and infections. Glycerin can be a problem for women with a tendency to get yeast infections. That won’t be a concern with this one.

What could be better?

The thick consistency is a problem for some people. It shouldn’t be for most, though.

Astroglide Liquid Water-Based Personal Lubricant

This water-based personal lube is from a company with which most of us are familiar. They’ve been around for a long time because they’re a trusted name in lubricants. Customers trust them and return to purchase products numerous times.

The water-based lube called Liquid is made with the best ingredients. It’ll last for a long time during sex. It’s silky and like liquid velvet on your skin. When used for vaginal intercourse, the liquid lube will actually be activated by her wetness after the initial need for the lube. Water-based lube is always reactivated with saliva, water, or natural lubrication.

This lube is pH balanced to ensure that her vagina stays in balance, too. It’s free of petroleum-based ingredients, too. It’s meant to mimic the fluids of a woman’s body. It can also be used for sex other than the traditional. Anal sex is slick and pleasurable with this lube.

This is a great lube for sex toys and condoms. It won’t degrade these materials like some other personal lubricants. Water based lube will not break down the consistency of the condom to cause it to break. It won’t create microscopic holes in the surface of your toys, either.

My impression

Astroglide water-based personal lubricant

As a popular name in the lube market, everyone knows the Astroglide name. When the lube is shipped to your door, it’s discreet. Nobody will know that you’re ordering personal lube. It’s great since you might be using it solo with toys, and you might not want to advertise that fact. Even if it is a natural activity.

This lube is meant for all kinds of sex from anal to vaginal as well as use with toys and condoms. If you want to keep your toys clean while playing anally, you’ll want to use a condom. It’ll protect the toy and make it much easier to clean.

As a water based lube, this one is incredibly easy to clean from your body. You won’t end up with a sticky mess at the end of sex. It’s still easy to wash from your skin with warm water. You won’t have to spend 10 minutes in the shower with soap to remove it.

What could be better?

The bottle isn’t discreet, and it can leak if left on its side in a drawer.

PALOQUETH Water-Based Lube for Women

The water based lube is colorless and odorless. This means that it doesn’t have any chemicals or dyes that will alter fabrics. Many lubes can leave behind a greasy spot that can’t be removed. That’s not the case with a water based lube. This one is tasteless, too. It’ll reduce dryness in a way that’s as natural as her body’s own lubrication.

It’s great for use with your favorite toys, too. Whether they’re silicone or rubber, the water based nature of the lube means they’re compatible. The main ingredient in this lube is pure water. There are no harmful ingredients or chemicals that will attack condoms or toys. As far as parabens and other chemicals, this lube is free of them all.

As a water based lube, there’s often a problem with the consistency. Traditionally, water based lubes are thin and watery. They’re not always long lasting. That’s not a problem with this water-based lube. It’s thick and will last for a long time. You can use this lube for all kinds of toys, solo sex, anal sex, or oral sex.

While it lasts for a long time, once you’re ready to wash it away, it’s a simple process. You don’t have to hop into the shower and have soap on hand. A warm wash cloth with water is all you need to remove the lube from your body. It’ll wash off your toys just as easily, too.

My impression

PALOQUETH water-based lube

This water based lube is thicker than most. It’ll stay exactly where you want it to – whether that’s on your toys, condoms, or fingers. It’s a versatile lube that you can use for solo sex or sex with your partner. Condom use is your choice, and this lube won’t interfere with any kind of sex you want to have with them.

Anal sex usually requires a thicker lube, and this one is perfect. It won’t get sticky or dry moments after you begin to have sex. It’ll last for a while and can be reactivated easily with some water or saliva.

When you need a versatile personal lubricant, this one is perfect. It can work with any kind of sex you want to have. Solo sex is possible with this lube. It can be used with regular vaginal sex or anal sex, too. It won’t be super messy, either. The lube is simple to clean, and you can fall asleep in your partner’s arms without having to take a shower.

What could be better?

The bottle that holds this lube isn’t the best. If it’s not closed thoroughly, it can dribble out of the top.

Aloe Cadabra Natural Water-Based Personal Lube

Most water based lubes are made with ingredients that won’t cause irritation. They’re meant to mimic the pH balance of the vagina since that’s where most people use these. This lube is made with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Those ingredients will soften and heal skin as they’re used. The healing properties are an added bonus for this personal lube.

The lube is made in a lab in the US, so it’s regulated by the FDA. The government agency ensures that all products making claims can back up those claims. The lube won’t cause any issues because of its ingredients. There are no glycerins and no parabens in this product.

The ingredients in this product are free of all the chemicals mentioned. It’s also free of estrogens that can actually alter the hormones in a woman’s body. Unfortunately, that can be the case with some lubes. There are no chemicals or dyes, either.

As a water based lube, there is no chance that the meeting of condom and lube will degrade the condom material. It’s safe for use with silicone sex toys and other silicone products, too. There shouldn’t be any negative interactions with materials when using a water based personal lube.

My impression

Aloe cadabra natural personal lube

This is one of the most natural lubes out there. It’s an organic personal lube that is vegan and edible. That’s helpful if you want to engage in oral sex. It doesn’t make sense to switch lubes in the middle of sex based on the particular sex act. This water based lube is perfect for all kinds of sex – oral, anal, or vaginal.

It’s 100% pH balanced without hormones and chemicals. You really can’t get more natural than Aloe Vera and Vitamin E oil for ingredients. Without all the chemicals associated with some lubes, you’ll be able to use this one worry free. It’s a lube that won’t stain clothing, sheets, or toys, either.

The lube can work beautifully for vaginal sex as well as anal or oral. Whether you use a toy or a condom, there won’t be any negative interactions. The materials work together and won’t be irritating to the skin.

What could be better?

The tube will squeeze out more than is wanted if you’re not extremely careful.

Passion Lubes Natural Water-Based Lubricant

The ingredients in a water based lube should be free of all the strong chemicals that can cause irritation. That’s true of this lube. It’s free of petrochemicals and parabens. Some water based lubes can have glycerins and still be organic or gentle. This one doesn’t have glycerins, either.

As a water based lube, this product won’t become very sticky. That’s always a concern with water based lube. It’s a common occurrence. You’re trading a silicone lube for one that works with your vagina. It’s important that it stays as wet as possible for a long time.

Water based lube can be used with condoms and sex toys. It’s compatible with all kinds of materials. It won’t stain or cause issues with your clothing or sex toys, either. The lube washes off easily with warm water. You don’t have to spend hours washing lube from everything it touches. The lube won’t stain any of the materials including the toys.

The bottle of lube is quite generous. There’s no reason to run out of lube when using this product. It comes in very big bottles, so you can pick and choose the size that works best for you.

My impression

Passion water-based lubricant

The ingredients of a water based lube are incredibly important. You choose a gentle lube because you have a problem with chemicals and irritation. Perhaps you are prone to infections if you mess with the natural order of your vagina.

This lube is free of all the chemicals and ingredients that can cause problems. There are no parabens or petrochemicals. There’s also no glycerin, which is like a sugar to your body and can cause serious infections.

For this reason, you’re trading a silicone lube that will last longer for a water based lube that won’t cause long-lasting issues. It’ll require some reapplication but that’s a small price for a more natural lube.

What could be better?

The largest bottles might not fit in discreet storage containers. The bottle label isn’t very discreet, either.

Anjou Water-Based Personal Lubricant

This lube has been made in the USA with 510(k) approval from the FDA. That means it meets the government’s standards for personal lubricants. It won’t have any strange chemicals or ingredients. It’s a hypoallergenic formula. There won’t be any staining with this water based lube. It won’t smell weird, either.

It’s a lube with a soothing formula for all kinds of sex. You can use it vaginally because there are no harsh chemicals. It’s a formula that doctors recommend for those who need extra lubrication during intercourse. It won’t burn or cause pain. It can be the added boost you need while getting aroused.

It’s fantastic for anal and oral sex, too. It doesn’t have a chemical taste or smell. Dry, sensitive skin will be noticeably better after using this lube. It’ll be silky, smooth, and moisturized after use.

As far as cleanup, the lube is easy to remove from all materials. If it drips on the sheets, you can easily stick them into the next wash. It won’t leave a stain on the fabric. It also won’t leave a stain on sex toys you use, either.

My impression

Anjou water-based personal lubricant

This water based lube is free of dyes and chemicals that can cause irritation. Most people who choose a water based lube will do so because they want to keep their skin free of chemicals and harsh ingredients. Your pH levels won’t be impacted with this lube.

One of the benefits of water based lube is that you can use it with a variety of materials with confidence. Silicone sex toys and latex condoms can be attacked by silicone or oil lubes. They won’t have any bad reactions to water based lube, though.

The water based lube will work for your vagina or anus during sex. Whether you want to use condoms or sex toys, this lube gives you a ton of flexibility. Nobody will spend time looking for a new lube for each act of sex. You need one that works everywhere. You’ll find that with this personal lube.

What could be better?

The bottle can leak if it’s not closed properly. It’s not very discreet, so it’ll be hard to hide this without spilling.

Lynk Pleasure Water-Based Anal Lube

While some water based lubes are meant for overall sexual fun, others are meant for certain activities. This is one of those that is made for a specific sex act. It’s meant to be an anal lube, so it’s thicker and silkier than some other options. While it’s designed to be used anally, there’s no reason it can’t be used in other areas. The consistency will be thicker than other water based lubes.

Although it’s crafted for anal specifically, it has no numbing agents like some anal lubes. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals, either. There are no parabens or glycerins in this lube. The water based lube doesn’t get sticky or tacky with use. When it does dry slightly, it’s reactivated with a bit of saliva, water, or more lube.

This is a good lube for use with sex toys and condoms, too. Even if you’re involved in solo play, you can benefit from a water based lube. It provides the padding needed for anal while protecting condoms and silicone sex toys.

The lube is made in the US, which means that it’s subject to the laws that govern lube manufacturing. It’s approved by the FDA and has all the seals and approvals that come with US creation.

My impression

Lynk pleasure water-based anal lube

Not every water based lube is suitable for anal sex. It requires a thicker consistency of lube for backdoor pleasure. The ingredients should create a long-lasting lube that won’t disappear quickly.

It’s not made just for anal sex. There’s foreplay involved before anal, and this lube works beautifully for that, too. Whether it’s oral sex or vaginal penetration, the acts leading to anal matter to everyone’s arousal. You don’t have to switch between lubes for any other play.

It works smoothly from oral sex all the way to anal sex. It’s important that all lubes are safe for use with condoms or sex toys if you plan to use either of those. This lube is compatible with all sex toys, so if you plan on experimenting with anal solo, you can use your favorite toy.

What could be better?

The pump can be a problem when trying to deliver lube with one hand.

Sliquid H20 Intimate Lube

When it comes to natural ingredients in your personal lube, you can’t go wrong with plant-based ingredients. It makes them incredibly natural. This lube’s first and second ingredients are purified water and plant cellulose from cotton. These are safe additions to your vagina, especially.

The lube is water based, clearly, but it’s also vegan friendly. You can ingest some of this lube with no terrible issues with your body. That’s important for a product you’ll use internally, too. You don’t want a lube that can’t be ingested if you’re using it in your vagina where it’ll be absorbed by the body.

It’s a great lube for oral sex as well as vaginal intercourse. You can also use it for anal sex. It’s safe for condoms and sex toys based on the ingredients. Water based lubes are the only kind that should be used for latex condoms. If engaged in solo pleasure, you might want to use a condom on your sex toy for easier cleanup during anal sex. This water based lube won’t influence the kind of sex you have.

This lube is unscented and tasteless. It won’t stain your clothing, sheets, or other fabrics. Even when you use a washcloth to remove the lube after sex, it won’t stain the material.

My impression

Sliquid H20 intimate lube

This water based lube has such natural ingredients that it has an expiration date. While you don’t have to leave this in the fridge or anything, you should take care to store it properly. There are no additives or preservatives that will ruin the nature of this lube.

The ingredients include things like organic hibiscus extract, Vitamin E, organic flax extract, and organic sunflower seed extract. Keep that in mind if you have allergies to certain nuts or seeds. These natural ingredients make this a wholesome water based lube for all your sexual needs. Your body won’t be shocked and react strongly to chemicals because there are none.

As for the length of fun you can have with this lube, it will last for a while. It’s easy to reactivate it, too. The lube won’t dry out as quickly as others.

What could be better?

The lube’s label isn’t very discreet.

Things to Think About When Choosing a Water Based Lube

  • Ingredients

The ingredients in the water based lube have to be up to a certain standard. The ingredients in some lubes are organic, which will stop any irritation. Natural ingredients like aloe Vera are common in many water based lubes.

It’s important that if the lube is being used in the vagina that it won’t alter the pH balance of the area. That can lead to pressing concerns like infections. The water based lube should be FDA approved and/or have natural ingredients that won’t cause problems.

  • Long Lasting

The formula should be thick and long lasting. While it’s a water based product, there’s no reason that it should disappear quickly. For most times that you’ll need lube, it will have to be a thick, long-lasting lube that won’t disappear.

If you’re using this lube for anal sex, it has to be as thick and reliable as other kinds of lubes. You don’t want to have to reapply the lube constantly. A long-lasting formula will stay in place and last almost as long as other types of lube.

  • Non-Staining

The water based lube will slip and slide around while you’re having sex or playing solo. There’s no way to avoid that when you’re having fun. The lube has to be clear and non-staining.

You don’t want to end up having to toss your sheets at the end of playtime. It’s a waste of money and isn’t practical at all. Most of the water based lube products do not have any color or dyes that will stain clothing or other materials. You also don’t want to stain your toys. It ruins the playfulness if you’re worried about leaving stains behind.

  • Hypoallergenic

Ingredients matter when it comes to all lubricants. The ingredients should be non-irritating. Hypoallergenic means that the lube is less likely to cause allergic reactions. That’s a vital consideration for any products you’ll use inside your body cavities.

On the other hand, hypoallergenic lubes work while also being free of dyes and chemicals. If you are prone to skin reactions, test it on your arms for a few days before using it as a lubricant.

  • Odorless

Some water based lubes have flavors and scents, but the best ones avoid added chemicals that can make the lube smell. You don’t want to have a chemical odor soaking into your skin.

It can be nauseating after some time, too. A water based lube with an odor is likely to have chemicals that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. It can be distracting during sex or solo playtime as well.

  • No Numbing

Harsh chemicals or numbing agents can distract from the experience of the lube and the sex that you’re having. Anal sex can be painful for some. They might consider a numbing agent for the pain. Pain is your body’s way of putting the brakes on an activity. It’s best if you experience the potential pain, so you’ll know to stop.

Harsh chemicals and numbing agents can cause irritation and burning in some areas, too. Better to avoid those ingredients completely and use something gentle.

  • Condom and Sex Toy Compatibility

Water based personal lubricants work well with condoms and sex toys. Other lubes like silicone or oil-based ones can break down the structure of the condom. They can break down silicone toys, too.

Water based lubes won’t have an adverse impact on latex condoms or silicone sex toys. You can stay safe with condoms when you’re using water based lubricants. Your silicone toys can’t be cleaned properly when the structure has started to break down. Microscopic holes can harbor bacteria and cause infections.

  • Certified Reliable

The ingredients in your favorite water based lube should be certified and reliable. The FDA does testing on many of the lubes on the market before they get into a customer’s hands.

How to Use Water Soluble Lube for Smooth Sensations

First, let’s discuss how to use lube when you’re pleasuring yourself without a partner. Before touching yourself, you can apply lube to your clit or vagina. It’ll give you a smooth entry that can’t be achieved without some initial lubrication. Using lube means that you become wet quicker. It can elevate the term quickie when it comes to masturbation or sex with a partner.

With a vibrator or dildo in your vagina, you will cover the surface of the toy with the water based lube. You can also apply a few drops of lube to the vagina. If you’re exploring your backdoor, you’ll need more than a few drops of lube on your anus. The amount will directly result in how much comfort you’ll have in that area during insertion.

Water based lubricants can be used during all aspects of the sexual adventure. It can unlock better blow jobs, too. Oral sex on a woman can also be elevated with lube. Add a few drops to the area for a slick feeling. It’s especially helpful during blow jobs where more saliva makes for better sensations. It can be difficult to work up enough spit for a good job.

Lube can even be used for a sexy massage before sex. Applying the lube during a back massage could instantly lead to slick lube in areas like the vagina or anus. All that pleasure is warm up for the main event, and the lube is already applied.

Safety and Concern for Storage

Water based lubes don’t need to be stored with any extreme care. For example, you don’t need to refrigerate your lube. You do need to ensure that it’s kept in a certain area to protect the ingredients.

Don’t store your lube in direct sunlight. It can break down the ingredients. Direct heat is a no-no as well. You should keep lube away from kids and pets, too. While the ingredients won’t cause any major concerns when a small amount is ingested. Large amounts can have a negative impact.

It’s best to store your water based lube in an area that’s close to the bedroom or place where you’ll need it. The lube shouldn’t be tilted or left on its side, either. That can lead to leakage. While water based lube might not stain, it’s difficult to clean off furniture when it has soaked into the material. It can be tough to clean out of your carpet, too.

Ingredients that Make Water Based Lube Superior

When choosing your water based lube, you’ll want to consider the ingredients that work best for your body. Water based lubes are terrific for those who have serious reactions to other kinds of lube.

Lubes that have a main ingredient of water are good for your vagina. It won’t result in infections and other problems with irritation. They’re fantastic for your sex toys and condoms, too.

The ingredients should be as natural as possible. Aside from water as the main ingredient, the best ingredients are things like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, plant extracts, and those that moisturize. Unlike other types of lube, water-based options will leave no residue behind. All they’ll leave behind is smooth, moisturized skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water-based lubes good for beginners?
They’re the best for beginners. Water based lubes don’t require much thought because they’re used for all kinds of sex. You don’t have to consider what they’ll do to condoms or silicone sex toys. Beginners don’t always know the dangers of lubes against condoms and toys, either.

Is a water based lube usable for anal sex?
It can be used for anal sex. It won’t break down the condom or sex toy if you’re using either. You’ll need to add a fair amount to the area, though. The anus doesn’t have its own lubrication, which means you’ll need a lot of lube.

Can swallowing water based lube cause stomach problems?
Water-based lube is the only lube that is perfectly safe for oral sex. You don’t want to ingest too much of anything that’s meant to be used as lube. It won’t have an adverse reaction in your stomach, though. It won’t make you sick.

Is oral sex better with lubrication?
Many people who engage in oral sex find that they can’t get the right amount of saliva on the penis. It’s great for going down on a woman, too. You can transition from oral straight to sex with a water based lube, too.

Does water based lube work well on sensitive skin?
It’s specially made for sensitive skin. Those who find themselves with irritation, UTIs, or yeast infections after using other lubes should switch to water-based options.

Can shower sex be enhanced with water-based lube?
With the main ingredient being water, water-based lube can be washed away rather easily. You can use it in the shower, but expect that it will wash away under the spray of the shower head.

Why do some water based lubes have glycerin and parabens?
There aren’t many water based lubes that have parabens. It’s a preservative that most companies avoid now because they are familiar with the risks to customers. Some lubes do have glycerins. They’re meant to make the water-based lube more slippery. There are those that want water-based lube, but won’t be using them vaginally where they cause the most risk.

Can water based lubricant be used for masturbation?
Male or female masturbation can benefit from water-based lube. It’s simple to use with toys. Dildos, vibrators, fleshlights, and other toys won’t be ruined with a water-based lube.

Is water based lube good for dryness from menopause?
The lube that most doctors recommend for that kind of dryness is, in fact, water-based lube. It won’t alter the pH balance of the vagina, either.


Overall, water based lubes are the best for all kinds of sex. Whether it’s oral sex, anal, or vaginal sex, the lube can transition from one activity to the next. You don’t have to worry about the ingredients when you’re going to perform oral sex and have vaginal penetration after.

Water based lubricant is fantastic for condoms and sex toys. The wonderful thing about water-based personal lubrication is that it doesn’t require much thought during the act. You want to immerse yourself in the experience – not stop and wonder about the ingredients in your lube. The best water based lube works in all areas of sex without taking you out of your pleasure.

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